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Rise Of Emma Part 1: Breaking A Bitch
by SonGohan7

Emma was not happy. At all. After weeks of promising her redebut as Emmalina, she had seen the rug pulled out from under her and the gimmick was being killed. It was not a mercy killing either. It had been done in front of the world and was an admission of failure on Emma's part. Walking backstage, Emma stopped and took off the high heels she had been wearing. She only wanted to get back into something more comfortable. But then she heard a voice.

"Well, at least you would pull it off." It said as Emma looked over to see Renee Young watching the monitor alongside Alicia Fox. Emma scowled as she kept her distance. Allowing the conversation to continue as the two gossiped about what was going on, unaware the Aussie was in earshot. Unaware of the rage building in Emma's stomach right now.

The two other women went their separate aways but Emma's eyes were fixed on Renee. She glared at the interviewer as she walked away from her. She had been humiliated and embarrassed in front of the world, forced to sit on the sidelines for a gimmick which didn't suit her and made her a joke. Someone was going to feel that frustration. Without any warning, Emma walked up behind Renee and slammed her face first into the nearest wall, Renee groaned before Emma took the hardest part of the shoe she had been wearing and slammed it against Renee's head. The blow knocking her unconscious.

"Pull that off, bitch." She growled at the unconscious Canadian but it still didn't seem like it was enough. Looking around, there was nobody there and the parking lot was just a short walk away. A wicked smile formed on Emma's face as she pulled Renee up and dragged her to her car.

-- A short time later --

Renee groaned as her head throbed. What the hell had happened to her? One minute she was just walking and the next? But there was a more pressing concern, Renee couldn't move her arm. Either arm in fact. She had wanted to rub her head and relieve some of the pain but she couldn't. "What's going on?!" She muttered as she looked up to see her hands were cuffed to a bed?! "What's going on here!?" She exclaimed louder before feeling a stinging slap across her face.

"Awake at last. No wonder you didn't get that Mania spot." Renee looked up and saw Emma standing before her, naked as the day she was born. "What's the matter, Renee?" Emma asked sarcastically. "Don't have a lot to say now I'm in front of you?" She asked before slapping Renee again. "It's rude to talk about people behind their backs you know. Then again, hanging around with gutter trash like Ambrose would do that to you."

Renee struggled against her bonds. Kicking as Emma taunted her. "Is this some kind of joke?! Let me out of these cuffs, Emma!" Renee shouted at her captor but all she was met with was Emma's smirk.

"That won't be happening." Emma said as she pulled the sheets away to reveal Renee's now exposed body. She had taken Renee to the hotel and made it seem like Renee had had too much to drink. Who was going to question it? Especially when hardly anyone saw them going into the lift from the basement car park. With little shame, Emma swung her legs over the bed and straddles Renee's waist. Looking down on her, Emma leaned back a little to show off her body. "Funny thing, Renee. This is the reason I got given the Emmalina gimmick. All this is the reason why but, I always liked being Evil Emma more. It was so much fun to bully little people." She told her with a smile, a hand tracing up Renee's stomach.

Renee couldn't do much but watch and wait as Emma started to tease her. "Is that supposed..." Renee started to ask but was abruptly stopped by another slap to the face.

"I wasn't finished, you little bitch." Emma growled as she shook off her hand. "Little people like you, Renee? They worship people like me. It's the reason why Dana Brooke followed me around like a little puppy dog. Cause she knew who was boss. Who was REALLY in charge of the Women's division. She didn't do what you and Alicia did tonight. Maybe once but she ended up like you are now." Emma told her before sliding a little higher up Renee's body. "But you know the real difference between you and someone like Dana? Dana didn't get a speech before I did this."

Grabbing the blonde Canadian by her hair, Emma pushed up and forced Renee's face into her perfectly groomed cunt. Renee began to kick as her nose and mouth were up against Emma's lower half and Emma gave her nowhere to go as she held Renee there. "That's it, eat this cunt, bitch." Emma shouted as she rubbed Renee's face against her pussy. "Get your fucking tongue in there or I'll whip you raw!"

Renee gave a muffled scream, the volume snuffed out by Emma's thighs beginning to squeeze her head and the panic began to set in. Thrashing about on the bed, Renee tried to get free but with her hands cuffed and Emma clearly in the dominant position, she had no choice but to obey. With Emma still grinding against her face, Renee let her tongue begin to work over Emma, probing inside the Australian's wet core.

"That's it, bitch. Fucking lick my cunt." Emma demanded as she wraped Renee's hair around her hands and used it to keep her in place. Moans from the Australian beauty filled the room as Renee started to lap up her increasingly wet cunt. "Oh yeah." Emma moaned as she continued to force Renee to pleasure her. "Lick my cunt, bitch." Every so often, she'd force Renee's head harder into her cunt and causing her to kick. "Right in there. Yeah, get that tongue right into my cunt. It's been too damn long."

It had been a while. Emma needed this more than she knew. Sitting at home, she needed to dominate someone and Renee seemed perfect in hindsight. Slowly, Renee accepted her place as began to eat Emma out. Her lips wrapped around her cunt as her tongue licked and probed Emma's pussy, which got wetter every passing moment. Still, Emma didn't let up, forcing Renee deeper still before she pulled her away from her core. The glistening residue from Emma's cunt on Renee's face as the dominant woman of the two pulled herself off Renee's face. "You don't get to make me cum, you worthless little bitch." Emma said as she slammed Renee's head down on the bed. Emma looked down at Renee as she panted for breath. She knew that she could do whatever she wanted right now to the blonde and get away with it. "Always knew you were a little slut." Emma said, much to Renee's shame.

Renee loved her boyfriend but she had needs too. She needed attention from a woman every so often but this? This was turning her on in a way she never though she would ever enjoy. She was soaking, a wet patch forming between her legs that stained the bed she was trapped to and Emma noticed it almost immediately. "Never knew you were that much of a slut. You're gagging for it." She said, smirking before going to her bag.

Renee stained to see what Emma was doing as she pulled on a harness and turned around, revealing a strap on that filled Renee with excitement and terror in equal measure. "What do you think?" Emma asked sarcastically, like she cared if Renee liked her large, thick toy. "I call it my bitch breaker. Cause sooner or later, bitches start screaming." Emma commented while climbing into the bed again and forcing Renee's legs apart. "How long do you think you'll last? I say...five minutes." Emma commented before forcing herself into Renee.

Renee screamed out as Emma entered her. She'd never felt anything like this before. She curled her toes and tried to loosen herself a little more but it was never going to be enough. She felt the cock stretching her cunt and it hurt so damn much that she couldn't take it. "Stop!" She screamed as her captor forced her to take as much as she could handle and then even more. "You're...Oh god. Help! Someone help me!" Renee screamed before Emma slapped her again. Renee recoiled in shock and pain at the strike but it was nothing compared to what she was feeling as Emma forced herself upon her.

"Shut your mouth and take it." She said, reaching over to the edge of the bed and grabbing Renee's panties. She wadded them up and shoved them in Renee's mouth as she tried to scream again. Emma slammed her hand over Renee's mouth to keep the underwear in there and slapped Renee several times when she tried to spit them out. Eventually, Renee accepted being gagged, tears rolling down her face as she looked into Emma's eyes."I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you won't sit down for a week!" She told Renee as she kept forcing the dildo into Renee. The squirming body of the interviewer fighting her every step of the way and muffled screams filling the room. Emma, however, enjoyed every moment of Renee's suffering. "Damn, you are tight. Is your man even touching you?!" Emma asked, taunting Renee further as she began to fuck the blonde without a shred of mercy. Pulling back slowly before driving herself forward hard into Renee and drawing a muffled groan or yell each time.

Renee had to lay there and take it. She couldn't do anything between being cuffed to the bed and her legs spread, the panties shoved in her mouth stopping her calling for help as her body began to betray her. Oh God, she was beginning to enjoy it. She was beginning to enjoy the forced intrusion into her body. Pain mixing with pleasure as Emma's nine inch plastic cock began destroying her cunt. Moans and grunts coming through the fabric in her mouth each time Emma drove herself forward and Renee's hands balling up into fists as she actually started to meet Emma's thrusts to force the strap on deeper into her. Her hips attempting to meet Emma half way.

Emma didn't respond to Renee's increased willingness with anything more than a smirk. Grabbing Renee's hips, she began using all her strength to drive the dildo hard into Renee's cunt. She wanted to ruin her and was succeeding. The sound of skin meeting skin echoed through the air, synching with Renee's muffled moans and cries of pain and pleasure to cause a beautiful melody as far as Emma was concerned. But it wasn't going to last long.

Renee had never had something so big inside her before. Dean was nowhere near as big or as thick as the fake cock inside her. She was overstuffed and it was tearing her apart. But it didn't stop Emma from hitting her g-spot with every single thrust and heightening her pleasure with every passing second. Emma didn't care about Renee's pleasure though. It was all about hers and harness of the strap on stilualting her cunt caused her to moan every so often as she fucked Renee harder and faster.

"Look at you. For a tight bitch, you can handle my cock." Emma said with fake praise. "Dana didn't last as long as you the first time." But Renee knew she wouldn't last too much longer either, something Emma recognised as she noticed the resistance of Renee's cunt weakening. The result of Renee's constantly increasing slickness from her moist cunt aiding the dildo sliding in and out of her. "Take it, bitch. Take it all! Take my cock like the slut you are!" Emma screamed as she mounted Renee, spreading her legs further apart and driving as hard as she could into her captive. Renee screamed through her gag, there was no pleasure now. There was only the force of Emma's cock nearly ripping her in half before she eventually came over it.

But Emma didn't stop.

She didn't even hestiate to force Renee to ride out the orgasm forced upon her. No, she wanted her own release as the harness continued to rub against her pussy. She wanted to cum and fucking Renee was turning her on so much that Renee might as well have been a sex toy. Each passing thrust brought her close and closer to the bring but it was the look on Renee's face that finally sent Emma over. Renee's eyes practically rolling into the back of her head as Emma finally felt herself cum and she came hard. "Oh fuck yes!" She screamed as her cum started running down her legs. Her knees shaking from the incredible orgasm she had worked herself to and she came to rest with her dildo buried all the way in Renee's cunt.

Emma caught her breath but removed the dildo from the harness, leaving it in Renee's well fucked hole. Renee, for her part, looked like she'd had been fucked into oblivion. She barely knew where she was as she tried to make sense of what had happened. "For a dumb cunt, you're a pretty decent lay." Emma commented as she moved her sweaty hair out of her face and over her shoulder. "Not good but decent." She confirmed not wanting to give Renee too much praise. All the while, Emma grabbed her phone and started taking pictures of Renee. The dildo in her cunt and the panties in her mouth while she was handcuffed to the bed. It took a moment for Renee to notice all of this but instead of trying to hide, actually embraced the moment. She moved her legs a little further apart as the moment was being captured. Dropping the phone to the bed, Emma walked over and pulled the panties out of Renee's mouth. "Learnt your lesson?" She asked.

Renee started to shake the cobwebs from her head and looked at Emma, unsure what to make of what just happened. "Why?" She muttered breathlessly. Emma actually laughed at the question.

"Cause I can. I could have made that gimmick everything I wanted but it meant I didn't have the chance to make bitches like you into my little playthings." She explained. "If I wanted, I could have been the dumb, worthless blonde interviewer who gets to where she is by being with one of the top guys. Instead, I want to break dumb bitches like you and everyone else I want for that matter." Emma said as he yanked the dildo from Renee's cunt and brought it to her lips. Dragging her tongue along the shaft and tasting Renee's cunt. "You taste pretty good." Emma commented before shoving the dildo in Renee's mouth. Knowing better than to spit it out, Renee began sucking on it as Emma grabbed her phone again and took a few more pictures of Renee tasting herself on the 'bitch breaker'.

"For the record, these are for my own private collection. But just in case you think you can get one back on me? Well, these will hit the internet faster than you can blink." Emma said, showing the picture to Renee as she took back the dildo. "You belong to me now, understand? Unless you want to kiss your job and boyfriend goodbye."

Renee had no choice. She wanted to cry but managed a meager nod of the head but it only caused Emma to slap her again. "That would be a 'Yes, Ms Emma! I am your bitch.' You worthless cunt!" Emma screamed in Renee's face.

Renee held back tears before responding. "Yes, Ms...Emma. I'm you...Your bitch." She forced herself to say. Emma, pleased with her submission, uncuffed Renee and kicked her off the bed. Renee tried to stand but couldn't with the pain between her legs causing her to stumble. But Emma had other ideas. She walked over to Renee and grabbed by the hair.

"You know, a good lay would have let you stay here tonight for when I got bored. But you were only decent." Emma said as she dragged Renee to the door and threw her out into the hall outside her hotel room. "Night, Renee." Emma said before slamming the door shut behind her. Renee banged on the door, begging for her clothes back but Emma ignored her and lay down on the bed. Admiring the pictures of the blonde interviewer one more time with a smirk on her face.

It was good being that evil.

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