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This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if
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By Wonder Mike (

Vince McMahon had a meeting with Eddie D, Eddie wanted to talk about
buying a team in the XFL. Vince just laughed, he didn't want any part of
Eddie in his league, after what he did in the other football league.

Eddie understood, as he walked out of the WWF New York, he showed Vince
a picture of his robot, Vince was impressed, he could use him for one of his

Vince thought of the horrible robocop skit WCW did, Eddie assure him that
his Robocock was real and he could perform various feats for him.

Vince said he would send someone to meet the robot, Eddie told him there
would be a high price to pay, he told Vince he should send a family member.

They were having a card in Cleveland. Vince decided to send his daughter
and daughter-in-law to meet Eddie, he knew not to trust him, but nobody
outsmarted a McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon and Marissa Mazola McMahon paid a visit to Eddie's
mansion. They were greeted by three security guards, the girls where
impressed by the size of them.

Eddie greeted the girls, Stephanie told him she was sorry they couldn't
agree on a team for him, she new how much he wanted to get back into

Marissa wanted to get right down to business, she told Eddie they were
there to see the robot, they thought they could use it on a pay per view as
a special inforcer, if it had life like movements.

Eddie signaled for the seven foot robot, the girls where more then
impressed by it's life like movements, the robot stopped right in front of

Marissa asked Eddie to make the robot do something, she thought if it was
good she good debut it on Live Wire, that show needed some exclusive footage,
Stephanie told her she wouldn't waste it on that crappy show.

Marissa screamed "Bitch" at Stephanie, she was sick of daddy's little
girl always pushing her around, Marissa had more money than Shane McMahon
when they got married, now she was treated like a servant.

Stephanie told her to shut up, Eddie suggested they could settle it in
mud, they both told him to fuck off, Stephanie than slapped Marissa. Marissa
wanted to rip her head off, but she knew who the family would side with.

Eddie separated the girls, he pulled Marissa to the side and whispered in
her ear, Marissa grinned and nodded, she didn't believe what Eddie had told
her, but it would serve that bitch Stephanie right.

Eddie told Stephanie to take off her skirt, she growled at him "Surely
you must be joking." Eddie told her "Don't call me surely" Robocock grabbed
her by the throat.

He lifted Stephanie off the air, Marissa couldn't believe how fast the
giant robot moved, she reached over and yanked down Stephanie's skirt.

Robo put Stephanie back on the ground, he still held her around the
throat. Stephanie didn't know what was going on, she screamed at Marissa that
she was going to pay though.

Eddie told Stephanie that he was going to show her what Robocock was built
for, the footlong metal shaft popped out of the robots crotch.

Marissa started to bounce up and down and clapped, that bitch was going
to get it now, Stephanie tried to pull away, Robo began to squeeze her neck,
Stephanie froze.

Stephanie begged Eddie not to do this, Marissa told him she would give her
a thousand dollars if he did, she knew they couldn't really fire her, and if
they did, she would take half the McMahon fortune.

Robo threw Stephanie on the couch, Eddie told her if she didn't struggle,
she wouldn't get hurt, she kicked the robot, but it had no effect, she laid
down and spread her legs.

Robo slammed his cock into Stephanie, she bit her lip so she wouldn't
scream, his piston began to slowly pump in and out of her, it wasn't so bad,
in fact, it felt good.

Stephanie brought her knees up to her chest, Robo rammed the entire foot
long into her cunt, it began to pump at a stroke a second, Stephanie was
going to cum.

The piston began to pump in and out a three strokes a second, the cum was
dripping down Stephanie's legs now, she began to tremble, then shake, she
couldn't stop cumming.

Robo pulled his cock out of her, Eddie instructed her to roll over to all
fours, Stephanie stuck her big round ass into the air, Robocock entered her
from behind.

Robocock slammed his piston into her cunt at five strokes a second now,
it was a blur, Stephanie slowly rocked back onto the cock.

The cum was squirting out of Stephanie's cunt now, she screamed it was
the best fuck she ever had, she slammed her round ass back as hard as she
could onto the robot.

Robo was thrusting at eight strokes a second now, Stephanie fell face
first unconscious, with an ear to ear grin on her face, it was the best she
ever had.

Marissa looked at Eddie, she pulled down her skirt, she told Eddie she had
to have some of that, Eddie told her to bend over, she did as she was told.

Marissa ripped off her top and began to pinch her nipples, she thought
she had one of the nicest sets of tits in the business, but Shane never let
her show them off, that was the reason she never got to be on Raw, or the

Robocock stood behind Marissa, his fingers disappeared into his hand, he
placed his open wrist on Marissa's clit, he turned on the vacuum.

The air began to rush into Robo's arm, it was sucking on Marissa's clit,
she began to scream, there was no feeling like that before, the suction was
lifting her clit.

Marissa, slammed back, Robo's wrist slipped into Marissa's cunt with the
suction still on, she was going crazy, Marissa was bucking wildly as the
suction pulled her clit from the inside.

Robocock worked his giant arm deep inside of Marissa, she screamed for him
to give it to her, he started pumping his arm deeper and deeper into her.

Marissa was cumming and cumming, but it was being sucked up through the
vacuum, she was determined not to pass out.

Marissa thought Stephanie was a sexless prude, the easy way she passed out
only proved it, she slammed her cunt back onto Robo's arm, she screamed as
she did it.

Marissa had almost two feet of arm buried into her cunt, she was rocking
back and forth on it, Robo began to pump his arm harder into her, he rammed
his arm at three strokes a second into her.

Stephanie awoke and saw the look on Marissa's face, she wanted another
piece of the robot, she ordered Robo to fuck her again, Eddie hit the remote
and sent him over to Stephanie.

The robot stood over the prone millionaire and spread her legs as far as
he could, a point emerged where the hose on his arm had been, it was cone

He placed the tip of the cone into Stephanie's cunt, he pushed it deeper
and deeper, the further the cone went the wider it was, her cunt was being
stuffed like never before.

The cone was sixteen inches long, and eight inches across at the base,
Robocock had two-thirds of it rammed into her cunt, Stephanie kept screaming
for more, Robocock slid another two inches into her cunt.

Stephanie didn't believe she could take any more, but the robot was so
strong, there was no stopping it, he rammed the entire thing into her cunt.

Robocock began to work the cone in and out of her cunt, Stephanie couldn't
even scream anymore, she couldn't even move, Robo slammed the cone harder and
harder with each stroke.

Marissa had grabbed her cell phone, Eddie didn't know who she called, he
just heard her say, "You have to get here right now." Eddie was a little

Robo rammed the cone all the way into Stephanie again, he held it in for
a couple of seconds, then it began to spin, he began to slowly work it in and
out as it spun around and around.

The cone spun at five revolutions a second as Robocock shoved it in and
out, Stephanie passed out once again, Robo wasn't finished with her yet
though, he rammed it in harder, it doubled it's rate the cone was spinning

Stephanie couldn't stop cumming on the cone, that made it spin and go in
and out easier, Eddie thought this video not only would get him a XFL team,
he could become co owner.

The guards knocked on the door, they told Eddie he had another visitor,
Eddie told them to send him away, they told him it was a her, Marissa told
him she had called someone to try out Robo.

Lita, the WWF woman's champion walked into the room, there was an
unconscious Stephanie on the floor, and a naked Marissa Mazola with dried
cum matted on her legs.

Marissa told her to come get the best fuck she ever had, Marissa, didn't
want anything to do with it, Marissa told her she better do as she was told,
or she and the Hardy's would be back doing Indy's again.

Robocock was on top of Lita before she knew what was happening, he ripped
her pants down exposing her t-back, Lita stepped back and kicked the robot,
but it had no effect, Robo pushed her over to her back, he stuffed his arm
into her cunt before she could move.

Robocock was lighting quick, Lita didn't have a chance, he pumped his arm
deep into her cunt, all she could do was grunt.

The arm was as thick as Lita's leg, she had never felt anything like it,
Robo thrust it deeper and deeper into her, all she could do was spread her
legs, Robo had eighteen inches of cock buried into her cunt.

Lita let out a blood curdling scream when Robo turned the suction on, she
planted her feet and started to hump up onto it, Robo used twice the suction
he had used on Marissa, Lita let out one long continuos scream.

Robo then began to work his other arm into Lita's cunt, she was still
howling, she was rolling from side to side, Robo managed to ram the second
arm all the way inside of her.

Robocock began to alternately ram the arms in and out of her cunt, Lita
was still rocking from side to side, Robo pumped the arms in and out faster,
Lita couldn't take much more.

Robo removed the second arm from her cunt, he then rammed the first one
as far as it would go inside of her, Lita had almost two feet of steel
stuffed into her cunt.

The arm then began to expand, it was forming into the cone while it was
buried all the way inside of her, Marissa could see Lita's cunt being
stretched before her eyes.

Lita was still howling, she hadn't taken a breath, the cone was fully
shaped all the way inside of her, Robo turned up the suction even harder.

The cone then began to spin inside of her, Lita couldn't move a muscle,
the cone spun at ten revolutions a second, Lita was cumming hard and fast.
Eddie could hear the cum being sucked up into his robot.

Robocock began to pump the cone in and out of her cunt as it spun even
faster, Lita was about to pass out when Robo pulled the cone out of her cunt.

Robo placed the tip of the cone into Lita's mouth, he then reversed the
suction, he shot all of her own cum back down Lita's throat, she swallowed it

The next day the three girls met with Eddie, they had use for Robo, but
they weren't sure they could put it on television, not even on pay-per-view,
they would get back to him and see if there was a show that actually had sex
on it.

The phone rang, Eddie picked it up, it was Vince Russo, he told Eddie he
had heard that there was a life like robot, Vince wanted to meet with him.


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