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This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are
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by Wonder Mike (

Vince Russo had numerous conversations with Eddie, Vince had heard Eddie
might be interested in buying WCW, Vince couldn't take any chances, he had to
get in good with anybody who could become his boss.

Vince knew the McMahon's had been in negotiations with Eddie about some
kind of robot, Eddie told him it was a robot that could work with the women
of WCW, he told Vince to send a couple over to test it out, Russo agreed, he
was determined to beat the WWF at it's own game.

Vince decided to send Daffney and Madusa, Daffney could do anything in the
business and Madusa could see if the machine could wrestle, Eddie was pleased
at his choices.

The two women arrived at Eddie's mansion, they where greeted by a girl
with a familiar face, it took Daffney a couple of seconds but she was able
to place her, it was the girl from Big brother, what was her name, Madusa
shouted "Brittany."

Brittany escorted them into Eddie's special room, she and Daffney compared
their jet black hair, they both had a laugh, Brittany told her she was going
to keep this color.

The girls all sat on the large sofa and waited for Eddie to enter, he
made them wait 30 minutes, after all he was a busy man with many irons in the

Madusa was wearing a red, white and blue tank top that barely covered her
ample chest, Daffney was wearing jeans with a tank top, Brittany was wearing
a bikini top and thong, the wrestlers felt a little over dressed.

Eddie told the girls about his robot, he told them it had many functions,
and would be a huge ratings draw, Madusa was excited about the prospects, if
she could get the deal done, she could skyrocket to the top, Daffney thought
the same thing.

Madusa told Eddie she would do anything to seal the deal, she rubbed
against him, Eddie told her he didn't need anything from her, Daffney slid
over to the other side of him, Eddie told her he didn't need her either, he
had a long list of women at his beck and call.

Eddie told them there was a way to seal the deal, he told them that his
robot was called Robocock, and he was a sexual animal, Daffney began to laugh
hysterically, she couldn't help herself, Eddie summoned Robocock.

Daffney stopped laughing when he saw the seven foot tall silver robot,
she looked him up and down, she thought it was disgusting, Eddie told them he
would be sending Robocock to the WWF.

Madusa told Eddie they would do whatever he wanted, Eddie just nodded, of
course he knew they would.

Eddie told Madusa to take off her pants and bend over, he wanted to see
the shape of her ass, he then made her turn around, so her tits hung down,
that was beautiful.

Eddie then instructed Daffney to strip and bend over, Daffney's tits were
nowhere near the size of Madusa's 44 DD's, but they where real, Daffney had
a perfectly round ass though, it had a better shape then even Brittany's, but
Britt's was a little bigger.

Eddie looked at Brittany to tell her to strip, but she was already naked,
Eddie ordered her to the couch, Eddie ordered Madusa to eat her out, Madusa
yelled "Fresh meat!" and thanked him.

Madusa began to rub Brittany's clit as she slipped her tongue inside of
her, Brittany began to squeal, Madusa slipped two fingers inside of her,
Brittany draped her legs over Madusa's shoulders.

Eddie told Daffney to get on her hand and knees, he loved that view, he
then activated Robocock, his foot long steel member shoot out as he
positioned himself behind her.

Robo's self lubricating member penetrated Daffney's cunt easily, it began
to slowly pump in and out of her, Daffney began to coo, she slowly began to
rock back onto him.

The cock doubled the speed that it was pumping into Daffney, it was going
at a stroke a second, Daffney began to moan now, she began to rock back
harder, she positioned herself so she could take the whole cock.

Madusa worked three fingers into Brittany's cunt, Brittany ordered her to
fuck her harder, she reached over and cupped Madusa's huge tits, they where
fake, but they where soft.

Madusa began to slam her fingers deep and hard into Britt's cunt, Brittany
began to pinch her nipples, Madusa began to coo and slammed a fourth finger
into her cunt, that was the way Brittany liked it.

Madusa began to twist and turn her fingers inside of Brittany's cunt,
Britt lifted her ass into the air so she could take the fingers deep, Madusa
rammed them in as hard as she could. Brittany screamed that she needed more,
Madusa knew just what she needed.

Robocock was thrusting into Daffney at three strokes a second now, she
began to scream, she was cumming all over the fake cock, it was the best
anybody had ever had, Daffney ordered the robot to pull her hair, Eddie made
the robot do as she asked.

Robocock yanked Daffney by the hair his cock was pumping into her at
five strokes a second now, Daffney was giving one Long continuos scream, she
couldn't stop cumming, Robo pulled out of her, Daffney screamed that she
wasn't finished yet.

Madusa laid on her back and planted her elbows on the floor, her arm was
pointing straight up, Brittany straddled her arm and began to slowly slide
her cunt down on her fingers.

All of Madusa's fingers disappeared inside of Brittany's cunt, Brittany
kept lowering herself until Madusa's wrist vanished into her cunt, Brittany
bit her lip so she wouldn't scream, she lowered herself a little more.

Brittany began to wiggle her ass as she lowered herself a little more,
she slid from side to side, half of Medusa's arm was wedged into her cunt as
Brittany began to bounce up and down.

Robocock slammed his cock back into Daffney, she thanked him, Eddie hit a
button on his remote, the cock began to expand, it grew six inches and it's
width doubled, it was as thick as Daffney arms now, she screamed "Thank you"
to Eddie.

Robo began to slowly thrust his new cock into her cunt, Daffney put her
arms against the wall and pushed back until she took the entire cock, she was
screaming the entire time.

The cock began to pump into Daffney at two strokes a second, Daffney
rocked back matching him stroke for stroke, Robo reached down and jammed a
hot-dog sized finger into Daffney's ass hole, the scream queen began to
wiggle her ass from side to side.

Madusa and Brittany locked hands as Brittany squatted up and down on
Madusa's arm, the cum was dripping down Madusa's arm, Madusa reached up with
her free hand and jammed three fingers into Brittany's ass, Brittany almost
fell over from the sensation, Madusa managed to hold her up by the ass and
cunt though.

Brittany slammed up and down on Medusa's arm as hard as she could, she
placed her hands on Madusa's shoulders for balance, she was cumming hard and
couldn't take anymore, Brittany told Madusa it was her time as she rose off
of her arm.

Brittany laid flat on the floor, Madusa leaned over her and started to
suck her big toe, Madusa then added another toe into her mouth, and another,
it wasn't long before she had Britt's whole foot inside her mouth.

Madusa then squatted over her foot and slowly sat down on it, she moaned
as all five toes parted her pussy lips, she then let gravity take it's course
and sat all the way down on it.

Robocock was thrusting his piston into Daffney at five strokes a second,
he had slipped a second fat finger into her round ass, Daffney shook her head
wildly from side to side, she was still rocking back and fourth on his cock.

The cock grew in length again, it was now two feet long and as fat as her
ankle, Daffney squealed with delight, she slammed her cunt back as hard as
she could, she buried the entire two feet deep inside her cunt.

Daffney wiggled her ass from side to side against the steel body of the
robot, The giant cock was a blur pumping in and out of her at ten strokes a
second, the cum was shooting out of her cunt, she was screaming at the top of
her lungs.

Madusa had both hands wrapped around Brittany's foot, she thought if
Brittany would have done this on Big Brother, she probably would have won.

Madusa then did the splits forcing the foot even deeper inside of her
pussy, she then began to bounce up and down split legged on the foot, Madusa
was a true athlete.

Brittany grabbed Madusa around the waist, she began to lift her up and
down, Brittany wasn't really strong enough to lift her by herself, but Madusa
didn't really need much help.

Madusa began to lift Britt's foot up and down into her pussy, she was
fucking herself with her foot, Brittany began to giggle, she then slipped
three fingers into Madusa's ass.

Madusa screamed as the fingers penetrated her ass, that was all she could
take, the cum started to flow like a fountain out of her pussy, Brittany
rammed a fourth finger into her ass as Madusa fell off her foot, she curled
into the fetal position with a happy grin on her face.

Daffney was still slamming her cunt back onto Robocock, she took it all
easily, Eddie was impressed, this would be a great selling video he thought
to himself, it was time to get serious though.

Robocock pulled his cock out of her pussy, Daffney tried to grab it but
she wasn't quick enough, Robo moved with cat like speed and lifted her into
the air, his head shrunk into his shoulder, it was replaced by a giant cone.

The cone was a foot long, it was an inch across at the top, at the base
it was twelve inches across, Robo lifted her over his head and sat her on top
of the cone.

Daffney was slowly lowered onto the cock, she screamed "Yes" as it entered
her cunt, five inches of the cone slid easily into her cunt, she placed her
feet on his broad shoulders and began to bounce up and down.

Robocock pulled her down further onto the cone, she had seven inches of it
stuffed into her cunt, she was screaming even louder now, Daffney was still
bouncing up and down on the cone.

Robo slammed her all the way down on the cone now, Daffney went limp,
it was like she was giving birth, Robo began to lift her up and down on his
head, it was covered with her cum.

Robo held her around the waist with both hands, he slammed her up and down
as hard as she could, he lifted her all the way off his head, then slammed
her all the way down to the base, it only took a couple of strokes before
Daffney passed out from the continuos orgasms.

Robo carried the two wrestlers into a bedroom and left them there, he
left them a note saying he hadn't decided if he was going to put Robocock on
a lowly wrestling show, or put him on another show.

Daffney awoke and told Madusa she couldn't imagine a better fuck in all
the world, Madusa just smiled, she thought Daffney was the luckiest girl in
the world.


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