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Rob's Reward
by Mr. Playboy Channel (

RVD was walking through the halls of the arena feeling ten feet tall. He
was the only member of the Alliance that was not a compleate disappointment.

"Man, I am the Whole Fuckin' Show" Rob said to himself.

"Yo Rob." someone said, it was Shane.

"Hey man!" Van Dam replied.

"Rob, as a token of the Alliance's appriciation to you, we all got you a
gift. If you will, come with me."

Shane led him back to the Alliance dressing room.

"In here?" he asked.

"In here." Shane replied doing his shuffle.

Rob opened up the door to see the Alliance divas, Terri, Molly, Stacy, and
his boss Steph all there waiting for him.

"Oh shit Shane, where's my present?" Rob asked.

"Right in front of you." Shane answered.

"Them?" he asked again.

Shane nodded. "Take your pick or all if you want."

Rob was dumbfounded. "Wait a sec Shane, I mean, I do my best and..."

"Rob that is the best." Shane interrupted. "You are the best. Hell, the
only reason we kissed Austin's ass is because he had the belt, now he is
shit, and your the man. Now take your pick or take them all."

Rob nodded. "Okay, you win, I'll take all of them and I hope you ladies
don't mind fucking each other a little, because, I can only work two at a

Steph and Terri physically replied by feeling each others tits and

"Shane, are you comfortable with me boning your sister?" Rob asked again.

"Rob, first off, who hasn't fucked my sister and I would rather she bare
your child other than Hunter. Do with her what you please, and don't pass up
any ways to get creative."

"Okay then." Rob said "In here or..."

"Last room down the hall" Shane said.

Rob and the ladies walked down to the room and went inside. There was a
big bed and a mini bar, and a pound of sweet Buddah "Shane, I love you man."
Rob rolled and smoked a quick one while the ladies were getting ready.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the ladies came out. Stacy
was wearing the bikini from earlier that day. Terri was wearing a red lace
push up bra and matching thong panties. Molly was wearing pink stockings and
garters. And Steph was clad in skimpy leather.

Rob took off his boots and wrestling tights. He then laid on the bed only
in his bicycle shorts. Stacy pulled them off and put his cock in her mouth
and started sucking him off.

Molly pulled her panites off and stratled his face and grinding her cunt
on his face. Terri and Steph were undressing and feelign up on each other
since Rob was busy. Stacy stopped and she and Molly switched places. Molly's
warm mouth was around his thick 8 inches while Stacy pulled off her bikini
bottoms and sat on his tongue. Steph and Terri were fingering and rubbing
their huge tits together. Molly stopped sucking and was about to impale
herself on him until... "Wait!" Steph yelled, "I fuck him first!".

Steph got on him and started to ride his dick. Terri pushed Stacy off his
face and put her tit in his mouth. Molly started licking Steph's asshole to
make her cum quicker and she did on Rob's dick and some of Molly's chin.
Steph got off and not even two seconds went by before she shoved Rob's dick
up her ass.

Terri was eating out Stacy while Rob was busy on her tits. Molly was
bouncing hard on it and was screaming at the top of her lungs before she came
all over the place. Molly got off and Stacy saw her opportunity and swallowed
his cock once again. She could taste the ass and pussy on his dick so she
sucked even better. Terri managed some cock in her mouth while Stacy was
taking a breather. The two began to alternate BJ while Rob was alternating
eating them out.

Rob told all the girls to get at the foot of the bed. As soon as they did
Terri and Steph smothered his cock in between their big breasts and started a
dual tit fuck. Rob laid back and groaned as he released his jisim on their
chests and the other two girls took turns putting his cock head in their
mouths getting some jizz down their throats. He looked down at the sweaty
jizz coved hotties and thought "Thanks Shane."

They laid there the rest of the night with all four girls huddled around
his member taking turns sucking, licking, and jerking him till he fell asleep
with a total number of cumshots being 8 for the night.

The next morning Stacy greeted him with a "Rise and Shine Blow Job," Molly
with a "Good Morning Quickie," Steph with a "Shower Shag," and Terri with a
"Breakfeast Boob Fuck." All Rob could say was "Damn, this must me my lucky

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