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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
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we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Rockin' Out With Your Cock Out
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

During the third hour of the October 29, 2012 broadcast of RAW, Heath Slater,
Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre are returning to the backstage area of
Charlotte, North Carolina's Time Warner Cable Arena following the beat down
they gave Zack Ryder and Santino Marella following Heath and Jinder's
victory. "Oh yeah... that was a number one hit!" Drew says with a smirk.

"Indeed, we are top of the charts..." Jinder replies.

"Yup and... hey baby!" Heath Slater says as he is distracted when he sees
Kaitlyn, "I know you liked what you saw..." Heath says as he, Jinder and Drew
all approach the two-toned haired Diva.

Kaitlyn, dressed in a pair of jean shorts and black tank top, raises an
eyebrow and looks up at the three Superstars that make up 3MB. "Ummm...what?"
Kaitlyn asks with a shake of her head.

"We can see you think we are all very hot..." Jinder Mahal says with a smirk.

"Oh yeah, bet you'd love to get it on with three real rock stars..." Drew
McIntyre adds.

Kaitlyn raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms as she looks at Heath, Drew
and Jinder for a moment before she shrugs her shoulders. "Yeah, sure...why
not? Are we having some rock stars on RAW next week?"

"Oh come on now... we're the Three Man Band baby..." Heath grins, "We're
heading straight to the top!" The red-haired Superstar adds.

"Indeed we are, we are everything them... boy bands... like Poison and Motley
Crue aren't..." Jinder adds.

Kaitlyn laughs a bit "Yeah...I'm sure you guys are going to be real big..."
Kaitlyn says with a roll of her eyes before she starts to walk away.

"We're already big... we got our own tour bus..." Drew says boastfully.

Kaitlyn presses her lips together and looks back at Drew, Heath and Jinder "A
tour bus?" Kaitlyn then laughs "I doubt that..."

"Yeah we got a tour bus... it's fucking rad baby!" Heath says with a wide

"It is one of a kind..." Jinder adds.

Kaitlyn nods her head "Oh really? I love tour buses...."

Drew tosses his long brown hair back, "Tell you what...since we're nice
guys... how about we give you a lift to the next town..." Drew says.

Kaitlyn smirks a bit "In your tour bus?"

"Yeah baby..." Heath nods his head.

"Indeed... but you don't pay for gas when you ride with us... but you got to
give up that ass..." Jinder says with a smirk.

"So how about it?" Drew McIntyre asks as Kaitlyn looks at Jinder.

Kaitlyn raises her hands up for a moment. "Whoa....hold on for a minute,
before I agree to anything...tell me about your tour bus, what's it like?"

"It's nothing fancy, it's very spacious and has a smooth ride..." Heath says.

Kaitlyn thinks for a moment before she nods her head and smiles
" guys got a deal...."

* * *

After RAW has completed it's broadcast, Kaitlyn and the 3MB, who are all
dressed in jeans, leather jackets and black t-shirts, are walking towards a
decently sized Ford Transit van. "Here's the bus baby..." Heath says with a
grin as he opens the sliding door that's on the passenger side of the 3MB's
'tour bus'.

Kaitlyn presses her lips together and looks suspiciously at the van
" your tour bus?" Kaitlyn asks before she starts to laugh.

"Indeed it is... girls love it..." Jinder Mahal says as he takes Kaitlyn's
travel bag and tosses it into the van, followed by his and then Heath and

Kaitlyn crosses her arms and makes a disgusted face " uhhhhh
seems familiar...."

Drew McIntyre smirks, "Ya know, some other chicks said the same thing when we
got it..."

Kaitlyn raises an eyebrow and looks at Drew McIntyre "Where did you get it
from?" Kaitlyn asks as she appears to be very hesitant to enter the van.

"Some creepy loser was selling it after his chick got canned..." Heath Slater

"And it took a long time to clean it... we had to delay our plans to rocking
the WWE Universe for months..." Jinder adds.

Kaitlyn grits her teeth slightly and nods her head "Oh...I think I know where
this van is from..." Kaitlyn presses her lips together. "Ummmm...thanks for
the offer guys, but I think I'm gonna pass..."

"Relax... if you know where we got it, then you should know we took care of
all the problems... check it out for yourself..." Drew McIntyre says

Kaitlyn bites down on her bottom lip "That's possible...cause this van was a
fucking gross pit!"

"Cost Jinder a cool ten-grand to overhaul it..." Heath says.

"Heath, don't talk about my money..." Jinder says. "Chill man, everyone knows
you're loaded as fuck..." Heath says.

Drew laughs a bit as he guides Kaitlyn over to the open side door of the van
so that she can look in side, "Check it out..."

Kaitlyn glances inside the van and her mouth opens in shock. "There's no fucking way....this is the same Dirty Van..."

"Yeah it is..." Drew nods his head.

"I made sure I got my money's worth turning that vehicle into something
decent..." Jinder says proudly.

"Fuck man, you made a total party wagon!" Heath grins.

Kaitlyn takes a deep breath " does look clean...compared to what it
was..." Kaitlyn replies with a light laugh.

"So how about it... still want to pass up on riding with the 3MB?" Drew asks
with a smirk.

Kaitlyn places her hands onto her hips and smirks "Are you saying that I'm
afraid of a little challenge like this?"

"You're the one hesitating to get in baby..." Heath says.

Kaitlyn shakes her head "Impossible!" Kaitlyn says with a smile before she
climbs into the van.

"Who's driving?" Jinder asks.

"Rock Paper Scissors..." Drew says and after he and other throw their hands
out, it is Heath who loses when he does 'paper' while the other two perform

"Aw shit... don't wear her out..." Heath says as Jinder and Drew climb into
the back of the van while Heath goes around to the driver's side door. As
Heath gets into the driver's seat, Drew closes the door while Jinder sits
down in a seat that in the middle of the van.

Kaitlyn raises an eyebrow and looks at Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre as she
settles herself down on her knees in the spacious floor of the van. "He's
driving and missing out?" Kaitlyn says with a smirk.

"Fuck no!" Heath yells from the front of the van as he starts the engine.

"We take turns driving..." Drew explains.

"Indeed, this way no one misses out and the lucky girl has virtually a
nonstop fuck until we reach out destination..." Jinder adds.

Kaitlyn shakes her head and laughs "First time for everything, right..."
Kaitlyn comments.

Drew and Jinder both smirk down at Kaitlyn as they undo their jeans and lower
them, exposing their cocks to the two-toned haired Diva. Jinder's shaft
catches Kaitlyn's attention first and while he may not have been her first
choice of someone to fuck, Kaitlyn can see Jinder is very well equipped. When
Kaitlyn checks out what Drew has to offer, she sees that the Scotsman's shaft
gives reason as to why some of her fellow Divas still call him 'The Chosen

Kaitlyn licks her lips and nods her head "Impressive....bravo boys!" She says
with a smirk before she lifts her black tank top to expose her nicely rounded
and juicy, tanned tits.

"Shit them are some rockin' tits..." Drew says with a smirk.

"Indeed..." Jinder nods his head as he removes his turban and puts it in a
special case that's attached to the left side wall of the van.

Kaitlyn licks her teeth and leans forward on her knees as she places her left
hand around Jinder's cock and her right hand around Drew's cock as she begins
to work her smooth hands against both hardening shafts.

"Ahhh yeah..." Drew groans as Kaitlyn pumps her hand on his cock.

"Mmmmm..." Jinder moans as Kaitlyn works her left hand on his shaft.

"You handsome studs like that?" Kaitlyn asks with a smile as she works her
hands up and down their solid shafts.

"Ohhhh yeah..." Drew says as Jinder nods his head.

Heath glances in the rearview mirror as he drives, "I want to see a good
show..." Heath says.

"Just be sure to keep your eyes on the road..." Jinder says as Kaitlyn
strokes his and Drew's dicks.

Kaitlyn leans her two-toned haired head forward and playfully flicks her
tongue against the head of Drew McIntyre's cock, which causes his shaft to
tense further against her right hand.

"Ahhh..." Drew moans as Kaitlyn's tongue flicks against the head of his large
meaty Scottish cock.

Kaitlyn smoothly starts to guide her tongue in a perfect circular motion on
the head of Drew McIntyre's cock, coating it nicely with her saliva. Kaitlyn
then turns her head over to Jinder Mahal's cock and slaps her tongue against
the head of his cock.

"Mmmm..." Jinder moans as Kaitlyn smacks the tip of his cock with her tongue
and he smirks when Kaitlyn pauses for a second as if she was tasting
something new.

Kaitlyn lifts her beautiful eyes and looks up at Jinder Mahal before she
spits some of her soothing saliva down onto the head of his cock and then
proceeds to use her tongue to spread the saliva around the surface, while she
remains stroking both his and Drew's shafts.

"Ahhhh yes..." Jinder moans as Kaitlyn drags her tongue all over the head of
his cock. Drew smirks as Kaitlyn pumps her hand repeatedly along the length
of his cock. In the front seat, Heath is using one hand to undo his jeans
while he drives the van.

Kaitlyn parts her pouty lips and takes Jinder Mahal's cock into her mouth,
wrapping her luscious lips around his shaft. The two-tone haired Diva begins
to sensually bob her head on his cock, while she lowers her left hand down to
Drew's ballsack and begins to rub his meaty balls.

"Ahhhh..." Drew McIntyre moans as Kaitlyn rubs his large balls with her left
hand. Jinder licks his lips as Kaitlyn bobs her head on his cock at a nice an
easy pace.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmm...." Kaitlyn softly moans as she bobs her head further down
on the length of Jinder Mahal's cock, letting her saliva freely drip down.

"Ahhh yes..." Jinder moans as Kaitlyn takes his cock deeper into her mouth.

"Damn... baby likes the dark meat..." Heath says from the front seat as he
glances at the rearview mirror to see what is happening in the back of the

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh...mmmmmm..." Kaitlyn moans as she starts to bob her head
at a quicker pace, while letting her lips rub down his shaft. Kaitlyn slides
her right hand from Drew's ballsack and begins to work her hand on his shaft
once again.

"Ahhhh fuck..." Drew moans as Kaitlyn eagerly strokes his cock while she's
sucking Jinder's dick. The two taller members of the 3MB smirk as Kaitlyn
uses her free hand to undo her jeans shorts and push them down from her

Kaitlyn unwraps her lips from around Jinder's cock and slowly lifts her head,
letting her luscious lips drag until the head of his shaft escapes her mouth.
Kaitlyn happily turns her head over to Drew McIntyre's cock and guides his
prick into her mouth.

"Ahhhh fuck..." Drew moans loudly as Kaitlyn stuffs his dick into her mouth.

"Your turn..." Jinder says to Heath.

"Right on!" Heath says as he pulls the van over to the side of the road so
that he can get out of the driver's seat and move to the back, allowing
Jinder to take over the driving duties. Out of the corner of her eye, Kaitlyn
can see Heath's cock and while it's not as long or thick as Drew's, she can
see that the red headed West Virginia native has a rock star quality dick

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmm..." Kaitlyn moans as she presses her lips perfectly around
Drew McIntyre's cock and continues to bob her head up and down, while she
looks at the hard cock of Heath Slater.

Heath smirks when he sees Kaitlyn looking at his dick, "Yeah, I see ya like
what I got..." Heath says as Kaitlyn reaches up with her free hand to grab
his dick to begin to stroke it.

Kaitlyn begins to lightly rock back and forth on her knees as she bobs her
head freely along Drew's shaft, letting his cock with her saliva, while
skillfully moving her hand on Heath Slater's cock, feeling him tense and
harden more so with each movement of her hand.

"Ahhhh... ohhh yeah..." Drew moans as Kaitlyn sucks and slurps on his cock as
she strokes Heath's shaft.

Jinder glances into the rear view mirror, "I shall bet she did not think she
would have this opportunity today..." Jinder says.

"Fuck yeah she didn't... but she's loving it..." Heath says as Kaitlyn
suddenly drops her head all the way down on Drew's dick.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Kaitlyn lustfully moans around Drew's cock as she keeps
his cock buried deep inside of her saliva dripping mouth, while moving her
hand smoothly and swiftly against Heath's cock.

"Ahhhh yeah.... fuck it!" Drew moans as Kaitlyn holds her head down on his
cock for a long period of time.

Kaitlyn unwraps her lips from around Drew McIntyre's cock and smoothly lifts
her head off of his cock, with his cock escaping her lips with a seductive
pop. Kaitlyn turns her head and smiles up at Heath Slater. "Ready to rock,

"Hell yeah I am baby..." Heath says with a smirk as Kaitlyn pumps her hands
on his cock while Drew goes to change places with Jinder.

Kaitlyn playfully smirks up at him before she leans her head down and guides
Heath's cock into her stunning mouth.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah..." Heath groans as Kaitlyn begins to bob her head swiftly
on his cock. Jinder Mahal moves to kneel behind Kaitlyn on the floor of the
van where he proceeds to guide his Indian dick into her snatch.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...." Kaitlyn groans and presses her lips tightly down on Heath
Slater's cock as she starts to move forward on her knees, which allows her to
bob her head smoothly and steadily, with Jinder Mahal thrusting into her.

"Ahhhh..." Jinder groans as he thrusts his shaft in and out of Kaitlyn's
tight wet cunt. Heath places his hands on Kaitlyn's head and starts to thrust
his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Kaitlyn moans as she lifts and lowers her head on
Heath Slater's cock, while she rocks on her knees and pushes back against
Jinder's cock.

"Awww..." Heath moans as he thrusts his cock in and out of Kaitlyn's mouth as
she bobs her head on it. Jinder firmly holds onto Kaitlyn's hips as he drills
her pussy with deep thrusts.

"Mmmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm..." Kaitlyn lustfully groans as she steadily moves her
head on Heath's cock, while pushing back perfectly on Jinder's cock.

"Nice..." Drew says as he glances in the rear view mirror to see what is
happening in the back of the van as Kaitlyn sucks and slurps on Heath's dick
while Jinder fucks her.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm...." Kaitlyn moans as her head swiftly bobs up and down
on Heath's cock, with her saliva dripping down on his cock. Kaitlyn rocks on
her knees and pushes back against Jinder's cock, with her nicely toned and
juicy ass smacking against his waist.

"Mmmmm fuck..." Heath Slater moans as Kaitlyn slobbers on his dick before he
pulls his dick out of his mouth. "You're up man..." Heath says as he goes to
change places with Drew in the driver's seat while Jinder remains fucking
Kaitlyn's tight wet pussy.

Kaitlyn grits her teeth and turns her head back to look back at Jinder Mahal,
as she moves on her knees in response to Jinder's thrusting.

"Ahhhhh awww..." Jinder grunts as he rams his cock deep into Kaitlyn's twat
before pulling out as Drew approaches.

"Ready for a ride?" Drew McIntyre asks as he lays down on the floor of the
back of the van.

Kaitlyn smirks "Sure thing, handsome..." Kaitlyn says before she tosses her
hair back and moves to straddle Drew McIntyre before lowering down on his

"Mmmmm..." Drew McIntyre groans as Kaitlyn takes his cock into her wet pussy.
As Kaitlyn begins to ride Drew, the self-proclaimed 'funny one' Jinder Mahal
stays behind her and guides his cock into her asshole.

"Mmmmmmmmm shit..." Kaitlyn groans and licks her lips as she places her hands
onto Drew's toned chest and begins to rock forward with Jinder's cock
thrusting into her nicely rounded ass.

"Ahhhhh..." Jinder groans a she thrusts his shaft in and out of Kaitlyn's
asshole. Drew places his hands on Kaitlyn's large tits as she rocks on his

"Ohhhhhhh....awwww fuck...ohhhhhhh!" Kaitlyn moans and closes her eyes as she
swiftly moves between to the two members of the 3MB.

"Mmmmm fuck... ahhh..." Drew moans as he pumps his cock upward into Kaitlyn's
pussy as she moves between himself and Jinder who is busy fucking her ass.

"Mmmmmm fuckin' handsome studs..." Kaitlyn moans.

"Shit yeah... we know all about rocking some chick..." Heath Slater says from
the driver's seat as he glances in the rear view mirror to see Drew and
Jinder pumping their rocks into Kaitlyn's pussy and ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh fuck!" Kaitlyn moans as she sharply grinds forward on
Drew's cock, as Jinder heavily thrusts into her.

"Ahhhhh ahhhh..." Jinder Mahal groans as he plows his cock balls deep into
Kaitlyn's asshole as she bounces on Drew McIntyre's dick.

Kaitlyn licks her lips as she starts to rock back on Drew's cock, causing her
ass to grind against Jinder's cock and waist.

"Mmmmm yeah... ahhh..." Drew moans as Kaitlyn rock's briskly on his cock
thanks to how Jinder is fucking her ass. Jinder soon pulls out and goes to
change places with Heath Slater.

Kaitlyn sits up straight on Drew McIntyre's cock as she continues to rock
back and forth on his shaft, her wet pussy grinding down.

"Mmmm awwww... time to stuff that ass..." Drew groans as he lifts Kaitlyn up
off of his cock, turns her around and lowers her ass down onto his dick. As
Kaitlyn adjusts to her new position, Heath kneels in front of her and rams
his cock into her cunt.

"Mmmmmmm....ohhhhh yeah..." Kaitlyn moans and leans back on Drew, while she
raises her legs to wrap them around Heath's waist as he thrusts into her.

"Awww yeah baby!" Heath moans as he thrusts his cock swiftly in and out of
Kaitlyn's pussy, causing her to move up and down on Drew's dick.

"Mmmmmmmm...yeah....rock it out, babe!" Kaitlyn moans.

"Awwww.... ahhhh..." Drew grunts as he thrusts his large cock upward into
Kaitlyn's asshole. Heath places his hands on Kaitlyn's gorgeous thighs as he
rams his dick balls deep into her snatch.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhh yeah..." Kaitlyn moans as she swiftly rocks back on Drew's
cock, bouncing slightly, with Heath thrusting into her.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm..." Heath moans as he hammers Kaitlyn's pussy with his
large dick as she rides Drew's shaft that is deep in her ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhh shit..." Kaitlyn moans as her juicy tits bounce and

As his band mates double-team the two-toned haired Diva, Jinder Mahal pulls
the van over to the side of the road and leaves the drivers seat. Moving to
the back of the van, Jinder manages to surprise Kaitlyn as he invades her
mouth with his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Kaitlyn moans with delight as she wraps her luscious lips
around his cock and begins to eagerly bob her head on Jinder's cock.

"Mmmmmm..." Jinder moans as Kaitlyn lustfully sucks his cock while she moves
between Heath and Drew as they deeply fill her pussy and ass with their

Kaitlyn places her hands onto Jinder Mahal's waist as she sits up slightly on
Drew's cock, rocking back and forth, while Heath works over her wet pussy.

The grunts and groans of the most unlikely trio fill the van as they triple
team Kaitlyn. Heath licks his lips as he pounds her pussy, Drew moves his
hands against Kaitlyn's lower back as he thrusts his shaft up into her
asshole and Jinder grabs Kaitlyn's head as she swallows his shaft.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Kaitlyn moans and turns her head from side to side as
she deeply sucks on Jinder's cock.

"Ahhh shit... I want a piece of that ass..." Heath says with a groan as he
begins to pull out of Kaitlyn's cunt. When Kaitlyn lifts her head off of his
cock and rises off of Drew's dick, Jinder lays on the floor of the van, which
allows Kaitlyn to get on top of him and perfectly place herself for Heath.

Kaitlyn presses her pouty lips together and looks down at Jinder Mahal as she
starts to gradually rock forward on his cock.

Heath licks his lips as he guides his cock between Kaitlyn's ass cheeks and
invades her asshole. As Kaitlyn between to rock between Jinder and Heath,
Drew feeds her his cock, resulting in the two-toned haired Diva once again
having three large meaty cocks in her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm...." Kaitlyn moans and closes her eyes as she starts to freely
bob her head on Drew's cock which was just inside of her ass.

"Ahhhh yeah..." Drew McIntyre tosses his hair back as Kaitlyn lustfully sucks
his huge cock.

"Awwww..." Jinder Mahal groans as he pumps his cock firmly up into Kaitlyn's

"Mmmmm yeah baby!" Heath grunts loudly as he hammers Kaitlyn's asshole from

Kaitlyn steadily moves her head back and forth on Drew's cock as her pouty
lips grind on his shaft, repeatedly taking him into her mouth.

The members of the 3MB continue to grunt, groan and moan as Kaitlyn lustfully
rocks between them, taking each of their cocks as deep as possible into her
twat, ass and mouth.

Kaitlyn lifts her head slowly off of Drew McIntyre's cock and seductively
looks up at him. " like that handsome?" Kaitlyn groans as she
sharply moves between Heath and Jinder.

"Ahhh yeah..." Drew nods his head and strokes his saliva slicken cock.

"Mmmmm shit... ahhhh..." Jinder groans as his cock begins to throb within
Kaitlyn's cunt.

"Fuck my mouth....mmmmm please...." Kaitlyn groans and pouts up to Drew as
she rocks forward sharply on Jinder's cock.

"I love to answer that request..." Drew smirks as he shoves his cock back
into Kaitlyn's mouth. Grabbing two handfuls of her hair, Drew begins to pump
his dick in and out between her lips.

"Ahhhh shit..." Heath moans as his cock starts to throb within Kaitlyn's

"Mmmmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm..." Kaitlyn groans lustfully as Drew McIntyre's cock
pumps between her lusciously moist lips.

The long haired Scotsman pumps his cock forcefully into Kaitlyn's mouth,
taking her mind off of the fact that Jinder and Heath's thrusts are becoming
increasingly erratic.

"Mmmmmmmmm...mmmmmm...gahhhhhh...gahhhhhh..." Kaitlyn moans and begins to
gag around Drew's cock as he deeply and swiftly pumps into her mouth.

"Mmmmm awww..." Jinder Mahal moans as he begins to cum inside of Kaitlyn's
hot wet pussy.

"Awww yeah... mmmm fuck baby!" Heath Slater grunts as he pops his load inside
of Kaitlyn's asshole.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." Kaitlyn moans and grinds her nicely toned body between Heath
and Jinder, while her head swiftly moves on Drew's cock.

As his band mates fill up Kaitlyn's pussy and ass with their cum, Drew
McIntyre continues to fuck her mouth, shoving his dick so deep that Kaitlyn's
forehead smashes against his toned waist.

"Mmmmmmmm! Gahhhhhh! Gahhhhhhh! Gahhhhh!" Kaitlyn moans and lustfully gags
around his cock.

"Ahhhhh aww yeah..." Drew grunts as he rams his cock repeatedly into
Kaitlyn's mouth as Heath pulls out of her ass and Jinder lifts her off of his
dick. Drew's cock starts to throb while Kaitlyn's saliva spills out of her
mouth with each of his deep thrusts.

Kaitlyn places her hands up onto Drew's toned and tanned waist as she starts
to bob her head on her own, while his hands remaining on the back of her two
tone haired head.

"Yeah fuck her face!" Heath Slater yells.

"Indeed! Feed it to her!" Jinder yells seconds later. Drew grits his teeth as
the throbbing of his cock continues to build as he relentlessly plows his
dick into Kaitlyn's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Kaitlyn moans as her eyes begin to water with the
pressure of his cock gagging her.

"Ahhhhhh fuck..." Drew groans loudly as he begins to cum, flooding Kaitlyn's
mouth instantly with his warm jizz.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Kaitlyn deeply moans as she presses her lips tightly down on
his shaft in order to get every ounce of cum that she can.

"Ahhhhh... ahhhh..." Drew groans as he pumps his cock deeply twice more into
Kaitlyn's mouth as if to push his own cum down her throat.

Kaitlyn slowly starts to lift her head off of Drew's cock, swallowing every
drop of cum that was inside of her mouth.

"Fuck yeah... that rocked..." Heath Slater says while Jinder Mahal pulls on
his jeans and shirt and moves to the front seat.

Kaitlyn smirks and shrugs her shoulders "It was alright...."

"Alright my ass..." Drew says with a smirk of his own, "You know you loved
every second of it..."

Kaitlyn shrugs again "Ehhhh...I've had better and crazier..."

"Then you should travel with us quite often... we did take it easy on you..."
Jinder says from the driver's seat.

"Yeah baby...we'll shattered what ever you think is crazy..." Heath says as
he pulls on his jeans.

Drew stays naked as he sits down on the chair in the middle of the back of
the van and begins to stroke his cock, "If you want crazy... then lets start
again..." Drew says to Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn raises an eyebrow and looks at Drew McIntyre "Just how crazy do you

"Crazy as you fucking want..." Drew answers with a smirk.

Kaitlyn laughs "I want an example, handsome..."

"Unlike those two..." Drew says as points at Heath when he moves to sit in
the front passenger seat as Jinder drives. "I don't give a shit about letting
a girl 'take control'..." Drew says.

"He travel with one of them strap-things in his bag..." Heath says with a big
of a laugh.

"Whoa...whoa...whoa....what the fuck?" Kaitlyn says.

"He lets girls fuck him in the ass..." Jinder says.

"Hey, no big fucking deal, all part of being in a band... different kinks for
different people..." Drew replies as he smirks at Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn makes a face "It's kinda fuckin' weird..."

"So you're saying it's too crazy for you then..." Drew says.

"'s...ehhhh differnet..."

"She's afraid to even consider it..." Heath laughs.

"Fuck off... you two don't have the balls to let chick bone you..." Drew

"We are not that stupid..." Jinder replies with a laugh of his own.

"Hey...I can get crazy...and I'm not fact, when you want to get
crazy again...just name the place..."


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