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Romping With The Pitbulls
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a SmackDown Taping, in the backstage area, Steve Romero is listening to
SmackDown's backstage interviewer Kristal Marshall as she goes on and on
about the 2005 WWE Diva Search winner Ashley Massaro. Steve takes his glasses
off and wipes them clean with the material of his suit jacket while nodding
his head as Kristal talks. "I tell you...that bitch has the nerve to say that
I made the top eight! I placed fourth!" Kristal says as she points at Steve
Romero as she dressed in a tight pair of black pants and a light pink top
"That bitch has some nerve!" Kristal says completely irate with the 2005 Diva
Search Winner, Ashley.

Steve puts his glasses back on and shrugs his shoulders, "I don't know
Kristal, she could've just not remembered which spot you made it too... it's
better her saying you didn't make it to the top eight..." Steve says, trying
to be a voice of reason and to calm Kristal down.

Kristal grits her teeth "I would have won too if that bitch didn't give out
her cell phone number!" Kristal says as she shakes her head "I swear I will
smack the taste out of her mouth!"

Steve sighs, "Kristal, everyone had a fair chance... two other people did
finish ahead of you..." Steve replies, "And no one has heard them complain
that Ashley won..."

"Because they don't have the guts to stand up to that bitch!" Kristal says as
she yells slightly. Kristal then pauses and raises her eyebrow as she places
her left hand on her hip and nods her head with a smirk "Oh...I see...I like Ashley, don't you? You think she deserved to win!"

"Because they don't have the guts to stand up to that bitch!" Kristal says as
she yells slightly. Kristal then pauses and raises her eyebrow as she places
her left hand on her hip and nods her head with a smirk "Oh...I see...I like Ashley, don't you? You think she deserved to win!"

Kristal narrows her eyes as she glares at Steve Romero "You're taking the
bitch's side over mine! You remember Steve, I'm one of your broadcast
partners!" Kristal pauses and then presses her lips together "Ok...ok...why
don't I give you a message for Ashley..."

Steve sighs, "All right... what's your message for her?" Steve asks as he
looks at the ticked off Kristal Marshall. Kristal locks her eyes on Steve
Romero before she raises her right hand up and slaps the SmackDown
interviewer across his face. Kristal smirks a bit before she turns around
and begins to walk away down the hallway towards the locker rooms.

As Kristal walks towards the locker rooms, SmackDown newest Tag Team
combination, the Pitbulls, consisting of Jamie Noble and Kid Kash are walk
in her direction. Jamie Noble is dressed in short red wrestling trunks and
Kid Kash is dressed in matching red wrestling tights, and both men have dog
collars with four foot long chains hanging from the collars, giving them
each a dangerous look. The two cruiserweights walk towards Kristal and Kash
notices her, "She ain't getting out of our way..." Kash says.

"She will..." Jamie replies as the distance between the Pitbulls and Kristal
Marshall closes rapidly.

Kristal lifts her eyes up just as she and the Pitbulls are about to collide
in the hallway. Kristal suddenly stops walking and folds her arms over her
chest as she looks sternly at Noble and Kid Kash "Get out...of my way!"
Kristal says as she locks her eyes on the raging Pitbulls.

Kash and Jamie exchange looks, but the two cruiserweights look back at
Kristal and fold their arms as they block Kristal's path. "Why the fuck
should we?" Kash asks as he looks at Kristal as if she was joking.

"Yeah.... you should get out of our way!" Jamie says as he gets a vicious
look on of face.

Kristal raises her eyebrow "Really? Maybe you should get out of my way
because I'm one pissed off bitch!" Kristal says as she snaps back at Jamie
Noble. Kristal narrows her eyes a bit and grits her teeth as she casually
checks out the two studdly Pitbulls, Jamie Noble and Kid Kash.

Kash smirks as he grabs the chain hanging from his collar with both hands,
"A pissed off bitch is like a bitch in heat... always wanting something..."
Kash says as he locks his eyes on Kristal.

Kristal raises her eyebrow and smirks as she places her hands on her small,
rounded hips "Maybe I am a bitch in heat..."

Jamie licks his lips, "Whew doggy.... if you're a bitch in heat than you're
in luck... cause we're a couple of hot dogs..." Jamie says with his thick
West Virginian accent showing with every word he says.

"Good...because what I need right a good...little romp." Kristal
says as she pushes herself past Kid Kash and Jamie Noble. Kristal then begins
to proceed down the hallway, but stops and looks over her shoulder slyly at
Kash and Noble "If you two...dogs...are interested, follow me."

Kash and Jamie both grin as Kristal starts walking down the hallway, "Fuck
yeah we're interested...." Jamie says as he grabs hold of the chain from his
dog collar and tosses it over his shoulder so it hangs behind him.

Both of the Pitbulls start to follow Kristal as she head down the hallway,
and as they walk, Kash says, "You're not going to get a little romp..." Kash
says to Kristal, "We know what a bitch in heat wants... and it's not a little

Kristal laughs a little "Oh...I'm not looking for anything little.." Kristal
says as she approaches the vacant locker room of the WWE SmackDown Divas.
Kristal smirks before she pushes the locker room door open and enters.

"Good... cause there's nothing little about us...." Kash replies with a laugh
as he unhooks the chain from his dog collar and throws it down to the floor
of the locker room.

Jamie does the same after he enters the locker room, and he licks his lips,
"All right... let's get down to romping..." Noble says as he puts his hands
on his red wrestling trunks and starts to lower them before Kash can close
the door.

Kristal smirks as she nods her head "Damn right...let's get down to romping!"
The former conservative SmackDown Correspondent says as she licks her lips
and takes a step towards Jamie Noble as he steps out red wrestling trunks.

Noble kicks his red wrestling trunks to the side after stepping out of them,
and he grabs his nine-inch cock with his left hand. "Bet that you want this
don't ya...' Jamie says as he strokes his cock to make it hard.

Meanwhile Kid Kash is lowering his red wrestling tights, freeing his thick
ten-inch shaft. The vicious former Cruiserweight Champion of the World steps
out of his tights and smirks at Kristal, "She don't want one... the bitch is
in heat... she wants all she can get...." Kash says.

Kristal smiles "Oh, you both should now I want all you can give..." Kristal
says as she stands in front of Kash and Noble; she places her hands gently
against both of their cocks before she lowers herself down onto the floor,
on her knees.

"Well ya got what we're gonna give ya in your hands..." Noble says with a
smirk as Kristal gets settled down on her knees.

Kid Kash smirks as he looks down at Kristal, "C'mon... show us how much in
heat you are...."

Kristal smiles "Well I have a lot of heat..." Kristal says as she wraps her
small, soft hands around the shafts of Kash and Noble and begins to stroke
both of their shaft. Kristal grits her teeth as she locks her eyes with them
as she moves her hands swiftly against their cocks before she leans her head
down and flicks her tongue against the head of Kash's cock, before doing the
same to Noble.

Kash folds his arms over his fairly muscular chest, "Mmm... seems like you
have a lot of heat...." Kash says as Kristal continues to go back and forth,
flicking her tongue against both his and Jamie's dicks. Kristal closes her
eyes as she circles her tongue around the head of Noble's cock, while she
continues to stroke both shafts at a solid pass. Kristal stops circulating
her tongue on Noble's cock and lifts her head away and turns a bit to Kash.
The former 2005 WWE Diva Search contestant leans her head down and begins to
circle her tongue around the head of his cock.

"Ooooo shit Kid... she can do that hot trick that my ex used to do..." Jamie
says, commenting on how Kristal circles her tongue around his and Kash's

Kash groans a bit, "Who cares... I just like what just doing...." Kash says
as Kristal coats the head of his cock with her saliva as she circles her
tongue around it over and over again. Kristal licks her lips before she opens
her mouth and lowers her head down on Kid Kash's cock. Kristal wraps her lips
tightly around his shaft and begins to bob her head on Kash's cock as she
laps her tongue around his cock, while spraying his cock with her warm
saliva. "Uhhhh shit..." Kash groans as he Kristal moves her head back and
forth along the length of his fat cock. He puts a hand on her head in order
to grab a handful of her hair as he the lust filled diva sucks and slurps on
his cock. Kristal moans softly around his cock as she continues to bob her
head on his cock, bobbing her head quicker while she moves her hand swiftly
against Noble's cock.

Jamie Noble licks his lips as he watches Kristal suck on Kid Kash's ten inch
pole. "Woooo weeee.... that sure looks mighty fucking sweet..." Jamie says
with a moan as Kristal jerks and tugs on his cock.

Kash licks his teeth, "It is fucking sweet... nothing better than a hot bitch
in heat sucking on my cock..." Kash groans as he grits his teeth. Kristal
slowly lifts her head up from Kash's cock and flicks her tongue against the
head of his cock before turning on her knees towards Jamie Noble's cock.
Kristal opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head down as she takes his
cock into her warm mouth and wraps her lips around cock before she starts to
bob her head, slurping and sucking his cock.

"Ahhh shit... yeah... suck that dick girl!" Jamie moans as he as tilts his
head back and closes his eyes. The redneck cruiserweight's hips jerk forward
as he pushes his shaft forward past Kristal's mouth. Kash gets a fairly
mischievous look on his rugged face as he moves to get behind Kristal. Since
Kristal is sitting high up on her knees, the notorious wrestler is able to
lower her black pants down as well as the blue panties that she's wearing.

As Jamie grabs hold of Kristal's hair as she sucks on his pole, Kash squats
down behind her and pulls her up slightly. "Time to get to romping..." Kash
says with a slight sneer on his face as he just shoves his entire cock into
Kristal's tight pussy. Kristal's small body jolts forward as Kash's cock
enter her moist, warm pussy, causing the former conservative Diva to lower
her head further down on Jamie Noble's cock as she begins to deep throat the
other Pitbull.

"Awww yeah... you suck that dick like a pro..." Jamie moans as he pulls on
Kristal's hair. Meanwhile, behind Kristal, Kid Kash is starting to pump his
cock in and out of the Diva's wet cunt. He places his hands on Kristal's
waist and jerks her back towards him so that his thrusts are fiercer.
Kristal's warm, wet mouth grinds against Noble's cock as she bobs her head
swiftly on his cock, slapping her warm saliva against his cock while she
begins to push her small framed body back against Kash's cock as he ravagely
fucks her tight pussy. Kash grits his teeth as he drills Kristal's pussy with
sharp fast thrusts that makes her body shake after each one. Jamie soon pulls
his cock out of Kristal's mouth, "Shit... damn you are one cock hungry
bitch..." Jamie says as he licks his lips as Kash now forces Kristal to be on
her hands and knees and now fucks her doggy style for a few moments before
pulling out of her.

Kristal licks her lips with a satisfied smirk on her face "Mmmm...I'm ready
for an all out romping!"

"Get ready girl... cause we're gonna romp ya good..." Jamie says as he gets
behind Kristal while Kid Kash moves out of the way. The redneck Cruiserweight
sticks his shaft into Kristal's pussy. Before he begins to thrust into her,
Noble wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her up so she's sitting on
her knees. Noble then finally begins to drill her pussy, pushing his whole
body forward so that his chest presses against her back with every thrust.

Kristal grits her teeth as Noble deeply fucks her tight pussy with quick,
spear-like thrusts. Kristal ebony ass slams back against Noble's hard cock
"Ohhhhh shit..." Kristal groans.

Jamie continues to slide his cock in and out of Kristal's hot wet pussy and
he grinds his teeth as he fucks her. Kash walks over to the couch that's in
the SmackDown Diva's locker room and clears off all of the things that are
on it, then he sits down. "Hey Jamie... let that bitch get over here..." Kash
says after he watches Noble fuck Kristal for a short while more.

Noble groans as he plunges his cock forward into Kristal before looking at
Kash, "Alright... " Noble says with a grunt as he pulls his cock out of
Kristal's pussy. Kristal bites down on her bottom lips before the jealous
Diva begins to crawl on her hands and knees towards the couch the Kid Kash
is sitting. Kristal licks her lips as she locks her eyes with Kash's hard,
throbbing cock once she approaches the raging Pitbull. Kid Kash spreads his
legs apart so Kristal can use them to climb up onto the couch and onto the
talented Cruiserweight's lap. Kash smirks at her, while Jamie Noble walks
over to the couch, licking his lips as he looks at Kristal's sweet ebony ass.
Kristal grits her teeth as she lowers herself down on top of Kid Kash's hard
cock, taking him deeply into her warm, moist pussy. The once conservative
Kristal Marshall places her hands on top of his strong shoulders and begins
to rock herself gently on his cock before speeding up gradually as she
bounces on his cock.

"Awww yeah..." Kash moans as the fourth place runner up of the 2005 WWE Diva
Search bounces quicker on his cock with every passing moment. The notorious
Kid Kash puts his slightly sweaty hands on the sides of the ebony Diva's
thighs as he leans back further on the couch.

Noble walks over to stand behind Kristal as she rides Kash's stiff pole.
"Shit... she sure likes to romp..." Noble says as he wraps his left hand
around his cock and strokes it a bit.

Kristal grits her teeth as she bounces quicker on Kash's cock, slamming down
harder and harder each time she drops "Ohhhh fuck yesss!" Kristal moans as
she sweat drips off of her body. Kash grunts as Kristal rides his cock like
a bull. He moves his hands from her thighs to her ass cheeks, and he pulls
them apart. Jamie sees his own opportunity to join in, and the rabid redneck
member of the Pitbulls moves in and slams his prick into Kristal's tight
ebony asshole. Kristal tilts her head back as sweat flies off her smooth
skinned, ebony body "Ohhhhh fucking shit!" Kristal moans as Noble begins to
thrust in and out of her tight asshole, causing her to bounce rougher on
Kash's cock.

As Kristal bounces and rocks almost savagely on Kid Kash's stiff ten-inch
cock, Jamie Noble is humping Kristal's ass with as much speed and intensity
as he can deliver. "Awwww yeah... take that cock bitch..." Jamie grunts as
he wraps his arms around Kristal's body, placing his hands on her tits. Kid
Kash pushes Kristal's ebony ass cheeks close so that they are sandwiching
Jamie's cock as the other Pitbull fucks her ass.

"Ohhhhh shit...Ohhhh fuck...I love romping with the Pitbulls!" Kristal moans
as her sweaty body is sandwiched between to the ravaging Pitbulls.

Kid Kash grinds his teeth together as he bucks his hips to thrust his shaft
up into Kristal's soaking wet pussy, "You're... a real bitch in heat.... god
damn....' Kash grunts.

Jamie Noble continues to slam his cock in and out of the former conservative
Diva's hot ass before he pulls out. Jamie smacks Kristal's ass with his cock
before he lays on the floor of the locker room, "Hey Kid... I want her pussy
one more time..." Jamie says as when Kristal looks over her shoulder to see
what he's doing.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck yesss..." Kristal moans before her eyes start to roll to
the back of her head and she begins to cum on Kash's cock.

Kash laughs a bit as Kristal cums all over his cock, "I don't think... she
can take any more romping...." Kash says as Kristal grinds herself on his
cock as she cums.

"God damn it..." Jamie says as he stands up.

Kristal grits her teeth gently as sweat drips down her beautiful face
"Mmmmm...I feel much, much better...for now.." Kristal smirks a bit as she
remains on top of Kash's cock.

"You're not going to leave us... with two cocks full of cum are ya? A real
bitch in heat wouldn't do that..." Jamie says as stands up, stroking his

Kash lifts Kristal off of his throbbing cock, 'Yeah... you got two Pitbulls
who want to cum..." Kash says with menacing look on his face as he stands up.

Kristal shakes her head and smirks "Oh...I wouldn't leave you high and
dry..." Kristal says with a laugh as the once conservative correspondent
wraps both of her small, soft hands around Kash and Noble's cocks; taking
Noble into her left hand and Kash into her right hand. Kristal begins to
stroke the cocks as she takes turns flicking her tongue against their
throbbing shafts.

Jamie grits his teeth as moans, "Ahhhh yeah... fucking stroke it...." Jamie
groans loudly and he suddenly cums as soon as Kristal flicks her tongue
against his cock again. The rabid redneck Pitbull's thick shaft spits several
shots of his warm white cum out, and his spunk lands on Kristal's face around
her mouth almost perfectly. Kristal licks her lips before turning her head
back to Kid Kash's cock and presses the tip of her tongue against his
piss-slit as she rapidly strokes his throbbing cock.

The Notorious Kid Kash grinds his teeth together as he puts hands on
Kristal's head, making her tilts her head back slightly. "Awww.... shit...
god damn...." Kash moans as he starts to cum. Kristal opens her mouth as wide
as she can and she catches every drop of his warm sticky cum that erupts from
the piss-slit of his throbbing cock. Kristal holds her tongue out of her
mouth as his warm sprays into her warm mouth and she swallows every drop of
his warm, delicious cum.

"Shit... bitch... you got to get into heat more often..." Kash says as the
last blast of cum leaves his cock and enters into her mouth.

Jamie nods his head, "Yeah, you can fucking romp with us any time...."

Kristal smirks as she stands with and wipes her sweated forehead with her
left hand "Thanks...but I have to care of a certain bitch first.." Kristal
says as she grits her teeth, before pausing and she then smiles "I did enjoy
this little romp though..."

"Just remember...." Kash smirks, "Whenever you want to romp... you call the

Kristal smirks "Oh...I think I will..."


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