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Ronda Gets Her Flavor
by ThatWrestlingFanWrites

Ronda Rousey's biggest challenge awaited her inside the "Devil's Playground." Sasha Banks had to have been waiting all month for this moment. Getting attacked on a weekly basis had driven "The Boss" to the edge. Bayley was now sidelined for a few weeks while her nose healed. Ronda was grateful she only had to worry about one headache today.

Standing in the center of the ring before thousands of screaming fans, Ronda took the moment before the bell rang to really get a good look at the cell that surrounded her and Sasha. It looked taller in person than it did on TV. The chain link didn't look sturdy at all; It felt like the roof could cave in at any moment.

Sasha glared across the ring at Ronda Rousey. Ronda looked over her shoulder at Natalya for some last minute encouragement.

Natalya, stuck on the outside of the cage, slapped the side of the cell. "You got this Ronda! Kick her ass!" She yelled.

Ronda nodded her head and turned her focus back to her challenger.

The referee called for the bell and the fight was on.

"Ronda Rousey trying with everything she has to fight back!" Cole called.

Sasha had her knees pressed against Ronda's back, pressing her face into the steel chain link wall outside the ring. Sasha finally relented, but kicked Ronda in the ribs for good measure. Ronda staggered to her feet, but Sasha pulled her by the hair and slammed her back to the floor. Meanwhile, on the outside of the cage, Natalya Neidhart was screaming at the top of her lungs for Ronda to fight back.

Ronda crawled away from the pursuing challenger, but Sasha grabbed a handful of her hair and brought her to her feet again.

"You think I was gonna let you walk away!?" Sasha screamed at Ronda. "After what you did to me! To Bayley!"

Sasha started pushing Ronda towards the opposite wall, but Ronda side stepped her at the last second to use Sasha's own momentum against her and send her into the wall instead. Ronda fell to her knees, as Sasha lay on the ground, trying to catch her breath to finish this match once and for all. Ronda hit her signature powerslam onto Sasha on the outside of the ring.

Both women were down now. Natalya was screaming herself hoarse to get Ronda motivated enough to get back up and win.

Ronda rolled onto her stomach and very carefully stood herself up. Ronda threw one of Sasha's arms over her shoulder, dragged her to the apron, then rolled her into the ring. Ronda quickly slid under the bottom rope and covered Sasha for the pin.



Sending the crowd into a frenzy, Sasha lifted her shoulder up just in time before the referee's count of three. Ronda was in utter disbelief. Her finishing move hadn't done anything to put Sasha down. Angrily, Ronda rolled to her back and began kicking and screaming like a spoiled toddler. Sasha gathered her bearings and dropkicked Ronda as she got up. Sasha scaled the ropes, perched herself for a dive, but Ronda got to her feet faster and shoved Sasha from the top rope into the cell wall behind her. Sasha cried out in pain, clutching at her shoulder. Ronda saw that her challenger was pouring blood from a wound she suffered from falling against the cage. Suddenly, Ronda rolled out of the ring and lifted the ring skirt. She stepped back a moment later, holding a kendo stick in her hands.

Sasha backed away from Ronda, seeing that she had a weapon now. Ronda ignored Sasha's pleas and struck her directly where the cut on her shoulder was. Ronda laughed manically as she did it again. Then again. Then again, before rolling Sasha into the ring.

Sasha pushed herself onto her knees, center ring.

Ronda aimed the kendo stick at Sasha. "Kneel before the Rowdy One," She taunted.

Ronda swung the kendo stick but Sasha ducked out of the way. Sasha jumped to her feet, planted her knees in Ronda's back, and flipped her over for the Bank Statement. Ronda, writhing around in pain, lifted her hand like she was about to tap. Instead, she retrieved her kendo stick and swung it wildly over her shoulder, striking Sasha directly in the face. Sasha fell back in pain, giving Ronda the opportunity to capitalize with an armbar.




Ronda did it. She couldn't believe she really did it. Without any kind of help from Natalya, Ronda beat Sasha Banks inside Hell in a Cell. As soon as Ronda got her title, she rolled out of the ring, ducked under the raising cage, and jumped into Natalya's arms.

"You did it!" Natalya cheered, tears stinging her eyes. "You freaking beat Sasha!"

"I know! I'm so freaking happy!" Ronda leaned closer to Natalya's ear. "You are so getting laid tonight!"

Natalya laughed out loud. Ignoring the boos from the crowd surrounding them, Natalya and Ronda marched up to the stage. Ronda took a moment to raise her title above her head, smiling evilly at the woman crying in the middle of the ring.

Room service was ever so generous to bring a bottle of champagne to Ronda's room after her huge win. A few glasses in and Natalya found herself naked and pinned to the bed by her equally nude girlfriend while their tongues wrestled for dominance. Ronda had not been joking around when she said Natalya was getting lucky tonight; Her adrenaline was soaring through the ceiling and nothing could possibly make things wrong.

Ronda, champagne bottle in hand, poured some of the alcohol onto Natalya's breasts. Ronda took the time to slowly lick Natalya's chest clean, giving her girlfriend a sultry smile every time she ran her tongue over one of Natalya's nipples. Natalya closed her eyes and sighed; It was always such a good feeling whenever Ronda licked her tits.

"Hey," Ronda giggled drunkenly. "Did you remember to bring the duct tape?"

Natalya nodded her head. "Absolutely, *hic* baby. Just look in my b-bag."

Ronda stumbled and nearly fell off the bed. She cackled, slowly planted her feet on the floor, then shuffled over to Natalya's travel bag. After fumbling around with the zipper far longer than she wanted, Ronda opened the bag and retrieved the roll of sticky adhesive tape.

"Bingo!" Ronda hollered.

"Yay, we're the only people keeping hardware stores in-in *hic* business!" Natalya slurred.

Ronda staggered back to the bed. Natalya sat up and helped her girlfriend crawl back onto the bed; The bed wasn't overly tall or anything, Ronda was just drunk beyond belief. The tiny goddess thanked her MMA trained girlfriend with a sloppy tongue heavy kiss and a few wandering fingers between her thighs.

Natalya giggled and moaned loudly, getting a laugh from Ronda in response.

"Hey, Natalya," Ronda stammered. "I'm... Drunk of my ass right now."

Natalya chuckled. "I know. M-me too!"

Ronda kissed Natalya deeply; Each girl moaned in each other's lips, simply enjoying the embrace for the moment it lasted. Ronda instructed Natalya to sit up. Natalya did and, surprising her a bit, Ronda stuck the duct tape to her elbow and wrapped it around her torso, pinning her arms to her sides.

"What's this, Rousey?" Natalya asked.

Ronda shrugged. "There's no headboard to tape you to. So, unless you want it the manila way, I gotta think of somethin'."

Natalya shook her head and giggled. "I come way harder when I'm scared out of my mind."

"I know," Ronda agreed. "Me too."

Ronda wrapped the tape around Natalya's torso a few more times. After several attempts at trying to attach to Natalya's cheek with her aim thrown off thanks to the alcohol, Ronda finally managed to get the tape to stay. She gave Natalya one last kiss, then wrapped the tape around her head enough times to keep it in place.

Ronda took a long pull from the bottle of champagne until it was empty. She carelessly tossed it to the floor; Thankfully, nothing broke. "Oh yeah!" Ronda shouted drunkenly. "Pussy's on the menu tonight! Canadian pussy! My favorite!"

Natalya's body was shaking from laughing against the tape so hard. Her laughter, had it been audible, was replaced by quick intakes of breath and quiet moans; Ronda slid two fingers inside Natalya's pussy. Taking a moment to ready Natalya for her, Ronda slowly pumped her fingers in and out of her girlfriend.

Natalya's mind went blank when the very familiar sensation of a goddess' tongue slid across her clit.

"Mmm, baby, you taste so good," Ronda cooed. "Canadian pussy is my favorite flavor of pussy."

Natalya rolled her eyes. Not from annoyance, but because it was such a cheesy compliment, even coming from the queen of cheesy compliments.

Ronda lapped faster at the wet opening in front of her. Seeing Natalya's chest heaving, Ronda curled her fingers and pumped faster.

"Fuck, watermelon flavored, mmm, never thought I'd see the day." Ronda groaned.

For the first time in her life, Natalya burst into a fit of laughter and moans as she came on Ronda. Drunk Ronda, when performing a sexual act, was by far the funniest she had ever been. Had this not ended with Natalya's own personal nirvana, she'd be annoyed with Ronda's ramblings. But, like she always did, Ronda fucked her until her come covered her face.

Ronda unwrapped the tape from around Natalya's face. "Did you just call my pussy capicola?" Natalya said with a giggle.

Ronda nodded her head. "Yep. But now I'm hungry. Not for pussy... That got taken care of."

"Maybe we can find a restaurant after I have me some rowdy pussy." Natalya flirted.

Ronda giggled. "Well, yeah, of course you can have some. Just as long as I get some kisses afterwards. Then some cuddling. Then a shower. Then some pancakes 'cause I saw an IHOP on the way here."

Natalya watched Ronda untie her arms. "Anything for you, lovely." Natalya wrapped her arms around Ronda's neck, kissed her passionately, then laid her on her back to return the favor.

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