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Rookies Get Stratusfied
by JCP

Mark Jindrak and his young partner Garrison Cade just got done with their
match on Sunday Night HEAT when they lost to Rodney Mack and Mark Henry. The
two guys head to the backstage area. Jindrak speaks to his partner about the

Mark Jindrak: Hey Man, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to job to them

Garrison Cade: Why Not? We did whatever management want us to do right? We
want to get ahead in the business right?

Mark Jindrak: I know but it's just not the same as it was when I was teaming
with Sean O'Haire. During the last year of WCW Sean and I were the tag team
champions there. I feel like I lost the desire to compete in the WWE.

Garrison Cade: Don't talk like that Mark. Look I know it's tough not
competing with Sean O'Haire, but there's nothing we can do about it.

Mark Jindrak: Yeah. You're Right G. Let's go shower and watch RAW on the

Jindrak and Cade quickly shower and got dressed then went over to the room
where a number of RAW wrestlers were watching the opening promo of the show.
That was when Garrison turned around and sees a golden haired goddess who was
wearing a skimpy lingerie like wrestling attire.

Garrison Cade: Hey, Mark, Look!

Mark Jindrak: What?

Garrison Cade: Isn't that Trish Stratus?

She turned around and Mark answered.

Mark Jindrak: That's Trish Stratus,the hottest female in the WWE.

Trish approaches the two youngsters.

Trish Stratis: Hi Guys.

Garrison Cade: Uh Hi Trish, allow me to introduce myself I'm Garrison Cade
and this is my tagteam partner Mark Jindrak.

Mark Jindrak: Hello Trish.

Trish: Hi. I couldn't help overhearing you say that you guys wanna get ahead
in the business.

Mark Jindrak: Cade said it not me. I'll be somewhere else. Jindrak leaves the
room running out like a dog with his tail between his legs.

Trish: Now what was that about?

Garrison Cade: He's still upset because his pal Sean O'Haire is on SMACKDOWN
and not on RAW.

Trish: That's just too bad.

Garrison Cade: That's exactly what I said. You know something your boyfriend
should be greatful to have a Canadian Beauty like yourself.

Trish: I don't have a boyfriend. I'm single.

Garrison Cade: Oh I see.

Trish: But there is only one thing Canadian girls want more than anything

Garrison Cade: And what is that Trish?

Trish: An American Dick.

Trish grabs GC by his arm and takes him to the locker room. Before the rookie
could say a word about what was going on,Trish dropped to her knees and
undoes his pants. Garrison responds by pulling out his dick and dangling it
in front of her face. Trish opens her mouth and takes his member between her
lips, before taking it all into her mouth. She starts bobbing on half his
9 1/2" number at medium pace. Garrison had his back against the cold locker
room wall,his head was looking up at the ceilingin pleasure from Trish's
blowjob. He looks down on the Canadian Blonde and watches as she slides her
lips along the shaft of his prick letting his balls hit her chin. Trish then
slid her hand up his thigh and onto his dick as she slowly slides his prick
out of her mouth,she then grabbed his shaft and begins to jack him off at a
real fast pace. Trish stuck her tongue out and laps at the tip like an animal
while she continues pumping his dick harder and faster. Trish vigorously
sucks on the head while she continues to beat his member. Garrison Cade was
being dominated by Trish's sexual prowess and the rookie would have it no
other way. He finally comes to his senses as he places his hand on the back
of Trish's head forcing her to take more into her mouth. Trish didn't let up
one bit.

"Oh Shit I'm gonna cum." Cade said, but Trish didn't listen as she took all
of the rookie's jizz into her mouth and down her throat. Trish made sure she
got all of his cum off his dick as she stood up and smiles at Garrison.

Trish: I'm impressed with you kid. Really Impressed.

Cade still looks like he's in a trance but manages to respond "I'm shocked to
hell after that you are good at doing what you do. That was phenomenal."

"I'm not just good,I'm great at what I do." Trish said as she takes off her
black lace tanktop revealing her bare tits. "But what about you?" She asks.

"You'll see." Garrison responded as he gets down on his knees and peels
off her ring pants and her thong as he smells the musk of the Canadian
Bombshell's pussy.

"Eat my pussy G." Trish commanded as she sits on the bench peeling her pants
all the way off and spreads her legs open, Garrison apporaches Trish and
begins to lick away at her snatch. She let out a soft moan with the first
stroke of his tongue in her cunt. He grabs her by the waist and pulls her in
deeper and deeper making sure she did not escape,even if she wanted to. He
sucks on her labia in between the licking of her hole and manages to
penetrate her with his tongue. He pushes his tongue as far as he can force
it and begins to rock her back and forth.

Trish gladly spreads her labia even further to give the young Cade more
access into her hole. The Blonde Bombshell begins her own rocking motion on
Cade's tongue. Trish's moans got louder as Garrison continued licking her
box. He then let's up for air as he sticks his two fingers into Trish's pussy
as he fingerfucks Trish rapidly and takes small laps at her clit as she
groans in delight. "OOOoooooooooooh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH."

Trish then took the youngster's fingers out of her pussy and picks him up,
arrison Cade was already sheeded from his shirt from Trish's blowjob, dropped
his pants taking them off as Trish makes herself comfortable on the locker
room floor. She raises her legs high uo in the air as GC gets on the floor
with her and slowly puts the tip of his rod into her snatch. Garrison starts
off slow just to get adjusted,he pulls out his rod and sticks it back in, he
continued to do that until his prick went in with ease. He gradualy picks up
the pace as Trish lies there in the euphoric trance similar to Garrison was
earlier. Cade retains his steady pace to fully enjoy himself along with

Her opening was stretched out as wide as it can go to handle his waist and
his foot long dick leaving no nerve untouched inside of her. Garrison slams
into Trish forcing his cock into her making her balls slap her tight asshole.
"OH FUCK,Ooooooooh UUUUUUUUUh FUCK ME KID FUCK ME." she moaned out as she
took more of the rookie's assault.

Garrison kept on slamming her as hard as he can go. Fucking her with long
deep thrusts that nearly breached her uterus. Trish then wraps her legs
around his waist rolling him on his back as she got on top of him she
momentarily pulls out his dick and lowers herself down on it, taking the tip
of the cock and sticking it in her wet moist twat and takes it all back in
one shot. Garrison lays on his back as Trish jumps on his dick at a similar
pace from Cade slamming into her a few moments earlier.

Trish's tits were bouncing up and down as she fucks herself with his dick at
a rapid pace as Garrison's orgasm is near. Trish then plays with her hair in
ecstacy and lets out a loud moan that gets penetrated by his dick. Cade then
grabs two handfuls of Trish's beautiful breasts and squeezes them tight, then
he sits up and buries his face into her bare cleavage. "OOooooooooooooohhhhhh
Garrison you're good REAL GOOD UUUUUUUUH." Trish said panting heavily from
the fucking she was getting. Trish got off the rookie's rod as she then got
down on all fours and puts her fingers into her asshole. "FUCK MY ASS
GARRISON, FUCK ME NOW." she commanded.

As Garrison obliged to her command as he rubs the tip of his dick against her
asshole and then shoves it in. Cade started slamfucking Trish's asshole with
RUTHLESS AGGRESSION. She howls in pain and overwhelming pleasure loving every
minute of that. Trish puts her hand onto her pussy as she can feel his dick
pressing against the back of her pussy.

"OH FUCK TRISH,I'M GONNA CUM." Garrison said as he is still slamming into

"PUT IT IN ME." Trish responded to an orgasmic groan.

"ARE YOU SURE?" The rookie asks as he knew she was having an orgasm.

"JUST DO IT." She commanded.

He let's out a BIG load of cum into Trish's ass with such penetration. Trish
then grabbed his cock and cleaned off the remains of cum that was still on
the tip of his dick after that they lay down on the cold hard floor.

Garrison Cade: Oh God that was awesome Trish.

Trish (breathing hard): Yeah it was. But I want more.

Garrison Cade: You Do?

Trish: Yeah. Have you been Stratusfied?

Garrison Cade: Yeah and a Whole Lot More.

Trish: Where's your firend Mark Jindrak?

Garrison Cade: He's roaming around the building.

Trish:I got a match coming up. If you see him please tell him to meet me in
my dressing room?

"I Will." Garrison said while he got dressed.

"Thank You." Trish responded.

Trish goes and takes a quick shower and then puts her ring gear back on
before her match with Molly Holly. After the match Trish Stratus goes in her
dressing room and she sees a naked Mark Jindrak laying down on the couch.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She asks in disgust.

"I thought you might like to get fucked." Jindrak answered with a stupid look
on his face.

"You want me to get fucked by you? Well let's begin shall we?" Trish said
with a smile on her face.

Mark got up and pushed Trish against the wall, taking off her top and began
to suck on her nipples, then takes his hand and grabs a hold of Trish's
snatch as he began to rub his fingers in her pussy through her ring pants.

After he got through sucking on her breasts he spins her around and peels off
her pants revealing her sexy black thong. Jindrak was mesmerized by her thong
that he began to lick her ample tanned buns,then he pulled down her thong and
rubbed the tip of his cock before slamming it into her asshole.

"Do you wanna get fucked?" Mark Jindrak asks Trish.

"OH YEAH." Trish answered with a moan of her own.

He presses his cock straight up her tight asshole, then pulls it out, then
slides it back in and takes it out. He does this until his dick went in
smoothly. Jindrak takes Trish to the couch as she's on all fours and he
begins to fuck her DOGGYSTYLE, Slam fucking Trish's asshole with wreckless
abandon and no remorse. Trish can feel his cock pressing against her pussy
as she put her fingers into her clit and started rubbing it. "OH OH OH OH
OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK ME." Trish cries out in pain and in pleasure.

Jindrak continued his vicious assault up Trish's ass forcing more thrusts up
into the joints. Trish stopped him for a minute so she can take it up the ass
while sitting down on his dick. Jindrak took his dick and slowly puts it
back in Trish's asshole. She begins to bounce up and down,taking more up the
ass. She starts rocking him back and forth on the couch moaning in pleasure.

After a few moments Trish gets off Jindrak's prick as she sandwiched it with
her tits and began to rock his dick back and forth. Trish Stratus was
tit-fucking Mark Jindrak's dick, trying to make him cum all over her face and
would not under any circumstances be disappointed. She tit-fucked him ad fast
as she could. Jindrak moaned so LOUD that his dick spasmed big time as he
came all over Trish's tits and face. Trish then held her tits up and licked
the cum clean off them an she would suck off the remains of cum off the tip
of Jindrak's dick.

Trish (moaning): Oh God that was Fun. I should fuck you and Garrison more

Mark Jindrak: You sure should.

Trish gets up and takes a long hot shower while Jindrak puts his clothes on
and leaves her dressing room as fst as he could until Garrison cut him off.

Garrison Cade: How did it go?

Mark Jindrak: Great. She also said that she should fuck us more often.
Garrison you and I will one day be the best damn Tag Team in the history of

Garrison Cade: If we're gonna do that, we got ALOT of work of work to do.

They leave the arena.


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