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Author's Note: Back again with a femslash story. Something new. I never
really wrote femslash before. Anyway, sorry for not updating my other
stories, I guess I'll try to sometime.

Just for reference, both women are heels in this. I mean, that's how I intend
it to be. I found this story online and the guy said that anyone could finish
it. Since he never did, I decided to work on it myself. Make sure to review!

by Ross Wyatt (

Michelle McCool walked up the hallway to her hotel room. After checking in
she'd been told she would have to share a room with another Diva, due to
cutbacks. 'Great.' She had sarcastically thought.

This had been a piss off, but after unlocking the door and seeing who exactly
her roommate was, her heart sank.

"Bonjour, Bitch," greeted Maryse.

"You have got to be kidding me," McCool sighed.

"Non," sneered Maryse, "we're roomies."

Michelle walked over to her bed; the one Maryse wasn't sitting on, and threw
her bags on the carpeted floor.

"I'm going to bed," she told Maryse, now in a sour mood. "It's late, and I
don't really want to socialize with any bleached Frogs."

She took off her jacket, then unbuttoned her jeans and let them fall to the
floor. Next, she unbuttoned her shirt, and then let that fall to the floor as
well. She glanced over, and saw Maryse starring at her body. "Bitch!" she
exclaimed, then quickly crawled in under the covers on her bed.

Maryse hated McCool, but had enjoyed the strip show. The other blonde had
been wearing a pair of black silk panties and matching bra that really
accentuated her tone breast. Michelle had long legs and a firm stomach that
Maryse had always admired.

Michelle reached over, and turned off the lamp, leaving the room in complete
darkness. She quickly fell asleep, tired from the match she had earlier with
none other than her roommate, but she was awoken about an hour later when she
heard a soft moan.

She laid there; awake, until she heard the sound again. 'what the fuck,' she
thought. Then she heard it again, this time a bit louder, and she realized
what was happening.

"Are you masturbating?!" she groaned.

"Qui," panted Maryse, before moaning loudly.

"Well, stop it!" yelled Michelle, "that's gross!"

Maryse breath became heavier, and after a moment she said "no...way..."

"You're such a bitch!"

"" Maryse panted.

"I'm going to turn the lights on," Michelle threatened.

"What...ever......" Maryse moaned between heavy intakes of air, "if my...guest...loser..."

Michelle leaned over and flicked the lamp back on, hoping to embarrass
Maryse. She looked over, thinking to see the bleach blonde frantically
covering herself in her blankets, but was shocked to see this wasn't the

Maryse arched her back in pleasure as she ran her fingers over the wet spot
in her her pink underwear. Besides her underwear she wore nothing, her large
breast facing the ceiling. Maryse was looking right at Michelle, obviously
not embarrassed, and by the look in her eyes seemed to take pleasure in the
sight of the other Diva.

"Stop that, you fucking French bitch," said Michelle.

"" panted Maryse.

"Fine!" Michelle shouted, "I will."

She got out of her bed, and walked over to Maryse's. She reached out and
grabbed Maryse's wrist.

Maryse, not to be outdone, reached out her other hand, and grabbed Michelle
between her legs. Michelle jumped back. "Fuck!" she yelled in surprise, and
jumped back a step.

Maryse shot to her feet, grabbed McCool by her shoulder, turned her and then
threw her into her own bed, so she landed on her stomach.

Michelle tried to get back to her feet, but Maryse jumped on her back.

"Get off me!" screamed Michelle, and squirmed until she was on her back,
facing up.

"1, 2, 3," counted Maryse, "I got you pinned, cunt."

Next, she put her fingers inside Michelle's bra, then pulled hand, yanking
them down, exposing Michelle's chest.

"Nice tits, loser," taunted Maryse, then pressed her own onto Michelle's.
"How do mine feel?" she asked, "They're bigger."

"Get off me you fucking bitch!" yelled Michelle, but Maryse answered her by
pressing her lips against hers. Michelle tried to struggle, but Maryse pinned
both her hands above her head, and continued to kiss the unwilling Michelle.

Michelle continued to resist for another few moments, and tried to shift her
body to throw Maryse off, until she couldn't take the sexy blonde's lips
pressing against hers anymore. She could feel Maryse's large breast pressing
against her own, and it felt too damn hot. She opened her mouth, only half an
inch, but Maryse took full advantage, and instantly slipped her tongue into
her mouth.

- - -
This is where I take over.
- - -

Their tongues clashed; their saliva mixing as soft moans from both girls were
being let loose. Michelle would let out a few whimpers, being somewhat angry
that this French bitch was doing this to her, but it felt too great to fight
back anymore. Maryse could sense that Michelle was becoming more vulnerable
so she released her grip on her wrists, moving her hands up to Michelle's,
lacing their fingers together.

The kiss would break as Maryse raised her head up a bit and she smirked at
her roommate. Michelle made an innocent expression appear on her face without
even realizing, which turned Maryse on even more than what she already was.

"You like this," Maryse told her with her sultry French-Canadian accent.
Michelle scrunched up her face, looking away feeling ashamed, embarrassed,
and worst of all, beaten.

Michelle's face turned beat red as Maryse leaned back down again, moving her
right hand towards Michelle's jaw, turning her head to face hers slightly
rough. They shared a quick glance before Maryse placed a small kiss on the
side of her chin, trailing down to her neck, going between her breasts.

She moved her hands onto Michelle's chest, somewhat feeling her up as her
nipples rubbed against the French-Canadian's palms. She moved them around in
a circular motion, causing Michelle to bite her lip as Maryse moved her mouth
to her left nipple, gently pressing down on it as she squeezed what her lips
weren't covering.

Michelle leaned her head back, closing her eyes as her anger was fading,
being replaced by her arousal as the other woman continued her work on her

Maryse would start to flicker her tongue across McCool's erect nipple, her
eyes looking up to see the expression on her rival's face. Michelle continued
to let out a whimper or a moan here and there as Maryse's breast work lasted
a few minutes, licking around every piece of flesh on her chest.

Eventually it had came to a stop when Maryse decided to move down further,
licking around McCool's stomach, sticking it inside of her belly button.
Michelle breathed heavily as she combed her hair back with her hand.

"Get ready for the best experience you'll EVER have..." Mayse exclaimed,
putting emphasis on "ever". McCool rolled her eyes as she pressed her lips
together, looking down at the French-Canadian diva as she placed her hands on
Michelle's smooth silk panties, slowly pulling them off.

Michelle's heart was beating slightly faster as she watched Maryse rise up
and seductively pull off the only piece of clothing she had on. She raised
her feet up so Maryse could remove her underwear with ease, and as she pulled
them off she gave her toes a few quick kisses.

As Maryse carelessly threw the expensive underwear somewhere around the hotel
room, she takes a hold of Michelle's ankles, raising her feet up to her face,
taking a swift lick up McCool's soles. She couldn't help but to giggle; it

Maryse started licking down Michelle's right leg, going down to her thighs,
pressing her legs together so she could lick both of them with her slightly
small tongue. She quickly gets to McCool's closed womanhood.

"Spread," she tells her. Michelle continues to bite her lower lip as she
squints, opening her legs widely, both feet almost going off of the bed. Her
wet pussy is exposed to the French-Canadian blonde as Maryse grins. "Did I do
that?" she asks.

Michelle looked away, getting the ashamed feeling again due to boosting
Maryse's already large ego. Maryse laughed softly before quickly pulling off
her own panties, tossing them aside as her shaven pussy could be seen just a
bit from Michelle's view.

Maryse moved back between McCool's long and slender legs, wasting no time as
she pressed her lips against her wet...juicy pink cunt. Michelle let out a
light, sweet moan as Maryse continued to kiss her juicy pussy.

After a few moments and a few kisses, Maryse stuck her tongue out inside of
Michelle's soaked cunt, licking up and down, pressing her saliva-coated
tongue against her clit. Michelle let out a loud gasp as she had expected and
unexpected to feel this way. She knew it would feel good, but not THIS good.

Maryse started flicking her tongue against the wet, pink inside, and smiling
somewhat from hearing Michelle's moans.

"You're such...a slut..." Maryse says in between licks. Michelle is too
caught up in the pleasure she is receiving to retaliate or even feel angry at
the moment. She just continues to groan out sexily moans. Maryse chuckles a
bit from not receiving a comeback. She so won this little game.

She stops her licking for a moment and stares at Michelle, who had the most
pitiful expression on her face.

"W-Why did you stop?" Her voice sounded a bit shaken. Maryse grinned widely.

"Beg for more." She tells her. Michelle squints her eyes for a moment,
feeling a little pissed off again.

"Fuck no, bitch..." she softly said, looking away. Maryse raised an eyebrow.

"Come know you want to..." Michelle did want to, badly. She just had
too much pride to beg, especially to this bitch.

"I'm not begging." She exclaimed as she rose up, crossing her arms over her
breasts. Maryse rolled her eyes, before just thinking 'screw it' as she
roughly pressed her lips against Michelle's own. They fell back down with
Michelle on her back and Maryse on top of her, their lovely pairs of breasts
being pressed against each other.

McCool wasn't expecting that at all, but she was incredibly happy that she
didn't have to submit to this bitch even more than what she has already done.

Maryse would move her hand down between their bodies during their kissing
session, moving it between their pussies as she stuck two of her fingers
inside of her own pussy, getting them good and wet after moving them around
before doing the same thing to Michelle's, causing her to moan inside of the
French-Canadian diva's mouth.

She'd move her hand back up now, sticking her soaked fingers between their
mouths, breaking their kiss somewhat as she pressed her lips down against her
fingers, mashing them between the women's faces.

Both Maryse and Michelle continued to kiss, tasting their juice off of
Maryse's fingers. After a minute or so, Maryse broke their kiss, rising up.

"Before I continue, at least just say please." She had almost a pleading
expression on her face, really trying to break McCool's pride just a little
more. Michelle rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Fine..." she curls her lip from being annoyed and a tad angry. "Please fuck
me." Those last two words surprised both women, but it caused Maryse to
smile. Michelle just bit her lip as she waited how Maryse was going to
pleasure her.

The egotistical diva Maryse opened her legs while on her knees, exposing her
pussy a little more than it was before as she sat down on her butt, her pink
womanhood being shown to Michelle before she put one leg on of Michelle's own
leg, and her other under Michelle's other.

Michelle already knew what Maryse had in mind as she scooched closer to
Michelle, with their wet snatches being pressed together. Maryse grew a
sickening smirk on her face as she rubbed her pussy against Michelle's, which
caused both blonde women to moan out.

As their pussies grinded against each other, sweat began to form on the
women. They had eventually took it further by wildly bucking against one
another, both moaning and whimpering loudly and wildly.

Maryse kept herself steady as she pressed her hand on top of Michelle's upper
body, leaning her head back almost similar to her signature entrance pose.

In the midst of the love making, McCool noticed Maryse's foot was right
beside of her face. Maryse had her fun with Michelle's feet; why don't she
play around too.

Maryse didn't notice Michelle's eyes on her foot as her own eyes were closed,
getting even wetter as their pussies slammed against each other in a quick

Michelle would move her head slightly as she grabbed onto Maryse's foot,
putting the French-Canadian's big toe in her mouth, sucking on it a bit hard.

Maryse noticed this now as she moved her head back up, opening her eyes as
she gave her a slight smile. Eventually both women were coming close to a

"Oh, yess, yess!" Maryse cooed out loud, her cum spilling out of her pussy
and onto Michelle's body and on the bed sheets. Michelle could feel that she
was close herself as well. Maryse breathed heavily as she fell back on her
back, but Michelle continued bucking against her cunt.

"I'm...cumming..." she told her, gritting her teeth together as she moaned
out even louder than Maryse had. "Oh...FUCK!"

Woman juice had shot out of Michelle, splattering Maryse's thighs and body,
and the bed. Both women laid there, exhausted as their sweat, cum covered
bodies remained motionless for a minute or so.

Maryse was the one to get up first, getting up off of the bed before moving
her hand between her legs, covering it in cum before licking it all off.


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