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Rosa's Dream Comes True Part 1
by JMK615

For weeks Rosa Mendes kept having recurring dreams about Eva Marie and it really turned her on. One night Rosa woke up in a sweat from her dream of having Eva Marie lick her Pussy. Rosa couldn't take it so she started fingering her wet pussy just fantasizing about Eva Marie's big tits and beautiful face until she finally came all over her sheets. The next day Rosa went to the gym to work out and it was pretty empty in the gym. After a half hour Rosa noticed Eva Marie walk in and she looked so good that Rosa got all flustered. Rosa decided to call it a day and take a nice hot shower. Rosa stripped naked and Eva Marie walked in.

"Hey Rosa how's it going?" Eva said with a smile.

"It's going good, I'm just gonna take a shower then go home and grab lunch" Rosa replied looking down at the floor as Eva started undressing.

"Have you been on any dates lately" Eva asked Rosa.

"Not really" Rosa replied.

"U ok Rosa?" Eva asked

"Yeah why?" Rosa Asked

"Cause you keep looking down at the ground" Eva said.

"Yeah sorry Eva, I just got a lot on my mind" Rosa said still not looking towards Eva's naked body

"Well what is it? You can talk to me" Eva said.

"I can't, you will think I'm crazy and never talk to me again" Rosa said.

"Come on tell me what's up" Eva said lifting Rosa's chin with her finger.

"I've been having sex dreams about you" Rosa said.

Eva looked at Rosa with a surprised smile.

"Really?" Eva asked Rosa who felt very vulnerable.

"Yes" Rosa softly replied

Eva gently placed her hand on the back of Rosa's head and started to kiss her passionately. Rosa felt weak in her knees and grabbed Eva's amazing boobs. Eva pushed Rosa into the shower and turned it on watching the water come down on Rosa's great body Eva started sucking on Rosa's big wet tits.

"Oh my Eva" Rosa said with a sexy Moan as Eva moved her fingers down to Rosa's wet pussy pushing two fingers in and out as Rosa started rubbing her hands on Eva's hips.

"Oh yes Eva fuck my pussy baby" Rosa said staring into Eva's eyes.

Eva kneeled down placing her face into Rosa's Pussy.

"Oh oh oh yes yes just like that red" Rosa said moaning at the touch of Eva's tongue on her pussy.

Rosa covered her mouth as she couldn't control the volume of her moans.

Eva kept sticking her tongue in and out of Rosa's wet pussy while rubbing her own nipple.

"Oh I'm gonna Cum" Rosa screamed.

"Yes babe cum on my face" Eva said.

"Oh oh oh oh.....I'm cumming" Rosa said as she reached a huge orgasm.

As Eva's face was covered with Rosa's juices she stood up and kissed the spicy Rosa.

"My turn to lick you now" Rosa said as she firmly grabbed Eva's ass.

"Oh I love how u grab my ass" Eva said.

Rosa pushed Eva against the wall and kneeled down to give Eva a much deserved licking.

"Yes rosa I want to feel your mouth on my pussy" Eva said with a Horny stare.

Rosa slightly licked Eva's pussy then pulled back teasing a very horny Eva.

"Come on babe lick me please, I need it I need it bad" Eva said begging rosa for her tongue.

Rosa put her left hand on Eva's ass and used her right hand to rub Eva's pussy which was begging for a fucking.

"Oh that's.....nice" Eva said

Rosa gave in and started licking Eva's hot wet pussy looking up at the water drop off Eva's beautiful tits.

Rosa was so turned on, she was trying to get Eva off more than anybody she ever fucked.

"Oh yes Rosa, just like that" Eva said with a soft moan.

Rosa started rubbing both of Eva's ass cheeks while still eating out Eva's pretty pussy while Eva one hand on Rosa's head trying to keep her in place.

"I love your pussy Eva" Rosa said looking up at her.

"I love your tongue on my pussy" Eva answered back. Eva was in heaven, having her pussy licked by Rosa's talented tongue.

"Ohhhhhh damn" Eva yelled out as Rosa picked up the pace of her tongue.

Eva couldn't take it anymore grabbing Rosa by the face and picking her up to kiss the lips on her pretty face. The water streamed down as Eva and Rosa continued to make out both rubbing their hands over the others body. The two broke the lip lock.

"We gotta do this again" Eva said with her sexy smile.

"I'd love to do this again"

Rosa said gently touching Eva's tits.

"Yeah maybe next time we'll do it in a bed" Eva said staring into Rosa's seductive eyes.

"Shower, Bed, Beach I'll fuck you anywhere u want" Rosa said.

"Anywhere?" Eva asked

"Anywhere" Rosa whispered before kissing Eva on the lips goodbye.

To Be Continued

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