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Rosa's Glamazon Internship
by Big Chief

For weeks, "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix had been dealing with her crazy, obsessed fan, Rosa
Mendez. She had gone from just being prominent at ringside, to attacking Beth's top rival Melina
on countless accounts, only to be pulled out of the arena by security. When WWE General
Manager Stephanie McMahon banned Rosa from the building due to these actions, Beth's
boyfriend, WWE Superstar Santino Marella decided to help her tip toe around the band by
making her an intern. This decision by Santino was something that Beth was not exactly happy
about, not really wanting someone as obsessed as Rosa was. Her mood over the whole thing
would become worse after the Royal Rumble, when Beth lost the Women's title to Melina, with
Rosa and Santino being at ringside and not helping out at all.

As she entered the arena on Monday night in Cleveland, OH, she was clearly in no mood to deal
with anyone and decided not to ride into town with Santino. Tossing her bags into the women's
locker room, she went to find out if she would be in action for the show, and discovered she
could have a chance to get revenge for the night before as she would team with Jillian Hall to
face Melina and Kelly Kelly. With revenge on her mind, Beth decided to take the free time
before the show would begin to do some work out, and using the motivation of unleashing some
pain in the match later the night, hopefully to Melina.

* * *

Later that night, Beth and Jillian dominated Kelly in the ring, keeping her from making the tag to
Melina. Then out of no where, Rosa ran down to the ring and quickly yanked at Melina's leg,
pulling her from the ring apron, sending her crashing to the floor and then she quickly ran back
to the backstage area. The move left Kelly with no partner and she was left to the mercy of Beth
and Jillian. Not long after Melina was taken out, Beth hit the Glam Slam and scored the pin. As
Jillian and Beth exited the ring and made their way up the ramp way in victory, Melina was
finally able to get in the ring and check on Kelly, while giving a dirty look to a smiling Beth

As the two blondes finally walked into the gorilla position to head to the backstage, Jillian
mentioned how lucky Beth was to have Rosa in her pocket.

"Man Beth, I guess there is a plus side to having such a nut job obsessing over you. Did you see
how pissed Melina was?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I might have jumped to judgment a little too soon on her. Maybe
Santino had the right idea on the whole intern thing." As Jillian went off to change out of her
ring gear, Beth went to find Rosa. As she walked through the hallways, she saw both Santino and
Rosa talking, with one of the camera guys fixed on them. Rosa was going off on how she hoped
she did the right thing and how she took a stand against the horrible thing that happened with
Melina winning the title the night before. As Rosa went off on the rant, Beth just stood behind
her, with her arms crossed, with a stone look on her face. With Rosa not realizing, a nervous
Santino finally brought the Glamazon's presence to her. As Rosa turned around she quickly
turned around to see a very serious looking Beth. After a few seconds, a smirk came across her
face, and Beth simply said, 'We can keep her," and with a full smile, walked away. With Beth's
approval, Rosa became ecstatic, as Santino beamed as if he knew all along that Beth would
accept her new intern.

Finally giving Rosa the approval she had been seeking, Beth made her way towards the women's
locker room to change out of her ring gear and take a quick shower to clean off the sweat from
the match. As she walked in, Jillian had a towel wrapped around her body, about to head to the

"Hey where did you go?"

"I went to find Rosa. I decided to take that wack-o up on the whole intern deal."

"See, I bet with her around you, you'll get the belt back soon enough." She then walked to the
opposite side of the locker room to the entrance of the showers. By herself now, Beth sat down,
and started to undo her ring boots, and tossed them near her bags. She then proceeded to strip out
of the tight ring outfit and put it into her gear bag, leaving her in nothing, but a black thong. She
then pulled off her Glamazon crown and added it to the back, followed by her panties, before
grabbing a towel and making her way towards the showers. The shower were divided into small
cubicals, with a curtain across the entrance for privacy, and the farthest one had steam pouring
over the top, where Jillian obviously was showering. Deciding to get in the nearest one, Beth put
her towel on a rack across from the stall entrance, and walked in, closing the curtain. Halfway
through her own shower, Beth could hear Jillian's turn off, and after a few moments the foot
steps walk past.

"I'll catch you later Beth, I'm going to head off to the catering for diner," Beth just acknowledged
with a later as Jillian walked back into the locker room. Finishing up her shower, Beth rinsed the
remaining soap off of her body, and before turning off the water, gave herself a quick rub in
between her legs, giving a quick little smirk across her face. Doing the feel, for just a quick little
jolt, and not the full explosion, she then turned towards the shower knobs and turned off the
water. As she pulled back the curtain she was surprised to see a smiling Rosa standing at the
entrance, holding the towel out stretched. The first thing that came to Beth's mind was year's ago
when Mickie James was almost stalking Trish Stratus and did the very same thing. Beth the
quickly snatched the towel out of her waiting hands and wrapped it around her wet body, as Rosa
produced a second towel.

"Rosa, what are you doing?" As Beth asked this, she snatched the second towel from Rosa's
hands and began to dry her soaked hair.

"I was just wanting to start my internship as soon as possible," she replied, with that same crazy
smile she had earlier. "I just want to make sure I don't let you down."

"Well don't worry, as long as you just do what I tell you, you'll be ok. Now why don't you start
by going down to catering and getting me a salad." Without even a reply, Rosa quickly rushed
out of the showers and out of the locker room. Hoping that she didn't make a mistake in
accepting her, Beth walked out into the locker room, and tossed the towel now soaked from her
hair, into the locker stall by her bags. She then pulled off the towel from her body, and tossed it
with the others. Going through her bag with her street clothes, she pulled out a matching pair of
black bra and panties. She then grabbed a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans and then threw on a
pair of sneakers. Now fully dressed, she put all of her stuff away in her two bags, and closed
them up, so she could quickly leave once the show was over.

As she walked out of the locker room door, she was nearly bowled over by a rushing Rosa with a
salad in her hands.

"Oh my God, Beth, I'm sorry."

A little frustrated, she quickly calmed. "It's ok Rosa. Nothing's hurt, don't worry about it." She
then took the salad from her, and had a mixture of surprise and worry about how it was exactly
how she liked it. "Now how about you go, and just relax, enjoy the rest of the day."

"Ok Beth. I hope the salad is just how you like it." The energetic Latina then quickly turned and
walked off, leaving Beth standing there with the salad in her hand. She then muttered under her
breath, "boy, I hope I didn't make a mistake." She then went to find a place to sit down and eat
her salad.

* * *

Raw rolled into St. Louis, and after a full week of having Rosa Mendez as her intern, and the
Glamazon had started to warm towards her. The crazy Latina was following every word of
Beth's to the T and it was making her life at the shows much easier. As she got to the building,
Beth had Rosa bring her bags to the locker room, and decided to find if she was on the card for
the night. Finding one of the producers, she found that she would be against her former nemesis
Candice Michelle in a one on one match. The news made Beth smile as it had been a while since
Candice had been wrestling, and she saw that it would be an easy match, to help her take out a
little more of the anger she had after losing to Melina at the Rumble. Once she ran back into
Rosa, Beth told her that tonight for the match she would be coming with her and Santino down to
the ring for the match, and when it was done, she'd have another 'test' for her loyalty. Rosa just
responded with her usual crazy smile saying she would do anything that Beth wanted, that
produced a slight smirk, with Rosa having no idea what came into Beth's mind.

As the time passed, moving towards the show, Beth kept herself busy, with Rosa right at her
side, like a loyal pet. Whenever Beth would want something done, Rosa went running without a
question, really acting more like Beth's slave than an intern. The more Rosa did, the more Beth
thought about her last 'test' to see how Rosa really was. As the day went on, Beth became more
and more set in her mind, that once she disposed of Candice later that night, she would really see
how loyal Rosa was to her.

* * *

The ref slapped his hand to the canvas for a third time, as Beth used her Glam Slam to pick up
another win, putting down Candice Michelle. As Beth's music began to pipe into the arena,
Santino and Rosa entered the ring, celebrating the victory of the former Women's Champion. As
Beth stood victorious in the ring, she started giving Rosa orders, pointing to the downed Candice
Michelle. As soon as her boss finished speaking, the deranged Rosa went over to Candice, and
grabbing her by her black hair, yanked the prone diva towards the ring ropes and proceeded to
toss her with a thud to the ringside mats. Like a proud parent, Beth beamed at Rosa's work, and
after making it clear that with Divas, this ring belong to her, she left the ring, with Santino and
Rosa in toe. All the way up the ramp, Rosa was right by the Glamazon's side, beaming from ear
to ear, happy that she had pleased her hero.

Walking through the Gorilla Position, Santino kept telling Beth how good she was, how Candice
was nothing, just a warm up on her way to taking back her belt from Melina. After a few minutes
of Santino's sucking up, Beth decided to tell him to go find something to do, as she needed to
have some time to herself. Always the yes man to Beth, Santino took off, and left Beth and Rosa
alone in the hallway.

"I've got to say Rosa, you have been doing a good job as an intern. If you keep up listening to
me, I think there is going to be just good things for you."

"Oh, I'm so happy I'm making you happy. I just couldn't image how I'd feel if I didn't make you
happy. Really Beth, I'm willing to do anything you say."

"Well Rosa, I'm going to really see if that's true later. But why don't you get something to eat,
and I'll see you in a few, ok?"

Rosa just gave another giant smile and turned away from her idol, doing exactly what she was
told. Getting a bit of alone time, Beth returned to the locker room to wash off the sweat of the
match, and change into her street clothes. Unlike last week, she had the locker room to herself,
with the rest of the Divas else where in the building. This time, after she stripped down from her
ring gear, she grabbed a towel, and a big bath robe she had bought over the weekend, and head to
the showers. Like in Cleveland, there were separate stalls, with these being separated by concrete
walls all the way to the ceiling and curtains that extended right to the floor, allowing a lot of
privacy. Deciding to take a good amount of time, she spent about 15 minutes in the shower,
enjoying the hot water soaking into her well toned, muscular body. When she finally finished,
she grabbed the towel, and started to dry of a bit before wrapping herself in the soft fabric of the
robe. As she walked back out into the locker room, she saw she was no longer around, as Rosa
sat on the bench by Beth's bags, with her usual smile across her face.

"Well I'm glad to see you're back Rosa. You said that if I ask you anything you'd do it right?"

"Of course! Anything you want. You just say the word, I'll do it, no question." Beth liked the
very quick and perky response that Rosa gave, causing a very evil smirk to come across her face.
Not even catching on the suddle change in Beth's facial expression, Rosa just continued to look
up at her with the same big smile.

"Ok, well come and follow me." Before Beth could even make the motion with her finger, Rosa
was on her feet, ready to follow her to hell and back. Beth led her obsessed intern into the
shower room, and towards the stalls, where she had just been a minute before. Turning around to
face Rosa, Beth was greeted again with the smiling face, just waiting to hear what her boss

"Well Rosa, I was wondering if you would do me a very good favor. Santino isn't exactly a
'performer,' but I keep him around because he's got his usefulness. So I thought that since you are
so dedicated to making me happy," as Beth talked, she slowly started to undo the sash of her
robe, but before she could finish what she was saying, Rosa just moved in and without warning
planted a giant kiss on the Glamazon's lips. Even though Rosa had caught on to what she was
hinting, Beth was still caught off guard by the sudden kiss. As Rosa's tongue pushed its way into
her mouth, Beth finished undoing the sash, letting it fall to her sides, and allowing her rob to
slightly drift open. With her hands now free, Beth brought them up, and grabbed onto the sides
of Rosa's head, and began to return the kiss. Having not been with another woman for a long
time, Beth was really enjoying the very passionate kiss, and was realizing now that it was the
perfect choice to accept Rosa into her life. Once Beth had enough of the kiss, she broke the kiss,
and pushed Rosa away, who still acted loyal, but breaking away as well. While Beth obviously
wanted the kiss, Rosa's smiling face was gone, with a look of wonder if she had done right. This
was responded with a naughty smirk on Beth's face that quickly assured Rosa that she had done
right. Beth then opened up the front of her robe to reveal her large exposed breasts, flat toned
stomach, and a small little triangle of blonde hair at her crotch.

"So what do you say Rosa, are you really willing to do anything I want?" With a hungry and
happy look on her smiling face, Rosa nodded her head, which in turned caused an even bigger
smile to come across Beth's. Now knowing she had her, Beth walked into the hear by shower
stall, with Rosa closely in tow. Pulling off the robe, and throwing it out to the floor of the
showers, Beth leaned her back against the tiled shower wall, jutting her crotch out. Without any
more motivation, Rosa again leaned forward, this time aiming her mouth to the two, giant globes
of Beth's breasts. Her eager mouth quickly started to nibble on the little bud of Beth's right
nipple, sending a nice electrical thrill up her spine. With Rosa's mouth paying attention to Beth's
right breast, her hand started to grope the left breast, massaging it and twisting the nipple with
her thumb and index finger. Rosa continued to do this for a minute or so, and then began to trail
her lips from the nipple, and began to move down, with her tongue stuck out, licking along the
skin of the breast, down, onto her torso to her stomach, and once she touched the few blonde
hairs, pulled her face away. Rosa then repositioned herself, kneeling down on the floor, ready to
really show Beth how dedicated she was.

Kneeling in front of her idol, Rosa again waisted no time, placing her hands onto Beth's thighs,
and quickly moved her face into her crotch, and began to hungrily lap at her wet pussy. As soon
as she began to lick, she could hear Beth's moans start to fill the small little space, letting her
know she was doing right. With just her tongue, Rosa parted Beth's soaked lips and quickly
found her excited clit. With the little bundle of nerves exposed, Rosa began to feverously focus
her attention on it, dragging her tongue across it repeatedly.

"Jesus Rosa, that's it! Play with my clit you crazy little bitch! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!" As she filled the stall with her moans, Beth moved her
hands down onto Rosa's head and grabbed two big handfuls of her hair.

The pleasure filled moans were music to Rosa's ears, knowing how well she was doing. Moving
her tongue down a bit, she began to push it forward, into the warm, tight folds, while closing her
mouth around the clit. As she sucked on Beth's clit, Rosa began to move her tongue around,
sending an amazing amount of pleasure through the former champion's body. Not only was she
enjoying the sounds of moans that filled her ears, but the taste that was filling her mouth was
even a greater reward for the crazy fan. Being such a big fan of the Glamazon, Rosa had actually
dreamed about this moment on many occasions, but never really thought something like this
would ever actually happen. As Rosa increased her attack on Beth's pussy, the Glamazon moved
her hands to the dark mane of Rosa's head and took to big handfuls of hair, making sure her
intern didn't even so much as think of taking her mouth away.

The more Rosa moved her tongue forward, and the more Beth gripped onto her hair, the more
Rosa became turned on. The more time passed, the more she became turned on, until finally she
brought her right had down in between her legs, and after undoing her belt, and the top button of
her jeans, plunged the hand down the front of her pants, and darted it right towards her own
soaking wet pussy. Now, as her tongue stroked the folds of Beth's pussy, Rosa's fingers stroked
the folds of her own, making it wetter, and increasing her actions towards the champion. With
her fingers darting in and out of her tight, hairless pussy, Rosa sucked in as hard as she could,
while still moving her tongue, and it was then that Beth's grip on her hair tightened up to the
point of almost pain, followed by her soaking walls, clamping down on Rosa's tongue.


As the orgasm controlled her, Beth's body began very tensed up, with a slight tremor traveling
through her and her moans filling up the small shower stall. Had there been any other divas with
the locker room next door, they would have easily heard the screams, and the two would have
been easily caught. With her oral actions pretty much put to a stop by Beth's tightened up pussy,
Rosa increased the movement of her fingers at her own pussy, and tried to quickly move her self
into her own orgasm. With all of Beth's 'juice' dripping right into Rosa's mouth, it helped Rosa
get closer and closer to her own orgasm, and just as it seemed that Beth's was losing power, it
finally hit the intern. With her mouth still unable to escape its current position, instead of filling
the locker room with moans, she released them straight into Beth's pussy. As Rosa moaned into
her hero's pussy, the sound and closeness of her voice sent vibrations into Beth's still overly
sensitive pussy, sending shivers into her body, threatening to give her yet another orgasm, just as
the first was dying down.

Being stimulated in her post orgasmic bliss, as her body began to become a little less tense, her
hips began almost work on a mind of their own, slowly thrusting towards Rosa's moaning mouth.
Still in the daze, her body was almost on auto pilot, just working towards the basic instinct of
trying to receive another burst of pleasure. While her grip on Rosa's hair had loosened, Beth still
held on, making sure she didn't even think of pulling her face back, and now, her strong thighs
had closed in, pressing on either side of her intern's face, further trapping her face in place.
Finally the vibration of Rosa's moans became too much, and Beth's body again tensed up, as her
second orgasm hit her, just as the first had finally ended. With the second wave, her grip on
Rosa's hair tightened again, while her thighs pushed together even more like a vice around her


This time, Beth's body didn't not stay completely tense, as her pelvis continued to gyrate forward
into Rosa's mouth, who despite having her head crushed in between the Glamazon's strong thighs
and continuing to moan from her own orgasm, still moved her tongue around, which just added
to the orgasm she was giving. As Beth continued in the throws of her orgasm, Rosa's finally
began to lose is steam, and after a few more moments was gone. Not long after, she felt the grip
on her hair, and the pressure on the side of her head began to loosen, as Beth too began to come
out of her own orgasmic high. After a few more seconds, she finally released the grip of her
hands, and thighs, finally releasing Rosa. As both women caught their breath, they just reveled in
the post orgasmic feel. Once Beth finally got her composure back, she stood back up, with her
legs still a little weak, and looked down, to see Rosa, still kneeling down, with her head lowered.
She then noticed that Rosa's hand was down the front of her jeans, and realized for the first time
that Rosa had been playing with herself during the whole time.

"Rosa!" Hearing Beth's yell, Rosa's head shot up, to see her idol looking down at her with her
serious face. "Stand up," wondering if she was in trouble Rosa stood up, and was so worried
what was about to happen, never even pulled her hand from out of her pants. Once Rosa was on
her feet, Beth suddenly moved her hand forward, and tightly gripped her around her right arm,
and pulled her hand out from her pants. For the first time since becoming Beth's intern, Rosa felt
that she might be in trouble. That was soon cast away as Beth moved her grip to right around her
wrist, and brought Rosa's hand up towards her face, and took the two wet digits into her mouth.
She then began to suck on the two fingers, savoring the taste of Rosa's pussy on them, while
Rosa just looked on, shocked and turned on at the same time. When she sucked the taste from
Rosa's fingers, Beth pulled her hand away. She then gave Rosa her evil grin, and then moved her
face forward, and put her intern in a lip lock. Locking lips with her intern, Beth could taste the
flavor of her own pussy on Rosa's plump lips, as Rosa moved her hands around and gripped
Beth's tight butt. The embrace was very passionate, and like when she sucked on Rosa's fingers,
once Beth stopped tasting her own pussy juices on Rosa's lips, she broke the embrace.

With the kiss ended, Beth looked at Rosa, who had her eyes closed, with a look of ecstacy on her
face, just amazed at the passion that was in the kiss. Finally realizing the kiss was over, she
opened her eyes finally, to be greeted by the smiling face of Beth.

"Rosa, you did a very very good job. You're definitely a perfect intern. And I think whenever I
need to 'loosen up' before a big match, you'll be able to do the job. And who knows, if you keep
up the good job, maybe next time, you might find out how well I can do with my tongue," Rosa
just smiled like a happy puppy that just pleased it's master, and looked forward to being the best
intern she could, while Beth thought how good of an idea it was to accept Rosa, and how she
might not need much of Santino anymore.

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