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Ruining Renee
by JGarces

From the minute that I got hired by the WWE to work as part of the staff of the WWE Network, I immediately set my sights on fucking their hot blonde personality Renee Young.

I was like any other man in that situation, but the difference was that I had never met a woman that I couldn't talk my way into bed with, and I really doubted that Renee was going to be any different.

Things started out well, or at least I thought they did, as every time I would see her around the property, I would openly flirt with her, despite the fact that it was an open secret that she was dating one of the wrestlers, and Renee not only didn't seem to mind all that much, but flirted back most of the time.

Since things seemed to be going so well, I came right out and told her that I wanted to take her out for dinner and a movie one night, and that we could go back to her place and fuck afterwards, since that was, after all, what I was really after.

"I'm sorry...this whole conversation is making me feel uncomfortable John..." she told me as she tried to let me down gently, starting to walk away as she finished her thought, "and besides, you know I have a wrestler boyfriend, and I don't think you want that hassle."

"Fine Renee...we don't have to call it a date..." I told her as I grabbed her arm and tried to force a kiss on her, knowing no one else was in the studio we were in at the time, "but we both know that you want me just as much as I want you, so I'd still like to go back to your place with you and fuck you all night long."

"I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but you left me no choice John..." she told me as she rushed off, and I knew exactly where she was going off to, so I wasn't exactly surprised that I was called up to the offices in Stamford later that week to visit the HR department.

I was faced with the choice of either apologizing to Renee or losing my job, but I volunteered to resign as well as offer to go back to the studios and apologize to her, because little did she know, but I had plans in place already to rape her, because I've never met a pussy I couldn't conquer, and she was going to be no different.

"Is Renee here? I'm here to apologize to her," I told everyone at the studio the day that I arrived to rape her, hoping to find her in a vulnerable position so that I could actually act out what I had planned to do to her.

"She's in the voiceover booth," I was told, thanking the guy who gave me this information as I knocked on the door of the booth and told Renee I was there to apologize to her.

"Look, I'm sorry I had to do that, and I didn't want it to cost you your job-" Renee began, being cut off by the sound of my hand slapping her face as I forced myself into the booth and locked the door behind me.

"SAVE IT BITCH! YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET RAPED, AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!" I told her as I covered her mouth, pinned her face-first into the wall of the recording booth and grabbed her ass before grabbing her between her legs, a noticeable chill running down her spine as I hiked up her little red dress and humped between her legs.

"MMMMPPPPHHH..." she moaned into my hand as I slipped out of my clothes and forced her out of hers, running my dick along her tight pussy lips as I taunted her.

"Unless you want me going in dry and beating it all to hell, get on your knees and suck it for me Renee," I hissed as she shook her head no, moaning when she felt me push my dick into her without any warning.

"Have it your way bitch, I'm gonna have fun either way," I taunted her as I began to thrust in and out of her, Renee balling up her fists and banging them into the padded walls of the tiny booth we were in as she screamed for help.

"No one can hear you slut, this is a sound-proof room," I taunted her as I drove my dick deeper and deeper into her tightening pussy, her walls wrapping it up and taking it deeper inside of her as I slapped the back of her head every now and then just to add to her humiliation.

"MMMPPPHHHH...OHGOD...someone help me..." she moaned as I pounded away on her pussy, driving my dick deep into her cunt and grunting in her ear every time I slid in and out of her to add to her disgust as her walls started to put the squeeze on my dick.

"Give it up one can help you...your tight little Canadian cunt belongs to me now..." I taunted her as she threw her head back, her body giving out on her as her cum started to paint my dick as it thrust in and out of her, "or at least it will after I cum inside you."

"NO...OHGOD...don't do that...I'll get pregnant for sure..." she begged me as I started to laugh in her ear, grabbing her hips and speeding up my movements inside of her as I pushed the head of my dick past her cervix and into her womb.

"I bet the McMahons would love to hear that their prized blonde slut got knocked up, wouldn't they?" I taunted her as I came with a grunt into her pussy, Renee crying out in fear and disgust as I pinned her to the walls of the booth and filled her womb with shot after shot of my potent baby batter, finally pulling out of her after I had nothing more to empty into her.

"'re ruining my life you asshole!" she shouted as I pushed her to her knees and tried to force my dick down her throat, slapping her around when she refused to open her mouth for me.

"SUCK IT RENEE! OR I'LL MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE THIS BOOTH KNOCKED UP!" I shouted at her, knowing no one would hear me no matter how loud I was as I slapped her with my dick and forced it down her throat, causing her to choke on it briefly before she wrapped her hands around it and started to suck it.

"MMM...those lips feel almost as good around m y dick as your cunt lips do..." I taunted her as she worked me over, resisting the urge to bite down on my dick as she bobbed her blonde head back and forth on it.

"I bet you want to bite it right now, don't you?" I taunted her as I put my hands on the back of her head, her eyes full of rage as she focused them on me and went about her work, hating every minute of it.

"Go ahead...bite it Renee...but I guarantee you won't leave this booth alive if you do..." I told her as I wrapped my hands around her throat and started squeezing, giving her a preview of what would be to come if she went through with it.

"UH...FUCK...gonna cum better swallow it all baby..." I warned her as I put my hands on the back of her head, guiding her further down onto it as I buried my dick at the back of her throat and started fucking her face.

"MMMPPPHHH..." she moaned as I blew my load down her throat, her eyes closing as I forced her to swallow my load, cackling in her ear when she finished drinking my load down and started turning to go.

"Where do you think you're going bitch? I didn't say I was through with you," I whispered as I grabbed her waist from behind and slammed her into the wall of the booth, knocking the wind out of her long enough for me to take her legs and force them around my waist as I lined my dick back up with her pussy and slid it into her.

"UH...UH...OHGOD...not again..." she moaned as she came around from being momentarily knocked out, trying to fight me off but not having the strength to as I began to thrust in and out of her again.

"Yes...again...I'm going to rape this pussy until I get tired of raping it Renee...and then I'll move onto your ass..." I told her as I started to suck on her tits, her eyes rolling back in her head as her body started to betray her again.

"OHGOD...this can't be happening...why do I keep cumming for him?" she asked herself as I sucked away on her tits, her head going back against the wall as she struggled to keep from cumming for me.

"Do it Renee...cum for your rapist like the whore you are...make a baby with me slut..." I taunted her, every word cutting her like a knife as she slammed her hips into mine and came all over my dick, crying out in panic at the thought of me dumping more of my baby seed into her.

"OHGOD...please...don't cum inside me John...I think we're already more than even..." Renee whispered in my ear, still trying to talk her way out of it as I gave her one last thrust and came inside of her again.

"Sorry ruined my life, so now I'm going to ruin yours," I hissed, my hands going around her throat as I blew my load into her, thick streams of my cum blasting against her walls as I held myself inside of her, pulling out of her after my balls had been drained inside of her again.

"Get over there and bend over the table, bitch!" I commanded her as I yanked her by the hair and bent her over myself, grabbing her hips and running my dick along her ass cheeks, feeling her shiver again at the thought of having her ass raped.

"Please...I'll do whatever you want...I'll suck it again...I'll let you have my pussy again since I'm probably already pregnant...just not my ass..." she pleaded as I drove it into her ass, causing her to scream out in pain as her tight ass was invaded by my invading cock.

"I'm gonna rape your pussy one more time Renee...but not before I rape this ass..." I sneered as I grabbed her hips and pushed my dick in and out of her ass, her wails getting louder and louder as she hung her head down, hoping against all hope that someone would save her.

"Scream all you want slut, I already told you no one can hear you," I scolded her as I pounded away on her ass, her sphincter muscles wrapping tightly around it as I reached my hands around and fondled her tits,

"OHGOD...if you're going to have your way with me, at least be quick about you bastard," she shouted as I drove my hips into hers one last time and came deep into her bowels, flooding them with my cum as I held myself in her ass until I had emptied everything I had into her.

"Now it goes in your pussy again bitch," I hissed as I slapped her ass and lined my dick up with her pussy, sliding it into her and beginning to thrust into her.

"UH...OHGOD...just hurry up and cum in me you sicko..." she moaned as I grabbed her hips and used them to drive myself deeper and deeper into her pussy, her walls opening up for me again as I bottomed out inside of her and felt her walls clenching up for me again.

"Gonna cum for me again, aren't you slut?" I taunted her as she banged her fists into the table, screaming out in pain and hanging her head, finally giving up the fight as I hammered into her, her walls juicing up for me again as I buried myself balls-deep inside of her.

"I ought to be paying you for this slut," I taunted her as she came all over my dick again, her cunt cream staining it as I grabbed a hold of her hips and slammed into her one last time, erupting with a grunt deep into her pussy for the third time.

"Make sure you let me see the kid," I taunted her as I filled her womb with more of my thick, sticky seed, her head resting on the table in front of her as she waited for me to finish.

"Get out of my sight before I decide to rape you again," I sneered when I pulled out of her, Renee gathering her things and getting dressed before leaving the booth as fast as she possibly could.

It's now been six months since I raped Renee, and I faced no legal action as a result of it, because Renee just wanted to forget about me after I finished with her, so she elected not to tell anyone she was raped.

Which made things quite difficult for her when she started to show signs of her pregnancy and had to come up with a good excuse for how she got knocked up, not just to avoid the trauma of living through it again, but also to save her job.

Unfortunately for her, the WWE doesn't look too kindly on female talent getting knocked up while working for them, so she received her pink slip right around the time she started to really put on the baby weight.

I landed on my feet at another wrestling company, so it's probably safe to say that the only one whose life got ruined on that day was Renee, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

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