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Runnin' With The Boyz
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Around midnight at a hotel in Miami, Florida, Jeff and Matt Hardy are walking
out of the building towards the outdoor swimming pool. Matt is wearing black
swim shorts and a loose fitting blue t-shirt and carrying a white towel, and
Jeff is wearing red swim shorts, a white tank top and carrying a green towel.
"Jeff this was a great idea... Waiting till it was late to get the pool..."
Matt says with a smile.

"Oh it's no problem, I've stayed here enough times to know when it's best to
get the pool... Since the lifeguard is off duty, no kids are allowed without
parents... and no parents want to be out watching their kids swim in the
dark..." Jeff smiles, "Which means plenty of space to swim and stuff..."

Matt laughs, "Yeah... it's been a while since I've had a good swim..." Matt
says as both he and Jeff approach the pool side area and lay their towels on
a couple of the pool chairs. Matt takes off his shirt, revealing his smooth,
toned upper body, while Jeff removes his own tank top to uncover his slightly
hairy, toned chest. Matt then looks at Jeff, "Hey, question... Are you sure
we can be out here?"

Jeff smiles, "Trust me bro... They know some people love to swim at night..."

"Good point..." Matt laughs as both men start to head towards the pool edge,
and when they get closer to the pool they hear the voice of Torrie Wilson
calling their names from behind them.

"Matt...Jeff...hey guys!" The beautiful, stunning two-time Playboy Covergirl
Torrie Wilson calls out as she stands a short distance behind Matt and Jeff
Hardy in the pool area, while she has a white towel wrapped around her body
covering herself up. Torrie bites down on her bottom lip and smiles as Jeff
and Matt both turned around to face the stunning Diva "I see we had the same
idea..." Torrie says with a soft laugh.

Matt and Jeff both smile as they look at the hot RAW Diva, "Yeah... well...
actually this was Jeff's idea..." Matt laughs as he playfully puts the blame
on his younger brother.

Jeff laughs, "Oh yeah, blame me for something that's legal..." Jeff says
before he turns his attention back to Torrie, "And great minds think alike
you know..." Jeff smiles.

Torrie smiles and nods her head "Oh yeah of course..." Torrie says with a
soft laugh as she starts to untie her white towel from around her smooth,
tanned and gorgeously stunning body "To be honest...I thought I was going
to be the only one out here..."

"What do you mean? You're not the only one who likes to do stuff in the
middle of the night..." Jeff smiles.

Torrie raises an eyebrow and playfully smirks "Oh I like to do alot of things
in the middle of the night..." Torrie says as she finishes unwrapping the
white towel around her body and she allows the towel to drop to the cement
floor of the pool area, exposing a hot, stunning two-piece red bikini.

Matt takes a long look at Torries' hot, toned body and her sexy two-piece red
bikini that she's wearing, "Whew... wow... now that looks great any time of
the night..." Matt says with a smile.

Jeff looks at Matt with a raised eyebrow, "Thank you mister obvious..." Jeff
laughs before he looks back at Torrie, "Well there's plenty of room for all
of us..." Jeff says as he starts to move towards the pool.

Torrie presses her lips together as she lightly tosses her soft, gorgeous
blond hair back "There better be enough room...cause I'm not leaving..."
Torrie says with a soft laugh as she reaches the edge of the pool and sits
down on the edge of the pool, slipping her hot, smooth and tanned legs into
the cool water of the outdoor pool.

Jeff laughs, "I would hope you wouldn't..." Jeff says before he suddenly
jumps into the pool, causing a good amount of water to shoot up to splash the
edges of the pool.

Matt sits down on the pool's edge next to Torrie and lowers his legs into the
cool water. "Boy the water feels good doesn't it?" Matt says as he more than
casually checks Torrie out.

Torrie smiles as she glances over at Matt and nods her head "Oh it feels
perfect..." Torrie says as she slowly licks her lips as she casually glances
at Matt's smooth, toned and muscular chest.

Matt smiles as he notices Jeff slowly swimming though the water. Matt looks
more at Torrie, "But you know... the water could be a little... hotter...
you know what I mean?" Matt asks.

Torrie laughs a little "It could be..." Torrie says softly as she glances at
Jeff Hardy, who is off on his own swimming laps back and forth in the pool,
before she scoots a bit closer to Matt Hardy "I bet...we could make things a
bit hotter..." Torrie says with a cute, sly smirk as she gently places her
right hand against the crotch of Matt's black swim shorts.

Matt licks his lips, "Yeah... we could..." Matt replies as his crotch begins
to bulge a bit as his thick shaft begins to becomes hard underneath his black
swim shorts. Matt glances at Jeff, "And I bet... if... we start to make it
hotter... Jeff would notice real quick..." Matt smiles mischievously.

Torrie smirks a bit as she continues to gently rub her left hand against the
hard, thick bulge of Matt's black swim shorts "I bet it takes him a while to
actually notice..." Torrie replies softly as she slyly slides her left hand
into Matt's black swim shorts and gently wraps her soft hand around his thick
shaft and begins to lightly stroke her hand against his shaft, underneath his
swim shorts as Matt begins to push them down from his waist.

Matt moans a bit as Torrie slowly strokes his hardening twelve inch cock with
her left hand, "Mmmmm... you're on..." Matt says as he lowers his black swim
trunks enough so that his entire crotch is uncovered. Jeff continues to do
his slow laps in the pool as he remains unaware of what's happening at the
pool's edge.

Torrie presses her lips together and locks her adorable, stunning eyes with
Matt Hardy "I bet you one hot blowjob...that Jeff won't notice for at least
ten minutes..." Torrie says softly before she lowers her head and teasingly
flicks her soft, wet tongue against the head of Matt's hard, thick cock
before she glances back up for Matt's response.

Matt lets out another moans as Torrie's soft wet tongue flicks against the
large tip of his hard shaft. "Mmmmm... I'll take that bet... and if... he
does notice... in under ten minutes... well... we'll see what happens..."
Matt says with a laugh as he places his hands behind him on the concrete
surface of the poolside area.

Torrie smirks "You're on..." Torrie says softly before she lowers her
blond-haired head once again to Matt Hardy's thick, hard cock and she opens
her hot, wet mouth as she takes his cock into her soothing mouth. Torrie
presses her soft lips around Matt's shaft and she begins to slowly and
smoothly bob her head on Matt's cock while she keeps her hot, tanned legs
in the cool water of the pool.

"Mmmmm... ohhh yea..." Matt moans as he tilts his head back and licks his
lips as Torrie slowly bobs her head up and down on his hard foot long Hardy

"Mmmm..." Torrie softly moans around Matt's thick, hard shaft as she smoothly
bobs her head on his cock. Torrie closes her eyes as she gently twists her
head on Matt's cock as she gently grinds her left hand against the lower
portion of Matt's hard shaft.

"Ohhhhh... yea Torrie... suck it..." Matt moans as he places his right hand
on the back of Torrie's head and plays with her soft blond hair with his
fingers. Matt closes his eyes and leans a bit more as he supports himself
with his left arm.

Torrie gently taps her wet, soft tongue against the underbelly of Matt's hard
shaft as she lowers her head further down on Matt's cock as she takes him
deeper into her hot mouth. Torrie removes her left hand from Matt's shaft as
she starts to pick up the speed of her head bobs, gradually sucking Matt's
cock at a quicker rate.

"Ooooo yeah... mmmm fuck... mmmm... ohhh damn Torrie... I love that..." Matt
moans louder as he starts to lift himself a bit to thrust his cock upward
into Torrie's mouth as she deep throats his entire cock with relative ease.

Meanwhile at the far end of the pool, Jeff stops swimming and he looks
towards Matt and Torrie to see if they are going to get in, but when he sees
Torrie sucking his brother's cock. "Lucky bastard..." Jeff says as he licks
his lips. Jeff then quietly dives under the water and begins to cautiously
swim towards Torrie and Matt.

The stunning Torrie Wilson quickly bobs her head up and down on Matt's cock
as she quickly lashes her soft, wet tongue against Matt's shaft while she
deep throats his thick, hard cock. With Matt's entire cock deep inside of
her hot, wet mouth, Matt's large ballsack begins to lightly bounce against
Torrie's chin while her hot saliva drips against his cock.

Matt groans. "Mmmmm ohhhh yea... ahhhh yea... "Matt licks his lips and lays
back completely on the pool side surface. Meanwhile Jeff is underneath the
water as he approaches Torrie's partially submerged leg. He carefully spreads
her legs apart as he rises up from the water between them and he then starts
to pull down Torrie's red bikini bottoms.

Torrie slowly lifts her head up from Matt's hard, thick saliva-dripping cock
"Hey!" Torrie says with a laugh as she glances down while Jeff is removing
her hot red bikini bottoms. Torrie licks her soft lips as she reaches over
her with left hand towards Matt's cock and begins to gently massage his
ballsack while she locks her adorable eyes with Jeff.

Jeff smiles up at Torrie as he completely removes her red bikini bottoms
from her smooth sexy tanned and wet legs, "Don't mind me..." Jeff says as he
tosses Torrie's bikini bottoms onto the pool side surface. Jeff licks his
lips and he gets close to the pool's edge as he puts Torrie's legs on his
shoulders before he brings his mouth towards Torrie's smooth, hot pussy and
flicks his tongue against it.

Matt smirks a bit, "Mmmm... Torrie... looks like he's noticed..." Matt says
a moan as Torrie gently caresses his balls with her left hand.

Torrie presses her lips together and nods her head slowly "Mmmm...ohhh yess
he has..." Torrie moans as she sits back a bit while Jeff Hardy flicks his
tongue against Torrie's hot pussy. Torrie closes her eyes as she tilts her
head back slightly as she continue to massage Matt's ballsack with her left
hand before she slides her left hand up from his ballsack and begins to
stroke his hard shaft once again.

"Mmmmm... well I win the bet too... it didn't take him ten minutes..." Matt
says to Torrie with a smirk on his face. Jeff places his hands on Torrie's
smooth legs and begins moving his tongue up and down against the soft lips
of Torrie's warm, pussy, and he gradually increases the movements of his
talented tongue so that Torrie's is not feeling it in one spot for too long.

"Mmmm...I don't...fucking care anymore..." Torrie says with a groan as she
gently begins to grind her hot, wet pussy against Jeff's face and tongue as
he quickly flicks his tongue against Torrie's pussy. Torrie grits her teeth
as she quickly strokes her soft left hand against Matt's cock, as she jerks
her hand up and down his hard, thick shaft.

Matt moans and laughs a bit, "Neither do I... cause everyone wins any way..."
Matt says as Torrie pumps her left hand up and down on his stiff cock. Jeff
brings his hands to Torrie's pussy and he spreads it open with his fingers so
that he can slides his tongue into her warm wet pussy. The wet Hardy brother
begins moving his tongue in and out of Torrie's pussy as Matt reaches behind
Torrie to untie her red bikini top.

"Ohhhh shit Jeff...mmm yeah..." Torrie moans as she feels Jeff's wet tongue
thrust in and out of her pussy as Jeff tastes her warm, wet juices. Torrie
grits her teeth together as she lustfully glances at Matt after he unties her
red bikini top "Mmm...ohhh stand up..." Torrie groans as she feels Jeff's
tongue lap against her pussy.

"All right..." Matt says with a smile as he removes Torrie's red bikini top
to reveal her large, round, hot, firm tits. He lays her top down on the pool
side surface and stands up next to Torrie, with his hard cock hanging near
her face. Jeff Hardy nods his head a bit as he grinds he bridge of his nose
against Torrie's wet warm pussy as moves his tongue in and out of her pussy
at the same time. Torrie licks her lips as she tosses her soft blond hair
back, while she turns her head to face Matt Hardy's thick, hard cock and she
opens her hot, wet mouth as she leans her head in to take Matt's cock into
her hot mouth once again. Torrie closes her eyes as she begins to gently bob
her head along Matt's shaft while she continues to grind her hot pussy
against Jeff's face.

"Mmmmmm ohhhh yea Torrie..." Matt Hardy moans as he places both of his hands
on Torrie's blond haired head as she bobs her head slowly on his hard, thick
foot long cock.

Jeff Hardy lifts his head away from Torrie's saliva covered pussy and smiles,
"Now this is my favorite thing to do in the middle of the night..." Jeff says
as he takes a moment to remove his soaking wet swim trunks as he remains in
the water, and his hard thirteen cock becomes free. Jeff tosses his wet
trunks onto the pool side surface before spitting onto the fingers of his
right hands. He then pushes his three spit covered fingers into Torrie's
warm, tight and wet pussy and begins to move them in and out as he then
begins to flick his tongue against her pussy once more.

"Mmmm... mmmm...ohhhh" Torrie moans against Matt's hard, thick cock as she
quickly bobs her head along Matt's cock, taking him deeper into her hot mouth
while her hot saliva drips against his cock. Torrie flicks her tongue against
the underbelly of Matt's shaft before she slowly lifts her head off of his
cock and grits her teeth together as Jeff finger-fucks her tight, warm pussy
"Ohhh fuck...I need to be fucked real bad..." Torrie groans.

Jeff Hardy pulls his tongue out of Torrie's pussy and smirk, "Well I think I
can help with that..." Jeff says as he puts his hands on Torrie's legs and
he proceeds to slowly pull the two-time Playboy Covergirl into the cool water
of the pool.

Matt licks his lips, "Jeff... I like how you think..." Matt says as he walks
to the edge of the pool and he drops down into the water.

Torrie smiles at Jeff as she wraps her arms around Jeff's neck "I like how
you think too..." Torrie says with a soft laugh before she gently wraps her
wet, slippery legs around Jeff's waist and the stunning two-time Playboy
Covergirl lowers herself down on Jeff's hard, thick cock "Mmmm...ohhhh
Jeff..." Torrie moans as she gently rocks back on his cock as both Jeff and
Torrie are submerged in the cool water from chest down.

Jeff licks his lips as he wraps his arms around Torrie's body and begins to
thrust his cock in and out of Torrie's pussy as he moves further towards the
center of the pool. Matt Hardy smiles as he moves towards Torrie and Jeff,
and he gets behind the hot blond hair Diva, "Don't forget about me..." Matt
says as he slowly pushes his large cock into Torrie's ass underneath the

Torrie grits her teeth together and tilts her head back "Ohhhh yeah Matt..."
Torrie moans as she feels Matt's hard, thick cock enter her tight asshole
while Jeff smoothly thrusts his cock into Torrie's tight, warm and wet pussy.
The stunning RAW Diva begins to gently rock back and forth between Jeff and
Matt Hardy while the cool water in the pool lightly splashes.

"Mmmm... fuck..." Jeff moans as he licks his lips as he gradually increases
the pace of his thrusts as Torrie slowly rocks between himself and Matt.
Jeff takes his hands from around Torrie's body and places them on Torrie's
submerged tits and feels them up as he pumps his cock firmer into her pussy.

Matt moans as he moves his cock in and out of Torrie's ass and he places his
hands underneath Torrie's legs and firmly squeezes her thighs underneath the
water as Torrie pushes back against his shaft. "Ahhhh ohhh damn..." Matt
moans as he and Jeff sandwich the hot wet Diva in the middle of the pool.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as she lifts and lowers herself quickly,
up and down, on both of the hard, thick Hardy cocks inside of her tight
asshole and wet, warm pussy "Mmmm...ohhh fuck yeah...fuck me Hardy style!"
Torrie moans as she quickly rocks back and forth in between the
hard-thrusting studdly brothers.

Matt groans as he moves his cock in and out of Torrie's ass at a fast pace
while he licks his lips, "Ahhhh... ohhhh yea... mmmm... fuck Torrie... you
can run with us boys..." Matt says with a smirk.

"You mean swim right?" Jeff asks as he slams his entire cock into Torrie's
wet pussy as the water splashes more frequently as the two Hardys fuck Torrie
faster and harder.

"Mmmm...ohhh...ohhhh fuck yesss!" Torrie loudly moans as she grinds her hot
pussy sharply against Jeff's thrusting cock as Matt Hardy firmly slams his
cock into Torrie's tight ass.

"Ahhhh... ohhh fuck..." Matt groans as he begins to cum inside of Torrie's
hot sexy ass. The dark haired Hardy brother grits his teeth as he deeply
thrusts his cock into Torrie's asshole so that she feels every drop of his
cum shoot into her.

"Mmmm...ohhh Matt..." Torrie moans as she presses her soft lips together and
tilts her head back, closing her eyes, as she feels Matt's warm cum spray
into her tight asshole while Jeff Hardy continues to bounce the wet Torrie
Wilson on his cock while water splashes around them.

Jeff Hardy licks his lips as he continues to feel up Torrie's tits as he
thrusts his cock in and out of Torrie's Playboy Covergirl pussy, "Ahhhh...
ohhhh mmmm..." Jeff moans as his cock starts to erupt with cum, which fills
up Torrie's warm wet pussy.

Torrie presses her hot, water-soaked body against Jeff's toned, wet body
"Ohhh Jeff..." Torrie moans before she softly kisses Jeff's lips as she feels
his cum inside of her wet, warm pussy.

Jeff moans and kisses Torrie back as he finishes cumming inside of Torrie's
pussy. Matt keeps his cum-spent cock inside of Torrie's sexy wet ass as he
and Jeff press their bodies against Torrie's as they move in the water, "This
was way better than just swimming..." Matt says with a smile.

Torrie slowly breaks the kiss with Jeff and smiles before she glances over
her shoulder at Matt "You know...I did notice the hotel had a 24 hour gym..."
Torrie says with a soft laugh and a playful wink.

"Really?" Matt asks with a smile.

"Hey... we always like to get a good work out in after swim..." Jeff says,
"Let's hit it... and... really... work out..." Jeff says as he thrusts his
cum spent cock against Torrie's pussy.

"Ohhh..." Torrie moans softly and then smirks "Mmm...I like the sounds of


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