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HAPPEN (although that would be great to see).

This story was inspired by the running shoe commercial that features Stacy



Running Into A Familiar Face
by Vintage (

Stacy Keibler was in Boise, Idaho filming another commercial for running
shoes. Of course the people sponsoring her told her that she had to run
around, for real, in the shoes they provided for her. It had only been two
weeks since she started running, but Stacy had become quite a good endurance
runner. She could run 5 miles straight, pretty good after only two weeks of
training. Now in Boise, Idaho, Stacy was exiting the hotel entrance and was
about to go for a run into the country.

Starting at a slow pace, Stacy made her way to the country trail. Picking up
her pace, Stacy's long legs were making long quick strides. Encased in a
tight red shirt, and skintight black short shorts, with her hair put in a
bun, Stacy was breezing through her workout. Before she knew it, she had gone
through a mile, then two, then three, but she started to feel fatigue
starting to catch up with her. Soon the trail ended at a dead end. Stacy
could have turned back and run the four miles back, but the countryside was
open, and Stacy was feeling adventurous.

Her adventurous mindset caused Stacy's mind to drift back into her past as it
always had when she went out for a run. The past memories that popped into
her head were from her days on the road with the WWE. Those long, hard,
lonely nights she had, and those loving, lustful, not so lonely nights. All
the friends and acquaintances she had made and knew, all the relationships
she was a part of. Her mind raced from her times with her ex Andrew Martin,
a.k.a. Test, and her times with the only women she ever loved, Torrie Wilson.
She especially thought of her times with Torrie, being in her hometown didn't
help keep her mind off of her. As a matter of fact, Stacy was obsessed with
her and towards the end of her WWE run; she tried to avoid her as much as

Feeling as if she was about to reach exhaustion, Stacy found her self back
on the open road, in the middle of nowhere. She also saw a car that had been
pulled over, so she approached it to see if the person inside could give her
a ride back to her hotel. Stacy had worked up quite a sweat, and her senses
were a little dwindled. Knocking on the glass of the car window, Stacy didn't
even notice that nobody was inside. Suddenly from behind the other side of
the far, a figure had its way from behind the trunk, sneaking up behind
Stacy. Stacy turns swiftly but before she could see who was approaching her,
her face was cover with a heavy blindfold/mask, and she was taken to the
ground. Not able to put up a fight, Stacy was soon handcuffed, had her long
legs ties at the ankles. The figure unlocks the car with its keys, opened the
back doors, and forced a struggling Stacy Keibler into the backseat.

Fearing for her life, Stacy tried to break the rope tied around her ankle,
and the handcuffs on her wrists, but it was no use, she was trapped. The road
the car was on started to get really bumpy, and it caused Stacy's head to
bounce and pound against the car floor. After about a minute of the bumpy
road, Stacy blacked out from her being hit against the floor so many times.
The car kept going along the bumpy road until it reached the front gate and
soon the garage of a mansion.

Coming to, Stacy found her self tied against the wall of a big basement. Her
vision still blurry, Stacy could still tell she was at least in a basement.
The cold feeling, and the darkness of the room, gave away where she was.
However when she tried to move her arms and legs, she couldn't and did not
know why. The lights soon flickered on, and Stacy heard footsteps coming down
on the staircase she was behind. With the lights now on, Stacy realized she
was bounded to the wall by leather straps, and that she was naked. Stacy also
wasn't the only one naked as she saw a bare backside from the spacing in
between each step of the stairs. Still a little woozy, Stacy couldn't make
out whether a man or women was walking down the stairs, but as the figure
turned to walk to her, Stacy realized where she was. The figure was flawless,
big breasts, tight butt, cute face, luscious legs, flat stomach, and long
blonde hair; the figure was absolutely flawless in her eyes, then again,
Torrie Wilson was always flawless in her eyes.

Torrie: Stacy, Stacy, Stacy. It's been a while.

Stacy: Torrie what are you...

Torrie cut off Stacy. She covered her mouth with one hand and grabbing her
throat with the other.

Torrie: Do you really think you could avoid me for so long? Just stay quiet,
you should hear this.

Torrie moved her hands off Stacy's mouth and throat. Keibler stayed there
silent, strapped to the wall, curious to see what Torrie had to say. Torrie
then moved her hands to Stacy's abdomen, lightly caressing it, looking up
into the eyes of Stacy

Torrie: You know Stacy, ever since WCW you and I were together. We were
inseparable, I was your girlfriend and you were mine. You were all over me,
you went after me, giving me the attention and you pursued me, and I loved it
all. Then when we entered the WWE we still managed to stay together, as a
matter of fact, you were the one that kept us together. It was getting harder
to keep us a secret so we both decided to get boyfriends to cover up our
relationship. You had Test, and I had Billy Kidman. Then when WWE split their
roster into two shows, there was a chance we would be apart. I worried about
that, but you always seemed to calm me down, I liked it when you calmed me
down. So we both ended up on Smackdown along with our fake boyfriends, we
were in the clear.

Torrie takes her hands off of Stacy's abdomen and her hand reaches up to slap
Stacy across the face

Torrie: Then you went to RAW! You left me on Smackdown! I had no way of
getting to RAW, and you left me. You went from loving me, smothering me,
controlling me, dominating me, to just leaving me, a lovesick puppy, all
alone on Smackdown. I wondered why you left me there, it was all I could
think about, but at least we were still together. Sure we had some rendezvous
at joint pay-per-views and all, but after WrestleMania 20, you stopped
calling me. You stopped contacting me. I still wanted you Stacy, I wanted to
be with you forever. I tried my best for a year and a half to move on, but I
couldn't, and damn it, I didn't want to. So in 2005 I made a choice to leave
Smackdown, and go to RAW, go to you. But then when they announced I was going
to RAW, you then volunteered to go to Smackdown!? You left me heartbroken.
You knew we could have been together then, but you didn't go through on it!

Torrie slaps Stacy once more; she had tears in her eyes and there remained an
expressionless face on Stacy. Stacy was in a trance, picturing how Torrie
felt, trying to tell herself that what she did was okay.

Torrie: Then, you left to do "Dancing with Stars" and all that crap. You
tried to get yourself and the company some publicity, okay, and when you come
back they would move you to RAW, that's what I thought. I even go with Billy
to visit you, but when I get backstage, you left already. You stayed in my
apartment out in L.A. but you knew I couldn't go there against the touring
schedule. So then the show finishes, and I get word that you are leaving the
company? Not only did you leave the company, but you also had left me waiting
for you to come back. It's been three long years Stacy, three years, since
we've seen each other. Now, I have you here in front of me. I suggested to
the people sponsoring you that they should send their celebrities here to
film their commercial. So now after hearing all this, after knowing how much
you hurt me, what do you have to say for yourself?

Stacy: ...I... I'm ...I had to do it... I had break off connection with you
before I left the company. I'm...I'm...I'm sorry

Torrie: It's a little too late for apologies Stacy! So now, I'm going to do
to you what I haven't done since WrestleMania 20, something I've been waiting
do long to do again. I'm going to fuck you!

Stacy: What?

Torrie: Before Stacy, I was yours, but after this, I'm going to make you
mine, all mine, so will never leave me again!

Stacy: You're insane!

Torrie: No...I'm just mending a broken heart.

With that, Torrie kissed Stacy Keibler for the first time in years. She was
quite aggressive in her kiss, but Stacy didn't kiss back, it seems she was
going to stay there and just take it without putting anything into it.
Becoming angered, Torrie grabs Stacy's throat and starts to choke her, making
her gasp for air, and allowing Torrie to slide her tongue in Stacy's throat.
She still didn't kiss Torrie back. Feeling Stacy not responding to her kiss,
Torrie pulls away.

Torrie: Why are you resisting me!

Stacy: I couldn't get enough of you. I looked up to you, you were the
experienced women in WCW when I just came in, but I was drawn to you. I had
to have you, and when I did, I couldn't get enough of you.

Torrie: Then why Stacy, why did you leave me?

Stacy: I was obsessed with you. You were all I could think of, and I realized
that it was unhealthy. So I moved to RAW to get my mind on other things, but
it didn't help. I wanted to stay friends with you, but every time we saw each
other, we fucked. I felt the only way to escape was to break communication
with you. But even then, you were still in my thoughts. So I left the WWE
completely, and slowly, I got over you.

Torrie: Well, you wanted me, and then when I wanted you, you left me. Well
Stacy, this has been coming to you for a long time, and now that I have you,
the only way you are leaving is if you fuck me and get into it as much as I

Stacy: Torrie...I...I can't

Torrie: Oh you can Stacy, you can and you will!

Torrie went back to kissing her former girlfriend in the aggressive manner
she had previously. Stacy had liked the aggressiveness that Torrie suddenly
had in her, but she didn't want to fall for Torrie again. Stacy knew that if
she embraced Torrie, she would be stuck in the endless lust she was in
before. However, if she didn't embrace Torrie, then she would be stuck in a
basement, in the middle of nowhere. She would lose her sponsors and everyone
would wonder what happened to her. As those thoughts raced threw Stacy's
head, she didn't realize that she was in fact kissing Torrie back with equal
intensity. That did it, she was hooked again, and she missed the feeling

Torrie: I knew you'd see it my way.

Torrie starts to lick around Stacy's neck, kissing and sucking on her soft
flesh. Stacy lightly moans as Torrie works over her neck. After a minute of
that, Torrie moves to Stacy's small breasts. The thing that Stacy had always
loved about Torrie was that she didn't care for the big breasts, it didn't
matter how big breasts were to her. Torrie started to suck on one of Stacy's
nipples as she pinched the other with her right hand. Her left hand went to
Stacy's mouth as she inserted two fingers into it. Stacy moaned onto the
fingers Torrie had in her mouth as she worked over her nipples. Torrie got
Stacy's perky nipples erect within a matter of seconds, it had been far too
long for Stacy to get her nipples sucked on, it seemed Torrie was the only
one that did that. Torrie then took her fingers out of Stacy's mouth and
removed Stacy's nipple out of her mouth before dropping down to her knees

Torrie: Oh Stacy, I've missed your long, succulent legs so much.

Torrie inserts the fingers she had in Stacy's mouth into Stacy's pussy and
start to pump in and out. As she did that, Torrie starts to lick up Stacy's
left leg, from the inner thigh down, around, and back up to the inner thigh.
Torrie licks over Stacy's pussy before going down and back up the other leg
of Stacy Keibler. Now Torrie was face to face with Stacy's pussy as she
pumped her two fingers into it. Stacy began moaning like she did in the past,
she started to hump the fingers Torrie put in her. Torrie then sticks her
tongue into Stacy's pussy, mixing her pounding fingers with her streaking
tongue. Picking up the pace of her fingers, Torrie adds two more into Stacy's
pussy. Stacy does her best to grind down on her fingers as she can feel an
orgasm coming. Torrie then moves her tongue over to Stacy's clit and she
starts to swirl it around. As she does that, Torrie reaches her free hand
around Stacy's leg and grabs Stacy's ass, she also tucks her thumb into
Stacy's pussy and starts to fist her. Stacy has in heaven again, she missed
what Torrie could give her, and now it cumming was only a few seconds away.


And Stacy Keibler did cum. She experienced an orgasm like no other. Clearly
Torrie had picked up some new moves in an attempt to move on from Stacy.
Torrie started to jam her fist further up Stacy's pussy, trying to
keep/gather the cum in there. She positioned her mouth over Stacy's pussy
right after she removed her fist from inside. Torrie then happily drank the
fluids that she mad missed so dearly. The speed of her tongue collecting the
cum in Stacy's pussy had caused her to climax again.


Once Torrie finished sucking up the old and new stream of cum escaping from
Stacy's pussy she stood up and brought her cum soaked hand to Stacy's mouth.
Together, the two blondes licked her hand clean. Their tongues met on the
hand and again their lips, once again, in a passionate kiss attached the two.
Breaking the kiss, Torrie un-strapped the arms of Stacy Keibler so that she
could use her hands and bend over. Stacy used her hands to grab the large set
of breasts in front of her, pushing them together before running her thumbs
over Torrie Wilson's nipples. Stacy then bent down and start to lick up and
down Torrie's cleavage before sliding her tongue all over Torrie's left
breast. Once Stacy got to Torrie's nipple she began to suck on it, as her
left hand grabbed Torrie's ass and her right hand groped Torrie's other
breast. Torrie began to push Stacy's head harder into her tit, as she began
to finger herself. Seeing this, Stacy moves her head lower until it is in
between Torrie's legs. Stacy was now back in the position that had caused her
to be obsessed with Torrie Wilson.

Torrie: Come on Stacy, eat me out the way you used to do, back when we slept know you want to!

Torrie was 100% correct. Stacy was were inches away from Torrie Wilson's wet
pussy, the very pussy she had gotten hooked, the very pussy that smelled so
sweet from the position she was in, the very pussy that she just stuck her
tongue into. Torrie moaned extensively, having Stacy Keibler back where she
was at her best was good enough to get her off. Stacy started to feast on
Torrie's pussy; it tasted even sweeter than the last time she was in between
Torrie's legs. Moving her tongue with great speed and effectiveness, causing
Torrie to moan uncontrollably, Stacy was eating out the women she was once
obsessed with. Stacy darted her tongue into Torrie's love whole as her mouth
covered Torrie's pussy. Eating out Torrie Wilson's pussy was something Stacy
thought she would never do again, but now that she was back where was most
accustomed to, she didn't want to leave. Stacy moaned into Torrie's pussy,
sending vibrations onto her clit, and her tongue was swirling inside as well.
Torrie Wilson had waited for this moment for a long time, and she wanted this
moment to stay with her forever. With her hands buried in Stacy's hair,
Torrie pushed the lanky blonde more and more into her pussy, where as Stacy
grabbed Torrie's ass, pushing it forward, to get more out of her pussy. Stacy
picked up where she left off on Torrie's pussy, it had been as if she never
stopped eating Torrie out, and Torrie had begun to feel that familiar


An orgasm rocked through Torrie's body, the most powerful one she's had in a
long time. Just having Stacy make her cum made that much better. As her body
gyrated, Torrie's cum flowed into Stacy's mouth, and she humped the mouth
that was attached to her pussy. Both women were thoroughly enjoying
themselves, their nipples hard as bullets. Torrie lifted Stacy's head up from
in between her thighs and brought Stacy in for hot kiss, tasting herself on
Stacy's tongue. Torrie then broke the kiss and strapped Stacy's arms back
into place. Not only did Torrie enjoy having Stacy as a fuck toy on her wall,
but now, Stacy also enjoyed being Torrie's fuck toy on her wall. Walking
across the room, Torrie grabbed an item and hid it behind her back as she
walked back to Stacy.

Torrie: Stacy...I'm going to do something that we never even did back when we
were together.

Stacy: I have a feeling that I'm going to love it, just like I loved you

Torrie took the item from behind her back and shoved it into Stacy's soaking
wet pussy. A 10-inch strap-on dildo was put all the way into Stacy's pussy.
Pumping it in and out, Torrie collected all the wetness that was dripping out
of Stacy's womanhood. Taking it out, Torrie strapped the dildo in place, and
then un-strapped Stacy's legs from the wall. Lifting up those long legs,
Torrie had them high enough so that Stacy's feet rested on her shoulders.
Torrie then proceed to stick her tongue into Stacy's asshole. Holding her up
by her amazing ass, Torrie gave Stacy the rim job of a lifetime. Stacy's body
tingled due to Torrie's tongue, and Torrie's tongue proceeded to go deeper
and deeper into Stacy's ass. Seeing that her asshole was lubed enough, Torrie
Wilson inserted the strap-on into Stacy's asshole. She slowly pushed the
dildo into her ass, inch by inch, and eventually, she stuffed the entire
dildo inside Stacy's ass. Once she filled Stacy's ass with the strap-on,
Torrie dropped on of Stacy's legs, and started to thrust wildly. Torrie was
now butt fucking Stacy for the first time, humping with the strap-on with
lightning speed. Stacy could not believe Torrie Wilson was anally assaulting
her, but she loved every second of it. Torrie soon began to pull out of
Stacy's ass all the way before ramming the entire strap-on back into it.
Stacy was screaming in pleasure, as she began to cum due to Torrie Wilson and
her strap-on dildo inside of her ass.


Stacy experienced the greatest orgasm of her life, once again at the hands of
Torrie Wilson. Torrie pulled out of Stacy's ass and lifted up Stacy's legs so
she could suck out the cum that was oozing out of her pussy. When Torrie
cleaned Stacy off, she freed her from the wall and Stacy jumped onto to her
with a wild French kiss. Stacy was back to her old self, wanting to do
nothing more than to fuck Torrie Wilson. The two then got up from the
basement and went into Torrie's bedroom, their moans continued to fill the
air with music as the two women got reacquainted with themselves.

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