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In the backstage area of the arena where Monday Night RAW is being held, WWE
Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin, dressed in tan colored pants and
a an red open button shirt, is walking to the locker room of Johnny Nitro
and Melina. Earlier in the night, Shelton helped Nitro defeat Carlito in a
one-on-one match. As Shelton arrives at his destination, Shelton knocks on
the door of the locker room and the door is opened by Johnny Nitro, who is
wearing a pair of black jeans. Nitro smirks when he sees Shelton and he looks
over his shoulder, "We got a visitor Melina…." Nitro says.

The self-proclaimed most dominate Diva in the WWE Melina, who was sitting on
the couch, stands up from the couch and walks over to the door. Dressed in a
short black frilled skirt and a tan colored top, Melina places her hands on
her smooth, slender hips and raises her eyebrow "Oh we do Johnny?" Melina
says as she pushes herself out from behind Nitro and stands in front of him,
folding her arms as she looks directly at Shelton Benjamin. Melina's eyes
light up as she licks her lips "Why...hello there Shelton..."

Shelton puts his hands on his hips as he looks at Melina, "Hey Melina... you
and your boy and I got something to talk about...." Shelton says as cocks his
head slightly to the right.

Nitro raises an eyebrow after hearing what the Intercontinental Champion
said, "We do?"

Shelton nods his head as he looks at Nitro, "Yeah... I helped you out
tonight... and you owe me..." Shelton says as he turns his attention back
to Melina.

Melina raises her eyebrow and shakes her head "We...owe!?" Melina rolls her
eyes as she extends her right hand, raising it up and directs her hand at
Shelton " should have been an honor just to help out...the greatest...
RAW Superstar ever...Johnny...Nitro!" Melina says with a proud smirk as she
glances over her shoulder at Nitro and nods her head.

Shelton smirks a bit, "He's not even in my league... and without my help...
he wouldn't have beat Carlito tonight..." Shelton says, "And since it's been
announced that your boy Johnny and Carlito are going to be facing me at
Vengeance for my Intercontinental title... I think he should get pinned by
me... since he owes me."

Melina folds her arms over her nicely large chest and narrows her eyes into a
glare at Shelton. "No! No! Johnny doesn't owe you..." Melina then pauses and
smirks mischievously as an idea pops into her wicked mind. Melina nods her
head slowly and licks her lips "Shelton...Shelton..." Melina laughs a bit
"You're right...I'm wrong, you deserve some reward for helping Johnny out."

"He does?" Johnny Nitro raises an eyebrow, not believing what his manager and
girlfriend just said.

Shelton nods his head, "Damn straight I do..." Shelton then grins as he looks
at Melina, "And I'm willing to take anything as a reward..."

Melina presses her lips together and nods her head "That's a good thing...
because I'm sure you'll like what I have in mind." The self-proclaimed
dominate Diva says as she steps out of the doorway and allows Shelton to
entire the locker room of the Nitro and Melina.

After Shelton walks into the locker room, Melina closes the door. The
extremely athletic black stud turns and looks at Melina with a smirk on his
face, "Alll right... so what do you have in mind?" Nitro folds his arms a
bit and grits his teeth together as he waits to hear what his sexy manager
has in mind as a reward for Shelton Benjamin.

Melina scratches the back of her head with her left hand and smirks "Well...
Shelton..." Melina pauses and slightly grits her teeth together "You're hot
black stud...wouldn't you agree?"

Shelton nods his head, "You're damn right I agree with that... I'm the
hottest guy here in the WWE..."

Nitro unfolds his arms, "You mean second hottest... I'm the hottest guy
here..." Nitro says.

Melina grits her teeth tighter and looks back at Nitro with a snap "Quiet!"
Melina yells dominantly before turning back to Shelton with a smirk "Well
Shelton..." Melina says as she takes a step towards him and gently places
her hands against the exposed area of his black, muscular stomach "You
know...what I love so much more then being dominate?"

Shelton looks at Melina and he slightly licks his lips, "No... what do you
love more than being dominate?" Shelton asks as Melina rubs his rock hard
abs with her hands.

Melina tilts her head back as she continues to run her soft hands against
Shelton's muscular stomach "I love... getting banged...three-way style."
Melina smirks and looks over her shoulder at Nitro "Isn't that right,

Johnny Nitro licks his lips and nods his head, "Yeah that's right..." Nitro
then realizes what Melina has in mind, "She loves it... and... she hasn't
gotten a three-way bang in a while..."

Shelton smirks a bit and licks his teeth slightly, "She hasn't? Well...
that's a real... shame..."

Melina nods her head and licks her lips "Mmm...that is so right, so what do
you say Shelton?"

Shelton pauses and thinks about it for a short moment, "I think I can take
that as a reward..." Shelton replies as she slips off his red shirt and lets
it fall to the floor, revealing his impressive muscular hot black upper body.

Melina licks her lips and nods "Good..." Melina glances over her shoulder at
Nitro with a smirk and nods her head.

"You're going to love this Shelton..." Nitro says as he unbuttons and unzips
his own black jeans and starts to push them down from his hips. Nitro isn't
wearing any boxers, so his ten-inch cock is quickly freed as he takes his
jeans off.

Shelton looks at Melina as he begins to unbuckle his belt, "Bet you never
had a three-way bang with a black guy before..." Shelton says as he looks at
Melina tan colored top that is covering her large round chest.

Melina grits her teeth and shakes her head "I can't say that I have..."
Melina says slyly as she starts to lift her tan colored top off of her body
to reveal her bare, round juicy tits.

Shelton's eyes go wide when he sees Melina's large tits bounce slightly after
Melina pulls her tan-colored top off. "Well... you're going too..." Shelton
says as he finishes unbuckling his belt and goes on to unbuttoning his pants.
A few moments later, Shelton lowers his pants and the boxers he's wearing, to
reveal his thick twelve-inch shaft. Nitro slyly licks his lips as he stands
behind Melina and he kneels down so he can lower her black frilled skirt from
her hips. Melina licks her lips as she bends over while standing and gently
grips Shelton's black shaft in her dominate hands. Melina lowers her head and
instantly guides his cock into her warm, wet mouth and begins to suck on
Shelton's gradually hardening black cock as she bobs her head. Nitro pulls
Melina's black frilled skirt down her smooth, sexy legs and Melina steps out
of her skirt as she remains in a black thong.

Shelton places both of his strong black hands on top of Melina's head as she
sucks on his large thick black cock. "Ohhh yeah... suck that black cock..."
Shelton moans as he spreads his feet apart. Meanwhile, Nitro is pulling down
Melina's black thong down and is sliding it down her smooth, light brown
legs. Once her thong is down around her ankles, Nitro spreads Melina's ass
cheeks apart with his hands and begins licking up and down the ass crack of
her ass. Melina moans sharply against Shelton's cock as she starts to bob
her head quicker, while she laps her wet, dominating tongue around Shelton's
black, hard cock. Melina warm saliva drips down his cock as she lowers her
head further down his shaft as she takes his cock deeper into her warm,
dominate mouth.

Shelton leans his head back and groans as he pushes his cock forward against
Melina's mouth. "Ohhh... ahhh yeah... that's it..." Shelton moans as he
pushes Melina's hair back as Melina takes almost all of his cock into her
warm, wet mouth. Meanwhile, Nitro is squeezing Melina's ass cheeks with his
hands as he pushes his fairly long tongue into Melina's tight ass hole. The
studdly former tag team champion moves his tongue in and out of her ass as
Melina pushes her butt back against his face. Melina gently presses her
tongue against Shelton's black, hard shaft and begins to rake her teeth
against Shelton's cock as she lifts and lowers her head frequently on
Shelton's cock, sucking the studdly black athlete off with perfection. "Ohhh
shit yeah... ahhh... fuck... suck that dick... ahhh yea..." Shelton moans
loudly as he holds Melina's hair up above her head so it doesn't fall into
her face.

Nitro slowly pulls his tongue out of Melina's ass and stands up behind his
hot dominating girlfriend. "Melina... why doesn't... Shelton fuck you..."
Nitro suggest as he rubs Melina's ass cheeks the way she likes him too.

Melina slowly lifts her head up from Shelton's hard black, saliva dripping
cock and looks back at Nitro with a mischievous smirk "Oh Johnny...that
sounds great!" Melina says with her teeth gritted.

Shelton licks his lips and smirks a bit, "Yeah... that's a great fucking
idea..." Shelton says as he moves to a couch and sits down. Nitro then lifts
Melina up and carries her over to couch and lowers her down onto Shelton's
cock, with her back pressing against Shelton's chest.

Melina grits her teeth as her body is lowered down on top of Shelton's cock,
taking him deep into her dominating, tight pussy. Melina licks her lips and
smirks as she looks back over her shoulder at Shelton as she starts to rock
and bounce on his hard, black cock "Ohhhh yeah Shelton! You like being with
the most dominate Diva, Melina!?" Melina groans as she fucks Shelton's cock.

Shelton lays his strong black hands on the sides of Melina's hips as she
bounces on his cock, "Ohhh yeah... you're fucking great..." Shelton moans as
Melina sharply bounces up and drops down on his stiff pole.

Johnny Nitro grins as he watches Melina have her way with the reigning
Intercontinental Champion, "Melina... you haven't forgotten about me have
you?" Nitro says with a smirk as he stands in front of her and squats down
a bit. Nitro puts his left hand on Melina's left shoulder and grips his cock
with his right hand. The sex young white stud then begins to push his thick
cock into Melina's pussy as she rides Shelton.

Melina grits her teeth as she's now stuff with both Nitro and Shelton's cocks
in her tight, warm pussy "Ohhh shit Johnny!" Melina moans as she rocks back
against Shelton's cock as Nitro rams his cock into her already cock-filled
pussy "Mmmmm ohhh yeah!" Melina grunts as she wraps her smooth, sexy legs
around slightly around Nitro's waist.

"Uhhh uhhhhh yeah..." Nitro groans as he thrusts his cock in and out of
Melina's pussy. Nitro's ten-inch shaft grinds against Shelton's large
twelve-inch black cock as the two men ram their cocks in and out of
Melina's hot, dominating pussy.

Shelton grinds his teeth together as he pushes Melina back and forth on his
cock, so that her pussy grinds against Nitro's cock. "Ahhh fuck... this is a
real reward..." Shelton groans as he feels Melina's ass slide a bit on his

Melina tilts her head back with her teeth grits "Mmmmm...I am dominate...the
most DOMINATE!" Melina moans as she begins to sweat while pushing her hot
body against Nitro's cock and bouncing swiftly and more aggressively on
Shelton's black cock. Nitro clenches his teeth as he lowers his hands down
and wraps his arms around Melina's hot tight body. With her legs wrapped
around his waist, Nitro easily lefts the self-proclaimed most dominate diva
off of Shelton's throbbing black cock. Nitro then begins to bounce Melina up
and down on his cock as he fucks her standing up. Melina grits her teeth as
she wraps her arms around Nitro's neck as their bodies grind against one
another while she slams down on his cock and at the same time Nitro swiftly
thrusts his cock deeply into her moist, dominating pussy "Ohhhhh Johnny...
ohhhh fuck yesss!" Melina moans wildly.

Shelton gets up from the couch and stands behind Melina as she bounces wildly
on Nitro's cock. "Mmmm yeah... this is a great reward..." Shelton says as he
bends his knees slightly and holds his cock, aiming it towards Melina's ass.
As she continues to slam herself on Nitro's cock, Shelton suddenly slams his
cock into Melina's tight ass, catching her by complete surprise.

"Ohhhhh shit!" Melina moans as sweat drips off of her stunning body. Melina
closes her eyes as she allows both Shelton and Johnny Nitro to invade her
tight and sweet pussy and asshole.

Nitro and Shelton press their sweaty muscular bodies against Melina's sweat
dripping hot body. The two extremely talented, well-hung studs continue to
ram their cocks in and out of her hot wet dominating pussy and tight asshole.
"Uhhh ohhh yeah Melina... show Shelton... who's the most dominate...." Nitro

Melina grits her teeth as she suddenly rocks her body back against Shelton's
cock as she roughly jerks on his hard, black cock "Mmmmm...ohhhh Shelton...
mmmm Johnny fuck that pussy!" Melina commands. As Shelton and Nitro continue
to thrust their cocks in and out of Melina's pussy and asshole, they turn
around so that Nitro's back is facing the couch. Johnny Nitro sits down on
the couch and pulls Melina with him so that she's on top of him, with his
cock still in her dominating pussy. Shelton keeps up with the sudden change
by bending his knees so he can continue fucking Melina's hot ass with his big
black cock.

"Mmmmm ohhhh fuck!" Melina grunts as Shelton's big black cock slams deep into
her tight asshole, forcing her rock roughly and wildly on Johnny Nitro's cock
as she bounce and slams down hard on his cock repeatedly.

Johnny Nitro grits his teeth as he pops his hips to thrust his cock up into
Melina's hot wet pussy as she bounces hard on his dick. Shelton is breathing
hard and heavy as he plows his cock in and out of Melina tight asshole, and
he keeps his hands on her waist to keep jerking her back towards him.
"Ahhh... ohhhh yeah... ohhhh fuck yeah..." Shelton groans as he starts to
cum inside of Melina's tight ass, filling her asshole with his warm cum.

Melina tilts her head back and groans as Shelton's warm, sticky flood out of
her tight asshole "Ohhhh yeah..." Melina moans as sweat drips down her face
and she licks her lips as she continues to rock her body on Johnny's cock,
gradually rocking rougher and more aggressively.

As Shelton pulls his black cock out of Melina's ass, Nitro continues to
thrust his cock up into Melina's hot dominating pussy. Sweat rolls down
his face as he grits his teeth, "Uhhhh... uhhh fuck Melina... you're so
dominate...' Nitro groans as he starts to cum inside of Melina's soaking
wet cunt.

Melina grits her as she grinds her pussy down roughly on his cock as her
pussy floods with the cum of her boyfriend Johnny Nitro "Mmmmmm Johnny..."
Melina groans as she narrows eyes slightly and gently cums on his softening

Shelton licks his lips as he looks at Melina while he gets his clothes,
"Now... that... was... a great... reward..." Shelton says as he starts to
get dressed while she cums on Nitro's cock.

Melina licks her lips and tosses her soft hair back as she tilts her head
back. Melina grits her teeth and eases herself off of Nitro's cock and smirks
"Now that's how the most dominate Diva does things!"

"I see..." Shelton smirks as he finishes getting dressed, "Hmmm maybe I
should help your boy out more often..."

Melina folds her arms and nods her head, pressing her lips together "Maybe
you should..."

Shelton licks his lips, "I definitely will now..." Shelton says as he walks
to the locker room door, opens it and leaves.

Nitro smirks as he gets off the couch, "Great plan Melina..."

Melina smirks and nods her head "That's right Johnny! It's only a matter of
time before you...Johnny Nitro is in the new Intercontinental Champion!"


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