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Stephanie McMahon Helmsley: The Dominant Female
By HellYeah4Wood

When Hunter came into the locker room from a tough match at a house show
with Stone Cold, Stephanie met him at the door and slammed it shut behind
him. She was wearing a black leather corset and panties, and a pair of shiny
thigh-high boots. She held a short riding crop in her hand.

"Get on your knees," she ordered.

"But I just had a..." Hunter stammered.

"Down!" Stephanie shouted. Hunter fell to his knees, his sweat pouring.
Stephanie walked around him slowly, her stiletto heels clicking on the
floor. "Good boy," she said.

"Stephanie, I have to take..."

"Shhh," Stephanie said. She lifted his chin up with her hand so he was
looking into her eyes. "You only have to do what I tell you to. Everything
else will have to wait. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Hunter nodded.

"Yes, what?" Stephanie said. She ran the tip of her finger along his face.

"Yes, Mistress."

Stephanie smiled. "Good boy. Get onto the long couch."

Hunter started to stand.

"On your knees," Stephanie hissed.

Hunter crawled down the hall to the couch. Stephanie walked behind him,
smacking her palm with the riding crop.

"Strip," Stephanie ordered him. Hunter undressed self-consciously as
Stephanie watched critically. "You've been working hard, haven't you?" she

"Yeah," Hunter grinned.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Yes, Mistress." The grin disappeared from Hunter's face.

Stephanie smiled. "Good boy. Your ass looks nice and tight. I like that."
Hunter was standing before her, naked. His hard-on bobbed helplessly in the
air. Stephanie ran her finger lightly over his straining cock. "Very nice.
Would you like to touch your dick?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Too bad," Stephanie said. She walked over to the couch and picked up a
pair of leather underwear with a shiny metal circle hanging from the front.

"We're going to put these on you." She dropped them into his open hands.

Hunter examined the underwear. It was a pair of brown leather bikini
briefs, with an opening at the front for his cock and balls to show through.
He shrugged and slipped them on.

"Not quite right," Stephanie said. She slipped her riding crop through the
metal circle that was dangling through his legs. "You need to put this on."

She grabbed Hunter by his cock and then pushed him back onto the couch.
With gentle but firm hands, she unhooked the ring and then closed it around
his cock and balls.

The metal was cold against his hot skin. It held his organ tightly,
holding his sack and his dick out, swollen and red. It wasn't painful,
exactly, it was more like having a firm hand grasping and not letting go. A
pearl of pre-cum dripped out of the head of his cock.

"You like that?" Stephanie smiled.

Hunter didn't answer. His throbbing erection said it all.

"Get up," Stephanie ordered. "Walk around. I want to see you."

The outfit contained his motion, but his swollen prick still bobbed up and
down as he walked. The cool air coaxed another drop of pre-cum from his dick.
Hunter felt Stephanie's eyes on him, and he proudly showed off his firm ass
and pulsing dick to her. "My, my, aren't we vain?" Stephanie asked.

She stripped off her panties and parted her legs. "Come over here and get
on your knees," she said, pointing in front of her with the crop.

Hunter knelt obediently.

"Put your hands behind your back and eat me," she ordered.

Hooking his hands behind his back, Hunter buried his face between her

Her pussy smelled like her juices and hot leather, and he inhaled deeply
as he licked. It was hard to keep his balance, and to do all the work with
his tongue, but he wanted to please her.

"You love eating my cunt, don't you?" Stephanie asked. Her juices were
dripping down Hunter's chin as he lapped at her twat. "Lick my clit," she

Hunter licked her clit, strumming the tight little bud with the tip of his

"You're a good little pussy-eater," Stephanie said. Her voice was shaking
in time with her thighs. Hunter licked faster and faster, her cream now
flowing copiously, smeared on his cheeks, his nose, his lips, his chin,
running down his neck.

With a shout, Stephanie finally came, pushing down on his shoulders with
her hands. The riding crop clattered to the floor beside her as Hunter thrust
his tongue deep inside her hole, sucking at her juices.

Stephanie pushed him away and sat on the couch. Her skin was flushed, and
her tits were heaving over her corset. She appraised Hunter, who was still
kneeling, his fingers locked behind his back. His face glistened with her
cunt juice, and his cock was even harder, straining through the cock ring,
the head purple and bulging, pre-cum shining on the head.

"Do you want to come? " Stephanie asked him disinterestedly.

"Oh yes, Mistress, please," Hunter begged. His biceps ached from being
stretched back for so long.

With a cold eye, Stephanie stared at his pulsing prick. "Stand up."
Hunter stood. Stephanie reached out and ran her finger lightly along his

Hunter shuddered in pleasure. Stephanie snatched her hand back. "Alright,"
she said. "Jerk your prick for me."

With eager hands, Hunter grasped his dick and pumped it. Stephanie
fingered her cunt as she watched him. His balls were tight, his dick stiffer
than she had ever seen it before. It wouldn't take long.

Hunter's hand flew along his prick, slick with his own pre-cum. Stephanie
came again, jamming her fingers into her cunt as she threw her head back and
moaned. With a shout, Hunter came too, spurting his cum out onto the black
leather of her corset.

Stephanie wiped some of his jism on her fingers and licked it off. "You've
been very good," she said. She reached over and unfastened the ring, freeing
his softening dick. "Keep this up and I just might let you fuck me next

"Yes, Mistress," Hunter smiled.

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