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by Charlie (

Thursday and Smackdown had finished for the night I was called to Stephanie's
office so I went there as I was told I knock on the door then entered
Stephanie was sitting in her chair by the desk so I say...

CHARLIE: You wanted to see me?

STEPH: Yes I did, But we can't begin yet not until the others arrive.

CHARLIE: Excuse me, the others?

STEPH: Yeah the others.

She sat their staring at me as if she was undressing me with her mind, then
a knock on the door then walked in Torrie Wilson with Dawn Marie, then I
started to think to myself wow I'm here alone with three of the hottest women
in the wwe, then Steph tells me to...

STEPH: Sit on the couch.

So I did as she said then says to Dawn and Torrie.

STEPH: Ok ladies you know what to do.

Torrie walked towards the door to make sure it was locked then she and Dawn
started to perform a Lap Dance a very physical lap dance but Steph said...

STEPH: Sweetie remember you know how they liked to be touched.

I was like sure so as they both continued to perform and remove their clothes
boy my dick.

Really became so hard as both Dawn and Torrie had noticed my hard on, Then
they were both left with their bra and panties left then they both started
to strip me. While all this was happening Stephanie had moved away from her
desk watching the girls dance and was fingering herself once I was naked I
removed both bras and panties from Dawn and Torrie.

Then Dawn started to lick my hard cock very slowly from the tip all the way
down, licking it all over while Torrie was tickling my balls and said...

TORRIE: Boy your balls are big, like golf balls.

So she then began to lick them like a lollypop a little while later Dawn
started to stroke my cock with both hands then Steph asks me...

STEPH: Do you want something to eat?

CHARLIE: Yeah, sure.

Stephanie walked towards the couch kicking her shoes off and pulling down her
panties stands over me on the couch, pulls her dress up and says...

STEPH: Eat this.

Her pussy right in my face so I began to eat her pussy out and her moans
began with my hands on her waist she put her right hand on the back of my
head telling me to...

STEPH: Eat that pussy.

While I was eating out her pussy Dawn and Torrie had changed roles, but
Torrie stuck my cock down her throat swallowing as much as she could as I
was making Stephanie moan Torrie did the same to me as she has my cock in
her mouth, Dawn at the mean time was sucking on Torrie's tits and fingering
herself roughly about fifteen minutes later I could feel that I was about
to cum as I stopped on Stephanie to tell Dawn and Torrie, Dawn responds...

DAWN: Oh goody, I can't wait to taste you.

Then I started to shoot a shit load of cum as so Torrie kept jerking me off
while my load was landing on both Dawn's and Torrie's faces.Even when I had
finished Torrie kept stroking my cock then swallowed it again and again then
Stephanie pulls my head back and says to me face to face...

STEPH: Now I want to ride your hard cock.

So She lowers herself on top of my cock with my hands on her ass she began
to ride me nice and hard while Stephanie was riding me like a wild bull at
a rodeo, I noticed that Dawn and Torrie were 69 each other licking each
other out giggling and moaning as they licked each other out. As I continued
to fuck Stephanie I saw her desk and asked her...

CHARLIE: Would you mind if I fucked you on the desk?

STEPH: Sure.

* * *

Some how I managed to stand up while still being inside of her with my hands
on her ass and her legs wrapped around me, when we got to her desk she swept
everything off her desk so I placed her down on her back as I kept ramming
my dick inside her. As I kept going I could feel that I was going deeper
inside of her as so her moans got louder, about fifteen minutes later I could
feel I was about to cum as I told Stephanie, she sat up gets off the table
puts on the table as she dropped to her knees stroking my cock and waited for
my load of cum to shoot on her face a moment later I came.With her tongue
underneath my cock stroking away for every drop of the load as most of it
ended up in her mouth the rest she shot on her tits as she kept stroking my
cock she also rubbed the tip of it against her tits and the little bit that
was around her mouth she wiped off and rubbed on her tits as she called over
Dawn and Torrie...

STEPH: Hey girls come here I have a sweet treat for you two.

So both Dawn and Torrie came over as they saw my cum on Stephanie's chest
they knew what to do so they began licking it off slowly also they had
started to suck her titties taking every ounce of my cum off her chest.
Then Dawn looks at me and says...

DAWN: Now I wanna ride that BIG HARD COCK OF HIS!

CHARLIE: But first I wanna ride you.

So I took Dawn and put her leaning over Stephanie's desk with her fine ass
in front of my hard cock then slowly put it inside her holding her hips as
I kept going inside up her ass as she held on to the table moaning out...


While I was riding her ramming my hard cock up her ass I was moving my hands
up her body until I had reached her breasts as I held them tightly, while
still riding her like riding a horse so I kept going for a while longer, then
I slowly stopped to turn her around once I turned Dawn around I began to fuck
her hard on the table. With her hands holding my head screaming over the top
of her lungs as she pulls my head back looking me right into my eyes asking

DAWN: Can I ride you now?

Then she grabs me throwing me right on to the desk on my back, as she then
jumps on top of me and with her right hand holding my dick and putting it
inside of herself then as she laid on top of me pinning my hands down kissing
me as she kept riding my cock, the faster she was going the tighter her hold
of me got while Dawn was fucking the life out of me, I noticed that both
Stephanie and Torrie were watching arm and arm holding and touching each
other getting a kick out of watching Dawn fuck me on the desk roughly about
twenty minutes later I could feel it again that I was about to cum as I told
her all she could say was...


Then as I was about to shoot another load of cum Dawn pulled my cock out and
held it up against her rubbing it unitl I had cum, then I did, I was shooting
my load up on Dawn's body shooting so high up onto her body like a water
fountain so she kept rubbing my cock against her as for my load some of it
shot up so high it landed near her mouth, well the first few did as for the
rest landed on her neck down as far as her tits.But unlike Stephanie Dawn
kept this load all to herself licking every drop of my cum and tasting it all
by herself, then she turns to Torrie and says...

DAWN: Hey Torrie it's your turn to ride him.

So Torrie came over to me I was about to sit up but she puts her hands on
chest saying to me...

TORRIE: No stay right were you are ok.

So I just lay their on the desk as Torrie leans over me jerking my cock for
a little bit, then just holds it as she started to lick it from my balls
upwards to the very tip of my dick but she did so very slowly just the way
I like it. As she took her tome licking my dick like a lollypop she then
began to blow me just like before she was bobbing up and down very slowly,
swallowing my hard cock all I could do was moan as she blew me so DAMN GOOD
at first I thought I was about to cum again but no then as she stopped
Torrie then climbs on top of me placing my dick inside her sweet pussy. Then
she started to ride me just like Dawn Marie did but after a while Torrie
kept going I sat up holding her body as she kept going then all of a sudden
I stood up then next thing I know I'm fucking her standing up holding her
body tight. And her legs wrapped around my waist I just kept fucking her
then we were kissing while fucking each other as Torrie moans out...


After a while I came again as Torrie Stood on her own two feet she kept
pulling my dick as I was shooting my load all over her pussy, once I had
finished she just kept pulling my cock in one hand while the other was
rubbing my load of cum all over her pussy, then with her index finger she
brings towards her mouth licking it as she looked at me and says...



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