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Disclaimer: This story is fictional and to my knowledge has never happened.
This story must not be read by anyone under the age of 18/21. I'd love to
hear some feedback as it's my first time writing. My e-Mail address at: If you remove the first dot in front of the gmail
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Author's Note: OK, so my other series should be on track soon, but I got this
idea first. Vince is sick of working with the WWE so he grants control of
Smackdown! to Shane McMahon and Raw to his daughter, Stephanie McMahon.
Eventually this will build up to a survivor series elimination match at well
Survivor Series. This will be the story of what happens as the war wages on.
Also, sorry about the shortness of the sex. With Big Show the way he is, it's
tricky to try and write anything without crushing Candice. So, on with the

Diva included: Candice Michelle

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Swallow

Smackdown! vs. Raw: Part 1 - The Big Show's Sweet Tooth
by Mean Blackjack

Close to a week ago...

Time: 13:05.
Location: Saint Anne's Hospital, Greenwich Connecticut. A private doctor's

"Mister McMahon... I'm afraid it's bad news." Doctor Kavita Rao, a small,
native American woman with a tuft of grey hair biting at her black hair, sat
down in front of the most powerful man in Sports Entertainment, Vince McMahon
and his wife, Linda.

"Even though your work load has got lighter your blood pressure has gone up.
My recommendation is to retire or at least stop working for a set amount of
time. Perhaps... twelve months?"

"Twelve months!?" Vince roared, slamming a fist down on the table, making
both the women in the room jump.

"Yes sir. It's either that or you'll be dead by the time you're sixty." Dr
Rao said calmly as Linda settled Vince down.

"Vince... It's something to think about. Dr Rao can this cure itself?" Linda
asked, looking to the doctor on the opposite of the desk.

"Absolutely. You just need to take it easy and let it drop by itself." Doctor
Rao said, letting her fingers interlock, resting on the table.

"But it will drop?" Vince asked, rubbing a rough hand along his jaw.

"Yes, you would be fine after it."

"Alright then..." Vince said, settling on a decision. "Let's do it."

A few hours after...

Vince collapsed into a big chair in his Stamford mansion and looked at his
large folder simply marked `Television.' There was enough recording here for
two weeks, including the Raw for tonight's show.

Vince pondered to himself as he flicked to the next few pages that were
empty, signifying that there was no scheduling done. `How are we getting out
of this Vinnie Mac?' He thought to himself as Linda walked in with a large
ham sandwich.

"Vince! Put that down!" She scolded as she placed the tasty appetizer down
next to him.

"Linda, dammit I need to make sure that the shows are covered!"

"Because that isn't working is it?" Linda asked sarcastically. Defeated,
Vince sighed and put it to one side. Picking up the sandwich, he took a large
bite out of it and looked at his wife.

"Are you going to take it over?" He asked, licking his lip, getting hold of
the piece of ham he missed.

"No. But I think I know who could though." Linda said coolly, walking to the
large mantle piece she picked up a silver frame and passed it to Vince. It
was an older photo of the McMahon family inside the wrestling ring at Madison
Square Garden.

While the two McMahon siblings were vicious rivals on screen, they were even
worse off camera. This was a rare moment where they were both smiling. Shane
had always been the apple of his eye, but the second Stephanie started to
voice her opinions she became Vince's favourite. This infuriated Shane as he
had to work twice as hard to get noticed by Vince.

"Shane and Steph?" Vince asked as he looked at the photo.

"Shane and Steph. They both had management experience with the alliance
didn't they? If you gave one show to Shane and the other to Stephanie you
could play it off as Smackdown! Vs. Raw or something?" Linda said, calm and
in control.

Vince rubbed his hand along his chin and nodded softly. `That may just

Reaching for his cell phone, he flipped open the cover and punched in a

"Jim? It's Vince. Can you get me some TV time on Smackdown this week?" Vince
had called Jim LaFleur, the head staffer for TV time. He arranged promo spots
and time for superstars to work in the ring.

"This Smackdown?" LaFleur confirmed. "Sure. We can move Jericho's promo to
the website." He added, as Vince heard scratching through the phone.

"Great. Thanks Jim." Vince hung up the phone. "I'll announce it then and then
we can move to Italy for the twelve months." He said with a smile, as Linda
grinned and they shared a quick kiss.


Time: 21:00
Location: Smackdown! New York, New York.

"This is my world!"

Vince's entrance music cuts through the sound of the WWE's ecstatic fans as
Vince walks out to a fairly indifferent crowd. Vince had not been on screen
lately and was expecting an indifferent reaction. He walked down to the ring
and taking a few moments, he looked around for what he knew would be the last
time for a long time. As he stepped onto the cold, steel steps, Tazz and
Michael Cole, the two announcers for Smackdown! called the action.

"Well Cole, looks like the boss is here!"

"Sure does Partner! And we all know that this could not bode well for the
superstars on Smackdown!" Michael Cole exclaimed as Vince walked into the
middle of the ring and was handed a microphone.

"Good evening." Vince started, clearing his throat and fighting back his
regret. He continued. "Tonight, this isn't going to be a regular show.
Because tonight... I announce my retirement."

This set the fans off, there was a mix of boos and cheers.

"It will not be permanent. I need some time off for medicinal reasons. But
I'm sure a lot of people, including my dear offspring, will be wondering what
will happen with the shows... It may be easier to tell them in person, so
Shane, Stephanie why don't you come on out?"

The music and Smackdown! Plays through the arena as the two concerned McMahon
siblings walk down the ramp to the ring. Vince smiled as they both got into
the ring.

As they were given microphones, Vince continued.

"Now, I'm sure you're wondering what will happen with Raw and Smackdown!
Well, I've decided to perform a test for your management capabilities.
Shane... You will be in complete control of Smackdown! What you say goes.
Stephanie... You'll get Raw. I'll be back for Survivor Series and whoever has
performed the best in the space of one year will gain complete control."

"But Dad!" Shane started but then stopped. This could be everything he had
wanted. "I'm in charge of Smackdown?"

"That's right!" Vince said, beaming at his new prospect.

"Then tonight! I'm announcing a Battle Royale! Whoever wins not only gets
$250,000 but can also choose to jump ship if they please!" Shane looked over
at Stephanie and grinned. Bringing his right hand up, he poked his finger
towards the air and mimed marking up a point on an imaginary chalk board.

Smackdown then cuts to a commercial.

Backstage at Smackdown...

Shane McMahon was walking backstage with a confident swagger. This was his
kingdom and he was going to destroy Stephanie with it. He walked up to his
office and opened the door when a soft, seductive voice called out.

"Hey boss."

Shane turned around to see Torrie Wilson, Melina Perez and Candice Michelle
standing there. Their arms linked together eyeing the new boss up.

"Hi ladies. What can I do for you?" Shane asked, taking a few more steps
towards the deadly divas.

"Well, we were helping out Vince with his duties... But he couldn't really
give us what we want." The fiery Latina, Melina said with a grin.

"And what was that?" Shane asked, catching on to the game.

"Well, we would do the paper work... But we needed physical work too..."
Torrie said with a grin, the trio walked towards Shane so they were inches
away. Candice, Melina and Torrie then started to work their magic. Running
hands all over Shane's body, they eventually reached down to his crotch and
lightly squeezed it through the suit.

"Oh. That sort of work?" Shane said with a smile as the angels worked on him.

"That's right." Candice said with a grin.

"Well, maybe we can work that out? Should we go into my office?" Shane asked
with a smile.

Shane McMahon's Office, the climax of the main event.

With one big push, The Big Show hoisted Batista over the ropes and dumped him
on the outside.

"Oh God Tazz! The Big Show could jump ship!" Michael Cole exclaimed as The
Big Show threw his large hand up the air, his pyro exploded around him.

"Why would he want to though? We've got the best roster!" Tazz excitedly
yelped as The Big Show pushed the top rope down and he started to walk to the

Inside the General Manager's office, Shane McMahon is watching a large TV and
is boiling over with rage. He slammed his fist down on the large oak table in
his office. His angels, Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson and Melina Perez
walked from out of the shower, clad in nothing but a smile and rubbed his

"What's wrong Mister McMahon?" Melina asked as she nuzzled on his neck,
trying to calm him.

"The God damn Big Show's won the right to choose what brand he's on! If he
goes to Raw then that bitch has got him! We need to keep him on Smackdown!
where he belongs! Which one of you angels are up to the task?"

Shane asked, as she spun around in the large leather chair, admiring the
vicious vixens in front of him. Rubbing a hand across his chin, he decides on

"Candice. Care to work your magic on him? We need to keep him here! Do what
ever it takes!" Shane demanded as he spun back around and continued to watch
the show. Candice nodded and spoke up.

"Yes sir! I won`t let you down!" Candice smiled and walked up to the locker
where the Angels keep their costumes. She quickly got an outfit on and left
the room. Melina and Torrie were now out of use, so they went back to the

Candice walked down the hallway and found The Big Show's locker room. She
took a quick peek in and saw that no one is there. Stepping in, she looked
around and tried to decide on her plan of attack. She walked into his shower
block and saw that it was empty as well. This was going to be her spot, she
stripped down and found a large towel that could have covered a hummer. This
was obviously The Big Show's towel, she smiled and placed it onto a steel

Turning the steel knob to the left, Candice started to wash herself under the
warm water, awaiting her target.

`Alright girl. Show time.' She thought to herself as the warm water hit her
body. Tilting her head up, she let the water cascade down her body, splashing
against her large breasts.

The Big Show twisted the door knob and walked into his locker room, he placed
the briefcase containing the clause on the table and turned his head. Had he
left the shower on? Walking into the room, he saw that his towel was hung up.
Expecting a fight, he clenched his fist and stepped into his shower ready to

"Candice?" The behemoth asked as he could just see her head past the large
wall in the middle of the shower block.

"Oh hi Show. My shower's broken. I hope you don't mind me using this one?"

"Uh... No, that's no problem."

"So, you won the contract clause?" Candice said, making conversation as she
soaped her breasts.

"Yeah... Uh... Candice I got to say this is a little weird. Is there a reason
why you have to shower right now?" Show asked as he turned away, as to avoid
her nakedness.

"Well yeah! I've got to keep myself clean! Are you going to use it?"

"I'm not sure. Stephanie hasn't offered me anything yet." Show said, looking
down to the floor.

"Well, I'd say you don't use it."

"Any reason why I shouldn't?"

"You wouldn't get this." Candice said. She ran her hands over Big Show's
large chest. Pushing her large breasts into his back, Candice ran her hands
down to Big Show's crotch, admiring it harden.

"Candice..." Big Show started, but as he turned around, he found his will

"Show." Candice said flatly as he admired her naked, wet, succulent body.

"Can Raw offer you this?"

Show looked the naked diva up and down, a big goofy grin forming on his face.

"I don't think they can." Show said, smiling from ear to ear.

"Should I show you what else Smackdown can offer you?"

"Oh yeah!" Show said, ecstatic as he rubbed his hands together eagerly
awaiting his treat.

Candice smiled and ran her hands over her wet body, running them from her
hips up to her large tits. She pushed them together and leant forward letting
Show look down her impressive cleavage. Letting her breasts fall apart,
Candice stood up and lightly spun around, swaying her hips seductively. With
her back to the big man, Candice bent at the waist and let Big Show look over
her fine ass.

Candice ran her hands over her ass and lightly smacked her wet, fleshy buns.
Pulling her cheeks apart, she showed the giant her puckered ass hole before
lightly spreading her pussy's lips.

"Do you want some Candy?" Candice said with a wicked grin.

"Oh yeah!"

Candice smiled and stepped forward. They were several inches away from each
other now and Big Show smiled. Grabbing hold of her thighs, hoisting her up,
Candice smiled as she fell for her trap. Big Show put his arms under her
spread legs and held her closer to him. Candice swallowed her pride and
kissed Big Show. Wrapping her soapy arms around his neck, she pulled him in
and their tongues wrestled with each other.

Staggering around in the showers, Big Show pinned Candice to the shower wall
and kissed her. Breaking away from the kiss, Big Show attacked the side of
her neck, peppering it with kisses as Candice looked to the sky and groaned
with pleasure.

"Oh God... Show!" Candice exclaimed as Big Show kissed her. Big Show pulled
away from the shower block and held her at an angle. Big Show then attacked
her large, lathered up mountains. Sucking on her nipples, Big Show grinned as
she writhed in his grasp.

"Let's put you down." Show said, his rough voice filled the block. Candice
bit her bottom lip and nodded. Big Show slowly lowered her down onto the
ground. Candice smiled and dropped onto her knees. Big Show pulled his black
singlet to one side and pulled it down his large body. Moving past his cock,
he kicked it away from him, Candice was now face to face with a fourteen inch
dick that must have been at least three inches wide.

"Shit." Candice exclaimed as Big Show smiled down at her. Candice wrapped her
hands around the base of his shaft and lightly jerked him off. She had never
taken a dick that size before and was wondering if she could. Deciding to
start with what she knew she could do. She moved in past his dick and sucked
on his extra large balls. Taking his right in her mouth, she bathed the
testicle in spit and fondled the other one. Keeping one hand on his shaft,
she jerked him off as she sucked his balls.

Candice pulled her head away from his sack and licked the underside of his
shaft. Tracing the long vein that ran along it. Reaching the tip, Candice
planted a soft kiss on the head. Opening her mouth, Candice went for gold.
She let her lips expand and adjust to the shaft in her mouth. Candice pushed
with all her might but could only get a few inches in. She could take the
head, no problem but the in between was a trial.

Throwing her face on it, gagging like a porn star. Candice looked up at him,
as tears formed in her eyes. Pulling off the shaft, Candice used one hand to
wipe away the tears but kept jerking him.

"Sorry Show. I don't think I can deep throat you."

"That's fine Candy. Just do what you can." He said, a calmer side coming out
of the usually aggressive giant.

Candice nodded and resumed sucking on the first few inches. Making sure the
head was nice and wet, Big Show groaned.

"You're doing better than most."

Candice had been sucking now for several minutes and groaned as she let more
saliva run down his shaft.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Candice asked, rhetorically as she kissed all over
his shaft.

"God yes!" Big Show declared as he watched Candice smile and stand up.
Walking into the shower again, Candice beckoned him to follow. The giant of a
man followed in, where he caught a projectile bottle of hair wash.

"Lube up first. I want to feel you all the way inside!" Candice said with a
wicked smile. Big Show grinned and popped off the top. Letting the green
liquid fall through the air, onto his cock he lathered up his member and
watched Candice turn around and put her hands on the wall.

Big Show took his soapy member in his hand and pushed it inside her folds.
Candice threw her head back as soon as the first few inches invaded her. Big
Show's large shaft was deep inside her and was delivering with each stroke.
He had his large hands on her massive chest, squeezing the breasts as he
fucked her.

He had his entire member inside her and was feeling her cunt stretch with
each drive. As Candice's wet cunt adjusted to his member, Candice started to
push herself back against his member with each thrust. Show held her still as
he pounded away at her mercilessly. His large hands were pawing at her
breasts and holding onto her hips keeping her steady.

Candice had her eyes shut tight as she held her head to the sky and moaned
nothing but curse words. She too had started playing with her tits, while
using a free hand to diddle her clit. Big Show could see what she was doing
and shook his head.

"Oh no. That's my responsibility." He then wrapped a large arm around her
waist and pulled her tightly. Tight enough for her to still slam back against
him but close enough for her to feel his hot breath. Show then ran a finger
over her pussy's lips before finding her clit.

Rubbing the button, Candice let out a scream her fellow Angel, Melina would
have been proud of. She could feel the start of an orgasm begin to build,
Show however seemed to be miles away yet.

"Going to cum?" He asked as he pounded away at her.

"Soon!" She said with a sigh, her breathing becoming jagged. Big Show nodded
and let out an affirmative grunt. He then released his hold on her and pulled
his shaft out to the very tip. With only the head in, Show grinned a silent
grin and put his hands on his shoulders. Without a second to spare, Show then
slammed the brunette backwards, pulling her onto his large shaft.

Candice's eyes widened and she let out another scream as an orgasm rocked her
body. Her wet juices added to the lube of shower gel and Show had managed to
get more inside her. Candice had one more trick up her sleeve though.
Adjusting from the fog of an orgasm, she looked over her shoulder and wiped
away the wet hair.

"Show... Lie down!" She barked. Big Show complied, expecting her to ride him.

Candice climbed on top of Show's giant chest and took hold of his dick.
Sitting down, Candice took a deep breath and then let the well lubed member
enter her asshole! Candice screamed aloud as Show moaned in surprise. Candice
leant back and put her hand on Show's knee. Keeping herself steady, Candice
started to ride Big Show's dick with her ass. Her small ass hole was being
savaged by the member but Candice persevered it was for the best.

Show grunted and let out that he was going to cum soon as well. Candice
nodded and for her final trick let the entire shaft sink into her forbidden
hole. Show grunted and let out a groan as he came inside her ass. Candice
yelped with surprise and pulled up his dick. Cum dribbled out of her ass as
she leant down in front of it and let the cum smack against her face.

They were silent for a while as Candice hungrily licked up his cum and made
sure he was all out of the cum.

"Mmmm... Better than Raw?" She asked with a smile.

"Much better! That contract's going in the trash!"

"Great! I'm glad to hear it." She said with a smile. "I don't think I can
bend over. Can you help me get dressed?" Candice said again, giggling at the

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