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S Wrestlemania: Where Dreams Are Realised
by Michael

My life time goal was to be apart of te WWE(F). I'd been watching it since
I was 3 and I am now 15. I've recently been involved in a lot of films and
have become quite a star in Hollywood. Still films weren't what I wanted.
I wanted to be apart of the WWE. One day in mid Janurary 2003 my chance
arrived. My agent phoned me and told me the news I wanted to hear. Vince
McMahon wanted to sign me to a WWE contract. I couldn't beleive it. I was
concerned though because normally when film stars have appeared in wrestling
they have failed. I wanted to be a sucess. So I went to Stamford for my
meeting with Vince. He wanted me to quit Hollywood and sign with the WWE
full time. I immediately said 'yes'. Vince wanted me to go train in Ohio
for a month and then go back and negotiate a proper contract.

So I went of to Ohio and done my training with Jim Cornette's group and
rapidly took in the basics. At the end of the month I was getting great
reviews. Everyone was telling me how much of a star I was gonna be. I
returned to Stamford and me, Vince, the scriptwriters and the merchandising
people discussed my future. I was gonna be a heel, which is what I wanted.
My character was gonna be one that loved the ladies and bragged about how
cool he was and what a sucess he had been. The problem was both Stephanie
and Bischoff were having a real fued about which Brand I was to join. I
certainly wanted to be on Monday nights so I chose Raw. One reason I chose
Raw was because there wasn't much choice. I was set to Headline WrestleMania
in Seattle against The Rock in a Movie Star vs Movie Star match. My dream of
headlining Mania was to become true against the man I'd hated for a long

Steph seemed pissed with me and left the meeting looking furious. I felt bad
for Steph. I'd always liked her and another one of my dreams was to fuck her

Anyway the night of my debut came. It was to be a surprise run in on Raw
during a Undisputed Title match between The Rock and Brock Lesner. The Rock
nailed Brock with a Rock Bottom and then I ran in and nailed the Rock with
a chair. The crowd instanly recognized me and booed me out of the building.
Me and The Rock continued our feud until WrestleMania.

The big day came. Me and The Rock in the WrestleMania main event. This was
The Rock's final WWE match and he decided that he would put me over clean.
Which I appreciated even though I hate him. The card hs been pretty good.
Angle had just beaten Brock in the semi-main event for the title and now me
and The Rock where up next. The video package played and then the Fink done
the introduction. I was waiting by the curtain to do my entrance when Steph
came up to me and wished my good luck. I thanked her and she noticed that I
had gone rock hard. She let out a little laugh and said that maybe I could
go and headline something else later on. Before I gave an answer Bruce
Pritchard gave me my cue and my entrance music (Enter Sandman) hit as I made
my way to the ring. The crowd in Safeco Field gave me a great reception. The
Rock made his entrance and we immediately went at it. 46 minutes later I hit
The Rock with a shooting star press and bagged the 123.

The crowd erupted. They cheered for me as I celebrated my victory. The Rock
shook my hand and we left the stadium together. The crowd had warmed to me
and now loved everything I did. I had gained respect for The Rock and we went
backstage. Vince had a smile on his face and said he was gonna grant me a
fued with Triple H. I was delighted. Triple H had been my wrestling hero
since early 99. He was my inspiration to become a heel. But I was a bit angry
at Vince. I had no reason to fued with Triple H. Despite my great crowd
reaction I was still a heel, so too was Triple H. I had to put my creative
hat on. I needed a reason to fued with Triple H. I went back to my locker
room and locked the door so I couldn't be disturbed. I took a shower and then
sat down on my locker room bench. Then I heard a voice.

"Oh look it's the WWE's number 1 ratings winner, the big franchise player."

It was Steph. She was wearing the pink dress she wore the night she started
the Alliance. Her tits had been re-done and were now huge and firm.

"Oh hi Steph," I replied. "What can I do for you?"

"It's more like what I can do for you," Steph said.

"Oh. What is it?"

"Well, Michael. I know you and Triple H are set to fued. I mean it was my

"Well, thanks Steph."

"No worries."

"So then any idea's how we can make this I heated fued?" I asked Steph.

"Well, I have the most obvious one," she replied.

At that moment she lept on me and passionately stuck her tongue down my
throat. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was making out with one of
the sexiest woman alive. She then stood up and released her dress to reveal
her massive tits and tight pussy. She stood over me and shouted at me,
"Fucking eat me out."

I didn't hesistate for one minute and started to dart my tongue in and out
of her pussy. She moaned and groaned as I chewed her out and then she shot
her cum all overmy face. I loved the taste of her pussy juice just as much
as she loved shooting it on me. I grabbed her naked body and through her on
the floor. I began sucking her huge tits as she continued to moan.

When I finished sucking her massive tits I turned her on her front took of
my clothes and stuck my 14" cock straight up Steph's gorgeous little ass.
She screamed in pain and pleasure as I thrusted in and out of her ass. She
writhed about as my cock got bigger and harder and I began to fuck her
harder. She started to enjoy it and started to bounce on my cock. I then
shot my load up her ass before taking my cock out of her. I ate her out
again and this time she shot a bucket full of cum all over my face and the

It was time for her to taste her own medicine. She wrapped her lips around
my cock and began to bob her head up and down. She didn't want to stop
sucking and started to deep throat my whole 14" rod. I shot my load into her
mouth and she swallowed the lot. To my surpise she continued to suck on my
huge cock and did so non stop for the next 45 minutes. I came in her mouth
13 times and she just swallowed the lot.

She then told me that she wanted me to enter her pussy and do something
Triple H hadn't managed to do. Get her pregnant. I couldn't believe she
wanted my baby. I decided to go ahead and do it and stuck my staff in her
tight hole and started to shaft her. She was all over the place moaning
in ecstasy.

"Yeah....ooooooooooooohhhhh FUCK ME DAMMIT. Go on cum inside me. AAAAHHHH

I thrusted really hard into her and shot my juice inside her. We she then
turned me other and we got into the 69 posistion. She sucked my cock hard
as I licked her pussy. We simultaneously shot our cum into eachothers mouth
before I turned her back around and shafted her pussy once again. She once
again screamed for her life and I shot a load of cum inside her.

We laid there for ages before getting dressed and leaving. We went to the
main part of the backstage area and all the roster was gathered there. They
turned and looked at us in shock.

Vince McMahon came over to us and said. "You two do realise that your little
sex romp was screened on the WrestleMania post show."

I replied with, "You mean millions of people have just seen us have sex?"

Steph was silent.

"YOUR DAMN RIGHT!!!" Vince shouted.

Vince left as me and Steph looked at eachother.

Steph said, "I suppose we have a reason for your feud."

"I suppose I do."

We both left together in a limo and went to our hotel were we fucked even

Two days later. Steph and Triple H split up. He turned face. The WrestleMania
buy rate was a staggering 30 million. I was the biggest draw ever. But most
importantly I was constantly fucking the boss' daughter.

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