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Sable: $2 Crack Whore
by Larkin

(Copyright, all rights reserved by Larkin. The author appreciates your
comments or story requests and ideas at

As Rena Mero sat in her white leather couch, feet up on the coffee table,
she commiserated with a double rye and coke; her usual mid-afternoon routine
after a workout. Marc knew her patterns just too well and usually found some
excuse to get out of the house for a few hours. Usually to visit that black
tramp he has on the side thought Rena as she poured herself another. This
time at least he had a legitimate reason to be out of the house; Bischoff
had invited him to be backstage at Nitro. "Well, fuck maybe at least one of
us will be able to get some steady work!" Sable shouted aloud.

Then the phone rang and that all changed in a hurry. A mysterious female
voice, one she was sure she had never heard before had a job offer for her.
A two-way 1st class ticket tonight to come and "erotic" wrestle with her
boss. Normally, Rena would just tell these callers to fuck themselves, but
this woman seemed genuinely nervous or scared, and after all Rena and Marc
did need the money. They would be flat broke in under a year and have to sell
their mansion.

"How much, and for what exactly" asked Rena in a pissy voice.

The voice on the other end of the phone seemed to lighten up a little.
"One Thousand Dollars cash, no record of the transaction…and he wants to fuck
you too."

"One Thousand...I'm not some $2 crack whore, you tell your boss to..."

"$5,000... same terms" the voice countered.

Six hours later and Rena found herself in a swank apartment block,
somewhere in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She had only a little jet lag...
nothing a little shot of Cocaine that was provided to her by the chauffeur
that picked her up wouldn't handle. She had planned to change into her black
latex catsuit in the back of the limo, as she was specifically instructed to
show up in character as Sable. Rena hadn't counted on this being a smaller
limousine with no privacy glass separating her from the driver. Maybe it was
the Coke, maybe it was the adrenaline that was beginning to run through her
body but Sable quietly slipped out of her miniskirt and blouse, removed her
panties and bra, and slipped into her dark as night second skin. The whole
time she watched in a mixture of surreal interest and bile revolt as her
chauffeur masturbated his cock as he watched her in the rear view mirror.
"Make sure your stopped if your going to shoot that load you stupid fucker...
I don't need to be in a car wreck today... ok?" was all she could manage to
say in protest.

A prim and proper looking young blonde woman met Rena at the door. She
had on glasses and a short business skirt... Rena marveled at the resemblance
to Ms. Hancock and wondered if that was accidental.

"My name is Pamela... I'm your date's executive assistant" the woman
warmly extended her hand.

Rena stared at the closed door of what was probably the bedroom. "Is he
in there?" asked Rena, as she waved away Pamela's offered hand. "I want my 5
grand in advance before he so much as sees a tit."

"No problem" smiled the efficient Pamela who was handed a stack of bills
by the chauffeur driver. Pamela counted out 50 one hundred-dollar bills. Rena
stuffed them into her purse making sure that neither of them saw the handgun
stuffed inside. "OK let's do this" Sable said.

"No fucking way I'm walking" Sable said looking around for her handbag.

"Just a second... please" pleaded Pamela... "Look, it's just for his
security... I know you have a lot to lose... but he does too. The tape will
only be go public if you go public about tonight. Look, we'll double your
pay to $10,000."

"Fine, but you don't want to double cross me" Sable huffed and returned
to the bedroom sticking her tongue out at the rolling camera.

Sable worked a headlock as her opponent ran his hands across her latex
encased ass cheeks, stopping only to grope and fondle them. When he
delivered a stinging spank, she twisted the headlock and snapped him to the
ground. Sable then dropped a knee right to the chest of the pencil pusher.
He gasped for air... his eyes wide open. Sable used the few seconds to rest
and to unzip the front of her catsuit revealing her huge breasts. Her
nipples had been hard... helped more by the latex then by him. Still she
had to admit that this was beginning to turn her on. But she thought too
long, and he reached up grabbing her by the hair and snapped her off of him.
He lunged to his feet happy that he had his first advantage of the night,
not noticing the latex leg whip out making contact right behind his knee. He
fell like a sack of potatoes. Luckily though he landed with his chest across
hers in a perpendicular fashion knocking the wind out of her.

Moving up he straddled Sable's face, his knees pinning her arms down
hard, grinding his gotch-covered cock across her luscious lips.

"I watched hours of you on tape while I studied the WWF you bitch... I
can't tell you just how bad I want you... how many times I jacked off my big
fat cock thinking about you... that's it... smell my cock bitch... smell you
dinner... oh yeah."

Sable used her mouth to pull down the top of his briefs to allow his
purplish head to be free from confinement. Her head tilted up to meet his
crotch, his hands at the back of her head for balance. Sable's lithe tongue
snaked out, licking the underbelly of his head... so sensitive... he groaned
and released two big drops of precum across his cockhead. The drops of his
juice quickly disappeared with one large flick of the latex bitch's tongue.

"I need my hands to work your cock too, baby, let me pump your heavy cum
filled sack with my soft fingers. pleasssseeeeee." It was more than he could
handle, so he raised up off of her arms. Her hands reached out grabbing him
firmly by the shaft. In one fluid motion her legs came up and pushed his ass
forward, sending him rolling in a somersault, crashing into the wall. Lucky
for him she had released her hold on his cock.

As he slowly rose up against the wall Sable was onto him. She lifted a
knee right into his ample waist. Her forearm rose up to meet his face as it
fell forward from the blow to his gut.

"Don't hurt him too bad Sable"... the calm, ice cold voice of Pamela cut
through the bloodlust in Sable's veins like a polar bear busting through
thin ice. The simple wrestling match disappeared and the tangled webs of
deceit, money, political power, and sex spread out from the core like
wildfire. "...because you still have to fuck him if you want the other
$5,000", the executive assistant finished.

Sable took a step backward... sizing up the scum bag in front of her...
if she had any shred of decency left in her body she would just walk away...
and maybe even expose this creep for what he really is... a fucking pervert.
Her own words rang in her ear..." a $2 crack whore", as she slowly bent
down to her knees, spreading them slightly, and unzipped the crotch of her
catsuit. A victorious and lecherous smile spread across his lips as he
strolled up to her. His fingers reached out and caressed her cheekbones. He
slowly walked around her, his hands jerking her head back violently to keep
it looking straight ahead. She could only feel and smell him as he dropped
to his knees behind her... then feel his breath across her cheek as he
kissed the latex on the back of her neck. His hands began to roam free now
across the latex, never once touching the exposed skin of her ass or tits.

Then his hands found her long blonde mane, which he grabbed into a
ponytail and used to force her down onto all fours. Seconds after his gitch
had hit the floor he was on her back, riding her like a horse... rubbing his
balls and cock across the back of her latex catsuit. Sable began to hope that
he was going to cum like this, not touching her skin, not invading her pussy
with his wicked dick.

No such luck, he stopped, probably just short of blasting. Walking around
to in front of her he grabbed his dick in one hand and began to feed it into
Sable's mouth, inch by inch. Thankfully for Sable it didn't take long to feed
her the 5 inches that he packed.

"Thatta girl... oh yeah bitch... c'mon Sable... take my cock... take it
all like the $2 crack whore that you've become... oh yeah". Had he been
listening in on their conversation, or had Pamela told him? He paused for a
second with all his cock rammed into Sable's pretty face, reaching down and
pushing his balls forward so that their coolness were spread across Sable's
saliva dripping mouth. "Feel all that power... all that power over America...
you like that? You're going to taste my power tonight bitch... if you want
that other 5 grand your going to swallow my fucking load."

With that he suddenly withdrew from her mouth and scrambled quickly
around to her backside. He was about to enter her when Pamela interjected.
She whispered something to her boss about crack whores and handed him a
condom. A look of dejection spread across his face as Pamela rolled a Shiek
condom across his cock. He reached out and spanked Sable hard across the
ass..."Now why did you have to be such a whore?"

With that finished he thrust his condom covered cock into her wet cunt
in one solid motion. His easy access was in part to do with Sable's strange
arousal at tonight's job, as well as the fact that she was used to taking
Marc's big cock and hadn't taken such a small cock since grade 9.

Sable knew that he was close, he did not try to slow down his strokes.
His cock pounded into her and his hands gripped the latex covered hips like
a man possessed. Her entire body kept lurching forward with every hard
thrust. She was sure that he must have jacked off before hand in order to
have so much control now. Then he began to slip out with every few thrusts...
getting rather frustrated. "Mr.Honig get your ass over here... stand in front
of this bitch and hold her steady...ah shit why don't you stick your dick
into her mouth since you're there anyway." Sable was going to interject but
she couldn't. It had been years since she had done more than one guy at a
time, ever since Marc's jealous side began to show. She was going to salvage
something out of this night besides $10,000. Where the hell did a guy like
this get $10,000 from anyway? Not donations? Maybe from... and then it all
came to Sable... she figured it out.

"Fucking whore... your what is wrong with this fucking country... look
at you..." the man managed between gasps and thrusts into Sable's now very
wet pussy. "fucking two studs like us, and not even tight enough to keep my
massive cock in your cunt." Sable choked on Mr.Honig's cock because of
laughter, but the man fucking her took it as something else. "Yeah, that's
it baby, I hope you choke on his big cock.!" "Take it dog, take it like the
bitch in heat you are, oh yeah slut..." A couple more thrusts and he was

Sable felt the little cock in her stiffen just a little and he held it
deep inside her as he shouted that he was cumming. He whimpered like a
little baby, calling her Mommy as his cum flowed. In her excitement Sable
felt her own orgasm build. As the spent man slumped to the ground behind
her, Sable raised herself up onto her knees. She attacked Mr.Honig's cock
with a fury, her tongue teasing his head, her mouth twirling madly around
his cock head making her blonde hair dance across his abs. Her latex gloved
hand jerked his saliva covered shaft as her other hand got buried up her own
pussy. She began to bury her entire fist into her pussy, a sensation that
after having such a small cock pushed her over the edge. She lost feeling
of where she was, as the orgasm washed over her. Sable felt Mr. Honig's hot
load splatter across her face, felt his gentle hands on her hair... she
heard another woman erupting in the room too...must have been Pamela. Sable
shuddered and screamed until the wonderful sensations passed. She paused
for a long time on her knees...hearing the breathing of all four people in
the room...all 4 spent.

"I want my other 5 thousand Pamela, and I want it now." Sable got up,
zipping up her crotch and tits. Using her latex glove she wiped up the cum
from her face, smiling at Mr.Honig who groaned the whole time that she
licked it clean.

"I'm afraid that you forgot one thing dear," said Pamela. "You have to
eat his cum." She stood there naked looking at Sable and holding out a
dangling used condom with a couple teaspoons full of cooling cum still

Remembering the tape, the oral agreement, and the fact that she did not
have the other 5 grand yet she reluctantly reached out for the condom.
Pamela shook her head no, and stepped forward. Her hands gently pushed
Sable's neck backwards and then kissed her full across the lips. Pamela's
tongue licked the inside of Sable's mouth, probing for a taste of Mr.Honig's
seed. Then after their lips and tongues parted, Pamela fed the condom to
Sable, letting the cum run down into her mouth. Sable grimaced, never before
taking such a load of cold cum before. It quickly warmed though as it
disappeared down into her stomach.

It had been a hell of a night thought Sable as she boarded the plane
headed back to Ft. Lauderdale. But hell, she was $10,000 richer for doing a
double that was in retrospect quite enjoyable, had gotten the phone number
of that hot little Pamela, and best of all there was no way in hell that Mr.
Brent Bozell of the PTC was going to tell anyone anything. Especially when
he was confronted by Sable's skills of conjecture. Slipping back into the
Rena Mero persona, she thought that Vince McMahon would be eating crow if
only he knew that "the blonde bytch" had figured out what had escaped even
him. It seems Mr. Bozell was getting rich in kickbacks from the advertisers
who were on the WWF's waiting list for SmackDown ads. Every time the PTC got
someone to withdraw from SmackDown advertising, Mr. Bozell got a tidy little
cheque in the mail from the company who inherited the vacant spot. The
stewardess looked alarmed as Sable couldn't help herself from laughing out

"Sorry" Sable apologized to the stewardess, before whispering in
confidence, "just some bad crack that's all."

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