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Sable Bombed
By Wingshoe

I had only been with the WWF for a couple of weeks. I was so happy to
finally have achieved my dream of making it to the WWF. You see, I'm a
professional wrestler. I'd been kicking around the independant organizations
for about three years. All the hard work had finally paid off when I was
approached by Jim Ross after a WWO show one night in Hartford. I haven't
made the big RAW telecasts yet, but rumors had it that they had plans for
me. But I'm rambling, this isn't about my career, its about one wild night
with Rena Mero, aka Sable.

I really didn't have a lot of friends with the company yet. Wrestlers
are a great secondary family, but being new, a lot of the guys hadn't
really accepted me yet. I was still going through that hazing period.
Anyway, I was alone in bar & grill and was getting pretty lit. I was
keeping to myself. Marc and Rena Mero were having dinner in the restaurant
part and their discussion was getting pretty heated. Mero slammed the table
with his fists and got up and left. I don't know what possessed me to walk
over there. It was really none of my business, but I got up and walked

"Um... excuse me. Sable?" I said meekly.

"What do you want? An autograph? This isn't a good time." She snapped.

"Oh, no. I'm Aaron. I just started working with you guys about two weeks

"Well, what is it?" She said coldly.

"I couldn't help but see what happened, do you want to talk about it?"

"No I don't want to.. well... alright. Sit down"

I sat down across from Sable at the table. Sable was looking fabulous.
She was wearing a white blouse and a pair of black slacks. Her blonde hair
was pulled back off her face.

"Sable, what happened?" I said.

"Oh, you can call me Rena. It's just... Marc's cheating on me." She put
her head in her hand. "and he said its all my fault."

"Why? What did you do?"

"He said that I was ignoring him... that I was too busy parading around
the arena like a little whore and making personal apppearances instead of
helping him with his rehab. I mean, what does he want? This whole Sable
thing was his idea to spend more time with him. I can't help it that the
people took to me and not to him."

"That's no reason for him to screw around." I said.

"And you know, it's not the first time. He did it when we worked for
Turner, and he's doing it again. It doesn't matter if I'm here or not." She
said a bit angerly.

"Well, not to sound forward or anything, I don't know how he could cheat
on you. If you were my wife, I'd never cheat on you." I said.

"That's sweet. And you know what?" She asked.

"No... what?"

"He took the car and left me here. Can you believe that. Just because
he's Steve's friend he think he can do anything he wants."

"You know, I can take you back so you won't have to pay for a cab." I

"Thanks, I think I'll take you up on that. But right now, let's just
forget about Marc and his childish games. I know you're new here, I'll buy
the rest of the night." Sable offered.

Not being one to turn down free drinks, "Sure. That sounds great."

We chatted for an hour or two over drinks. We spent a while talking
about where I think my career might go. Most of the conversation was about
how Rena started with the intentions of being just a valet, but through
pressure from Marc and Vince McMahon, she had the breast implants to put
her over top of Sunny as the top female draw and finally how it all
ventured into wrestling herself. Quite an interesting and eye opening
conversation from my end.

It was getting late, and true to her word, Rena picked up the tab. We
walked together out to my car. I let her inside and carefully drove us back
to the hotel. I had to concentrate doublely hard because a) I didn't want
to appear drunk to any cops, and b) Sable's blouse was just barely covering
her "Sable Bomb's", those 38DD's which I got the story on earlier tonight.

We walked into the hotel together and got in the elevator. I pushed the
number for my floor. "What floor's your room on?" I asked.

"Same." She replied.

In the elevator's when things started to turn. Sable took my hand as the
elevator went up. Just the touch of her hand in mine was starting to get me
hard. Sable turned to me and smile. She put her other hand on my shoulder.

"You mind if I come inside for a little bit. I want to get composed in
case Marc's in the room." Rena said.

"Sure, no problem." I responded.

Sable held my hand all the way down to my hotel room. I got the key card
out of my wallet and opened the door for her. Sable ducked in the bathroom
as I threw my keys and wallet on the dresser and took off my shoes. I turned
on the TV and flipped to MSNBC to get the latest news. I sunk into the
plush chair that was in my room.

"Newsflash. Beautiful, willing, half-naked woman looking for a good

I looked up and there she was. Rena was walking towards me from the
bathroom wearing nothing but a white lace bra and panty set. She walked to
me sexily and took my hand. I stood up and looked at her.

"Wow, Rena, You look fantastic." I stammered.

"I figure that Marc's not the only one that can get laid when ever he
feels like it. I want you to call me Sable the rest of the night. He thinks
Sable walks around like a slut, I'll show you what a slut Sable can be. I'm
horny as hell and I want you to help me satisfy the hunger in my snatch."
Sable purred putting my hand on her panty covered crotch.

A thought popped into my head. This was too good to be true. I had to do
something to remember this in case I happened to forget in the morning. "You
know what? You ever videotaped yourself... you know..."

"Fucking?" Sable grinned.

"Yeah." I said.

"No, but it sounds like a great idea." She said.

I dug into my bag and got my camera. I set it up on the dresser in a
position to get a nice closeup of the bed, but covered it all. When the
camera was set, I kicked off my shoes and walked over to Sable.

Sable smiled and put her arms around my neck. Our lips brushed, and then
parted. Our tongues probed each other's mouths with gentle passion. My hands
ran themselves over her curves as we kissed. I undid her bra with one hand.
Sable pulled back a bit and let her bra fall to the floor.

She ran her finger down my chest and started unbuttoning my shirt. As I
pulled my shirt off, Sable's busy hands started undoing my pants. She got
down on her knees in front of me and pulled my pants and underwear down
freeing my cock to her gaze.

"Now that's what I've been looking for." Sable purred as she wrapped a
hand around my dick and started to gently stroke it.

Remembering that we were performing for a camera, I shuffed a little to
get us into perfect view. Sable ran her tongue along the underside of my
cock as she massaged my balls with her other hand.

"Hmm... enough of the teasing. I want you to suck my dick, Sable." I

Rena was more than happy to oblige. She pressed her tongue on the slit
of my cockhead and soon wrapped ther mouth around the head. Sable swirled
her tongue around the head of my cock and started to take more and more
into her mouth. The warm wet sensation was fantastic. Sable started to suck
and bob her head up and down on my shaft. I placed my hand on the back of
her head and ran my fingers through her blonde hair as she blew me. Sable
was sucking my cock like a champion, I couldn't believe Mero would pass this
up for some other piece of ass!

Sable took my dick out of her mouth and looked up at me with sex in her
eyes. She slapped my cock on her outstretched tongue and continued to blow
me. Sable tightened the grip of her mouth on my cock and the sensation was
almost too much to bear.

"Oh God, Sable. You keep that up and I'm going to cum right now." I

She took my dick out of her mouth and smiled. Sable stood up kissed me
passionately. I took her breast in my hand and squeezed it gently as our
tongues battled back and forth in our mouths. I made my way down to Sable's
neck kissing it. I spun her back towards me with her facing the video camera.
I reached around and massaged her 38DD's as I kissed the nape of her neck.
I ran my hands down the curves of her sides to her hips and under the
waistband of her lace panties. With a gentle tug, I pulled them over her
hips. Sable shimmied and let them fall to the floor.

I reached my hand over to her pussy and caressed ran my fingers through
her bush and over her lips. I pulled Sable closer to me, my dick pressed
against her ass crack. I ran my hands up her stomach and took her tits in
my hands again. Sable turned back to me and gently pushed me onto the bed.

I laid down on the bed and Sable got on all fours over top of me in a 69
position. Sable was facing the camera with my dick in her hand. She stroked
my cock slowly and gently as she positioned her pussy over my face. She ran
her lips and tongue down the length of my shaft. I moved my mouth towards
Sable's already wet pussy and ran my tongue the length of her slit.

"Ummm... there we go. Lick my pussy. I want to cum all over your face."
Sable said.

I pulled Sable's snatch closer to my face and started licking her pussy.
I flicked my tongue in and out, up and down, and back and forth in her wet
slit making her clit stand. I gently caressed it with my tongue. Sable
started to grind her hips ever so slightly as I ate her pussy. It was long
before starting to lick and suck faster to keep up with Sable's movements.

"Oooooooooohhhhh... that's it.... that feels so good....." Sable purred.

I slit a finger into her wetness as I licked. With my finger good and
slick, I proceeded to lube up Sable's asshole. As I sucked on her pussy, I
took my finger and slid it into her tight ass.

"Ooooooooo.... I like that..." she purred.

Sable was grinding her pussy against my face harder, which also slid my
finger into her ass up to my second knuckle. She kept this up as she took my
dick back into her mouth. Sable relaxed her throat and took my cock all the
way into her mouth. Sable's mouth was working hard on my cock as I ate her
pussy with a fever.

Sable moaned as she started bucking her pussy back onto my tongue faster
and harder. She shuttered and spasamed. Soon, her pussy secretions will
flowing down my face and over my chin. I kept on licking and sucking trying
to get them all in, but she was cumming so bad that some ran down her thighs.
Sable was working on my cock trying to get me to cum, but I stopped her.

"Not yet... not yet..." I said breathing heavy.

I rolled Sable onto her back and kissed her. Her mouth sucked on my
tongue as we started grinding our pelvis' together. We broke the kiss and
Sable eagerly spread her legs in anticipation of what was to come. We moved
so that we were profile to the camera.

I ran my cockhead the length of Sable's wet slit. Her eyes were hot with
anticipation. I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy eliciting a little
sigh from her. I grabbed Sable's thighs and slid myself deep into her pussy.
Sable moaned as the velvety wetness of her pussy wrapped itself around my

"Mmmmmmmmm.... fuck me.... I want you so bad...." Sable said.

I started to slide my cock in and out of her snatch. I pulled out nearly
all the way and then slid back in as deep as I could. We started slowly at
first, but it wasn't long before Sable was eager to pick up the pace. I
started to move my hips faster to meet Sable on each thrust. I watched as
Sable's tits bounced with each thurst.

"Oh God yeah... fuck me... yeah..." Sable moaned.

I could feel her pussy gripping my cock as I fucked her faster and faster.
I felt Sable's fingers rake across my back as she tried to hold on as we
fucked. She rolled her eyes in ecstacy and her moaning was getting louder
and louder as her snapping pussy gripped my dick harder and faster as I
kept up the pace.

"Oh God, Sable. This is fucking great. I don't know how Marc could cheat
on this." I panted. "I'm gonna cum any second now."

"Do it. I want to feel your cum inside me." Sable responded back.

I was on the verge. I was slamming my cock into her like there was no
tomorrow. I felt Sable's pussy spasam and that was all I needed to send me
over the edge. Sable moaned with pleasure as I started shooting load after
load of hot jism deep into her belly.

I slowed down and tried to catch my breath.

"My God... that was fabulous." Sable purrred playfully gripping my dick
with her pussy. "I could do this all night long."

The coaxing of her eager beaver was getting me hard again. I pulled out
of Sable. My dick was slick with her fruits of her pussy. We got off the
bed. I moved the camera to another position. Sable, getting the idea, leaned
forward putting her hands on the bed facing the camera. I moved in behind
her and quickly found her slick pussy.

Sable reached back and helped me guide my dick into her hot snatch. I
pushed myself into her and Sable moaned with pleasure. I squeezed her ass
as I started to slide myself in and out of her pussy doggy style. Sable
lowered her head and chest rotating her pussy for maximum penetration.

I started to pump my cock in and out of her pussy faster and faster. My
hips made her gorgeous ass cheeks giggle as they slapped against my body.

"Oh.... oh.... oh..... fuck yeah.... oh yeah... do me... " she panted.

My dick accidently popped out of her slick pussy. Sable turned her head
to look back at me when I got an idea. I started to slide my lubed up cock
around the rim of her asshole. Sable, sensing what I was up to, reached
around with her hand and helped spread her ass cheeks.

"Yeah... fuck my ass. I've never did that before." Sable purred.

I pushed the head of my cock into her slicked up virgin asshole. Sable
winced a bit as I slid more and more of my shaft into her ass. She relaxed
as I started to pump my hips slowly sliding my cock in and out of her ass.
It was tight, but the feeling was fantastic. I started to fuck Sable's ass
faster and faster.

"Sable... your ass is so hot & tight... I think I'm gonna cum again." I

"I want it... I want you to cum on my tits."

I pulled out of her ass and put my cock between those beautiful 38DD's.
I straddled Sable and began to fuck her big breasts. I couldn't hold back
anymore and started to blow my load.

The first gob landed on Sable's neck. I pulled my dick from between her
tits and kept on stroking as I came. The next one flew up onto her lips with
some force. I kept on cumming splashing onto her face, neck, and tits. When
I was finally spent, Sable licked the cum from her lips and what was left
from my cock.

She got up and walked into the bathroom to clean off. I admired that
gorgeous figure as she disappeared from view for a few minutes. She came
back with a big smile on her face. She climbed into bed next to me and
snuggled close.

"That was wonderful. I haven't fucked like that in so long." Sable said.

I kissed her on the forehead as she fell asleep in my arms.

I woke up the next morning wondering if the entire night had been a
dream. I turned my head and found out that yes, I had indeed fucked Sable
last night. She wasn’t in the bed next to me, but was up getting starting
dressed. God, she was beautiful. If only she wasn't married to Mero, I'd be
a happy man for years to come. As I watched this gorgeous woman get dressed,
my dick started to get hard again.

"Oh. You're up." She said while pulling on her pants.

"Yeah. You leaving now?" I asked.

"I've got to get going." Sable stole a quick look at my hardening cock.
"Hey. I see something else is up too." She said as she fumbled with the
clasps of her bra.

"Well, seeing you standing there naked is quite an attractive sight!"

She buttoned her blouse. "That was a lot of fun last night. But, it
wouldn't be right to leave without a kiss goodbye."

Sable slinked onto the bed. Instead of giving me a kiss, she pulled the
blanket down to expose my once again, rock hard dick.

"You fucked Sable last night, this one's from Rena Mero." Sable licked
her lips and lowered her head to my cock. I watched with quiet satisfaction
as I saw her mouth envelop my dick.

The sensation was fantastic again. Sable sucked cock like a champion.
Her tongue sliding the length my my cock with each bob of her head. She
pulled it out of her mouth for a second and gave it a couple of quick pumps
with her hand. Sable looked up at me and smiled and went back to work on my

She took me into her mouth slower this time. Her tongue first made
contact with the slit on my dick. The warm moist feeling slowly moved down
the length of my shaft. Sable controlled her gag reflex and took the entire
length of my cock into her mouth just as the night before. I looked and her
lips were pressed against my pubic area.

The sucking sensation started to overwhelm me. I was getting ready to
cum and Sable sensed it. She pulled back a bit, tightened the hold her mouth
had on my throbbing shaft and began bobbing her head up and down on my cock

"Oh God. I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna..."

Instead of not cumming in her mouth like last night, Rena kept sucking
on my dick. I couldn't hold back any more and started to blow my load. I
grabbed the back of her head for support as I lost myself in orgazam. Sable
kept on sucking and sucking as I came, not spilling a single drop.

After one long slow pull off of my dick. Sable smiled and wiped her lips.
"Nothing like getting a good breakfast in the morning."

Rena slinked off the bed and slid on her shoes. After flattening her
pants, she walked over to my side of the bed.

"I hope you do well here. Maybe we'll be able to do this again som...."
she trailed off looking at the floor for a second. "Who knows. Maybe I'd be
better off without Marc. I had a great time last night and maybe I can help
work something out for you... and us."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll find out." She said. "I've got to go now."

Rena kissed me quickly with just a little bit of tongue and walked out
of my hotel room. I heard the front door close, and began to ponder the
meaning of her message.


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