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Chris and Sunny walked back from the bar, they were both amused at the
rather drunk state of Mark Mero, maybe the funnier part was watching Sable
trying to pull her husband together just enough to get him to their room.
Chris opened the door to the hotel room to see Francine, wearing only a
body stocking, cradling Shane Douglas' lap. His hands were planted firmly
on her ass as he sucked on her tits thru the fabric. He stuck his head out
and let out a big smile. "Beers in the fridge if you guys want it".

They both just smiled and took a seat on the couch, saying nothing. They
watched as Shane slowly worked over his girl, laying her on her stomach, he
worked his hands down her back and ripped the fabric of the body suit at
her ass. Next he lowered his tongue between her cheeks and slid it deep in
her anal valley, she let out a low gasp.

Sunny smiled as she watched and let her hand slip between Chris' legs.
She wasn't surprised to find that he was already quite excited. Shane
cocked his head and with a grin motioned for Sunny to come over to him.
Sunny kissed Chris then walked to the bed, Shane grabbed Francine's hair
and pushed it into the pillow. Sunny sat on the side of the bed, letting
her legs fall open, revealing her pink panties to Chris. Shane got on his
knees and slid his sweats down, freeing his 8 inch cock. He slid it along
Francine's ass as Sunny whispered into her ear what it looked like.

"Oh Fran, its so fucking long, so hard, I think he's gonna stick that
thing in your ass, do you think you can take it"? As she spoke, Sunny let
her hand slide between her legs and lightly massaged her clit thru her

Chris had his cock out and stroked it as he watched and listened to the
threesome on the bed. Francine only made low grunting sounds as she humped
the bed, offering her ass to the Franchise.

"I think that's a yes Shane", Sunny remarked coyly as she lifted one leg
and slid her thumb inside her panties.

Shane removed his hand from Francine's hair and turned her head towards
Sunny and Chris. "Well bitch, was that a yes?" Shane asked.

"Oh God, yes!" Franchise demanded, "Fuck me in the ass. Treat me like
the whore I am." Shane laughed a maniacal laugh and then spit into her
asshole, next he took a finger and rammed it straight into her tight

Sunny cooed as she laid back and raised her legs in the he air. "Do you
like my ass Chris? Would you finger my ass?"

Chris stood up, cock in hand and slowly walked over to her. "Hold on
baby, watch this", Sunny purred as she lowered her legs. She wrapped her
arms around Chris' waist and watched as Shane thrust his cock full force
into Francine's asshole. Sunny licked her lips as her eyes met Shane's,
their eyes fixated. She bit her lower lip as she listened to Francine's
low wails of pleasure each time Shane's cock penetrated her. Chris
caressed Sunny's hair and leaned over to lick her ear, she turned her head
and tongue along his, letting her hands roam to his balls and gently rub
them, she could feel the load acquiring in them and was desperate to have

Standing up, Sunny took Chris' hand in hers and led him back to the
couch and sat down. She smiled up at him as she lifted off her top, her
perfectly pert breasts were cupped beautifully in a pink lace bra. She
rubbed her tits as Chris smacked his cock on her face, she could already
see the pre-cum forming on his head and knew that it wouldn't take long for
him to cum, but she didn't care, it had been too long without him, and
tonight they had all night to do anything and everything they wanted to do.
Francine's shouts were getting louder as Shane's thrusts were getting
harder, meanwhile, Sunny was working her hand up and down Chris's shaft as
she looked back at Shane pounding Francine's ass.

"If I swallow your cum, will you fuck my ass later, baby?" Sunny asked
in a baby doll voice.

"I'll fuck your ass, I'll lick your clit, I'll do anything you want,
baby. Just suck my cock, babe. God, I wanna see you swallow my cum."

Sunny continued sucking then slid her lips off his cock and looked up
at him with a smile on her face. "Will you fuck Sable? Fuck her while
Franny and I watch? You and Shane both nail her while we watch?"

Chris was shocked he looked down in disbelief at her request but was
quickly taken back to ecstasy as she slid her lips over the head of his

"I'm gonna shoot it Franny, get your face up here and swallow this
load!", Shane barked as he removed his cock from Francine's ass, she leapt
up to her knees and spun around, lowering her head over his cock as he
jerked off.

Holding her mouth wide open Shane shot a straight, thick load of jizz up
into her mouth. The cum bounced off of the roof of her mouth, a slight
tickle that she loved. As soon as it bounced off of the roof it slid down
her throat, coating it. Her hands reached down and she squeezed his balls
as he jerked himself off more, for nearly 20 seconds he shot stream after
stream of jizz into her mouth. Franny then lowered her head and took his
cock into her mouth, moving up and down the shaft with her lips as she
sucked the last bit of cum out of him like a vacuum.

When he was thru, Shane turned his head to watch Sunny and Chris. Chris
was naked and standing with his legs apart, his ass clenched as Sunny deep
throated his thick cock. Shane cupped Francine's head in his hands and
whispered to her, "Go help Chris, lick his ass, I want a load of cum down
her throat just like the one that went down yours."

Francine smiled and gave him a kiss and got off of the bed, before she
could walk over though, Shane grabbed her ripped fabric around her ass in
one hand and roughly ripped the body suit from her body. The suit was now
completely off except for below her knees, it drug as she walked. Shane
smacked her on the ass as he watched her strut over to Chris.

Sunny's hands were gripped tightly on Chris's ass cheeks when she felt
Francine tap on her hands, Sunny then spread his ass as far as she could
and Francine got on her knees. Chris looked back and grinned as he realized
what was about to happen. He ran his hands thru Sunny's blonde hair as
Francine's tongue slid in his crack, her long tongue massaged his prostate
as Sunny sucked harder and harder, her lips forming a death grip on his fat

As the women worked over Chris, Shane sat on the edge of the bed
thinking about what Sunny had said to Chris about fucking Sable. Shane put
his pants back on and walked down the hallway to get some champagne and
saw Tommy Dreamer and Beulah locked in a passionate embrace in the hallway.
An idea hit him, he pulled Tommy aside and after a few minutes of talking,
all three of them walked back to the room.

As they entered the room, Sunny was laying back on the couch, Chris was
leaning over her, his dick in her mouth, Francine with one finger in Chris'
ass and another rubbing Sunny's clit thru her pretty pink panties. Chris'
moan announced to the room his oncoming explosion and both Tommy and Shane
took up a good position to see the cum leaking out of Sunny's mouth.

Chris' eyes were closed, his mouth clenched shut and his cock churning
out a gallon of cum, so much so that as much as she swallowed, Sunny
couldn't take it all. Francine helped take up the slack by licking any
semen that was on Sunny's face. Shane and Tommy just laughed as Chris
slumped to floor and Sunny and Francine kissed, swapping cum back and forth
until they had both swallowed the entire load that was in Sunny's mouth.

Tommy and Beulah were sitting on the bed as the other 2 couples sat on
the couch. The 6 discussed the plan that Shane had come up with. Sunny
called down to the bar and asked to be alerted when Mero and Sable left.
The 3 couples kissed, fondled, fingered and did everything short of fucking
as they awaited for the call. In about 10 minutes the phone rang and it
was now time to put the plan into action.


Sunny, Chris and Tommy headed for the elevator and went up to the floor
that Marc and Sable were staying at, they waited down the hall until the
elevator rang and then began to make their way down the hall. Marc stumbled
clumsily out of the elevator and Tommy nonchalantly bumped into him, Marc
did as the threesome expected he would.

"Watch where the fuck your going man", Marc snapped to Tommy.

"Hey brother, you're the one who looks to be three sheets to the wind,
maybe you should look where your going", Chris retorted. This set Marc off,
he turned around and shoved Chris.

One punch later, Marc was on his back in dreamland. Sable knelt over
Marc, a mixture of embarrassment and upset over took her. Chris did a good
job of acting upset and remorseful enough to get Sable to admit that it
wasn't his fault at all, Marc had a way of getting out of hand when he
drank, she explained.

Tommy and Chris helped a stone cold Marc to his feet and they escorted
him to he and Sable's room. The 2 men carried Marc to the bed as Sunny made
small talk with Sable, eagerly listening to everything she had to say,
feigning interest in every sentence while all the time measuring just how
drunk she really was.

After they got Marc onto the bed the 2 men prepared to leave, but Sunny
continued to be an ear for Sable. As the minutes passed the 2 men pretended
to grow disinterested to the woman's conversation, finally Sunny lined up
her exit.

"Well, I'd love to stay and talk some more but Beulah's downstairs,
can't keep her waiting. God knows we'll be lonely enough tonight while the
guys play poker. Hey, why don't you come down and join us, maybe we'll even
head down to the jacuzzi. Just the girls, whata ya say?"

Sable was a bit shocked at the invitation, she had always thought that
the ECW crew didn't want anything to with her, and truth be told, she never
really got along with Sunny too much, but she was being really under-
standing tonight. Still she thought it best to just sit around and make
sure Marc was OK.

"Oh, don't worry about him, I'm sure he's been hit by men a lot stronger
than Chris, but if you must, I understand, but just in case, I'll leave
you our room number. Give us a call if you wanna come down. Like I said,
just me and Beulah, probably watching some movies and hanging out."

Sable was very flattered at the offer and at this point she was ready
to go, but something inside of her told her not to, and she went with her
gut, declining again.

The three made their way back to their room and joined Beulah. They
wondered aloud over how long they should wait for a call before getting
down to business amongst themselves. They didn't have to wait long.

Sable had gotten changed into a more appropriate jeans and tank top as
soon as the trio left and after 2 minutes of flicking thru the channels
decided that there was no reason to spend the rest of the evening alone.
Their flight wasn't until 2PM tomorrow and it wasn't even midnight yet. She
surely could hang out for a few hours. After all Marc wasn't going

As soon as the phone rang Sunny jumped up and picked it up. She repeated
her and Beulah's plans for the night while describing a fake poker game
going on between the three men, the whole time pinching and twisting at her
nipple as the others in the room tried to contain their laughter.

As soon as Sunny hung up the phone the three men jolted up and set up a
poker game, stacking chips as if they had been playing for awhile, Beulah
and Francine climbed onto the couch and put a tape in the VCR, Sunny got
settled in a chair next to the bed and they sat back, relaxed and waited
for the knock.

The knock came about 2 minutes later, "Come on in, hun", Sunny yelled,
dispensing of any formalities. Sable peaked her head thru the door and was
waved in by Beulah and Francine. Sunny didn't look very happy, although she
did manage a hello.

"Here, why don't you have my seat, doesn't look like I'll be needing
it", Sunny uttered as she looked at Chris.

"Look, hon, all I asked was if ya wouldn't mind going down to the KFC
and picking up some chicken. If you don't want to you don't have to.
There's no need to make a big deal out of it", Chris said while keeping his
eyes focused on the game.

"Chris, you knew I had asked Sable over. We were gonna sit and watch a
movie damnit. Why do you always have to that?" With that, Sunny stormed out
of the room.

"Better go talk to her Chris", Shane nudged.

"Yeah man, that was pretty stupid", Tommy added.

Chris flung his cards to the table and followed Sunny out of the door.
Sable felt extremely awkward until Francine walked over to take Chris'
hand, "Come help me out, hon."

"Oh, no. I'm not any good at cards", Sable replied.

"That makes 2 of us", Francine said as she smiled.

The girls made small talk with the guys as they played a few hands,
talking about the business, life on the road, relationships, but nothing to
kinky. They didn't want to scare her off.

After about 10 hands the guys realized they were almost out of money, it
took the girls awhile but they soon realised that they had won over $400 in
the past 15 minutes. Noting that it was getting late and they needed a
chance to win their money back, Shane asked if the girls would be willing
to put all their winnings upon one hand.

Francine thought for a moment and then told him, "We'll put up the
money, if you put up your pants", Franny smiled and snickered as she said
this, trying to make it seem as though she were only joking, but Beulah
piped up immediately from the other side of the room.

"I'll throw in another hundred to see that", Beulah was dead serious.

Sable knew of her reputation for doing magazines and a few videos and
began to wonder if she was gonna see just how wild Beulah was. Beulah
strolled over to the table and threw down a hundred dollar bill. Francine
pretended to be shocked and Sable just smiled awkwardly.

"Sounds good to me", Shane said.

"Whata ya think hon?" Francine asked Sable. Sable tried to divorce
herself from the situation, but Shane already began dealing. When he was
done, he threw the offer out once more.

"Pick up your cards and we got ourselves a deal".

Neither woman moved, then suddenly, Beulah picked up the cards, "Deal.
Don't worry girls, I'll cover ya if we lose."

Shane laid his cards on the table, a full house. The 2 men laughed and
smiled. Beulah got a mile wide grin on her face as she held her 5 cards to
her chest. Slowly and seductively she laid them down on the table, 4

The guys did their best to fake being shocked. "A deals a deal fellows",
Beulah crowed.

Sable put on a fake smile, but she really wasn't interested in seeing
these guys without their pants on.

Shane stood up first, proclaiming he wasn't shy, and began to take his
pants off. Francine piped up and told Shane not to do it, but Shane wasn't
having any of it. His pants were down in seconds, and much to Sable's
shock, he wasn't wearing any underwear. Francine and Beulah broke out in
laughter, not at his penis, it was quite large, but rather in a pre-planned
method to lighten the mood.

"Hey, Tammy look at Mr. Big dick over here", Francine chortled as Sunny
and Chris walked into the room.

Sunny looked over and slowly but surely a grin came to her face. Sable
saw this and even she began to laugh. They were all so busy laughing that
they didn't notice Tommy had whipped his dick out.

"I didn't feel like taking my pants off, but this is all you guys wanted
to see anyway wasn't it?"

"Oh my dear lord!" Francine said softly. "That's the thickest cock I
have ever seen. Beulah, you weren't kidding girl".

Sable was just shocked, it wasn't the longest dick she had ever seen,
but it was by far the thickest.

Francine called Sunny over to see this spectacle, Sunny walked over
slowly and was just as shocked as the other 2 girls, she bent over to look
at it. Tommy held it in his fist to give her a better view. Just then Chris
walked in.

"What the fuck is going on here?", Chris asked as he shut the door.

"Honey, come here, are you bigger than this?" Sunny asked, never taking
her eyes off of Tommy's dick.

Chris walked over, studied Tommy's dick and then told them that he was
bigger than that. None of the three girls believed him, so Sunny goaded him
to whip his out and show them.

"I'll whip it out, if you give me a reason to whip out, babe", Chris

"Honey, if yours is bigger than this, I'll do something with it",
Francine said non-chalantly.

"That sounds like another bet Franny", Shane said without a hint of

"Well, honey, I'll make you a deal. If it is bigger than Tommy's, I'll
blow Chris, but if its not, you have to let Nicole Bass do all those things
she's been saying she wants to do with you".

"Oh, yuck", Sable giggled, to her this was all levity.

"Deal" the Franchise proclaimed, and with that, Chris dropped his pants
and underwear, and indeed, it was bigger than Tommy's. Not by a lot, but
noticeably. Chris had a smirk on his face and he walked over to the couch
and sat down, still with his pants down.

"Don't worry, baby. Your dick is still the dick for me", Beulah cooed
as she sat on Tommy's naked lap and kissed him.

"Well, Francine, a deal's a deal. Now come on down and go on down",
Chris said. Francine got, up took a sip of burbon and then walked over to
Chris. She wiggled a bit before dropping to her knees.

Sable couldn't believe what she was seeing. She couldn't actually see
them, but she knew Francine was blowing Chris. She looked over and saw that
Tommy had his hand up Beulah's shirt, she then looked over and saw that
Sunny didn't look all to happy about the situation. Shane in the meanwhile,
had his eyes fixed on the show going over on the couch.

"I'm really sorry about this", Sunny told Sable, never making eye
contact with her.

"Its okay", Sable said quietly, "I think I'm gonna go up to my room and
see how Marc is doing".

"Its just a shame that you try to get away from one asshole and then
you have to end up spending it with 5 of them", Sunny remarked.

"Hey, I'm not doing anything", Shane let out.

"You could at least put your dick away", Sunny told him, once again
never making eye contact with him.

Shane pulled up his pants, stood up and then roughly asked Sunny if he
could see her in the bathroom. Sunny got up and followed him, but patted
Sable on the back told her to wait a minute and they would go down to the

Sable smiled in agreement and took a sip of burbon. She heard loud
talking coming from the bathroom immediately. She tried to listen closely
but the sounds of Chris moaning and of Beulah's low whispers to Tommy made
it nearly impossible to hear.

By now Tommy had removed Beulah's top and held her tit as he sucked on
her nipple. As much as Sable was disgusted by what Francine and Chris were
doing, she had trouble being mad at Tommy and Beulah, they seemed so
sensual, and Tommy was definitely not eager to get off and get done. Rather
he was spending plenty of time on Beulah, Sable appreciated that.

Just then she heard Sunny call for her, Sable got up and slowly opened
the bathroom door. She was shocked by what she saw. There was Sunny, bent
over the sink, her head turned towards the door, a grimace on her face with
her skirt up over her back and her panties down around her thighs.

"If, if, ughhhhh, if he wants a, a, oooh, a blowjob from her, then I
might as......ughhh", Sunny's voice trailed off as she lowered her head
into the sink and began making low grunting sounds as Shane slowly and
forcefully pumped his cock in and out of her.

"Look at this body", Shane grunted, looking at Sable as he continued to
fuck Tammy, "these long beautiful legs, this amazing ass", he continued as
he spanked her ass, "and those breasts, hah! I haven't gotten to them yet,
but I will".

Sable was shocked, she was flat in the middle of an orgy. Shane
continued, "Speaking of breasts, yours may be the most beautiful I've ever
never seen. Let me see 'em, let me see those gorgeous tits, Sable".

Sable's mouth opened wide, she wanted to yell at him, tell him off and
storm out of there, but Shane interrupted her, "Come on, Sable, were all
adults here. I know you want more than what you got right now. Shut the
door, honey. Shut the door and step into the world of extreme".

Before Sable knew exactly what she was doing, the door was shut. Shane
smiled at her and then went back to plowing into Tammy's cunt.

Meanwhile, out in the living room, Chris was running his hands through
Francine's hair, his head leaned back. She knew he was about to pop and
slid her tongue along the underside of his cock, her upper lip rubbing the
tip of his cock.

This sent Chris over the edge, he grabbed a hand full of Francine's hair
and shot a massive load up into her mouth. Franny just let it all spray in
and slide down, her eyes locked on his. Glob after glob of thick cum ran
down the back of her throat. When she was sure Chris had given her every
last drop of his hot cum she climbed up on the couch and curled up with
him, he massaged her breasts as they talked about what they thought might
be going on in the bathroom.

Sable stood with her back to the shut door, unsure of what her next move
should be, unsure even of what she had just done. Sunny continued making
animal noises as Shane plowed away inside of her. Sable couldn't help but
notice Shane's beautifully sculpted body in the throws of this purely
sexual encounter. Shane laid his body over Sunny's back and rammed his cock
into her a few more times before standing back up and pulling out of her.

Sunny groaned and shook her ass, obviously wanting more of his cock, but
Shane took a step back and began to pump his cock with his own fist. Tammy
brought her head out of the sink and stood up, she had an open mouthed
pout and dropped to her knees.

"Don't make me beg for it baby, I need it so fucking bad! I know you
love my hot little pussy. Come on, Shane. Fuck me, ,baby! Fuck me until I
can't take it anymore", Sunny begged as she sporadically took his cock
into her mouth, as much as he would let her.

It was like he was teasing her. "Oh, Jesus Christ", Sunny pouted in a
low sultry voice as she crawled on her hands and knees across the floor and
stopped at Sable's feet. She rested the back of her head right between
Sable's legs and spread her legs. Looking right at Shane as he stroked his
cock, she brought one arm up and stroked Sable's arm.

Sable still didn't make a move, she didn't even make eye contact with
either of them. Sunny's other hand was between her legs, her middle finger
obviously rubbing her clit. Sable could hear the messy sound emanating
from between Tammy's legs.

"Yeah, that's right, you sexy little slut you. Finger that pussy. Let me
see those pretty pink lips", Shane said, still pumping his dick in his
fist. "You wanna taste my cum you whore?" Shane asked as he moved closer
to the 2 women.

"Uh huh", Sunny groaned as she shook her head, a needful, lusty look
coming over her face as Shane got closer.

"Don't touch me, open your mouth and catch it whore. Catch it, baby.
Gimme a target Tammy, open your fuckin' mouth wide!"

Tammy reached up and grabbed Sable's hands, Sable didn't protest. Sunny
opened her mouth wide and put Sable's hands at the sides of her mouth,
kicking her legs in a frenzied anticipation. She lowered both her hands
between her legs and began to work on herself again. Sable lost control and
gripped the corners of Tammy's mouth, pulling her lips open.

Shane smiled and let out a grunt as he shot a massive, thick stream of
cum, some of it hit Sunny on her forehead, some of it landed on Sable's
hands, some of it landed on her shirt. Sunny tried to catch every shot, the
little bit that did get into her mouth she greedily swallowed and tasted
like a fine wine. When he was done cumming, Sunny spun around and began
licking Sable's hands like a lap dog. She wrapped her arm around Sable's
body and planted her hand right on her ass. Sunny slowly licked up Sable's
body, searching for every drop of cum that may have landed on her.

As Sunny hungrily licked at her shirt, Sable ran her hands thru her
blonde friend's hair, slowly but surely, Sable was coming closer and closer
to crossing that line that they wanted her to cross. Sunny finally stood
up and came eye to eye with Sable, her hand now rested right on Sable's
left tit


"Oh God, I'm such a whore", she moaned as she palmed massaged the
luscious globe, "I can't help it, I just love sex, ever since I was a
teenager. Guys have told me what a sexy little fuck toy I am and I can't
help it. I love women too, ya know. Women are so fuckin hot", Sunny said as
she continued to massage Sable's tit. Sable lowered her head, her and Sunny
were chin to chin now. "You like this?" Sunny asked.

"Yes", Sable replied softly.

"Can I take your shirt off?" Sunny once again questioned in a low
angelic voice.

"Yes", Sable said again, not even thinking about the fact that one hour
ago she would have slapped Tammy and walked out of the room.

Sunny slowly took the bottom of Sable's top in her hands and slinked it
up, revealing a tight flat stomach. Sunny planted tiny baby kisses on her
belly button, then let her tongue glide up the newly exposed skin as she
brought the shirt right up to the base of Sable's chest.

Shane sat on the toilet and stroked his cock slowly as he stared at
Sable with a lustful look in his eyes. Tammy now had Sable's blouse lifted
halfway over her tits, resting on the nipples. Sunny licked and kissed the
bottom half of Sable's glorious globes.

"Mmmmmmm, these are so damn beautiful. Does it feel good when I do
this?" Sunny licked them, "or when I do this?" she asked as she slid the
shirt up past the nipple and took it between her teeth.

Sable whimpered, losing herself in the moment completely. She had never
had anyone touch her breasts like this before, maybe women really did know
how to please other women better.

"Lets go out on the bed, nothing kinky, just you and me. I wanna make
love to you so badly. Let me make love to you", Sunny asked as seductively
as she could. She was really turning on the charm now.

Sable took Sunny's face in her hands and kissed her, "Yes, make love to

Sunny returned the kiss and then opened the door, she took Sable's hand
in hers and led her out into the room. Chris smiled as he saw Sable walk
topless to the bed, he imagined her tits were fantastic, and he was right.
She looked fantastic wearing only jeans, her tits standing firm and proud
as she was led to the bed by Sunny.

As they walked across the room Sable took note of what was going on,
Francine was laying naked on the couch with her head in Chris' lap, Beulah
and Tommy were sitting opposite of each other on chairs and Beulah had her
feet in his lap as he sensuously rubbed her feet.

Tammy laid Sable down on the bed and then stood at the foot of it and
massaged Sable's feet. She then turned and walked slowly to the door and
flicked the light switch. The lights were out and Sable was getting a bit
nervous, sensing a set up. She listened closely to Sunny's footsteps as she
made her way back to the bed. She came into view as she sat on the side of
the bed and began to run her fingers thru Sable's hair.

"Have you ever had a woman go down on you?" Sunny asked as she lightly
stroked the blonde bombshell's hair.

"No", came Sable's gentle reply.

Sunny hiked her skirt and straddled Sable's stomach. Sable could barely
make the outline of Sunny's smooth, sexy legs resting on each side of her.
Sunny then reached over and took 3 objects in her hand, setting one of them
on the bed she rested the other two on Sable's stomach and kissed each
nipple. Sunny then picked up the two objects.

Sable had no idea what they were until she heard a flick and then saw a
light. It was a lighter and a candle. Sunny lit the first candle, set it on
the table to the right of them and then picked up the second candle, lit
it, and set it on the table to the left them. It gave the room, and
specifically the bed, a romantic feeling to it.

Sunny slid her body down so that she was laying directly on top of her
new friend, their breasts were mashing into each other as Sunny grinded her
body and kissed Sable's neck. Sable had never felt like this before, her
mind raced a thousand miles a moment as she let herself be seduced and
loved by this gorgeous wench. Sunny rose to her knees again.

"Help me take off my shirt", she asked as she led Sable's hands to her

Sable didn't waste any time and lifted as far as she could from her
position. Sunny took care of the rest by pulling it over her head and
throwing it to the floor. She unsnapped her bra next and Sable could only
smile as Sunny's sexy, pert tits bounced free in front of her.

"Do you want to taste them?" she asked.

"Yes", Sable replied as she lifted her head and opened her mouth wide.
She had never done this before, but she was pretty sure what to do. She had
a lot of experience from the other end of it. Men had always paid special
attention to her breasts and she knew what she liked, so she figured it
couldn't be too hard to duplicate the acts on Tammy.

Sable opened her mouth wide and took the taut melon in her mouth.
Sunny's tits weren't huge, but they were firm and more than big enough to
enjoy playing with.

"Oh, yes. That's it. Suck on it the way you liked to have yours sucked
on," Sunny whispered as Sable took her tit deep into her mouth. It felt as
if Sable had fully engulfed it. The hotness of her lovers mouth started to
send Sunny over the edge.

Sunny straddled Sable's leg and began to run her clit her leg while
Sable continued to suck her tit. Sunny started bucking and moaning. Sable
let the tit slip out of her mouth and began to bite, tug and play with
Tammy's nipple with her tongue. She could feel the wetness from Tammy's
crotch on her leg.

"Ughhhhh, oh God, yes! Oh, right there! That's it! Play with my nipple.
God damnit, I'm so hot! Can you feel my clit on your leg? Oooooohhhh, it
feels so good!"

Sable was going mad, she wanted so badly to give Tammy an orgasm, it was
as if she was on a mission. "Turn around", Sable shouted.

It was the first forceful thing she had said all evening. Sunny lifted
her leg and spun around, positioning her ass over Sable's tits. Sable
lifted the skirt, just as Shane had done earlier and brought her hand up to
it. She put her palm on Sunny's ass and let her thumb slide along the outer
folds of Tammy's pussy lips. Sunny yelped in anticipation of the incoming

Sable's dry finger popped into Sunny's wet pink pussy. Sunny shouted her
approval as the finger began fucking her like a tiny cock. Sunny collapsed
at the intensity of the finger fucking her body, falling flat on top of
Sable's. Sable could feel and see the warm juice flooding out of her
lover's cunt as it dripped onto her breasts.

Shane walked out of the bathroom, he sat down on a chair near the door
and watched the scene on the bed as it neared its ecstatic completion.
Tammy grabbed tight to Sable's leg and began to suck on her toes as Sable
inserted a second finger into her twat and let her thumb rub gently over
her clit.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum! Yes, that's it! Oooh, right there! That's it,
baby! Make me cuuummmmmmmm!" Sunny muttered, toes filling her mouth.

Sable pumped the fingers faster and faster as Sunny convulsed. Finally a
wild scream, that lasted nearly 30 seconds, caused everybody in the room
eyes to widened at the intensity of the orgasm.

Finally Sunny went silent and let her head fall to the bed. Sable
grabbed her around the ass and pulled her ass further up the bed, her
snatch now resting inches from her face. Sable now held on tightly to her
lover's flesh and rested her head on the inside of Sunny's thigh.

Moments passed, all was serenely silent. Sable nestled her head into
Sunny's leg, her eyes closed, thinking about what she had just done.
Everything had happened so fast, she wasn't sure what to do next. She
figured she'd just lay there until Tammy did something.

Tammy caught her breath and gauged Sable's reaction to the what they had
just done. Sensing that Sable was not unhappy with what had occurred, Sunny
slowly pulled herself to her knees and arched her back, rolled her legs
underneath herself and was now laying right next to Sable.

"That was so good. You did that so well", she said in a husky voice.

"What next?" Sable asked softly.

"Now? Now I try to do you as good as you did me."

They both turned their heads to face each other, they pressed their lips
gently in a kiss. Sunny then broke the kiss and climbed off of the bed, her
tit dangled at Sable's lips and the blonde gave the nipple a quick lick.
Sunny smiled at the attention being given to her nipple.

She then stood up and went to the dresser, opened it and pulled out a
bottle of oil. She went back to the foot of the bed and shimmied out of
her skirt. Sable's head was propped up on pillows and she basked in the
glorious sight of Sunny's naked body.

Tammy then climbed on the bed and straddled Sable's waist, her hands
reached for the button fly on Sable's jeans. She bent over and slid her
tongue along Sable's belly as her fingers unsnapped the jeans. Sable closed
her eyes as she let the waves of excitement crash over her, her first
lesbian encounter, and it was with Tammy Sytch.

Sunny undid the jeans and then slowly tugged them down, kissing each
area of Sable's newly exposed skin as she went. Sable sighed in delight at
the attention being given to her. Marc hadn't paid this much attention to
her in years.

Tammy slid further and further off of the bed as she pulled more of the
jeans off. Finally she was standing up with Sable's legs raised off of the
bed. Off came the jeans. Now the buxom Sable laid on the bed wearing only
her black thonged panties. Sunny slinked back onto the bed and climbed on
Sable. Their mouths pressed together as they kissed again, deep sighs of
joy were shared between them as their breasts pressed together. Four hands
roamed through each others hair as their tongue danced delightfully in each
others mouths.

Sunny broke the embrace by sitting up, once again straddling her lover.
By now, Chris and Francine were back into heavy petting, stroking and
massaging each others bodies as they watched the lesbian encounter taking
place on the bed. The room was lit so that everyone in the room could see
Sunny and Sable, but the two women couldn't see anyone else. Shane
continued masturbating himself while Beulah had returned to Tommy's lap and
the two cuddled together as they looked on.

Tammy straddled Sable's lower leg and jerked her panties down to her
thighs then slid further down. Sable lifted her legs an inch at a time as
Sunny continued to lift the thong off of her lover. Finally Sable's legs
were stretched straight up, Sunny stood up on the bed and yanked them off.

She placed to her nose and took a deep whiff of her blonde lovers
sensuous odor. It smelled like a dozen roses, sweet like candy. She
couldn't wait to get down there and taste the real thing, but first things
first, she wanted this to be special for Sable. The better it was, the
longer the night would last.

Sunny returned to a kneeling position on the bed and kissed Sable from
her feet to buttocks, letting her tongue slide down the length of her legs.
As ready as she was to jump between Sable legs, Sunny had other ideas as
well. She slid off the bed, let Sable lower her legs and grabbed the oil.

"Roll over, hon." she said matter of factly.

Sable obliged without hesitation.

"I think you'll like this. You have such a pretty ass, you definitely
deserve to have some attention paid to it". Sunny kneaded the back of
Sable's thighs slowly and sensuously with one hand, all the while letting
drops of warm oil fall on them. She then massaged the oil into Sable's
tight, tan flesh.

Sable was in ecstasy, but not in a sexual way. The treatment being given
to her just felt so good, wether it was foreplay or not. After a few
minutes of rubbing her thighs, Tammy moved to Sable's perfect ass.

Sunny had never seen an ass as good as this one and she was set on
getting her tongue between those cheeks. She thought that Sable might be a
little adverse to that so she was sure to soften her up a bit with this

Sable groaned as Tammy's hands worked their magic on her ass meat. "Oh
Tammy, that feels so good", she whimpered as Tammy's fingers dug in deep
and really pressed the flesh, as it were.

After about 5 minutes of this ass massage, Sunny was ready to go to
work. Saying nothing, she gently spread Sable's ass cheeks. Sable's eyes
widened as she felt this, but she said nothing.

Sunny stared in awe at he perfectly pink butt hole that lay before her.
She smiled a hungry smile and lowered her face into Sable's ass. Sable
again said nothing as she felt Tammy's face resting on her ass cheeks.

Without hesitation Sunny extended her tongue and led it straight into
the pink passage way she desired. Sable's eyes widened again as she felt
herself being entered in the ass. She opened her mouth to protest but at
that exact moment, Tammy let her tongue swirl around. A groan of pleasure
was all that could escape Sable's lips. It felt so good.

Sunny continued the ass licking for a moment, letting her tongue dart
and swirl around inside of Sable's ass and then she lifted her head. "Is
that okay?" she asked, rubbing her hand up Sable's back.

"Yes", was all Sable could reply. Her mind flooded with too much ecstasy
to stop it.

"Tell me if you want me to stop", she said, not really meaning it as
she returned her face between Sable's cheeks, but this time she was going
to use more than her tongue.

Sunny licked the inside of each ass cheek as her hand wandered closer
and closer to them. This fact was not lost on Sable. Sunny then used her
hand to spread her ass some more. Now with her palm holding it open, her
fingers collected at Sable's anus, preparing for the probe.

Sable mashed her head into he pillow, not wanting to stop Sunny, but not
fully prepared for a finger in her ass either. She wasn't sure that it
wasn't gonna hurt, but everything else until now had been so exciting and
didn't think Tammy would hurt her.

Sunny licked all of her fingers, letting globs of spit run down the
tips, into her hand. With her head laying on Sable's right ass cheek, her
left hand wet and ready, she poked one finger at Sable's ass, stopping
right as it entered her. Sable let out a low growl, like a hurt cat.

Sunny kissed her cheek warmly and sunk the finger a bit deeper. Sable
gave another bellow. Sunny let a big glob of spit fall right into the crack
of Sable's ass. It ran down into her anus, coating the finger already
perched in there. Hopefully this would ease the entry.

It did, as Sunny felt the tenseness dissipate in Sable's anus. Her
finger slid further into her bowels. Sable's back arched. Her head popped
up towards the ceiling, her neck at a disturbing angle as she let out a
howl. Her hands gathered the sheets as she clenched her body, trying to
come to grips with the pain.

"No, no, no, Tammy, no! It hurts", Sable eventually cried, not able to
stand the invasion.

Sunny pulled her finger out and drew her tongue back to the empty hole.
Again she gently rubbed Sable's back, coaxing her back down flat on the

"It'll hurt at first honey, but I promise it'll feel good in a minute.
Just relax."

"I don't know, I...", Sable tried to continue her refusal, but Sunny
already having let a drop of spit sink into the asshole, plunged her finger
back in. Sable arched and howled again. "NO!!!!!!!", but Sunny kept the
finger planted deep in her ass.

This time, however, she let her other hand rub lightly over Sable's clit
and lips. Sable's mouth was buried in the pillows as she wept and screamed,
but slowly, the pain was replaced by ecstasy. The feelings from her twat
masking and even making the finger in her ass feel better.

As Tammy continued the ass finger fucking, Sable began to calm down a
bit and enjoy the sensation. Her head was still buried in the pillow, so
she didn't see it, but could hear footsteps moving across the floor.

Francine tip toed over to Shane, she bent over and gave him a kiss, her
head cocking so they could watch the show on the bed together. Francine let
her hands glide down Shane's stomach and thigh. She then dropped to her
knees, turning her back to the action and smiled up at her lover as she
cupped his balls in her hands.

Francine gave a goodbye nod to Beulah and Tommy as they crept out the
door. They had never intended to be a part of this little orgy. They were
merely part of the plan to get it going, but Francine had had many great
encounters with Beulah befor. Tonight was a chance to get some fresh meat.

Sable's ears popped up as she heard the doorshut. "Its okay honey, its
just Tommy and Beulah leaving... How do this feel, hon"? Sunny asked as she
wiggled her finger inside Sable's tight anus.

Sable turned her upper body, the pain gone, and looked up at Sunny. "I
wanna cum, play with my pussy. Lick it. I like to have my clit licked. Lick
my clit."

Sunny smiled, licked Sable's thigh and with a pop, pulled her finger
out. "Come here," she said as she rolled Sable over onto her back. "Nothing
would give me any more pleasure than to eat your pussy."

Before she could finish, her face was already planted between Sable's
gorgeous tan thighs. She took a quick moment to breath in the musky aroma
of Sable's twat and then plunged her open mouth towards the pink lips that
awaited her kiss. Sable squirmed as she felt Tammy's lips touch her twat.

Tammy's nose brushed lightly over the whisp of pubic hair on Sable's
crotch, her upper lip kissed her clit, her tongue traced the route of the
folds of Sable's pussy lips before finally plunging it into her hot hole.

Francine's head bobbed up down on Shane's dick, it was hard for him to
tell what would make him cum quicker, the vacuum like blowjob being
delivered, or the lesbian fuckfest on the bed, but both of them together
was sending him over the edge. He grabbed Francine's hair and pulled her
up, she let out a yelp as he yanked her. It was clear to her what he wanted
and she proceeded to straddle his lap and violently drop down, impaling
herself with his cock. She let out a scream as he entered her.

Sable opened her eyes, awoken from the pleasure by the sound of
Francine's yell. She watched intently as Douglas held tight to Francine's
ass, her body riding up and down on his long cock. It was like a beautiful
picture, that big, shiny fuckstick being rammed in and out of the tight
little hole.

"Ughhhh, oh God yes, ughhhhh", Francine moaned as she turned her head to
look at the two women on the bed, she saw Sable, legs spread with Sunny's
head between them and began to talk to her. "God Sable, doesn't it feel so
good to get fucked? By a dick, tongue, a man, a woman, it just feels so
damn good to be fucked".

Sable smiled at her, it was true, she was to the point now where she
would do just about anything. Sunny's tongue fucking was driving Sable
wild, her legs stuck straight up in the air, out at a 90 degree angle, and
wrapped them around Sunny's back, bucking and thrusting her body wildly as
Tammy ate her out with wild abandon.

"I'm gonna cum", Shane murmured between slurps on Francine's tit as she
rode him.

"Cum on Sable. You like cum don't you Sable"? Francine asked, still
riding his cock and turning to Sable.

"Yes", Sable moaned, not even hearing the question.

"Come on", Francine urged as she climbed off of Shane and took his hand.
She led him to the side of the bed, Sable turned her head and looked at
them as they stood over the bed. "Finish him off, just like this", Francine
told Sable as she stood behind Shane and stroked his cock. "Gimme your hand
hon", Francine waited for a moment and finally, Sable's hand reached up and
wrapped around Shane's dick.

Shane looked down at Sable's tits, bouncing as she bucked and smiled at
her. Sable tilted her head and looked at Shane and smiled as she jerked him
off. Sunny looked up and saw that Shane was about to cum, she raised her
head, shoved 2 fingers into Sable's twat and moved her head up to Sable's

"Here it comes, yeah, oooohhhh", Shane grunted as a thick stream of jizz
shot out of his cock and on to Sable's huge tits. Francine slithered down
to her knees and reached around Shane's body to squeeze his balls as he
shot his load.

Sable sat up and pressed her tits together as Sunny greedily licked the
cum off of them. Glob after glob was eaten up by Tammy as she squirmed,
crushing her breasts against Sable's flat belly. Cum glistened off of
Tammy's lips as Shane collapsed and laid down on the bed. Sable didn't
think anything of it, in fact, she liked having a warm body laying with
her. She rested her head on his chest as Sunny climbed up her body and
layed on top of her, the three of them rested together for a few moments.

As the three of them lay there in an exhausted heap, Francine walked
out of the room, no one acknowledged it, and a few seconds later the door
opened again. The three of them looked up to see Francine, wearing a
flimsy, black, see-thru robe, carrying a bucket with champagne in it.


Sunny, Shane and Sable slid up the bed into a sitting position, the
three of them lined up side by side, naked, sweaty, and in the case of the
two women, covered in cum. Francine sat Indian style at the bottom of the

"How do you feel?" Sunny asked Sable as she tenderly sucked on her

"I feel great, you were so good," came Sable's reply as her hand reached
down and caressed Shane's soft cock. They passed the bottle of champagne
around, each of them taking turns taking swigs on it.

"You feel up for a little more fun," Sunny asked as she let her hand
rub over Sable's belly.

"What'd you have in mind?"

"Well, why don't you come here," Sunny put her left leg under Sable's
right leg and gently eased Sable's body, back first onto hers. The sight of
these two gorgeous women, stacked one on top of the other was making
Shane's cock hard again. By this time Chris had walked over to the bed and
had taken a seat on the edge, right next to Francine.

Tammy's hands reached around and squeezed Sable's tits, her pussy
rubbing into her ass. Sable could feel th moisture on her cheeks. Kissing
her neck lightly, Sunny motioned for Francine to come forward. Francine
got on her hands and knees and crawled up the bed. Chris caressed her ass
as she slithered and climbed on his knees on the bed.

Francine took the champagne bottle and stuck the head of it right under
Sable's pink lips, then with her other hand, started to warmly massage her
clit. Sable began to flow and Francine's positioning of the bottle allowed
her to catch all the juice coming out. The more her clit was being played
with, the more Sable could feel another orgasm coming on, she involuntarily
bucked her hips and at that moment, Francine knew it was time to get

"OOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!" came a painful scream from Sable as Francine had
shoved the bottle violently into her twat. Tammy held onto Sable for dear
life as she bucked and spasmed, Francine had gotten nearly 5 inches of the
thick bottle into her twat and was pushing as hard as she could.

Sable's eyes widened in horror as she looked to the side and saw Shane
laughing. Looking forward she saw Chris mount Francine from behind, she saw
Francine's smile as Chris plunged his cock into her from behind.

"You wanna be hardcore, honey, this is what it's all about", Tammy
whispered in her ear, no sign of the softness or tenderness she had
demonstrated all night. Tammy sucked, kissed, then bit Sable's ear as
Francine pushed the bottle deeper and deeper into Sable, each time Chris
would thrust his cock into her making her push the bottle a little more.

"Oh no, please, I don't want this", Sable cried to deaf ears.

Shane stood up on the bed and straddled her body, Tammy put her hands on
the back of Sable's head and held it up at Shane's cock. Shane, hard-on in
hand, pushed his cock thru Sable's closed lips. She nearly gagged as his 8
inch cock forced it's way deep into her throat. Sunny grabbed a hand full
of hair and violently forced a face fucking. Sable tried desperately to
push Shane away but she was nowhere near strong enough.

After a few moments, Shane took hold of the blondes hair and Tammy slid
out from underneath her and off of the bed. Sable's body was convulsing
now, trying to get away from this barrage of mouths and cocks and objects
lashing at and into her. Sunny leaned over Sable's body as Shane held onto
the wall and pumped his cock into Sable's mouth.

Sunny straddled Francine's back, inviting Chris to lick her twat as he
fucked Francine. Chris looked up and slurped at her pussy with abandon as
Sunny leaned forward and stuck her finger into Shane's ass. That was all
he needed. His back stiffened as he shot a load into Sable's mouth.

She whimpered as she felt the hot goo slide down her throat. She had no
other choice other than to swallow it. The look of fear on her face only
made Shane's orgasm that much more intense as he smiled wickedly at her the
entire time.

"Oh God, Chris! He just came in her pretty little mouth, ughhh! Oh yeah,
baby! That's it! Eat my pussy! Doesn't it taste fantastic? Oh God! I can
feel the cream running down my thigh! That's it, lover! Eat my pussy out,
stick your tongue up in there baby", Tammy was yelling like a wild woman as
Chris' tongue fucked her snatch. Tammy's filthy mouth sent Chris over the
edge and as he ate his girlfriend out, he dropped a giant load in
Francine's pussy.

"Oh gawd!" Francine moaned as she felt the hot squirts slam off of her
vaginal walls.

Tammy leapt off of the bed, Chris grabbed Francine's legs and lifted her
up so her face was resting on Sable's stomach, he shot the rest of his load
down into her pussy and then yelled for Shane to get off of the bed. Shane
climbed off of the bed and Chris, when done squirting, lifted Francine by
her ankles. Francine pushed herself up with her palms flat on the bed and
flipped over, landing pussy first right on Sable's face.

As soon as Shane had gotten up, Sable began to spit out whatever
remnants of his cum she could, but as she looked up she saw Francine's
used, cum filled cunt being lowered right to her face. She tried to squirm
away but Shane held her head as Francine's dripping snatch lowered onto
her mouth. Sable nearly gagged again as Chris' goo seeped out and dribbled
onto her mouth, nose and chin.

"Lick it, bitch! Lick my filthy twat," Francine yelled as she ground her

Shane put his hand at the base of the champagne bottle and yelled at
Sable. "Lick it or else I'll shove this thing so far inside of you, that
you'll never have a baby Mero running around the house."

Sable was terrified, she opened her mouth and licked as best she could
at Francine's clit. Francine smiled and rode Sable's pretty face for all
she was worth, Chris' cum now mixing with her own juice as the fluid slid
down Sable's throat.

"Ass, ass, ass!" Francine moaned as an orgasm overtook her and Shane
knew exactly what she wanted. As her orgasm subsided, Francine slowly
climbed off of Sable.

Shane grabbed the blonde by the legs and yanked her down the bed before
folding her legs up over her shoulders. The champagne in the bottle flowed
down her leg and into her twat, the tickling feeling was a mix of pain and
pleasure, but Sable could take no pleasure in this at all. She began to
cry. Shane looked down in delight, her pink butt hole exposed to him.

"Uh, uh, buddy," Chris said as he tapped Shane on the shoulder, "My
idea. My ass."

Shane was a bit disappointed but he didn't argue, instead he climbed up
on the bed and stood over Sable's head, holding her ankles. The bitch was
folded like an accordian.

Chris held his dick out and Tammy gave it a quick swallow to wet it up.
Chris then ran his hand along Sable's ass and pussy, she was soaked, mostly
from other peoples cum, but he didn't care. What looked to be a virginal
asshole stared him right in the eye. Slowly he nudged his fat cock head
into it.

Sable was protesting, but her body was folded so badly that it was hard
for anyone to hear what she was mumbling. They didn't care anyway. The fat
dick slowly but surely sank into the pretty pink asshole, and soon all
seven inches of his monster dick was buried in her ass. He grabbed her
calves and went to work, pulling out and then slamming himself back into
her to the hilt.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sable shouted before feeling all air escape her lungs.
"Shut the fuck up, bitch!" Francine yelled as she set her hand on the
bottle still stuck in her twat, now standing straight up in the air.

Sable bit her lip. She knew there was nothing she could do. Chris fucked
her ass for a few moments before Shane reached down and gripped the
champagne bottle.

"Oh God, please don't do it!" Sable begged, thinking he was going to ram
it into her, but Shane had other ideas. He quickly yanked it out, bringing
out a popping sound and a frightened yell from the Sable.

"Shut up, bitch!" Tammy yelled as she slapped her across the face.

Sable flung her arms in an attempt to fight back but Tammy jumped ass
first on to her face, her naked ass landing right on Sable's face. Sable
thought it had broken her nose and she tried to use her hands to get Tammy
off of her, but the little whore just ground her ass into Sable's face.
She then let out a disgusting fart. Sable's nose twitched as she felt the
stank, hot air overtake her.

Tammy bounced for a few more seconds before realizing that Sable was out
of fight, her arms resting under Tammy's thighs were no longer pushing.
Tammy got up and leaned over, "Try to fight again and I'll fuckin' piss
down your throat, got it whore?"

Sable nodded slightly, but said nothing.

Shane wrapped his arms around Sable's contorted waist as Chris pulled
out of her ass. "Now its my turn for some ass. I don't want that gapping
cunt anymore." Sable nearly cried again as she heard those words. Shane
held her waist and yanked her body over in a flip and pulled her to her
feet, his hard cock pressing at her ass, "Isn't that right, baby. I'd feel
much better in your tight ass rather than that wide open cunt of your,

He licked her ear as he demeaned her and then he kicked her feet out and
fell backwards on the bed, his dick was positioned perfectly so that when
they landed, his cock shot straight into her anal passage. She let out
another howl, it felt as if someone had shoved a tire iron up her butt.
Shane began to violently thrust his cock up into her, the bodies bounced up
and down on the bed as he ass fucked her like a madman.

Chris climbed back up on the bed and held his cock at her pussy but
shook his head. "There's no way I can fuck this! My cock would have to be
20 inches thick to get any pleasure out of this damn thing."

Tammy and Francine came over on each side of him and inspected the cunt,
it was indeed stretched very badly. "I got an idea", Tammy said.

"Chris, fuck my cunt, baby. Its always nice and tight for you. Francine,
climb up there and ride that bitches face some more. Make her make you cum
again, while I'm gonna see just how much this pretty pussy can take".

The two followed her orders, Chris got off of the bed and stood behind
Tammy, he looked her backside over for a moment and then decided that it
wasn't really pussy he was interested in anyway.

"Hon, I don't feel like pussy. I feel like some ass." he said as he
drove his cock into his girlfriends ass.

Tammy's eyes bugged and she saw stars as his cock jutted into her
asshole. She clenched her fist and slammed it into Sable's belly as she
tried to cope with the invasion. Each time he thrust into her she would
slam her fist down on Sable's hard belly, nearly 10 times until the pain
was replaced by pleasure as Chris loosened her up.

"God, baby. I love the way you make me hurt", Tammy said sluttily
as she took her fist and pointed it at Sable. "What about this, huh? Even
with a cunt that wide open it'll still have trouble getting this in it".

Fist fucked? Fist fucked? This was too much for Sable to comprehend, she
tried to protest but Francine's legs came into view as they spread over her
face and squatted down on her. Sable's arms came up to try and fight but
Francine took them and guided them to her tits. Sable pinched and tugged at
them, trying to fight, but the pain only made Francine more horny.

Chris settled into a rhythmic fucking of his girlfriends ass as Tammy
brought her closed fist closer to the gapping cunt. Extending one finger,
she let it slide in, there was no resistance. The second finger slid right
in as well, the third finger was a bit harder, but it still was no
resistance at all. Finally her thumb slipped in, now all that was left was
the rest of the hand, and maybe a forearm.

There was nothing Sable could do as she felt the intense pressure in her
cunt. She couldn't scream, cry or plead. There was no use, she was going to
be fist fucked. Sunny's hand slowly disappeared into the pink walls of
Sable's pussy. All anyone could see now was a handless wrist at the opening
of the blonde whore's love box.

As the hand was going in, Shane could feel Sable's ass constrict, it
held it his cock like a vice. He was barely able to move it, but with just
a few short fucks, his cock exploded like Mount Vesuvias, sending jet after
jet of cum into Sable's bowels. Shane's dick softened enough that it was
able to escape the grip her ass was putting on it and slide out of her. He
now held her tightly so she couldn't escape the fist fucking about to be
delivered by Tammy.

As Tammy began a gentle fucking motion, as gentle as you can fuck with
an arm, Francine began to lose control. She had orgasmed two or three
times while riding Sable's face and decided to give her a special treat.
With no warning she emptied her bladder.

Sable felt the warm honey hitting her face and after about 10 seconds,
she realized it wasn't cum because it wasn't stopping. Francine whimpered
as she pissed all over Sable's face, nearly drowning her in urine before
finally climbing off and collapsing to the floor.

Shane reached up and turned her head and licked her face, gathering the
cum and piss on his tongue. It was almost romantic, considering what they
had just done to her.

Sable's brief, good feelings were soon replaced by horror again as Sunny
yanked and plunged her fist back into her twat. The fist fucking was in
full gear now and with each entry, Sable was on the verge of passing out.

"Grab her arms", Chris grunted to Shane as he pulled his cock out of
Tammy's ass.

Shane followed his orders and held Sable's hands at her side. Chris
marched over and jerked his cock a few times before shooting another load
on Sable's face. It splattered mainly in her eyes and nose. It was a sight
to behold, her pretty face covered in the muck of lust and body fluid.

Sable could remember only the first few shots of cum hitting her in the
eyes. When they did, she shut them and it wasn't long after that that she
passed out. When they realized that Sable was unconscious they pulled Sunny
off of her. She would be content to fist fuck a lifeless Sable all night
long, but they had other ideas.

They all stood up and admired their handy work, looking at the conquered
woman laying asleep on the bed. The big, firm tits, the long tan legs, the
hard flat stomach, the fairly nice face covered in ooze, the shaved snatch
freshly fucked. Chris looked at the clock, 2:30 AM, surely there were
others still awake. Shane lifted Sable's sleepy body off of the bed and
carried her to the bathroom.

"Hold on!" Sunny yelled, "Give her some of these." She opened up a
bottle of sleeping pills and gave four of them to Shane.

He forced them down Sable's throat and put her in the bathtub. He got
the water at a desired temperature and turned the shower on. The water
flowed over Sable's body, she awoke slightly but was still much too groggy
to comprehend anything. The two couples washed her up and then dried her
off before Shane carried her out and laid her down on the table they had
used to play poker on.

"Find me some sexy stockings and a bra", Shane barked as he caressed
Sable's legs and breasts.

Sunny went to her suitcase and returned with a gold satin bra that was
too small for Sable's large tits, but Chris sat her up and got it on her.
It looked so slutty as it pushed her chest meat together like a times
square hooker. Next Francine had a pair of white sheer stockings, she and
Shane rolled them up her legs to her thighs.

"Okay, anyone want something to eat, I'm calling room service", Shane
said as he picked up the phone. No one wanted anything so he ordered some
eggs and coffee.

A knock came on the door about 10 minutes later, Shane opened the door
as the other three sat naked on the couch. The bellboys eyes nearly popped
out of his head as he saw all the naked bodies. He knew who Sunny and
Francine were and nearly shot a load in his pants when he saw their naked,
sweaty bodies. The two women smiled at him as he waited for Shane to return
with a tip.

"Hold on, honey. I'm sure money isn't the only kind of tip..." Francine
waited for the bellboy to give his name.

"Roger." the man said, he was 19, a big wrestling fan and had a nice
body, not bad looking either.

"Well, Roger", Francine continued, "I'm sure you accept other kinds of
payment for your services besides money, isn't that right?"

"Yes, Francine, we do." he said sternly, not wanting to sound like a
geek at the apparent offer being made to him.

"Ooooh, you know who I am?" Francine asked as she sauntered over to him.
"Hell, yes! I'm a big fan of the Triple Threat."

"A Triple Threat fan, did you hear that Shane? One of our fans right
here in our room. I think I should show my appreciation to one of our fans,
don't ya think?" she said as she pressed her naked body against him.

"Hah! Yeah, Francine, show him how much you appreciate our fans." Shane
laughed as he sat down on the couch and started to eat.

"You know, Roger, we've all done a lot of fucking tonight. I've had my
ass, pussy and mouth all played with, but no ones fucked my titties. Do you
think you could fuck my titties for me?"

Roger looked over at Shane. "Go ahead boy, I'm spent, fuck those tits
good." Roger put his hands on Francine's hips and kissed her chin, he let
his tongue slip down to her neck and lifted her up in the air. She wrapped
her legs around his back.

"Over there", she pointed to the table that Sable was laying on.

"Holy shit, is that..."

"Yes it is, Roger. Why, you wanna fuck her?" Francine asked.

"I, uh, I don't know..."

"Oh, Roger, if you wanna fuck her after you fuck my tits then your more
than welcome." she said softly as she kissed him.

"Okay." Roger said as he set Francine on the corner of the table.
Francine expertly undid his pants and let them fall. She then reached in
to his underwear and gripped his cock.

"Hmmm, its pretty big isn't it Roger?"

"About six inches."

"That'll do fine, baby, now climb up here."

She laid her head back on Sable's crotch and began to pinch and pull at
her own nipples. Roger took off his shirt and underwear and climbed up on
the table. Francine pushed her tits together as he traced his cock on her
stomach and finally shoved it between her two heaving tits. Each time his
cock peaked out, Francine would give the head a quick lick for lubrication.
Roger was fucking Francine's tits,but he was looking at Sable's body. He
couldn't understand what the hell was going on here.

"You wanna touch her Roger? Go ahead. Feel those big tits of hers.
They're real nice."

Roger did exactly that, reaching over and playing with them. "Can I fuck
you?" he asked, returning his eyes to Francine's.

"Sure, baby, you can fuck my pussy, come on".

Roger climbed off of Francine and the table, he pulled her by her legs
to the edge of the table and quickly penetrated her cunt. His hands played
with her bouncing boobs as he fucked her. His balls smacking against her
ass each time.

He was so intent on fucking Francine that he didn't notice Tammy
standing behind him. He felt her tits mash into his back and tilted his
head back. Tammy gave him a deep kiss and sunk to her knees behind him.

"What the hell is she gonna do?" he thought to himself as he felt her
spread his ass cheeks, then her tongue darted into his ass.

"Ooooh, man, that feels good, Sunny," he told her as he increased his
pumping action.

"How about this," Sunny asked as she shoved a finger in his ass.

It startled him and he turned around quickly, but the stimulation on his
prostate sent him over the edge. As he spun around, a large gob of cum shot
out and mailed Tammy square in the forehead. She greedily grabbed his cock
and milked the rest of it into her mouth. Roger tilted his head back as
Sunny sucked the cum out of his balls.

Francine sat up on the edge of the table and put her hands over his
shoulders and massaged his chest as his balls were drained. When she was
finished, Tammy got up, kissed Roger and walked back to the couch,
strutting her ass for his eyes as she walked.

Francine climbed off of the table and picked up Roger's clothes, shoving
them to his chest and pushed him out of the room.

"Hey, I need to get my tra..." Roger was quickly interrupted by Shane's

"I think it'll be okay if we return the tray ourselves in the morning,
don't you?"

"Yeah." Roger replied a bit confused.

Francine then opened the door and pushed him out. Roger tried to figure
out what was going on for a moment, but then realized that he better just
get dressed and head back down stairs.


"What room is she in?" Shane asked Sunny.

"317. Two floors up", Tammy replied.

Shane grabbed a piece of paper and a big black magic marker and sat at
the table writing something. The other three gathered around him and
laughed when they saw what he wrote.

"Please return to room 317 when finished." was written on the paper.

Next Shane took a piece of tape and taped it to the front of the cart.
He lifted Sable up and layed her on the cart. Shane then put on a bath robe
and went to the door.

"Give her a kiss goodbye guys," he said as he put his hand on the door

"See ya later, hon, I had lots of fun tonight." Sunny said as she
pinched Sable's nipples.

"Bye, baby. I'll never be able to drink champagne without thinking of
you again," Chris said right after he gave her a deep kiss.

"I'll think of you whenever I piss," Francine said as she shoved a
finger in Sable's twat and licked it.

"Okay then, I'll be back in a few minutes and we can get some sleep."
Shane said as he pulled the tray out of the door and shut it behind him.
Shane stopped at room 279 and knocked on the door then ran down the

Rob Van Dam threw on his robe and walked groggily to the door. "What the
hell is I..." he looked down at the cart, rubbed his eyes and then looked
again. "Holy fucking shit!"

He peaked his head out of the door and looked down the hall, no one was
in sight. He rolled the cart into his room and set it at the side of the
bed and sat down. He thought for a moment then decided he might as well
have some fun, he searched thru his duffel bag and pulled out a camera. He
took a few snapshots of Sable in her slutty little outfit then he took off
his robe and had his way with her snatch before shooting a load all over
her stomach.

When he was done he put on his robe and pushed the tray down the hall to
the Dudley Boys room and knocked on the door. Bubba Ray Dudley opened the
door and had pretty much the same reaction as Rob, but it didn't take long
for Bubba to snap out of his stupper. He quickly pulled the tray in and
woke up Devon.

"Who the fuck ya think did this"? Devon asked as he pawed the blondes

"I don't fuckin' care who the hell did it, Devon. All I know is that I'm
gonna get me some of this fresh piece." Bubba Ray slid off his boxers and
grabbed Sable by the ankles, guiding his cock into her twat.

Devon watched his brother fuck the whore fora few moments before
stripping out of his pyjamas and shoving his dick in her throat. The
brothers fucked her roughly but it just wasn't as good with her completely
asleep, so they took turns smacking her a bit as they brutally fucked her.

Sable moaned and opened her eyes slightly, she had no idea who these men
fucking her were. She tried to think, but the whole night was a haze. Her
eyes closed again.

Bubba pulled out and came all over her leg. Devon pulled his dick out of
her mouth and jerked off on her face. Devon sat down on the bed as Bubba
went into bathroom. Devon stroked Sable's face as she came to. Opening her
eyes and again looking around her eyes focused on this big black man
stroking her hair.

"Well, well, well. Hey, Bubba, the bitch awake."

Sable tried to get up but her head hurt like hell. Devon pushed her back
down anyway.

"Good, I want her to feel this, haha." Bubba Ray said as he walked into
the room with a bottle of beer in his hand.

"Feel what?" Sable asked as she turned her head.

"Feel this dick in your ass." Bubba dropped the bottle on the floor and
pushed Sable off of the cart and onto the bed. She turned to see Bubba
coming at her and rolled onto the floor and with all her strength she
bounded for the door.

She had made it! She opened the door and prepared to run out when she
ran into a brick wall, a giant man of a brick wall. Big Dick Dudley gnarled
as Sable's perversely dressed body hit his. He grabbed her by the hair and
drug her back into the room.

"What the fuck is she doing here?" he snarled to his brothers.

"She been passed around all night I think, pussy stretched like hell.
Even my big cock was bouncing round in there." Devon explained.

"Then I guess I won't want her pussy will I?" he asked as he held her by
the hair with one hand and felt up her tit with the other.

"HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!" Sable yelled, gathering the last amount of strength
she had, but before she could finish Big Dick punched her square in the
stomach. She felt like she would throw up as she toppled to the floor.

"Get out!" Big Dick commanded the two other men.

"Yeah, whatever, we already done fucked her anyway. She's used goods."
Devon said as he walked out of the room.

Once his brothers were gone, Dick knelt down next to Sable, "I'm gonna
fuck yer ass. Ain't no two ways 'bout it, so just be real nice and maybe I
won't smack you silly while I'm fuckin' your crapper, bitch."

Sable started to whimper again as Dick stood back up and dropped his
pants. Sable looked over her shoulder, her eyes and mouth opened wide as
tears started rolling down her face at the sight of Dick's dick. It had to
be 16 inches long. Sable threw her hands to the floor and started to crawl
on all fours as Dick stalked her laughing. She got to the door of the
bathroom when she felt his hands cup her tiny hips.

"Here we go," he told her as he shoved a good portion of his cock into
her ass.

Sable passed out immediately. It was like watching someone fuck a rag
doll. Big Dick lifted her up as he humped her ass, her limp body flailing
in every direction.

"Whoooosh!" came the sound as Sable woke up again, looking up she saw
that her head was resting on a dirty toilet seat. She could feel a huge
amount of cum running down her leg. She then felt a warm stream hit the
back of her head, she was being pissed on again.

"Put your head down ya stupid bitch." she heard Dick yell as he pissed
on her.

She tucked her head in as far as she could. The piss was now missing
her, but the splatters from the toilet were bouncing up and hitting her
face. She tried to squirm away but Dick held her head in place. As Dick
finished taking his piss, Sable heard people coming into the bathroom. Many
people she sensed.

"K, take your turn Joel." Sable heard Dick say.

She didn't know any Joel, but it didn't matter. This stranger took his
place behind her and began fucking her in the ass as he laughed and shoved
her head into the toilet. In a few moments, he came and was replaced by
someone else, and so on and so on it continued for nearly half an hour,
until what she thought were four men. Dick, the one he called Joel, and the
two who had been with her in the room initially, fucked her in the ass
twice each. When the last man finished creaming all over her buns, he got
up, turned off the light and left the room. Sable got into the fetal
position on the floor and began to whimper, her ass, pussy and pride
hurting, she still was groggy.

Marc Mero woke up at around 11 AM, he crawled out of bed and went to the
bathroom, but it was locked. He knocked on the door. "Sable, you in there?"

"Yeah, Marc, I'll be right out." Sable shouted as she sat in the shower,
hot water hitting her body with cum oozing out of her pussy and ass. She
barely remembered last night, remembering agreeing to have sex with Sunny,
but then also remembering being gang fucked in the ass by the Dudleys, the
bottle of champagne.

It was all so disgusting. She let her guard down and the ECW crew gang
banged her all night. She didn't remember how she got here, just that she
had been sitting in the shower for nearly half an hour. Sable got up and
wrapped a towel around herself and walked out, never looking Marc in the
eyes. The two didn't speak as they got dressed. When they opened the door
to leave, Marc nearly tripped over a food service cart in front of the

"God damnit, what kind of people run this place, leaving shit laying
around like this," Marc shouted as he walked towards the elevator, but
Sable knew what it was there for. It was there to remind her, that to them,
she was just a piece of meat to be used and abused for their own sick
purposes. Her life would never be the same after she agreed to go hardcore.


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