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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Sable Night Heat
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

During the taping of an episode of Sunday Night Heat in the spring of 1999,
The Hardy Boyz, Matt and Jeff, are looking at the brand new edition of
Playboy that is featuring the WWF's smoking hot Women's Champion Sable.
Matt, dressed in a tight fitting blue shirt and baggy black pants, licks
his lips, "Oh shit bro.... Sable is so fine!"

Jeff, dressed in a tight fitting red shirt and baggy black pants, nods his
head in agreement; "Totally... damn we're so lucky to get to see her up
close... with clothes on..."

Matt laughs a bit, "Yeah... and with how she looks here... I can't blame her
for going all Hollywood lately.."

Jeff licks his lips as he adjusts the crotch of his pants, "Well, she does
say we come to see her... shit I might just cum next time I see her..." The
two young, up and coming, Superstars laugh a bit as the hot blond haired
World Wrestling Federation Women's Champion Sable comes walking up behind

The stunning bombshell and Hollywood phenomenon, Sable, presses her luscious
lips together and raises an eyebrow "Boys....boys...would that happen to be
MY Playboy cover?" Sable asks as she glances over the shoulders of Matt and
Jeff Hardy, slightly startled the two young and hunky Superstars. Sable is
dressed in a tight fitting pair of black leather pants and a low-cut tight
black leather top.

Matt and Jeff both turn around, with slightly guilty looks on their faces,
"Yeah it is..." Jeff Hardy says as he licks his lips upon seeing the smoking
hot Women's Champion. Matt is speechless, but he's also licking his lips as
he holds the Playboy magazine.

Sable smirks and as she places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips as she
pushes her large and luscious chest out slightly " Mmm...don't I look so

The Hardy Boyz both nods their heads at the same time, "Oh yeah... you do..."
Matt says as he and Jeff both look at Sable's large, hot chest as she pushes
it out to get their attention.

Sable nods her head as she reaches forward and gently takes the Playboy
magazine from Matt and Jeff, as she starts to flip through the pages "It's
about time someone noticed..."

"Who wouldn't notice..." Jeff says, "I mean you're hot with a capital H!"
Jeff adds as he adjusts how he's standing to hide his bulging crotch.

Sable raises an eyebrow "Oh really?" Sable laughs as she lightly tosses
her gorgeous blond hair back "You know...what's the use of this little
magazine...when you could see the real thing up close...and possibly
personal..." Sable says with a sly, seductive wink.

Matt and Jeff both get playful grins on their faces, "That would be wickedly
awesome!" Matt Hardy says.

Sable seductively locks her eyes with Matt Hardy as she licks her luscious
lips "And it could be wickedly...possible..."

"Oh man..." Jeff Hardy says as he watches Sable licking her luscious lips.
Both of the young, hot Hardy Boyz are completely mesmerized by the smoking
hot WWF Women's Champion.

Sable glances over her shoulder, checking the hallway behind her, to make
sure that the coast is clear. Sable looks back at Jeff and Matt Hardy with a
smirk "Perfect..." Sable says before she begins to kneel down in front of
Matt and Jeff as she reaches her hands and starts to unbuckle their belts
around the waist of their baggy black jeans.

"Wow..." Matt says as Sable skillfully unbuckles his and Jeff's belts at the
same time and pulls them through the loops of their baggy black jeans.

"Fuck... Sable is hot..." Jeff says to Matt as both of the hot young WWF
Superstars take off their tight fitting shirts to reveal their gorgeous,
tanned and toned upper bodies. Sable smirks as she looks up at Jeff and Matt
before she drops their belts onto the hallway floor. Sable rubs her left hand
against the hardened crotch of Matt's baggy jeans, while using her right hand
to unzip Jeff's baggy jeans.

"Mmmm damn..." Matt Hardy moans as Sable rubs his hardening crotch through
the material of his jeans. Jeff licks his lips as he pushes down his own
baggy jeans as soon as Sable unzips them, revealing his nice and thick
thirteen inch shaft. Sable presses her luscious lips together as she wraps
her right hand around Jeff's thick thirteen inch cock and smoothly runs her
hand along his thick shaft. Sable slyly glances up at Matt Hardy as she
unzips his black baggy pants with her left hand before she leans forward and
teasingly slaps her wet tongue against the head of Jeff's cock.

"Uhhhhh... mmmm..." Jeff Hardy moans as Sable teasingly brushes her tongue
against the thick head of his rock hard cock. Like his brother just moments
ago, Matt Hardy lowers his baggy black jeans when Sable undoes them in order
to free his already hard, fat twelve inch cock. Both of the Hardys step out
of their jeans so that Sable can see every inch of their hot bodies. Sable
taps her soft, wet tongue against the head of Jeff's cock before she moves
back on her knees to Matt's cock and slides her soft, wet tongue across the
head of Matt's cock, while smoothly stroking her expert hands against their
hard shafts.

"Ohhhh damn... mmm!" Matt licks his lips as Sable strokes his cock and slides
her soft, wet tongue against the head of his foot long cock. Jeff smirks as
starts to move his hips to push his cock against Sable's hand as she jerks
him off. Sable opens her slyly seductive and hot mouth as she lowers her
gorgeous blond haired head and takes Matt Hardy's twelve inch cock into her
mouth. Sable presses her luscious lips around his shaft and starts to
smoothly bob her head as she continues to briskly stroke her right hand
against Jeff's hard cock.

"Uhhh yea... mmmmm!" Jeff Hardy moans as he leans down to feel up Sable's
large tits through the material of her low-cut and very tight fitting black
leather top.

"Ohhhh shit... mmmm yes..." Matt Hardy moans as Sable bobs her head at a
solid pace along the length of his fat, hard twelve inch cock.

"Mmmmm...mmmmmm" Sable moans as she quickly moves her head along Matt's thick
shaft as her lips rub back and forth on his shaft. Sable's hot saliva drips
against Matt's cock as she skillfully bobs her head. Sable lowers her right
hand down Jeff's shaft before slowly and teasingly lifting her hand on his

Matt licks his lips, "Ohhh damn... mmmm shit!" Matt says when his cock
escapes the hot, wet and desirable mouth of the WWF Women's Champion. He and
Jeff lock eyes for a moment and smirk before they both lean down to lift off
Sable's black, low-cut leather top. Sable laughs as she raises her tanned
arms while the black top is removed from her gorgeous and beautifully tanned
body, exposing her large and lusciously hot tits.

"Oh fuck those tits look better in person!" Jeff Hardy says upon seeing
Sable's gorgeous tits. Matt nods his head in agreement as he moves behind
Sable so that he can begin tugging down her tight fitting leather pants from
her hot, slender hips. Sable tosses her gorgeous blond hair back before she
sits up a bit on her knees at Matt gets behind her. Sable leans forward
towards Jeff's cock and teasingly slides her wet tongue against and around
his shaft.

"Mmmmm.... uhhh!" Jeff moans as Sable circles her wet tongue around the head
of his thirteen inch cock.

Matt licks his teeth as he pulls off Sable's leather pants from her perfectly
tanned legs and looks at her hot round ass, "Damn..." Matt says as he strokes
his cock for a moment before he pushes his saliva covered dick into Sable's
hot, tight pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah....fuck!" Sable groans as she flicks her tongue against
the tip of Jeff's cock before she opens her mouth and takes Jeff's cock,
wrapping her lips around his shaft as she starts to smoothly bob her head
to suck Jeff's thirteen inch cock, while she gently pushes back on Matt's

"Ahhhh... mmmmm fuck.... uhhhh!" Matt Hardy moans as he grabs Sable's hips as
he thrusts his foot long cock in and out of her tight pussy with quickening
thrusts. Jeff puts his hands on his hips as Sable bobs her head up and down
on his huge cock.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Sable seductively moans as she smoothly bobs her head on
Jeff's cock at an increasingly rate while she gradually takes his cock deeper
into her wet mouth. Sable's tanned and breath-taking ass smoothly smacks back
against Matt's toned waist as she takes him deeply into her tight pussy.

"Ohhh yeah.... ohhhh ohhh yeah!" Jeff Hardy moans as Sable twists her head
around his long, hard and thick shaft as she takes ten inches of it into her
hot wet mouth. Matt licks his lips as he closes his eyes while he keeps
pumping his cock in and out of Sable's tight pussy, with his balls smacking
right against her smooth tanned skin.

Sable lifts her head off of Jeff's cock and grits her teeth "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh
fuck...." Sable groans as she rocks forward on her knees, while Matt Hardy
slams his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmm uhhh shit.... ohhh fuck!" Matt Hardy moans as he thrusts his large cock
deeply and firmly into Sable's tight pussy. Jeff Hardy licks his lips as he
lays down on the floor of the hallway in front of Sable just as Matt pulls
his shaft out of Sable's pussy. Sable seductively narrows her eyes as she
looks back at Matt Hardy before she crawls forward to Jeff and gently mounts
her hot body on his thirteen inch cock.

"Ahhhhh... mmmmm!" Jeff moans loudly as Sable lowers herself down on his
thick thirteen inch cock. Jeff puts his hands on Sable's tits as the hot
Playboy covergirl and WWF Women's Champion starts to grind herself on his

"Ohhhh...ohhhh yeah...mmmm I love fucking the new boys..." Sable moans as
she tilts her head back as she smoothly and skillfully works her hot pussy
on Jeff's cock while rocking back and forth, gradually picking up her pace.

"Ohhh god... ohhh fuck!" Jeff moans as he feels up Sable's hot large tits as
she jerks his cock with her pussy with the way she's rocking back and forth.

Matt Hardy spits on the palm of his hands and smears his saliva over his
cock as he scoots behind Sable. "Oh man I got to try that ass..." Matt says
eagerly as he pushes his twelve inch cock into Sable's extremely tight

"Mmmm....ohhhhh yeah..." Sable moans as she glances over her shoulder and
seductively grits her teeth together as she rocks back against Matt's cock
to push her perfectly shaped hot ass back against Matt's toned waist as she
continues to move her gorgeous body on Jeff's cock, smoothly grinding her

"Ahhhhh... ahhhh fuck!" Matt grunts ash e slowly thrusts his cock in and out
of Sable's tight asshole, and he gradually picks up the pace of his thrusts
as he fucks her. Jeff grits his teeth as he lifts his hips to thrust his
thirteen inch cock upward into Sable's hot and wet pussy as she rides him.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck!" Sable moans as she leans forward, rocking quicker on
Jeff's thirteen inch cock as Matt Hardy firmly pushes his cock deeply into
her tight, lusciously hot ass.

"Mmmmm! Uhhhh shit! Ohhh yeah!" Jeff moans as he keeps his hands on Sable's
large, gorgeous tits as he pistons his cock upward into her pussy. Matt licks
his lips as he pumps his cock firmly in and out of Sable's asshole as she
pushes back against him.

Sable closes her eyes and presses her luscious lips together as sweat drips
down her gorgeous and beautifully tanned body. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck!" Sable
moans as she quickly and smoothly rocks between Matt and Jeff Hardy as she
works over their cocks in her ass and pussy.

"Ahhhh... ohhhh yeah... mmmm fuck!" Matt moans as he feels Sable squeezing
his twelve inch cock with her asshole as she moves against him while riding
his brother.

Jeff licks his lips as he keeps pumping his cock into Sable's wet pussy as
she rocks on his huge thick cock. "Ohhh fuck... shit..." Jeff moans. Sable
tilts her head back as she roughly grinds her pussy against Jeff's shaft,
tightening her pussy around his shaft as she begins to cum.

"Ahhhh ohhh yeah! Ohhh fuck!" Jeff Hardy moans as he feels Sable's cum and
pussy juices flowing down on his shaft, which set him off. Jeff begins
shooting his warm thick cum into Sable's dripping wet cunt.

Matt Hardy grinds his teeth together as he pounds Sable's asshole with quick
thrusts, "Uhhh... mmmm fuck! Ohhh yeah!" Matt groans as he begins shooting
his warm cum into Sable's asshole. Sable closes her eyes and licks her
luscious lips as she gently rocks back on Matt's cock before lightly bouncing
on Jeff's cock as both Hardys fill up her with cum.

"Ohhh fuck... ohhh yeah..." Matt moans as holds his cum spent cock inside
of Sable's asshole. Jeff closes his eyes as he rests underneath the hot WWF
Women's champion as she milks his cock until he's done cumming.

Sable smirks as she glances back at Matt Hardy "So...the real thing is much
better, isn't it?"

"Oh yeah..." Matt nods his head.

"A whole lot fucking better..." Jeff Hardy adds as he looks up at Sable.

Sable tosses her gorgeous blond hair back and smirks as she looks down at
Jeff Hardy "You got that right, and don't forgot it..."


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