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Sable Surrenders (mc, mf, md)
by Judge Knoll

Disclaimer: Same old stuff. This story is meant for an adult audience. Please
do not read if you are offended by sexually explicit material. This is just
fantasy plain and simple.

Rena Mero had built up quite a reputation. She burst on the scene in the
WWF as Sable, the super sexy bombshell who had men of all ages tuning in
just to see her incredible body. Her feature in Playboy led to a profitable
modeling career. She had money, beauty, and any man she wanted. There were
definitely plenty of men who wanted her.

Rena sat in her Beverly Hills home relaxing by the pool side. Having
one of her rare days off from the busy world of professional modeling she
contemplated what to do with the rest of her day. Like many stars of her
caliber she was always weary of going out in public due to the constant
annoying harassment by fans. She did not know what was worse, the autograph
seekers or those who were constantly whistling and making cat calls at her.
Still she decided that a little shopping would do her good. There were
plenty of high class shops in the area in which one could spend a small
fortune in no time.

A couple of hours later she was walking down Beverly Hills Boulevard with
bags in hands. She passed by a group of teenagers who immediately recognized
her. "Hey Sable! Looking Hot Babe!" Rena rolled her eyes, she had heard it
all before. She soon came across an exquisite antique store. As she entered
she was immediately taken back by the beauty of the merchandise. The store
was reasonably busy as it was a Saturday afternoon. Eventually a young girl
came up to her and asked her, "Can I help you miss"?

Rena replied, "I think I am interested in something crystal, like a vase?"

The girl took her over to the part of the store that had crystal on
display. While she picked up one item and admired it, a man stood from the
opposite side of the room. He had recognized Rena immediately. A knowing
smile soon came across his face.

"Excuse me, Susan," the man said as he brushed by his employee. "Hello
Mrs. Mero, I would like to say what a pleasure it is to have you in our
store". Rena looked to her side to see a tall thin middle aged man looking
at her with a silly grin on his face. "I am Mr. Bob King the head manager
of this fine establishment". Rena was not exactly impressed by his
confrontational manner.

"Yeah thanks," she murmured out of the side of her mouth.

"Is there anything in particular that you are looking for" Bob cheerfully

Rena sighed, "No I think I'm just going to browse..."

Bob quickly interrupted, "Well since you are looking at crystal I have
one very interesting piece that is in the back that you may find interesting.
I don't keep it on display because I only save such pieces for special
customer," Bob said as he winked at Rena. She could only think of what a dork
this guy was.

"No thanks I'll just keep looking..."

"Are you sure because..."

"Yes" Rena said affirmatively as she turned around and walked away.

Bob looked on as she walked across to the other side of the store. "Very
well Sable" he whispered to himself.

After about another 10 minutes of looking through the shop she decided to
go. There was nothing here that was really her taste. As she walked towards
the doors she heard the store clerk who had waited on her run towards her
"Mrs. Mero?"

Rena somewhat startled swung around "What?!"

Susan humbly replied "I'm sorry to startle you but your husband is on the

Rena looked at her puzzled "What...are you sure."

She nodded saying "He identified himself as a Mr. Marc Mero and said that
you had to speak to you immediately."

Rena stood there for a second wondering how Mark knew she was at the shop.
She had told the house maid she was going shopping but Mark was in New York.
He may have called but... "Well Ok where is the phone?"

"Follow me," Susan said as she walked by the counter.

Rena followed her past the counter, through a couple of doors, and now
they were proceeding to go down a flight of stairs. "This is ridiculous,
where is the fucking..."

"Just this way please," Susan said while rushing forward.

Finally at the bottom of the stairs Susan slowly opened a heavy metal door
to a room. Rena looked in and saw that the room was entirely dark. She shook
her head and yelled "What the hell is going on?!"

As she turned around Susan stretched out her hand and spayed her directly
in the face with some sort of substance. Rena put her hands to her face as
she fell down. She tried to get up but felt very weak. Finally she fell back
against the floor in a daze. As she began to fall asleep she heard Susan say
"She is ready now master..."
_ _ _

Rena finally awoke. She was sitting strapped in a chair. The room was only
partially lit. She tried to figure out where she was but her mind was still
foggy. Suddenly there was man appeared in front of her. As she squinted up at
up she recognized him as the dork in the store. "Where am I... what that...
what are you doing?"

Bob smiled "I'm sorry I had to force you down here like this but most of
my other...umm customers are not so mistrusting." He immediately held up his
right hand which had a giant ring on the index finger. The ring had a bright
green gem in the middle which began to glow. The beam engulfed both of Rena's
eyes. She let out a little gasp as it entranced her.

Then she just as quickly shook her head and yelled, "What the fuck...let
me outta here you fucking prick".

Bob shook his head, "Now Sable you are just making things more difficult."


Susan the store employee and another girl came from out of the corner.

"Would you please assist Sable for me ladies?"

They immediately replied, "Yes master."

One girl held Rena's head while the other forced her eyes wide open. Bob
held the ring up to her eyes and once again the beam engulfed her vision.
Sable grunted as she tried to jerk her head away. Mr.King said "Don't resist
my dear, just watch the light, let it in, don't resist, it feels good to look
at the light". Sable tried to resist but she was becoming more and more
entranced by the light. He swayed it back and forth in her vision and he
softly spoke to her, "Just watch the light, let it in, look at it, let it be
part of you". Finally Rena stopped struggling as the gem entranced her. Bob
smiled as he nodded to the girls "You can let go. She is in my control now."
Rena now starred at the bright gem without any resistance. Her eyes wide open
taking in the light.

"That's it Rena just look at the light, let the light control you,
resistance is futile, you want to stare into, you want to let it control you,
control your thoughts, yes Rena the light controls you."

Rena whispered in her trance light state, "...light controls me".

Bob now knew it was only a matter of time before she became his latest
high priced sex toy. It had only been a few months since he paid almost his
entire savings in Hong Kong for this hypnotic gem. He had already hypnotized
a number of Hollywood hotties. Not to mention some young play things to work
in his store. Of course probably hypnotizing the previous owner to sell him
the multi-million dollar business at an insanely cheap price probably helped
in his quest.

"Yes, Rena, the light controls you."

She replied more firmly this time "The light controls me,"

"Yes Rena and as the owner of the light I own you. I own you Rena"


Bob held the gem closer to her eyes and spoke more forcefully, "I own you
Rena! You belong to me! Say it."

Rena blankly responded "You own me. I belong to you."

"Yes, Rena that means that you must obey me"

"I must obey you."

"From now on Rena you will refer to me as master. Now tell me who I am

"You are my master."

"What will you do for me?"

"Anything you tell me to master."

Bob took the gem away from her face. He had the girls unstrap her from
yhe chair. "Stand up" he commanded.

"Yes master" said Rena as she obeyed her master's command.

He gently rubbed his hands against her hard body. As he came across her
breasts he let out a laugh. "Oh I think you are going to make an excellent
sex slave. You will fulfill my sexual desires won't you?"

"I will master"

"Excellent" Bob said as he let down her long blonde hair. "Now Rena, I
want you to listen to me carefully..."
_ _ _

The next morning Rena came out of the bathroom after having a nice hot
shower. She sat down in front of her vanity mirror as she dried her hair.
Suddenly her private cell phone rang. As she picked it up she half expected
to hear Marc's voice on the other line. "Hello?"

"Yes, Rena are you only right now."

"I'm in the bedroom drying my...hey wait who is this? How did you get
this number?"

The voice on the other side responded "Surrender Sable."

Rena's face immediately went blank.

"How long before you can be ready for my arrival?"

"I will be no longer than 20 minutes master."

"Good. You know what preparations to make"?

"I do master."

"Well then I will be there in 20 minutes. Be ready for my arrival."

"I will master."

Twenty minutes later Rena stood outside her front door. She was dressed
in her hot black leather outfit that has made her so famous in the WWF. It
fitted tightly against her awesome body and revealed just enough cleavage to
let the imagination do wonders.

Suddenly a limo came around the corner and stopped in front of her house.
The back right door opened as Rena walked over and climbed inside. She closed
the door behind her and sat down beside her new master. As the Limo pulled
away Bob rubbed his hands with enthusiasm.

"Very nice Sable. I must say you are going to be the hottest fuck I've
had since I began this little venture."

In fact Rena was to hot for him to wait. As he looked at his watch he
thought to himself that they had more than enough to for a little action
before they made it back to his place.

"Sable my dear. Why don't we start right away? Now pleasure me my slave."

"Yes master" she responded obediently.

Rena put her arms around her master and slipped her tongue in his mouth.
Bob exchanged saliva with her as he worked his way on top of her. He then
stood crouched on the seat and released his hard cock from his pants. He
pushed her head forward and she inhaled his cock into her mouth. He thrust
his cock in our out of her mouth as he held on to the back of her head.
Feeling her hot mo uth wrapped around his member was more than enough to make
him blow his load all over her beautiful face. He removed his cock from her
mouth and commanded her to take her top off and lay down on the seat. She
removed her leather top revealing her huge fake breasts. As she lay down Bob
quickly put his cock between them and began to tit fuck her. The feeling was
sensational. They may be fake but they felt so good. Her hard tits and soft
skin made the pleasure in his cock build up very quickly. It wasn't much
longer until Bob screamed and shot his hot cum all over her tits, neck and

A couple of hours later they were back at his place. Bob had her lying
spread eag le on his king sized bed. The sweat was pouring off both of them
as the fucking was relentless. As he moved his cock in and out of her passage
with a heightening pace he said, "Now Sable I want you to come for your

Within seconds Rena screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasm shook
her entire body. After she came Bob took his cock out and rubbed it up and
down her long sexy legs. Just another feature of her amazing body that had
brought her so much fame. Now it belonged to her new master. To give him
pleasure beyond his wildest dreams. Bob now commanded her to stand up and
put her hands against the wall. He slipped his member inside her firm ass
and began pumping. As he was taking her from behind all Bob could think
about was his unbelievable luck. First Jennifer Love Hewitt, then Cameron
Diaz, Elizabeth Hurley, Christina Applegate, and now Rena Mero. Or how he
preferred to call her, Sable. There will certainly be others. Soon her will
have control of the top women in Hollywood. Soon he will have more power
than he will know what to do with.

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