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by Anonymous

It was the night of WrestleMania 14. Shawn Michaels was in his dressing
room getting ready to defend his WWF title against Steve Austin. Michaels
is known as the "Heartbreak Kid" and for a good reason, he is a trimmed and
toned man with a hansom face.

As Shawn did his warm-up Sable entered his dressing room. Sable is a
manager/valet for Marc Mero and she has also participated in active
wrestling. She was a top trained woman with a gorgeous body and a pair of
huge 38DD tits (Silicone but still a treat to the eye).

"Hi, Shawn, are you ready for your big match?" Sable said as she
watched him doing sit-ups.

"Oh, yes." Shawn said "Hey, you wrestled a great match tonight

Sable had wrestled in a mixed tag match against Luna Vachon and Goldust.
"Yeah, but I think Luna bruised my ribs when she kicked me." Sable said and
exposed her ribcage by lifting her tight T-shirt. "Can you see a bruise?"
she asked Shawn.

"Well no, but let me get a closer look," Shawn said and moved closer to
Sable, "No, I still can't see anything."

"Hmm well maybe its up higher she said and took her t-shirt off to
reveal a skin tight spandex pot that barely covered her huge breasts, "Now
do you see anything Shawn?"

"No. there is still no bruise," Shawn said as he looked at Sable's huge
tits and not really at her ribs.

"She kicked me really hard right here." Sable said and pointed to the
underside of her right tit.

"Well, it's covered by your top,so I can't see it." Shawn said with a
smile and a wink.

"We can't have that." Sable said and then she lifted her top up over her
huge tits letting them sway freely in the air.

"Wow!" was all Shawn could say while he thought, "I heard she was into
showing off, butI had no idea."

"Yeah, they're nice," Sable said without blushing over Shawn's stare
"Even tough there are not real. Can you see a bruise?"

"Wow!" Shawn just repeated and then came back and said, "No, your skin
looks perfectly alright to me."

"It's right here. Can't you feel it?" Sable said and put his left hand on
her tit.

"She's doing more than showing now ain't she?" Shawn thought and said
"Tell me when you feel pain." as he started to run his hand over her

"Mmmm!It feels great. Don't stop. We have to find the spot," Sable said
obviously enjoying Shawn's strong hands.

"Well, I certainly won't stop." Shawn said and then he ran his hand over
her large nipple and felt it getting hard. Then he kissed her nipple softly
and as she did noting to remove his hands or mouth he kissed the nipple
harder and started to fondle both her breasts. He cupped her tits and took
the right nipple in his mouth.

"Suck it." Sable said and Shawn was quick to do as she said.

He kissed her down the belly and then started to kiss her crotch on the
outside of her tights. He put his hands inside her waistband and pulled
them down, exposing her cleanly shaven pussy. Shawn could see that she was
soaking wet and wasted no time in tasting her juices. He kissed her cunt
and sucked on her clit.

"Oh, Shawn, Shawn, Shaaaawn!" Sable moaned.

"Hey, you sound like my old entrance music." Shawn said as he took his
mouth of her cunt for just a moment.

Sable started to buck her hips as Shawn's tongue probed her pussy. Sable
grabbed Shawn's head and pushed it deeper into her cunt and Shawn ate her
with great joy.

"Now you suck it," Shawn said as he slid his tights down revealing a
raging hard on.

Sable grabbed it with both hands and rubbed it up and down while she
kissed it, tasting the pre-cum on the tip. Then she slowly closed her lips
around Shawn's cock and started to suck on it. Sable's head bobbed up and
down faster and faster as she started to get into the blow-job, she sucked
him loudly while she used one hand to finger herself.

She was on her knees with four fingers up her wet cunt and sucking
Shawn's cock with great joy. She rose a bit on her knees and put Shawn's
cock between her huge tits, and started to move up and down while she
pressed her tits around his dick. Shawn fealt enormous pleasure as he
fucked her enhanced tits faster and faster. Sable felt that Shawn was about
to come and sped her tit fucking up.

Shawn came with a loud "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" as he squirted his jizz all
over Sable's tits and face, while she lapped it all up. Sable continued to
lick Shawn's cock until she had licked all the cum of it, then she lifted
her tits and licked the cum off the nipples.

"Sit down," Sable said and gently pushed Shawn back onto a chair while
she stroked his once again hardening cock. When it was hard again Sable
stood up and moved in over him. Sable slowly sat down on his cock, she
felt her ecstasy rise as she felt each inch of his cock in her pussy. When
she felt his cock all the way inside her, she started to pump up and down
on Shawn's lap. Then the door opened and Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna

"Hey, Shawn, I defended my European...," Hunter said and then he stopped
dead in his tracks as he saw Sable bob up and down on Shawn. "I'm gonna'
get me some of that." HHH said and pulled his tights off.

Hunter put his hands on her shapely ass and parted her buttocks. He
stroked his cock until it got hard and then he pressed it against her ass

"It's too dry, I can't take it like that." Sable said in pain as Hunter
tried to ass fuck her.

"Allow me." the amazon Chyna said as she got down on her knees and
started to suck on Hunter's cock. She took all of his cock in while Hunter
starts to fondle her firm silicone tits on the outside of the small top.
Then he flipped first the right and then the left tit out.

Chyna quickly got Hunter's cock so wet that he was ready to try ass
fucking Sable again, but before he did, Chyna gave Sable a rim job so there
was sufficient lubrication. She licked Sable's ass hard and long until she
moved aside to make room for Hunter. Hunter grabbed her bucking hips and
showed her cock up her ass while Shawn continued to slam into her cunt.

While Sable fucked Shawn and Hunter Chyna undressed and started to
finger her black haired cunt. She moved her muscled arms up and down as she
lay on the table fingering herself. She found a pair of brass knuckles and
put them in her pussy. She shivered as the cold metal slid up her pussy.

Shawn and Hunter changed positions as Hunter lay on the floor with Sable
bouncing up and down on him, while Shawn fucked her up her tight ass. Chyna
pulled the knuckles out of her pussy, stood up and moved over to Hunter's
head. She sat down on his head facing Sable. The two women started to kiss
as Hunter worked his tongue all over Chyna's cunt.

Sable felt two cocks insider her and the strong hands of Chyna on her
tits and she new she was about to cum. Sable's body started to convulse as
she came, so violently that she saw stars. Hunter felt her cunt tighten on
his cock and came as well coating her cunt with cum.

Moments later Shawn came as well, squirting cum deep inside Sable's
ass. Shawn slumped down on Sable in exhaustion. "Five minutes Shawn," a
voice said from outside the door.

Shawn's match was next and he had to scramble to get ready, but at least
he was warm and limber. Shawn left the dressing room to defend his WWF
title against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

"Hey that doesn't mean that we have to stop." Chyna said and kissed

Chyna picked Sable up in her strong arms and placed her on the table.
She spread Sable's legs and started to lick Sable's hairless cunt. Chyna
lightly blew on Sable's clit and felt the shivers running up Sable's

Hunter had regained his composure and moved towards the two women.
Hunter went to Sable's head and kissed her, letting his tongue probe her
mouth. After a minute Hunter put his cock in front of Sable's mouth and she
hungrily took it all in her mouth.

Chyna pulled a nightstick out of a bag and started to slowly push it up
Sable's cunt. Sable was first shocked by the coldness of the steel but
after a minute she got used to the rod in her cunt.

Hunter pulled his cock out of Sable's mouth and said "I'd rather be in
Chyna!" and moved behind the black haired amazon. He ran his hands over her
black haired cunt and then spread it with both hands before he pressed his
cock up her tight pussy.

"OHHHH! Those pelvic exercises really worked." Hunter moaned as he felt
her cunt squeeze his cock.

Sable's hips began to buck as Chyna rammed the nightstick deeper and
deeper into her cunt. Sable arched her back as she came again, and then she
collapsed on the table.

Chyna laid back on the table besides the dazed Sable and Hunter moved in
between her string, firm legs and plunged into her wet box. They fuck with
such great force that the table started to slide over the floor. Hunter and
Chyna was oblivious to the fact that Sable had moved away from the table,
gotten dressed and left the dressing room while they fucked.

"Oh, Hunter, come inside me!" Chyna said as Hunter sucked on her tit
while still fucking her.

"Hhhhhheeeeeerrrrrr it comes!" Hunter moaned as he shot his load deep
into Chyna.

After two minutes Hunter suddenly said, "I wonder how Shawn is doing?"
Hunter turned on the TV just in time to see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
winning the WWF title from Shawn.

"Oh, shit!" was all Hunter was able say as he realized that Sable had
cost Shawn the title.


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