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Note: This story is an alternate ending to a run in by Tori after a
Sable/Ivory match.

Sable Tames Tori Before Wrestlemania
by PerilEyes

Tori ran down the aisle to get her some of Sable before their match this
Sunday at Wrestlemania. She wasn't in action that night so she wore a silver
silk tied shirt which exposed her toned abs. Housing her long legs was a pair
of tight black pants.

She slid under the bottom rope up before she could get into a position to
attack her rival the bombshell cut her off. She dropped to her knees and gave
Tori a double axe handle to her back stopping her dead in her tracks. Sable
rose to her feet and then propelled her black boot powerfully into her one
time biggest fan's midsection. Tori cried out in pain and held her belly.

With malicious intent Sable yanked her foe by the hair and then forcefully
pushed her towards the ropes. Tori's arms fell over the top rope while Sable
tugged the second rope so it was above her arms and top tope, thereby
imprisoning Tori between the cables. Sable took the time to then play to the
crowd. And why wouldn't she? This girl thought she could come down and get a
cheap on her and she stopped her dead in her tracks. She ran her hands along
her delicious latex cat suit covered body and gyrated her hips in her
trademark sensual demeanour. She then shook her breasts to the crowd before
approaching her tied up adversary.

Tori watched Sable parading around in the ring and wasn't going to let her
beat her. When the blonde approached she kicked out her leg at the diva. But
with quick reflexes Sable caught she boot with both hands. She then balled up
her first and drove it into Tori's already affected abdomen. She fell to her
knees; the pain in her face echoed the pain in her stomach. Eyes closed and
mouth agape as she cried out once again after a second shot 10 seconds apart.
She delivered a slap to the diva for good measure. Sable went over to the
women's title belt that she dropped when Tori made her run-in. She picked it
up, looked it over and then ran over and struck Tori across the head with it.
Her head fell down to her chest as he was instantly knocked out from the

The crowd booed as Sable grabbed Tori's head by the chin and raised it while
holding up the women's belt between them."So, you thought you could get me
before this Sunday eh Tori?" the blonde bombshell teased her idle victim.
"Well as my biggest fan you never did learn much did you? This," she looked
to the title "is mine. You will never hold this title while I am champion in
WWF. I don't think you'll make it to WrestleMania. That's what I think."

With that she threw the women's title back across the ring. She placed both
hands on Tori's shoulders and proceeded to forcefully knee her opponent in
the crotch. And while it was a hard shot and the worst thing you could do to
a woman, she didn't wake up. Sable tried a belly punch picking the button as
the target. The unconscious diva flinched with impact but didn't wake up. She
continued on a flurry of rights and lefts on that toned stomach while adding
in a few crotch blows. Still nothing.

"Hmm, well, I'd rather have you awake for that but you can nap for now while
I do this." She began to undo the knot of the silk blouse which garnered the
approval of the crowd. Then she undid the top button by button eventually
exposing Tori's cleavage. What lay beneath was a black lace bra.

As she felt up the prone diva's open breasts through the fabric she "Mmm, I'm
surprised here Tori, somewhat classy." She reached back and undid the clasp
of the bra. The crowd popped at the sight of Tori's exposed breasts. These
were the second pair of diva tits they saw after Sable's Playboy issue but
the first on Monday Night Raw. Sable then untied Tori from the ropes so that
diva fell face and breast down arms above her head on the mat. Grabbing both
arms she dragged the brunette into the middle of ring her breasts no doubt
experiencing some mat burn along the way. Then she unceremoniously kicked her
in the ribs so she was lying on her back spread eagle in the middle of the

"I think these tight, tight pants need to come off, don't you my sweet?" She
asked her unresponsive guest. Standing over Tori at her legs she bent at the
waist as she undid the belt and the button of Tori's slacks giving the
audience behind her a nice view of her latex ass. Then she pulled down the
zipper. Grabbing a handful she roughly started to yank them down Tori's
shapely hips. The crowd cheered as a matching pair of black panties came in
view. Pulling one leg out a time the pants were inside out but finally off
much to Sable's content. She spun it around her head before chucking it on
the top one of the top ropes.

"You know what? I think we should have ourselves a pre-Mania right now? What
do you all think?"

The crowd cheered.

What was Sable thinking? She was now playfully slapping Tori on either side
of her face trying to stir her awake. It was working. The former number 1 fan
slowly opened her eyes to the weird assault. Sable then roughly grabbed her
by the hair and stood her to a vertical position. "Mmm," she cooed.
"Something's not quite right about this."

The sight in front of her was a dazed and groggy Tori barely able to stand by
her own accord clad in a pair of black panties, braless, but still had the
silk top covering her upper body. Sable rectified the situation by almost
mockingly walking behind her and "helping" her out of it by pulling it first
off her shoulders very sensually taking the time to smell her neck, then
slipping it down her back.

But before she could get it off her Tori delivered a back elbow square to her
nose! Tori was conscious! The last minute must've been an act. Turning
around, Tori was livid! She pulled of her blouse herself and threw it angrily
to ground mouthing profanities to Sable. Holding her damaged nose the Playboy
vixen cowered back in fright at the awakened beast in front of her. She put
her hands up trying to call for peace but her tormented enemy was having none
of it. She kicked her square in the gut doubling her over slightly and then
wailed right hands to the face. The crowd was cheering but it wasn't clear
whether it was because Tori was on the offensive or that her breasts jiggled
with every strike. She then Irish whipped the blonde to the ropes and pressed
over her back upon the return. Then she mounted her and wailed more shots to
her head. Tori was really letting Sable have it! With a few of these shots in
the bag, Tori got off her opponent allowing Sable also to get to her feet.

Keeping the attack on the brunette dropkicked the cover girl which led her
stumbling into a corner. Tori then mounted the second ropes and punched down
from above as Sable tried to cover up. The crowd counted along with every
strike. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. At the final strike Tori decided to play off
the crowd raising her arms and shouting out a "come on." But Sable took the
moment to grab on to Tori's legs and spin her around so she was sitting on
the top rope. The battle continued as Sable started her offensive on the
perched brunette. But of course Tori had her counters and blocks and shots of
her own including a few kicks in there. Using that dirty noodle though Sable
struck where it hurt: square in the crotch.

"Ahhhhhh!" Tori explained.

Sable then smacked her foe hard across the face, the impact of the blow was
enough to send her off balance and tumbling all the way to the floor. The
result was a like a car wreck. Tori was laying face first on the ground
completely motionless. Taking a moment to recover Sable checked her nose to
see if it was OK. Looking outside the ring she first appeared shocked but
this was quickly replaced by a wicked smile.

Rolling under the ring ropes she picked up her near dead former admirer. She
placed her between her thighs and just stood there. The crowd knew what was
coming. She wouldn't do this would she? Tori was helpless at this point to do
anything after that vicious tumble from the top rope. Sable was going to
tease the audience now. Her two fingers slowly "walked" down Tori's back to
her panties. Once there her hand grabbed hold of a bunch of the thin
material. But she didn't yank it yet. She motioned to the crowd. "You want to
see this?!"

The people at ringside exclaimed an emphatic "YES!!"

Never one to disappoint, Sable pulled the panties sharply up in Tori's
posterior crevice. It cut like a knife right to her ass hole. And she was
unrelentless too. She tugged as hard as she could to a point where the cloth
was practically lodged in her. Tori by now was awake and tapping on Sable's
thighs to stop while also crying out from under them. Her panties now looked
like a thong as her ass cheeks were fully exposed. Sable then spanked the
open flesh. One time. Two times. Three times. Four times. Five times. Six
times. She alternated on each cheek. The result: redness. Lots of it.
Satisfied herself and knowing the crowd was more than satisfied, she then
clutched Tori around her waist. Picking her up, she rested on her shoulder
for a moment. In that brief moment the audience saw her exposed breasts and
the fright on her face. Then in a swift move she propelled her straight to
the ground. Her head bounced right off the ringside floor. She was KO'd and
spread eagle. The only thing in motion about her was her tits moving up and
down with the air flow of her body.

Picking her up like a rag doll she threw her back into the ring. Before she
re-entered herself, she looked under the ring. She pulled out a small leather
bag. She walked up the ring steps and took her time getting in the ring.
Unzipping the bag she pulled out two pairs of handcuffs to which the crowd
awed and gasped at. She roughly pulled Tori out to one side of ring and hand
cuffed both arms to the second rope so she was facing out to ward the crowd.
Making sure Tori was secure she went back to her bag of toys. She pulled a
thin black whip wrapped up in a nice circle. By the amount of coils on it, it
seemed long. Standing in the middle of the ring looking out to the crowd with
her coy smile she unwound it. Holding it she walked over to the prone
sleeping bound beauty. She harshly grabbed her by the hair and thrust her
head back. The pain shot her awake.

"WAKE UP BITCH! You're going to awake for this part whether you want to be or
not!" Sable then backed and readied herself for the first shot. With a crack
of the long lasso that mimicked her entrance music, she RAVAGED her prone
victim's back! Tori let out a piercing high pitched shriek!!!


For the next few minutes Sable continued the sharp. And for those same few
minutes the brunette cried in agony. Her back was marked with straight red
welts. The evidence of the whipping made itself into a criss-cross pattern on
her skin. Tied up helpless in the ropes all she could do is cry like a baby.

"Stop? Why would I do that? If anything I should push this further. I should
have you beg me for more every time I whip you like the animal you are. But
I'm not...right now, I'm not ready to tame as yet..." She sauntered over to
the prone diva. "I will however even out my assault on your body though." She
took out a key and undid one handcuff. Then she turned Tori over so she was
facing her and rehooked the wrist to the second rope. "Ahh, that's better."

She backed up just like she had done before and repeated the assault on her
breasts. "Oooo, target practise, let's see if I can hit the bull's eye hmm?"
Which meant just as it did. The bombshell aimed her focus right at the
brunette's left areola. The pinkish circle itself had about a diameter of
about four inches so she should've had success right off the bat. But it
didn't. Sable wound up and delivered a shot right above the nipple area.

"Oooooo," she cooed, too tired to really call out in pain.

The slash drew out some blood. Then she repeated the lashing over and over.
The lines that marred her melons told a story. They were all scattered. All
over the place. Never in the same real places. It stung for Tori. It was
agonizing. Her mammeries were ruined. Destroyed. Bloodied. She was ruined
too. Tori knew and Sable damn sure knew it. The blonde stood in the centre of
the ring to deliver the final vocal blows.

"You never did match up to me Tori. I mean no woman wants to be me more than
you Tori, but you'll," she added some more hip gyration "NEVER will." She had
a sly proud smile on her face. "I mean look at this body." The bombshell ran
her arms down her body starting at her chest. "This oh so Sable-licious body
with these grabbing her melons, "oh so Sable-licious breasts...these Sable-
licious Sable-licious woman hood," the guys in the audience
cheered and cat called for that one, "and then these Sable-licious legs."

Then her tone changed. "Then there's you Tori. You are a failed excuse for a
woman let alone a copy cat. I mean I already proved that tonight. Those tits
and abs couldn't take my ways could they? Neither could your dripping cunt

The crowd cheered again.

"But you know what? I haven't been fair to you!"

The crowd went silent in confusion.

"You know the power of my arms and legs, but not how everything else matches

With that she positioned herself in the middle of the ring and looked out at
the masses. She grabbed the zipper of her latex top. Instantly the crowd went
nuts over what was going to happen. She started another sensual dance before
slowly teasing the crowd as she slowly tugged on the small handle. The crowd
popped as the blonde was about to give them another taste, or rather, the
real thing, of what was in the pages of Playboy. She pulled it all the way
down and slid the constrictive attire off her body which allowed the whole
world to see her glorious mammeries. This was by far the biggest cheer of the
night. The King was jumping in his seat while he kept repeating "Puppies!
There is a God, Michael!"

Sable shook her tits like she did earlier, only this time they move from side
to side as her body propelled them. She pushed them together as she went back
to Tori still naked and humiliated in the ropes. "So how bout it Tori, you
like? How bout a closer look!"

With what she shoved her breasts in her foes face. The groggy diva tried to
muster out a protest but her whole world was just engulfed in cleavage.
Without arms or any strength there was little she could do. Sable laughed as
her shook her rack across her foes face making sure her nose and mouth were
encased the whole time. Her movement were already slow but it got even slower
with every moment that dragged. It got to a point where she didn't move
anymore. Her eyes shut. She was asleep again.

"Aw, baby's asleep again! Maybe she would also like some of mommy's milk!"
She held her own breast and positioned the nipple to Tori's mouth. She
laughed out loud. "There we are. Mmmm...yeah, you like that?"

The crowd was on their feet for this rather one sided shot of hot lesbian

"But enough of that." She pulled back as the crowd booed. She slapped Tori
awake now. "Now Tori, I hope you realize by now that I have you right where I
want you and I have shown that I can do pretty much anything I wish to you.
So if want out of those confines I suggest you start begging. But just as a
warning, if you do want to be set free, you'll never be free again. I let you
go, you become mine. My slave. Forever. You choose to stay there then you're
still subject to my whims for as long as I feel like. And I can go allllll
night even 'til these people are gone. SO what do you say?" She put the
microphone to Tori's face.

The defeated beauty mustered out a faint "OK."

"What? I can't hear you hun, you have to speak up." Sable toyed.

"Ok, Sable, I will be your slave." Tori hung her in shame.

Not quite satisfied Sable demanded more. "Well I do appreciate that, but you
still didn't beg me to be set free."

A tiny fire shot in Tori's eyes at this degrading request. But she realized
the futility of it all and gave. "Please Sable, let me go. I've had enough.
I'll do anything you say."

"Mmm, that's better. Say you're a useless little slut and that you don't even
deserve to be in the ring with a goddess like me!"

"I'm useless little slut that doesn't deserve to be in the ring with a
goddess like you."

"And that you don't want to take me on at Wrestlemania."

"I don't want to face you at Wrestlemania."

"Well then, in that case, I do believe that I will set you free. AND as your
first task as my slave you must kiss my latex covered ass in front of all
these people." With that she unlocked both cuffs. Tori fell immediately down
clutching her wrists. Sable had returned to the centre of the ring and was
tapping her foot impatiently. "Tori, I'm waiting..." Tori then hurried it up
and started to crawl and face Sable's backside. Looking at it and prompted by
Sable's "now lick it!" she began her task.

Planting pecks on the bombshell's wonderful behind, Sable giggled at the
predicament. She had not only got rid of her opponent for her next title
defence, but she eliminated a contender all together. And she got a personal
servant out of it! She had done good. "Lick it as well. That's right through
the crease too. Good girl. You'll fit nicely to being my slave."

The crowd popped one more time.

Sable put her hand on Tori's head. "Stop. There's one more piece of business
we need to take care of." She went again to her bag.

Tori knelt there watching her. Her breasts were mauled with cuts and blood
from the vicious whipping, her belly red from the same assault, and her pussy
ached from the various shots throughout the night. But there she knelt

Sable returned with a dog collar and leash attached to it. The final
humiliation. Around the ring of the collar was "SABLE'S SLUT" in large white
lettering against the black. She buckled it around Tori's neck. Holding the
other end she cried out, "Now walk, SLUT!"

With that the defeated brunette and would be potential women's championed
crawl through the bottom rope with her new owner in tow and down the ring
steps. Sable walked her all the way up the ramp before pausing one last time
to dance for the crowd with her new pet at her feet before heading back to
the locker room. The crowd let out the biggest ovation of the night.

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