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by Wonder Mike (

For some reason Vince McMahon decided the World Wrestling
Federation wasn't big enough for his two lead females, Maybe it was
temporary insanity or maybe he's just an idiot.

He knew Sunny was more popular with the fans, but Sable was more
popular in the locker room. He called them both into his private office.

He told them "I don't think it is good to have two female sex symbols,
I am going to have to let one of you go."

The girls both were well paid and liked their jobs, it was easy
work and they were adored by many. They both made their case why they
should stay.

Vince wouldn't change his mind. one of them had to go, the only
thing left was to decide who.

Sable removed her top. She said she would also do it on live
television, she would hint at it over the Internet and the ratings would be
huge. Sunny removed her top revealing perfect breast and said it would not
be a good idea to do it on television, the WWF could get fined by the FCC.

Vince was still pondering his decision. Sable pulled down her pants.
She was wearing a thong. She bent over and wiggled her ass in front of
Vince. Sunny soon did the same thing. She too was wearing a thong that was
riding up the crack of her perfect ass.

Vince instructed them to stand side by side and bend over. He had to get
a close look at both asses. He was extremely impressed. He then told them
to stand up and do jumping jacks. He wanted to give them the bounce test.
There was know doubt that Sunny was the more attractive of the two and she
had a better body, but nudity on television could make him #1 again.

He said he needed some more time to think about it. Sable then removed
her panties. She was standing completely nude in front of him. Sunny too
stripped to nothing. They both had trim blonde bushes.

Sable laid on her back, her huge boobs sticking straight up and spread
her legs. She inserted three fingers and slowly started to work them in and
out. Sunny saw that she was losing and she bent over with her ass in his
face and jammed three fingers into her hot box.

Sable was going slowly and working her fingers around her cunt. Sunny
was ramming her fingers in and out as fast as she could.

Vince had his pants down around his ankles now, It was good to be the
king. Sable crawled over to him and started to suck his cock. Sunny knew
she was about to lose her job and she ran over to join Sable but she was
too late. Vince shot his load into Sable's mouth and she swallowed it all.

Sunny grabbed the phone off his desk and shoved it into her box. She was
laying on his desk with her legs spread as wide as they could go, her feet
were straight up in the air.

She did this for fifteen minutes, than she licked the phone clean.
Vince took the phone and made a call.

A couple of minutes later they were joined by The 400 pound Mark Henry
and Val Venis. Vince told the girls "You know what to do."

Sable ran over to Val and pulled down his sweat pants with her teeth.
She wrapped her lips around Val's cock and it shot up to 13 inches.

Sunny ripped of Mark's pants and exposed his 14 inch cock. It was at
least 8 inches in diameter. She wrapped her lips around the monster and
began to suck for her 100 thousand dollar a year job.

Sable had pushed Val on the floor and was bouncing up and down on his
cock. Vince had walked over and was sucking her huge fake tits.

Sunny bent over so Mark could enter her from behind. He was using all
the strength of the worlds strongest man to ravage her pussy. Val rolled
Sable over so he could pound her from behind.

Sunny rolled over so she could ride Mark. She grabbed the edge of the
desk so she could force herself up and down on the monster cock.

She than called for Val to join them. He left Sable and slide his cock
into her pussy next to Mark. It was a tight fit but Sunny was managing to
ride them both. It was so tight that they both were going to shoot their
loads. Sunny climbed of and placed both their cocks in her mouth and they
came at the same time right on her tongue. Sunny was going to keep her job.
She walked over to Vince and began to suck him off. Vince fondled her
breast as he shot his load all over her face. He grabbed a camera, that
would make a great Christmas card.

Sable came to the office the next day she was supposed to get her final
paycheck. She was sitting in Vince's chair wearing a robe when he came in.
He told her there was nothing she could do, his decision was made. She
stripped naked and started to pull down his pants. He told her "You can do
it" but I will not change my mind.

Sable decided to suck him off anyway, that was how she had gotten every
job she ever had, and was all she knew. It was the one thing she was good

Vince came in her mouth within seconds, he had her hold it in her mouth
while he got his camera.

He told her to take her check and get out. Sable left the office and
came back a couple of second later. She had two great Danes. She crawled
under one and began to suck it's huge cock. This would get her job back.
Vince called a camera man to film it.

Sunny walked into the office to see Sable sucking off the dog. Vince
told her to get the other one. Sunny said she wouldn't and that she quit.
Vince told her she was fired.

The second dog mounted Sable from behind and rammed his cock in and out
if her. Sable sucked off the first one until she swallowed all his doggy
cum. She than spun around and sucked off the second dog. Vince rehired her
with a huge raise and the promise to reestablish the woman's title and give
it to her.

That is how Sable kept her job.


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