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by Revolution

On the May 15th edition of Smackdown, Sable came out on the stage and
stripped down to a TINY black thong bikini to promote her Bikini Challenge
with Torrie Wilson at the Judgment Day Pay-Per-View. After the show, the WWE
photographers wanted to do a quick photo shoot with Sable to get some new
shots of her in that bikini to put in a future edition of RAW Magazine. Even
though Sable had a much better attitude this time around, she was dealing
with the same camera and lighting crew as her first go-around with the
company. They remembered the old, bitchy Sable that made their simple photo
shoots a headache.

They had a little studio setup in one of the unused dressing rooms so they
could get some basic shots of Sable. The primadonna Sable began to come out
a little bit as she made sure that the lighting was perfect so she would look
as good as possible in the pictures.

"That's a wrap," the photographer said.

The camera men and make up ladies left the room and Sable started to realize
that she had been a little rough on the lighting crew. "I'm sorry you guys,"
Sable said, not wanting them to spread rumors about her attitude.

"What are our names?" One of the four crew members asked. Mark, Brian, Brad,
and Jeff were their names but Sable didn't know. Jeff went over and shut the
door, locking it.

"Why'd you lock the door?" Sable asked.

"Would you shut the fuck up? You fucking cock tease," Brad shouted.

"Excuse me?" Sable said in shock. She began to get a little nervous as the
four men surrounded her.

"Look at you! You're a fucking slutty bitch. With your fake tan and your fake
tits. You're such a fucking whore, Sable," Jeff asserted.

"You can't talk to me like that, what did I ever do to you?" Sable asked.

"For years and years we worked with you, made you look good and you didn't
even pay any attention to us. You didn't even bother to find out our names
for all those years," Jeff explained.

"You think you're so hot? Looking at us with that slutty face. You're an old
skank, that's what you are," Mark said.

"You look like a whore, you dress like a slut, you act like a skanky ho, so
we're gonna treat you like the slut that you are and you're gonna like it!"
Brian said.

"Just go away," Sable pleaded.

"Not before we stretch all your holes, Sable. Not before we make you see what
a slut you are. You know it, Sable, you know you're a fucking whore. You've
really got no choice but to be the whore that you are," Brian said.

The four men unzipped their flies, letting their semi-hard dicks out in the
open. Brian grabbed Sable's blond hair and pushed her down to her knees.
Sable looked around and she was surrounded by cock. Her mouth began to
salivate. She didn't know what to think or what to do but Brian answered her
questions for her by shoving his tool in her mouth. He held onto her hair and
began slamming his dick deep down Sable's throat. "Fucking suck my dick you
slut!" Brian yelled.

The other three guys started wanking off as they watched Sable deep throat
Brian. He pulled out and pushed Sable over to Brad. Brad held the back of
Sable's head and shoved his big unit way down her throat. Sable gagged and
covered Brad's dick with saliva. The saliva dripped down Sable's chin as
Brad let her have some air. Jeff moved in front of Sable and slapped his
cock against her face.

"Look at this slutty makeup, you know you like sucking all this dick," Jeff

Sable opened her mouth to answer but Jeff filled it with his cock. Mark came
over and stretched out Sable's mouth, shoving his tool inside with Jeff.
Sable could hardly breath as she took two fat dicks in her mouth, stretching
it wide open.

"Lay her down on the ground," Brian demanded.

Mark and Jeff held Sable down but she wasn't struggling to get away. Brian
grabbed Sable by the jaw kissed her pouty lips.

"Look at that dirty mouth," Brian said. He positioned his crotch over Sable's
face and dipped his cock down into her mouth. He began humping her throat,
slamming his dick down into Sable's mouth hard. Sable gagged as her mouth got
fucked. "Rub my nuts," Brian insisted. Sable reached around and played with
Brian's nuts as he jackhammered into her mouth. "OH FUCK! OH FUCK! Here it
comes you whore!" Brian exclaimed as cum shot out of his tool into the back
of Sable's throat.

She had no choice but to swallow as Brian squirted out his load into her
throat. Brian made her suck every last drip from his dick before removing it
from her mouth. He took a seat to rest as Mark, Jeff, and Brad moved in.

These three started feeling up Sable's body. Mark rubbed her tan luscious
legs. Brad spanked her firm ass a few times and grabbed at it. Jeff pulled
down her bikini top, letting Sable's big tits free. He sucked on her large
hard nipples, biting at them. Mark grabbed Sable and threw her down on her
back and pulled her thong bottoms to the side. Sable's scrumptious body was
slick and shiny with oil, making it even more mouth watering.

"I can't wait any longer, I wanna fuck this bitch!" Mark exclaimed. Mark
spread Sable's long firm legs apart and entered her pussy. Sable's cunt was
a little damp. "Oh yeah! That's fucking loose," Mark said.

"Ohh ohhh that's big," Sable started to moan.

"Shut that whore up," Brian yelled.

Jeff straddled Sable's face and shoved his tool in her mouth, gagging her.
Brian and Brad stood on either side of Sable's face and she started stroking
their dicks. Mark slammed hard into Sable's cunt, balls smacking against her
asshole. He soon gave way to Jeff. Jeff spread those tan thighs apart and
gave it to Sable hard. He lifted her legs up in the air and sucked on her
toes as he banged her.

Brad was up next but he had a different position in mind. He flipped Sable
over onto her knees and SMACKED her ass around! "Her ass ain't bad for a
slut!" Brad commented. He grabbed Sable's slim hips and started pounding her
pussy. The other three surrounded her face, taking turns getting sucked off
from their fuck toy. Brian moved around back of Sable and watched as Brad
fucked her doggystyle. "Give some of that," he said. Brad gave Sable a little
more then pulled out, letting Brian in.


Brian gave that firm ass a got whack then slid his big dick into Sable's
sloppy wet cunt. "Ohhh fuck yeah!" Brian exclaimed as he slammed into Sable.
Brad had moved back around front and let Sable suck her pussy juices right
off his schlong.

Mark wanted a piece of that sweet Sable pie again. He laid down on his back
and got Sable on top of him, reverse cowgirl. He held his dick in place as
Sable lowered herself down on it and wiggled around. "Do you boys really want
to get NASTY? You wanna see how much of a whore I am?" Sable asked.

"You damn right, bitch," Jeff said.

"Well then get your fucking cock in my Sablelicious pussy. I can take two big
hard cocks inside of me," Sable said.

Sable spread her legs out while on top of Mark. Jeff got down and pushed his
cock inside of Sable's box. Her pussy was now filled with two large dicks.

"Now that shit is TIGHT!" Jeff said.

"Mmmm give it to me!" Sable smiled.

Jeff held Sable's ankles as he pounded her double stuffed cunt.

"You two, you'll get yours too, but bring your dicks over here now! Sable
needs something to suck on!" Sable demanded and Brad and Brian came right
over. Sable began moaning in ecstasy as she got hammered by two guys. Saliva
dripped down her chin as she fevorishly sucked off Brian and Brad.

"OH GOD SABLE! Oh shit! You're such a fucking whore! Taking two dicks in your
pussy!" Jeff groaned. He pulled out of Sable and moved quickly up to her
face. He shoved his dick deep into Sable's mouth and grabbed two handfuls of
her blond locks. Sable licked the underside of his cock and Jeff convulsed,
blowing his wad inside of Sable's mouth! His knees were weak and he had to
sit down!

Sable rubbed her slightly sore labia and looked at Brad and Brian, "I'm
waiting," she said.

Brad stepped up next and pushed his way inside of Sable's fuckhole with Mark
still in there. Brian stood over Sable's face and let her suck on his nuts
while she got double pussy penetrated. "Oh Sable! Oh fuck! This is so fucking
tight, oh I love it, and you’re so dirty!" Brad moaned.

"Come on! Give those two dicks to Sable! UNHUH! MAKE ME A DIRTY SLUT!" Sable

Brad found himself almost ready to blow his load. Stretching apart Sable's
pussy was just felt too damn good. Brad grunted as he yanked out of Sable and
quickly went up to her mouth. She opened wide as he shot his load right into
her awaiting mouth. Most of it landed inside but some dribbled down Sable's
chin. She ran her tongue around her chin, licking it all up. She gave Brad's
cock a few soft licks, making him weak in the knees too.

"Your turn, big boy," Sable said to Brian. Brian slid inside of Sable and
leaned forward, grabbing onto her 36 DD's! "Unhhhhhhhhh ohhhhh god! GIVE IT
TO SABLE baby! Yeeeah!" Sable moaned. She didn't have any dicks in her mouth
now to quiet her down. Sable rubbed her hands all through her hair, so hot
from the feeling of two dicks ripping apart her pussy.

"I'm gonna blow!" Brian warned.

"Me too!" Mark said.

They both pulled out at the last second and came all over Sable's dripping
wet, stretched out pussy.

"Ohhh that feels so nice," Sable sighed as the hot jizz splashed against her
cunt. Sable played with herself as the four men looked tired.

"You're such a nasty bitch, Sable," Mark said.

"You've worn my Sablelicious pussy all out," Sable sighed. She then pulled
her thong into place and stood up. "Good thing I have this oh so Sablelicious
butt," Sable said, rubbing her toned buns.

Jeff got behind Sable and started giving her a rimjob, licking her anus.
Sable cooed as Jeff put his tongue in her asshole. "Mmmm, it is
Sablelicious," Jeff said. Jeff leaned Sable against the wall and told her
to, "Stick that sweet ass out, bitch!"

Sable arched her back and did as he said, sticking that sweet ass out for
him. He got down and rubbed up the back of her long, toned legs until he got
to that ass. "STICK IT IN! Fuck Sable in the ass," she said.

Jeff spread her cheeks apart and slid his dick deep into Sable's asshole.
"You like THAT DICK in your ASS?" Jeff asked.

"OH FUCK YES! Oh god Jeff! Ohhhh fuck my ass good!" Sable moaned.

Jeff held her hips and just pumped into her butt. Jeff gave Sable a good ass
fucking up against the wall but he didn't want to hog that booty. Brad put
Sable down on her knees and got behind her.

SPANK! SPANK! He gave her tight butt a few good whacks.

"Ohhh go ahead and stick it all up in my ass!" Sable directed.

Brad stuck his dick deep into Sable's ass and began slamming into. "Oh god
yes! OH FUCK WHAT A NICE ASS!" Brad yelled. He grabbed Sable's hair and
tugged her head backwards. She smiled at him, her eyes half open as she
cooed. Brad fucked Sable's ass for a little longer then pulled it out. He
went around front and made Sable taste it like a filthy whore.

Brian laid down on the ground and got Sable on top of him in a reverse
cowgirl. "Lower that ass down, yeah, squat it down onto my cock," Brian
said. Ever so slowly, Sable lowered her firm ass down onto his cock. She
then bent forward, giving him a magnificent view of her ass.

SMACK SMACK! He grabbed a hold of her butt.

Sable began moving her ass up and down on Brian's rod. "Ohhhhh fuuuck Sable,
oh god YOU'RE AMAZING! Yeeah MOVE THAT ASS baby!" Brian moaned.

"Sable likes it like that! A BIG COCK in my SABLELICIOUS BUTT!" Sable said.

Mark moved in front of Sable, giving her something to suck on as she gave
Brian the ride of his life.

"Give me some of that ass," Mark soon said. Mark got down on the ground too
and got Sable on top of him in a normal cowgirl position. Sable sat her butt
down on his dick and leaned forward looking right down at him. Mark began to
thrust upwards into Sable's asshole while Sable grinded and bounced on his
dick. "Ohhh fucking ride that cock Sable! RIDE IT LIKE A SLUT!" Mark said.
He grabbed Sable's face and looked right in her eyes as he pounded up into
her asshole. Mark stopped moving and held Sable down tight. "Give her
another," he said.

"I don't know if I can handle two!" Sable said.

"Give that bitch ANOTHER DICK in her ass!" Mark demanded.

Brian got behind Sable and said, "There's no room, her asshole is filled."

"Force it in there," Mark said.

Brian jammed his dick inside of Sable's asshole, stretching it out.

"OH MY GOD! OH FUCK! AHHH! YEEEEAH! Come on! Come on! Oh fuck yeah, OH MY
GOD!" Sable screamed.

"Take those two fucking dicks in your ass!" Mark moaned.

Brian started pumping his cock in and out of Sable's double stuffed asshole
a little faster. "Look at that!" Brian shouted.


"Look at that firm fucking ass taking TWO DICKS! OH SHIT!" Brian groaned.

Sable was shaking; she was feeling so much pleasure with two cocks in her

"Stop hogging that ass, let us try that," Brad said.

"Yeah let them give it a go," Sable said.

Mark and Brian pulled out of Sable's asshole. They both moved around to her
mouth and she sucked on their rods. Brad came around and gave Sable's tight
butt a good hard SPANKING!

"You're such a dirty girl!" He said.

"Give Sable those two cocks in my ass! I need it!" Sable demanded.

Brad got on the bottom and lodged his cock deep in Sable's asshole. Jeff got
behind a forced his dick into Sable's ass too.

"Ohhhh god! Ohhhh fuck my ass both cocks ohhh fuck yes!" Sable moaned.

"FUCKING SHIT SABLE! Your butt is so good!" Jeff moaned.

"Ohhh yess, TWO COCKS IN MY ASS! YEAH! I fucking love that! Ohhh yeeah fuck
that ass! Come on! Ohhhh yes!" Sable screamed out in pleasure as two big
dicks ripped into her asshole.

"I'm gonna fucking *CUM* Sable! I love DOUBLE FUCKING your TIGHT ASS but ohhh
it's too good, I'm gonna *BLOW*!" Jeff groaned.

"Cum all over my Sablelicious butt! Both of you, I WANT YOUR CUM ON MY ASS!"
Sable said.

Jeff pulled out and gave his cock a couple light strokes and the cum just
poured out onto Sable's ass. Brad pulled out and sprayed his cum up and all
over Sable's backside.

"Ahhh yeeah! Look at that tight cum covered ass! Ahhh yeeah," Brad moaned.

Sable's toned ass was just dripping with jizz! Sable rubbed her asshole, sore
from being stretched out by two cocks at a time, twice!

"GOD DAMN SABLE! That was so hot, first feeling your ass filled with two
cocks then watching it get fucked and cummed all over, god damn!" Mark

"Ohhh it felt so good, SO NASTY!" Sable said.

"I'm about ready to blow again," Brian said.

Sable crawled over to Brian and wrapped her BIG tits around his cock! "How's
this? Will this get you off?" Sable asked.

"Ohhh fuck yes!" Brian moaned.

Sable moved her big boobs up and down on Brian's cock. Sable gave him an
incredible tit fuck but stopped just before he was going to climax. Sable
went over to Mark and did the same for him.

"Fuck Sable, I love your BIG JUGS!" Mark groaned.

Sable gave Mark and awesome tit fuck then pulled Brian back over. Sable
grabbed Brian's dick with one hand and Mark's dick with the other. Sable
slapped their cocks against her tits until cream started flying everywhere,
all over her enormous rack.

"Ohh that's so fucking hot!" Brian moaned.

"I love it! I love the CUM on my TITS!" Sable moaned.

"You've really stretched all my holes and shown me what a dirty slut that I
am, but weren't those holes oh so Sablelicious?" Sable asked.

"You're the best fucking slut in the world!" Brad said.

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