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Sable's Last Day Part 1
by Hail Caesar (

"Well that's it." thought Sable as she walked out of her backroom dressing
room, "no more of that degrading bimbo wrestling act for me. I'm free."

But she only made it two steps out of the doorway before she was pushed back
into the room by three drunken thugs. One short, one tall and thin, and the
other was just plain huge.

"Hey Sable don't you want to say goodbye to your three BIGGEST fans?" said
the largest one.

Sable looked around confused, trying to figure out where her security guards
were. And the she remembered that those were WWF security and now she was in
a very secluded part of the building... on her own!

Her heart sank when she saw the small one lock the door. She knew that the
room was soundproofed at her earlier request,a request that she knew she
would regret before this day was through.

The three quickly grabbed her and stripped her down to her bra and underwear.
The men howled with joy when they saw her giant cleavage trying to burst
free. And they howled some more when her panties were torn off her to reveal
a neatly trimmed pussy.

Sable started to resist but stopped when a razor sharp knife was placed
against her throat. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was pushed to
her knees on the floor.

The big man was now naked from the waist down and stood before her. His 13"
member was hard as steel and pointed straight at Sables face. Sable wanted to
rage against these animals, but she knew she had no choice. These men would
kill her if she didn't do what they wanted.

With tears running down her face she opened her mouth and tried as hard as
she could not to gag as the first 7" hit the back of her throat.

The smaller man was standing behind Sable and he dipped his hands into her
bra covered breasts and squeezed her nipples as hard as he could. With a
final wrenching twist, that brought a muffled scream from the poor blonde,
the smaller man stepped back and, with a look of approval from the larger
man, kicked Sable square in the back of the head, causing her to take all of
the larger man's 13"s down her throat!

The larger man held her head still in a vice like grip. He was just enjoying
the feeling of her throat spasming around his dick. Sable was about to pass
out from the lack of air but she was able to breath just enough through her
nose. Then the larger man started to move her head. Slowly at first, back and
forth, but soon he was ramming into her throat like a piston. Before each
jerk forward he'd pull out so only the tip of his dick was in Sable's mouth
and then, with the two other men holding her head still, he'd ram forward
with all his strength until all of his 13" were in and his balls banged
against her chin. They loved seeing her throat swell as his fist sized
cockhead went down into her gullet.

Soon he felt ready to blow his load. He reached down and grabbed each of
Sable's huge breasts. Just as he felt himself ready to come he squeezed with
all of his might so her tit flesh oozed between his fingers and the clasp on
the back of her bra snapped right off. Sable managed a muffled scream in pain
at this terrible oral rape but tied up and held as she was she could only
moan in agony and had to swallow the half gallon of jism that blasted down
her throat.When he was done he pulled out of her mouth and rubbed his still
dripping cock into Sable's eyes and cleaned himself off with her face.

The thin man held up the cigar he had just lit and announced "My turn."

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