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This story is a work of fiction and is not based on reality in the slightest.

This is the beginning of a new spin off series to the Sable Secret Lover
series, picking up where the last story left off with our character heading
backstage to Raw.

Sable's Secret Lover: Doin' The Divas Part 1
by theadmanufc2004

I wandered around backstage in awe. It was amazing getting to meet so many
top WWE guys and on the whole, they were mostly cool. Sable intorduced me to
a few people as her 'friend' and we mingled with some of the superstars for a
while. I got to watch the show from a monitor just behind the curtain and see
all the performers going to and coming back from their matches.

About midway through the show, there was a Women's Title match. I saw Trish
Stratus heading out, looking absolutely stunning in person. Sable giggled as
she noticed me checking her out. After the match, when Trish came back behind
the curtain, she chatted to a couple of officials and then came right over to
us. Sable introduced me and I nervously said hello. Trish and Sable chatted
for a few minutes, random small talk until Trish said "I'll just go get
showered, meet me in my dressing room in about twenty minutes."

Sable nodded and off Trish went. "She wants to fuck you, you know..." Sable
said to me.

"Huh? She does!?" I replied, quite taken aback but hoping she was right.

"You've got quite the reputation amongst the Divas now baby...I've been
telling them all about our little escapades," she giggled. I can't say I was
devastated to hear this, it was probably the best news I've ever heard.
"Trish is single right now and she wants you tonight, that's why I brought
you back here to Raw. I'll show you to her dressing room and then I'll be
leaving, I've got dinner plans..."

All I could think of was how lucky I was to get the chance to fuck Trish. As
much as I had loved my experiences with Sable, Torrie and most recently,
Terri, I had always liked Trish the most and this was just a dream come true.

About twenty minutes later, me and Sable headed off to Trish's dressing room.
We found it quite easily. Sable knocked and we both stepped inside, finding
Trish just putting on her lip gloss. She turned to us and enthusiastically
greeted us.

"Hey, you made it," she said with a smile.

"Yep. I'll leave you two to it then shall I?" said Sable, touching my
shoulder then leaving.

Trish sauntered over to me coyly. She was wearing a very, very tight white
shirt, low cut of course with her amazing breasts puring out of it as usual.
Her amazing lips glistened and her beautiful eyes sparkled and my dick was
springing to life already. "Hey..." she whispered gently as she started to
slide my coat off of me. I couldn't say a weird, I was just too horny and
too in the moment, my mind just drew a blank.

Trish was biting her bottom lip as her hands moved to my belt and started to
unbuckle it. "How about we start right here baby?", she asked rhetorically as
she slinked her sexy little body down in front of me and slipped my belt off.
My cock was already pitching a tent in my pants. Trish was looking up at me
with her sexy brown eyes as she undid my buttons and pulled down my zipper.
My cock sprang out, still incased in my boxers as she slid my pants down.

"Oooh, very nice!" she cooed as she gripped my cock. I groaned quietly
feeling her grip through the fabric of my underwear. Her hands gripped my
waistband tightly and pulled them down, my cock popping out right in her
face. "Oooh baby!" she moaned immediately taking my length in her hand and
slowly working her smooth hand up and down it, getting it fully hard.

The feeling of her amazing hand on against my stiff, smooth cock was
incredible as she worked up and down on it, licking her succulent lips.
Looking up at me, she said "Here we go baby..." and slid her fantastic
mouth over the head and all the way down my long, hard shaft.

I groaned, feeling all of her mouth against my cock, her soft, wet tongue
working my cockhead and the underside of my shaft as it slid in her mouth
and the opening of her throat. She let it slip all the way out again and
worked her spit around on it with her sexy hands, both of them sliding up
and down it. She was looking up at me the whole time, her stunning eyes
meeting mine and turning me on even more.

One of her hands moved it's way down to my balls and rolled them around,
massagaing them, working them over perfectly. It was a great companion to
the work she was doing on my solid cock, her mouth taking it all in now,
working up and down the shaft. Any part of my cock that her warm mouth
wasn't working, her hand was, leaving no inch of it unstimulated. I
started to rock my hips ever so slightly, matching her rythm.

"Oh yeah baby", she spluttered, "Fuck my mouth!"

I speeded up a little bit with my fucking motions. She clamped her smooth
lips against my shaft and held it there as I took a hold of her silky
blonde hair and started to pump my dick in her mouth. I'd never fucked a
girl's mouth like this before and it felt incredible, the sensitive head
of my cock touching the back of her throat. Trish pushed my balls up tight
against my shaft and snaked out her tongue so my balls were getting ever
so slightly licked while I fucked her mouth. I groaned in extreme pleasure
as my dick slid in and out of this gorgeous divas mouth, her tongue so warm
and wet and soft against my cock, which by now is soaked with her saliva.

I started getting a little carried away with the face fucking and was almost
reaching my orgasm, so I decided to slow down a bit. Trish must've realised
this and slid her lips off of my cock, moaning as she caught her breath.
Both her hands worked up and down my slick shaft now, slowly jerking me off.
They worked all the way from the base of my shaft up and over the head,
really getting my cock going as Trish breathed heavily and moaned as she
did it.

After jerking me off, she shoved my cock upwards and went down to my nuts,
sucking one of them tightly in her mouth, then the other, alternating between
them while one of her hands still played with the tip of my dick. Trish took
her tongue and slapped it all over my balls before slowly licking up the
underside of my shaft and taking the head into her mouth again for some more
amazing tongue work. She worked the head of my cock into the side of her
mouth so it was firmly pressed against the soft, wet inside of her cheek.
She worked it back and forth along with smooth area as i took the initiative
and gently slapped her cheek while my dick was in there, sending some amazing
vibrations onto the tip of my solid cock.

After working her my cock in her cheek for a while she must have decided it
was time for me to shoot my load as she speeded up her blowjob, her hands and
lips working up and down my length, sucking me so tightly in her mouth. The
sensation was absolutely incredible, she was working my entire cock so fast
and so hard the cum just built up so rapidly and was almost ready to explode
out of my dick. "Aahh...uuuurrrggghh....fuuuuuck!", I cried out in complete

Trish popped her expert mouth off of my cock but kept working me with her
hands so quickly and so intensely, moaning out "Cum baby, cum for me, gimme
it...gimme it..." as her hands jerked me off quicker and quicker, my cock
becoming almost numb that it felt so good, an unebelievable orgasm reaching
it's peak, my balls tight against my cock, Trish's hands both working me

"UUURRRGGHHH!" I groaned as a massive wad of my hot jizz finally popped from
the tip of my cock, splattering on Trish's amazing lips.

"Ooooh!" she moaned, pouting as more and more cum flow from my rock hard
cock, coating her lovely lips and some hitting her smooth cheek.

She kept on milking the hot cum from my cock, a few more dribbles trickling
onto her wonderful pouting lips as she rubbed my cockhead against them. I
twitched and jerked at the immense sensation of Trish's lips against my
sensitive tip, still reeling from a great orgasm. She slipped the head into
her mouth and sucked it intently, dragging out the sensations even further.
She took a finger and traced it around her face, gathering up all the sticky
cum and proceeded to suck it off of her finger, then gulping it down.
"Mmmm..." she cooed.

With that, she stood up and got really close to me, tilted her head to the
side and we kissed. there was a faint taste of my cum in her mouth still but
it didn't put me off, her soft lips felt amazing against mine and her smooth
tongue snaked around in my mouth wrestling with my own. her hands gripped my
naked ass cheeks tightly, her nails ever so slightly digging in. I moved my
hands up and down her side, grasping her hips and moving onto her ass, even
stopping to grope her tits through her tight shirt. Her nipples were hard and
showing through the fabric. I took hold of the bottom of her shirt as we
kissed and pulled it upwards, Trish raising her arms to help me out.

We had to break the kiss to get Trish's shirt off but as soon it was off, we
went back to furiously kissing, feeling all over each other bodies. My spent
cock was pressed tightly against her pussy. I could feel the heat from her
cunt on my cock, making me so horny still. I reached down and undid her fly
and started to pull her tight jeans from her, wanting more access to that
amazing ass and warm pussy. I pulled her jeans down, Trish helping me get
them off of her. She was wearing a tiny, tiny black thong that barely covered
her up.

I slinked down to my knees now and got behind Trish as she placed her hands
on the wall and stuck out her ass. I firmly gripped her sumptuous cheeks,
rubbing them all over, getting a feel of her unbelievable rear end. It was
firm, but not hard or flat by any means. It was perfect. I kissed her on her
ass cheek, sucking gently. I did this all over her incredible ass, taking in
all of it, appreciating it.

All the while I was working over her ass cheeks, I could smell pure sex
eminating from her pussy. I had to get a taste, it was driving me wild. I
worked my tongue across her ass until I reached her thong, which I hungrily
moved out the way to dicover Trish's beautiful, shaven pussy. I traced my
tongue right in there, no teasing, licking right down the soft, swollen lips
and then delving right inside her, making her moan out. Her pussy was smooth
and velvetty and warm, soaking my cum in her juices. I worked my tongue up
and down, in and out...all over her wonderous slit, before finding her clit.
I sucked it tightly in my mouth, then licked it, then sucked it getting into
a rhythm.

Meanwhile my fingers had found their way inside of her, working in and out
at a slow, steady rhythm. My other hand was slowly stroking my cock which
was working back to full strength and the sight and the sensations of this
wonderful ass and pussy in front of me.

"Oooh yeah baby, that's it!", Trish moaned.

I kept up my rhythm, only speeding up now, working her faster and faster.

By now, my cock was fully at attention and ready for some more action.
Looking backwards, Trish noticed and moaned, "Gimme that cock baby, stick
it in me!"

I didn't want to be one to disappoint, so I took my cock in my hand, stood
up and slowly slid it into Trish's pussy. At first, I just slid the head in,
savouring the velvetty feel, then I started working my whole shaft in her,
pushing it deep inside of her wetness until all of my cock was in. I firmly
gripped her ass with both hands and started working my cock in and out of
her, slowly, appreciating how incredible her juicy slit felt, encompassing
all of my cock. It was so tight and warm around my length, slickly coated in
her pussy juices.

"Ooooh yeeahh that's good baby, fuck yeah it's good!" Trish enthusiastically
moaned, taking all of my dick at a steady pace.

All the while I was fucking her pussy, I was playing with her ass. Tightly
gripping the cheeks, squashing them together, even gently pressing on her

"Mmm fuck me like a real slut baby!" she cried out as I slid back and forth.

Hearing Trish say this turned me on so much. I started to pound her horny
pussy harder and harder, really giving it to her. The room filled with a loud
slapping as my hips clattered into Trish's ass while I reamed her tight cunt.
Trish was working her ass backwards onto my cock really hard and fast,
creating such an unbelievable momentum. This was a much harder fuck than
anything I'd done with Sable.

I grabbed her silky blonde hair and pulled her head back towards me, leaning
in and kissing her hard on the mouth. Both our bodies now slick with sweat as
I kept pounding and pounding her, both of us moaning into each others mouths
as we held the kiss.

Trish broke the kiss and started moaning "Ooooh fuck baby, yes! Yes! YES, I'm

I leaned back again and fucked her with everything I had, spanking her round
ass as I did, smashing my cock inside of her as she reached back and rubbed
her clit.

She arched her back and screamed out, "UUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!" and I felt her
pussy gush with juices around my cock, getting hotter and tighter as it
convulsed in orgasm. I kept pounding away at her at maximum speed until her
orgasm had passed and then I slowed down, working her slowly and steadily

She pulled her ass away from me and motioned to the couch that was over the
otherside of the room and we both headed over to it. We kissed briefly before
she shoved me down onto the couch and straddled me, her smooth, wonderful
pussy engulfing my cock again, sliding down on it slowly.

Wasting no time at all, she grinded her horny pussy back and forth on my
cock, her gorgeous eyes closed and her head thrown back. I rubbed my hands
up her smooth, slightly sweaty thighs and clamped them on her fantastic ass
while my eyes took in every inch of her fantastic body from her shaven pussy
that was around my cock to her great, round tits jiggling gently as she
moved. She never stopped moaning for even a second, savouring my hard cock
as much as I was savouring her pussy.

She eventually stopped grinding and started to pick up the pace, leaning
back slightly and bouncing up and down on my stiff pole, faster and faster.
I could feel her fantastic ass cheeks slapping down on my balls now as she
bounced up and down hard and fast, the feeling was unbelievable. Leaning
forward, she put her arms around my neck and got in real close to me, still
bouncing on my cock. I put one arm round her back and the other still clamped
to her sexy ass and pulled her in tight, her tits pressing against my sweaty

We were face to face now, still fucking hard. Our eyes met and we just stared
into each others eyes, seeing the lust we had for each other, both of us with
gritted teeth as she bounced hard on my cock and I thrust up into her slick
cunt. Her moaning was now more of a loud growl as we fucked so hard and fast,
our bodies tightly together and slick with our own and each others sweat, my
cock still working deep inside her glorious pussy. She leaned in and kissed
me hard, sucking on my tongue, moaning into my mouth.

She broke the kiss and went back to staring me eye to eye as we intensely
fucked. This was the most intense feeling of my young life: a gorgeous, sexy
woman with her smooth, wet, tight, hot pussy clamping around my cock, her
round ass cheeks slapping off my balls and her gorgeous face right in front
of me, wanting my cock as hard as possible. She was now angrily screaming as
we fucked so hard and I was groaning louder and louder, trying my best to
fuck her harder. I got so into and so carried away that I couldn't last any
longer. I felt my cum welling up and getting ready to errupt. "Uuuurrrrgghh
fuck Trish, fuck, I'm goin' to FUCKING CUM!" I groaned, still staring her in
the face and fucking her so hard.

"Cum in my pussy stud, cum in my FUCKING SLUTTY little CUNT!" she snarled at

We never slowed down, not even for a second as the most intense, incredible
orgasm of my life exploded out of my cock, deep into her pussy. I groaned
loudly and threw my head back at the unbelievable sensation as we kept
fucking, riding my orgasm out until I must have shot about eight large wads
in Trish's horny slit.

My whole body jerked and twitched at the sensitivity of my cockhead as we
gradually slowed down. The speed we were fucking at and the fact we never
stopped while I was cumming left my cock so sensitive it was still rock
hard and so responsive I would practically jump anytime it was touched. I
sat there, slumped back as Trish slipped off of my still-hard cock. She
dipped a couple of fingers in her pussy and pulled them out with my cum
all over them. She sucked and licked all the cum off her fingers seductively,
staring me in the eye as she did, moaning and slurping.

My cock was slick with a mixture of her pussy juices and my own cum. Trish
turned her attention to it. "Mmm wow baby, look at you! Still standing after
that", she cooed as she took my cock in her hand, "Let's see if I can get
some more out of that..."

Her hand started sliding up and down my cock now. Up over the head and down
the shaft, making me moan as I was still tingling so much from the insane
orgasm I'd had. I let out a groan as she leant in and slurped in the tip,
making me jerk. She sucked up and down my whole shaft, licking up all the
excess cum and even her own pussy juices. Her wondrous lips sliding all over
my shaft and my throbbing, sensitive head making me moan and twitch each
time. I felt one of her hands sliding over my balls, massaging them one at
a time, rubbing them roughly as she kept stroking and sucking my solid cock.
She was sucking me off so hard and so fast, it was an intense, almost
unbearable pleasure on my cock. I knew I was going to cum again soon which
was amazing, I'd never came again so quickly after cumming before in my life.
I watched in ecstacy as her sexy hand moved so quickly over my shaft,
followed by her mouth.

"Cum on my face," she quickly yelped between sucking me, her pretty brown
eyes still staring up at me. She wanked my dick so hard and fast, her hand
was a blur. She slipped her mouth off of cock and just jerked me harder and
harder as my cum barrelled up the shaft yet again. The feeling of her hand
still working my cockhead was so pleasurable and instense it was unbearable
and I couldn't handle it anymore. "Cum on my face baby, cum, mmm I want you
to cum on my FUCKING FACE!"

A large wad of jizz flew out of my cock, landing right on Trish's chin. She
moaned as another large load slapped right next to it and another weakly
landed on her tit. My balls ached as they were completely drained.

"Mmm," moaned Trish as her tongue snaked out over her chin and licked up all
the cum, her finger helping push it in her mouth. "I bet you've never came
that much before baby," she said.

I weakly groaned a "no" before my head slumped back.

Trish giggled as she started to head to the shower. "I'll be recommending you
to some of the other Divas for sure baby, that was an incredible fuck."

I started to drift off to sleep, completely sapped of all my energy as well
as my cum. I wonder who's next for me...
_ _ _

Part 2 will be on it's way soon.

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