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This story is a work of fiction and is not based on reality in the slightest.

This is the second part of a spin off series to the Sable Secret Lover
series, picking up the day after our character went backstage at Raw and
encountered Trish Stratus.

Sable's Secret Lover: Doin' The Divas Part 2
by theadmanufc2004

I woke up to the sound of my phone beeping. It was a text message. I grumpily
stirred and looked at the clock. It was 12:30pm. I had slept pretty late but
after the night I had with Trish Stratus, I was pretty spent. I grabbed my
phone and checked out the text. 'Cum over at 4pm baby.x' it read. It was from
Sable of course. I wonder what she has in store for me tonight, maybe new
lingerie or something.

* * *

Four o'clock rolled around and I made my way across the garden to Sable's
house. She answered the door, fully dressed and ready to go somewhere. "Umm
where we going?" I enquired. "Well it's Tuesday baby, Smackdown's in town as
well as Raw. I figured we could go backstage and you could meet some more
people. Plus, there's more Divas there that want your cock baby. Word really
has gotten out about you." she replied, "Now come on, let's go, it's quite
far to the arena."

* * *

Sable drove us both to the arena and we arrived after a couple of hours. I
was eagerly anticipating which Diva it was that I would be getting my hands
on tonight. I narrowed it down to the Divas who were on Smackdown at the
moment: busty Italian beauty Ashley Massaro, even bustier Jillian Hall,
latest Diva Search winner Layla, sexy school teacher Michelle McCool, the
leggy Lauren Jones, the newly re-hired Christy Hemme and Jackie Gayda and
the stunning Kristal Marshall. All of them were very, very hot and I'd fuck
each one of them in a heartbeat so it was a win/win situation really.

About an hour into the show, Kristal Marshall came over to where me and Sable
were hanging out. Her hair was straight and about shoulder length and she was
wearing a tight, low cut shirt that showed off some amazing cleavage and her
tight stomach. I knew the minute she came over that it'd be her who wanted me
tonight and I was glad. She was absolutely stunning and had it all: massive
tits, a small waist, a nice round ass and a pretty face. I could't wait to
see and feel her pussy. She wandered off talking to Sable for a few minutes
before Sable came back and told me to head outside and there'd be a car

I went out and sure enough, there was a black limo sitting outside. The
driver opened the door for me and I stepped in. Kristal was sitting inside,
her smooth, chocolatey legs crossed and her tiny skirt only covering the
very tops of her thighs. I sat down next to her and the driver closed the

She smiled and extended her smooth hand and said "Hi Adam, I'm Kristal"

I took her hand and laughed a little, "I know" was my reply.

The journey got under way and we pretty much just made small talk most of the way, general
chit chat. I felt a little awkward at first because I didn't really know what
to say a lot of them time and it felt a little strange but we had a couple of
drinks and relaxed a bit. Kristal's hotel was reasonably far away. We'd been
travelling a while when conversation took a turn for the erotic.

"Word around the Divas is you're a really hot fuck. I don't really know
Trish, but Sable and Torrie are quite good friends of mine. I've heard a lot
about your...talents." she said, staring at me with lust in her brown eyes.
"I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a taste myself", she said as her
eyes wandered up and down my body. Her hand slid up and down my thigh now,
making my cock spring into life before she slid her hand between my legs and
gripped at my balls and my shaft, squeezing and rubbing. "Mmmm, very nice",
she said as she leaned into kiss me.

Our tongues met first, then our lips. Her mouth was so soft and I got a sweet
taste from her lipgloss as we licked and sucked at each others tongues and
lips. Her hand still roamed around my crotch, squeezing and groping my now
hard cock. I wasn't going to disappoint so I reached in between her smooth
thighs and slowly slid my way up to her pussy, which I was pleasantly
surprised to find had no panties covering it. I slid my hand up and down her
full pussy lips and felt around to see if she was shaven, which she was.
Seems to be a favourite amongst WWE Divas. I slid my hand up and down her
plump lips for a few moments before delving my middle fin ger into her juicy
slit. She was very, very tight and her warm pussy was already damp and it
grasped firmly around my finger as I slowly worked it in and out. Kristal
had managed to unbuckle my pants and slipped my hard cock out, jerking it off
so hard and fast now as we continued to kiss. She worked her smooth, soft
fingers over the tip of my cock which was already a little moist with precum.

My other hand now had reached it's way inside her blouse and was fondling
with one of her massive, bra encased tits. She broke our kissing session and
slid one of her smooth legs over my crotch and straddled me, slowly guiding
her wet slit down onto my solid cock. She gasped as my whole length slid
inside her and she slowly began working herself back and forth on it,
grinding hard with my length totally inside her. She put her arms round my
neck and we started to kiss again as my cock filled her wonderfully smooth

I moved my hands to the arch of her back and slid them down onto her plump,
full ass and squeezed tight on her soft cheeks. She started moving up and
down now, sliding her tight pussy up and down the length of my shaft, so
warm and tight, sucking onto my cock. I kept my hands tightly clasped on her
asscheeks, squeezing them and rubbing them through her skirt. She broke the
kiss and let her head roll back, her eyes closed and her lips slightly
parted. I gazed on at her wonderful breasts jutting out in my face, still
covered by her bra and a partially opened blouse. The push-up bra made for
fantastic cleavage, which I couldn't stop staring at. They jiggled as she
rode me, starting pick up pace now, loud moans escaping her lips, moaning
for my hard cock in her pussy.

She leaned back a little and unbuttoned her blouse, her gorgeous body arced
backwards now with only my hands on her tiny waist keeping her from falling.
She pulled her blouse open and exposed her tits,lifted up to unbelievable
cleavage by her push up bra. Her pussy never stopped grinding and bouncing
away on my cock as she stripped for me. I pulled her tight to me and buried
my face in her fabulous tits, nuzzling them and licking all over them,
catching a lovely whiff of Kristal's perfume, turning me on even more. Her
brown skin was soft and smooth as I ran my face and tongue all over her
wonderful cleavage.

"Oh baby, your cock feels so good in me! Mmm yeah!" I felt my cock go almost
numb as I knew my orgasm was rapidly approaching, Her pussy was so tight and
wet and red hot around my dick, sliding rapidly up and down it, getting
wetter by the second. "Oh yeah Adam, oh yeah, oh fuck baby!" Kristal was
screaming as she rode my cock so fast. I held out as long as I could but
eventually just grabbed Kristal's full, smooth ass and pulled it tight
against me, penetrating her hot slit to deep and all the cum barrelled up
from my balls and erupted inside her. I groaned as I thurst into her hard a
couple of times, shooting all of my creamy load. Kristal started to grind on
my cock, moaning and panting, riding out her own orgasm. She leaned in and
kissed me softl y on the lips, "Mmmm fuck baby, that was hot," she moaned
between kisses, "But I hope you can get your big, hard dick ready for more
baby, because we're not even close to being done!"

* * *

We got into Kristal's hotel room and she headed to her plush bathroom to
'freshen up'. When she returned, she was wearing only a sexy black and white
bra, her hard, brown nipples on full display through the fabric, a tiny
matching thong and fishnet stockings going from her fabulous thighs down to
her feet, which were encased in sexy high heels. She strutted over to me and
pulled me tight against her, pausing before kissing me hard on the mouth. My
cock was rising in my pants and Kristal's hand found it pretty quickly.

Our lips locked together, she stroked my cock through my pants and struggled
to get it out of my fly, still lusting for it even after our limo fuck. My
hands once again found her wonderful bubble butt, passing the smooth, full
flesh between my hands, groping and squeezing while she worked the meat of
my cock in her hand now. She broke our kiss, stared into my eyes and said
hungrily, "I'm going to suck your cock until you can't take it anymore and
then you're going to fuck the shit out of me!"

She knelt down in front of me and pulled my pants off now, freeing my cock
and balls entirely. My large cock now hung in front of her beautiful face,
fully erect and throbbing, ready for her. She spat on my cock and rubbed it
all over with her soft hand, working over the entire length of my cock. She
rubbed up and down, working over my cockhead especially, verbally spurring
me on the whole time as well.

"You like my hand on your big cock baby? Hmmm? You like me jerking the fuck
out of it!?" She said through gritted teeth as she stared up at me and wanked
me off harder now. "I'm gonna suck your cock baby, how about that huh?" She
said, not waiting for an answer.

Her tongue darted out first, licking all over the tip and it was quickly
followed by her horny mouth, sliding up and down my cock rapidly. At first I
twitched and groaned at the sudden pleasure on my sensitive cock, still a
little responsive after our previous orgasm. She took all my hard cock in her
mouth and held it tight as she pushed my balls up to her mouth and snaked out
her tongue all over them as she sucked me. It felt a little painful at first
but incredible as she licked my tightly held balls with my cock still deep in
her mouth. She slid her lips off my cock, breathing heavily.

Her hand still worked up and down my shaft, never letting me go unstimulated.
She took the head of my cock back in her mouth and sucked it hard and tight
in her soft mouth while her hand still jerked me hard. My cockhead was
tightly clasped between Kristal's amazing, soft lips, sucking it slowly back
and forth just over the head, One of her hands was still stroking me, the
other cupping and squezing and massaging my horny balls.

Moans from Kristal vibrated along my cock, stimulating me even more. She
kept working my cock with her lips as her hands reached behind her back and
unclasped her bra. She slid it off as I gazed on at her wonderful tits,
seeing them naked for the first time. They were amazing, so round and firm
with hard, brown nipples and small areolas. She slipped my cock out of her
mouth and leaned back, sticking out her tits, She clamped them round my hard
cock and squeezed them tight around it. Her tits were obviously fake, but I
had no problems with that at all. They were so firm and smooth around my
raging cock as she slid them up and down. Kristal stared at me all the while
with a sexy scowl on her face, talking dirty. "You like my big tits round
that fucking cock huh? I bet you do, I bet you love fucking my big fucking
titties, my big, round, sexy fucking titties, huh?", she said, turning me on
even more.

"Mmm fuck yes baby, it feels so fucking good!" I moaned, gritting my teeth at
the pleasure of those huge mounds sliding up and down my large member.

She had a hand on each tit, tweeking her nipples through her fingers as she
bounced, occassionally licking the tip of my cock. "Mmmm this fucking hard
dick feels so good between my tits honey, mmmm fuck yeah it does!", she

I was slightly bucking my hips as she moved her tits along my cock, creating
a good rhythm. The smooth, soft flesh of her glorious mounds against my solid
cock, sliding up and down, up and down was fantastic especially her gorgeous
face staring into my eyes the whole time, talking dirty.

"Mmm I want this big thing inside me again baby, mmmm yeah I do, mmmm", she
moaned again.

With that, she let her tits drop from my cock and stood up. She put her hands
on my chest and started slowly pushing me backwards until I reached the bed
and sat on the end of it. I was leaning back on my elbows, my cock sticking
straight up, still hard as a rock. Kristal had a sly, sexy smile on her face
as she turned around and slowly, sexily arched her back and slinked her ass
down towards my cock. Her thong was riding deep between her round, full ass
cheeks. Her ass pressed against my cock now. She put her hands on the bed to
balance herself as she slid her ass up and down my cock, slowly teasing me,
making me even harder. Soon she stood up again and bent all the way forward,
slowly sliding her thong down until she reached the bottom.

I leaned forward and took hold of her wonderful ass and buried my face right
in her pussy. She was considerably mooist already as I licked my tongue deep
in there, smelling and tasting her sex as she moaned. I sucked a little on
her clit while my fingers probed her pussy, making her moan a little more. I
flicked at her clit rapidly with my tongue now until Kristal moaned, "Mmm
baby fuck me, give me that hard cock."

For the first time in the day I was directing things it seemed, so I took
hold of Kristal by her tiny waist and pulled her back against my hard cock,
feeling it slide slowly into her warm slit again, both of us moaning at the
pleasure. I slowly slid it back out and thrust forward again slowly, building
a steady rythm. Just as before, her pussy was warm and tight and smooth, so
inviting for my hard cock. It wasn't long before I picked up the pace,
fucking her hard now, feeling her get wetter around my cock, hearing her
moan for more.

My hands gripped her hips tight as I worked my cock inside her. She was
working her ass backwards as well, getting my cock so deep in her hot pussy.
We gradually turned around so that Kristal could balance herself out on the
bed with her hands, while still bending over for my hard cock to fuck her so

"Mmmm! Ugh baby, mmm it feels so good!" she moaned as I fucked her wet slit.

I was fucking her harder and harder now, moving my cock in and out of her
smooth pussy. The slick, warm walls of her pussy felt so good against my
cock, especially the tip. Kristal was moaning louder now, really into our
fuck as she worked her hips back and forth, back and forth.

"Mmmm yeah baby, FUCK it's so good! Am I your little slut baby? Am I your
filthy little whore?" she cried.

"Mmmm fuck yeah baby, you're my little, filthy fucking slut!" I grunted,
getting even more turned on now. I picked up the pace again, fucking her as
hard as I could now, working deep inside her pussy.

My balls slapped against her as we fucked, Kristal crying out for more, "Mmmm
baby yes, YES, THAT'S IT! Give me it so fucking hard!"

I gritted my teeth and pounded her, giving it my all. Both of our bodies were
coated with a thin layer of sweat now. Kristal's lovely ass jiggled everytime
I hit her pussy with my solid cock, thumping it deep inside of her. I slowed
down a little now and slowly pulled back and then thrusted forward hard,
rattling Kristal's thin frame. I did it again and again, slowly back and
then...THRUST! This made Kristal scream out everytime, her orgasm getting

"Mmmm fuck...mmmmyes baby YES! Give it to me so fucking hard!" she screamed.

I started fucking her faster now, the change of rhythms getting her going
even more, "Ooooh fuck...ugh that'! Mmmm fuck I'm going
to fucking cum baby, fuck me so hard!" she screamed, my cock a blur as it
pounded in and out so fast and hard.

I gritted my teeth and really went for it, as hard as I could, making her
scream so loud. The feeling on my cock was instense as her pussy convulsed
and clenched around it, more juices gushing from it than ever. Her orgasm
racked her whole body, her hands gripping the bed sheets tightly, her ass
hammerring back against me as I fucked. I kept going at her as her orgasm
passed, still pleasuring her tight slit and my hard cock too. I thrust hard
in her and held it there a s she grinded her ass against me.

"Mmmm fuck, I came so fucking hard baby!" she moaned, "Now how about you be
a good boy and fuck my ass?"

She slid her pussy off of my still hard cock and lay back on the bed. I
stroked myself, not wanting the pleasure to go away as Kristal spread her
legs and spread her asshole with her hands, slipping a finger in there.
"Come on baby, do my fucking ass!" she said.

I got onto the bed and positioned my cock around her asshole as she rolled
herself back a little, putting her pussy and ass in the air. I slowly, gently
eased my cock inside f her very, very tight ass. It gripped my cock like a
vice and was painful at first. Kristal yelped a little at first as her
asshole was stretched out by my thick cock. I held it there for a few second,
allowing her to get used to it then slowly worked it in and out, very gently.
Her legs were pushed down towards her face as I thrust downwards into her
ass, my legs sprawled across the big bed. In this position I could look at
Kristal's lovely face and wonderful tits as my cock got the pleasure of her
asshole around it.

So much tighter than her pussy, it gripped my cock hard as I slid it in and
out of her. I was getting a steady rythm up now, Kristal moaning loudly and
talking dirty, "Mmmm yeah baby, your cock feels so good in my slutty ass!
Ugh yeah it does!", she cried out as I worked it in her, her lovely brown
eyes staring into mine as I thrust.

I put my hands onto her massive melons to balance myself out, feeling the
firm, smooth flesh and tweaking her nipples. Her ass felt so good around my
cock, so firm and warm, stimulating every last inch of me. I leaned in and
kissed Kristal hard on the mouth, our tongues wrestling as we licked and
sucked at each other. Then I leaned back again and decided it was time to
really go for it in her ass. I gradually got faster and faster, feeling that
her ass was loose enough to do so now. In and out, in and out my cock went,
my balls tight to my cock now as my orgasm wasn't that far away.

"You like that baby?" I grunted as I fucked her hard now, giving her asshole
a good going over.

"Mmmm UGH! Fuck yeah baby, mmm fuck!" she moaned, her eyes closed now, her
face a mixture of pain and intense pleasure as I fucked her hard.

I gritted my teeth now, the pleasure on my cock almost too intsense. I knew I
wouldn't be able to last much longer, everything going on was just too much.
The unbelievable feel of my cock deep in her ass, the sight of her sexy face
screwed up in ecstacy, her massive tits in my hands and the sound of her
moaning and gasping and talking dirty, all because of me. I knew it was time
for me to cum and couldn't hold out much longer. I had to go for it. "Ugh
Kristal, I'm almost there baby!" I groaned.

"My mouth baby, give it to me in my mouth!" she replied.

I pulled out and leant over her mouth, dangling my cock in there, letting her
suck it for a bit. She sucked it and jerked it as my orgasm approached. Her
soft hands worked over my cock rapidly, with her lips following them, sucking
hard on my cock. "Now baby!" I groaned as she pulled it from her mouth and
jerked it hard.

The cum built up and built up, my balls tight, the feeling of almost complete
numbness overcame my cock and then I came. My cum blasted out of my cock, one
giant spurt barely hitting her as it overshot. The second spurt flew onto her
lips and across her cheek, the third landing on her chin and lips. A couple
more shots spurted out on and around her pouting lips. I had the urge to
throw my head back during my orgasm, but didn't want to miss the sight of her
gorgeous face being coated with my hot jizz.

She rubbed my cock all over her lips and then sucked it in there, making me
squirm at twitch at the sensitivity. She giggled as I twitched and jumped
while she sucked me. "Mmm baby, that was incredible" she sighed.

We lay and chatted about some stuff before I eventually showered and left,
her limo was going to take me back home. She said if I ever wanted to give
her a call that she'd be up for it anytime. It was an offer I'd most likely
take her up on sometime. She also gave me the number of another very, very
sexy Diva who was apparently interested in securing my 'services'. I was of
course going to call it and get something arranged as soon as possible...
_ _ _

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