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This is the third part of a spin off series to the Sable's Secret Lover
series, picking up a week after our character experienced Kristal Marshall
the night of the Smackdown tapings.

Sable's Secret Lover: Doin' The Divas Part 3
by theadmanufc2004

It was a week since my hot, hot night with Kristal. That was also the last
time I had seen or heard from Sable. Her relationship with Marc had been
getting back on track and it was a long, long time since our last fuck. I
guess she didn't need me anymore. I couldn't possibly be mad considering
she had given me my first ever fuck plus countless others and opened up a
whole world of hot sex with gorgeous Divas for me. Anyway, there were plenty
of other Divas around at the moment who did want me. One of whom had given
her number to Kristal to pass onto me: Jackie Gayda. Jackie was one of my
favourites. Her hot lips and gorgeous body were good enough for me anyday.
I knew my parents weren't going to be home until the small hours of the
morning - they were going to a friends wedding - so I thought today would
be the day to call Jackie, in case she wanted to meet at my place.

About 1pm I built up the nerve and called her. She answered the phone in her
chirpy voice, "Hi, this is Jackie...".

"Hi...umm, this is Adam,I'm uhh...Kristal's friend?" I awkwardly replied.

"Oh yeeeaah, hi!" she drawled, "I've been expecting your call, its good to
finally hear from you. Kristal said you guys had a really great time the
other night!"

"Oh definately, it was amazing!" I replied.

"Well babe, if you don't mind, I wouldn't mind testing you out myself..."
she said.

"I'm sure we could arrange that", I replied, trying to come across as smooth.

"Mmm", she giggled, "When's good for you?"

"Well I'm free tonight if you wanna come round here?" I replied.

"Perfect!" she said.

I gave her my address and we agreed on 7pm. It took all of me not to go
ahead and jack off to her pics, I was so horny in anticipation of our fuck,
I walked around with a hard on virtually all day.

* * *

7pm finally rolled around and I was nervous as hell waiting on Jackie. About
7:10, the doorbell went and I jumped up to go answer it. I opened the door
and there she was: Jackie Gayda. She was dressed like a complete slut and I
loved it. She wore a purple top that had a giant whole right in the middle,
showing off almost all of her wonderful, round breasts. She had a bare
midriff as well, her toned abs on display. Her incredible legs were barely
covered either, only a tiny miniskirt that barely reached the bottom of her
tight, round ass. Her whole body was tanned and smooth, everything about her
was sexy from her curly hair cascading down across her massive cleavage, her
beautiful brown eyes, her full lips, even her hands were sexy, French-tipped
nails and all. She extended on of her sexy hands and I took it, "You must be
Adam?" she said.

"Yep, that's me," I replied as I motioned for her to come in.

I invited her into the living room and we had a couple of drinks and got
acquainted with each other. She proved to be very good company and we got
along well, making idle small talk and silly jokes. We both knew exactly
why she was here though and it didn't take long for her to act on that.

She sat down next to me and her hand traced up my inner thigh, "I think
it's time we stopped the small talk, we both know why I'm here," she said
as she leaned closer and closer into me, her eyes flitting between my eyes
and my lips. Our lips met softly at first, her tongue flirting with mine
gently. Through my trousers, Jackie's hand had made it's way onto my cock,
gripping it tightly. I was almost fully hard and Jackie's hand stroking me
through the fabric of my pants got me all the way there. I ran my hand up
her toned thigh now, her skin soft and smooth. My hand worked up and down
her leg until I eventually slid it up under her skirt and onto her bare
ass, tightly gripping the flesh.

Jackie pulled away from the kiss, moving her head back as I kissed down her
neck and unfastened her shirt from the top, getting access to those wonderful
tits. They were so big and firm with hard, brown nipples and small areolas.
I cupped one of her massive tits in both my hands and leaned my mouth in,
prodding her nipple with my tongue. Twirling around her hard, horny nipple.
She let out a soft moan as I gently gnawed at her wonderful tit. Jackie's
tits were smooth and firm and her nipples were hard and responsive, making
her moan as I licked, sucked and gnawed away at them.

I now slid down off of the couch onto my knees in front of Jackie, who
positioned herself to be facing me and she slid her tiny miniskirt down her
smooth legs. Looking up between her spread thighs, there was no underwear
covering her wonderful pussy. Like every other Diva I've been with, she had
a perfectly shaven pussy. I couldn't wait to pleasure her.

I started by running my hands softly all the way up her hard calves and
sliding them up the inside of her toned, smooth thighs. I looked up at her
the whole time, watching her watch me, biting her bottom lip and rubbing her
massive tits. I moved my hands al the way up to her pussy, which I could
already smell was very turned on. I gently rubbed my fingers up and down the
outer lips, making her quiver at first as she felt me touching her pussy. I
moved my hand around in circles on her hot pussy now, making Jackie moan a
little more. I leant my mouth in and softly blew on her pussy. I spread the
lips and blew on the inside, geting closer and closer to her horny slit.
I reached out my tongue when I got within range and took a quick lick of her
clit, causing her to let out a sudden moan. I moved my whole mouth against
her clit and sucked on it now, kissing it as if it were her mouth. Then I
delved my tongue deep into her vulva and slurped back up to her clit. I
repeated this a couple of times to rave reviews from Jackie who was moaning
consistently now, begging me not to stop. I shoved my whole face into her
pussy now, my tongue getting deep inside her, lapping up and down and in
circles. She was yelping loudly now at the pleasures I was giving her pussy.
I pulled my face away from her now and slid a finger in, prodding at her
soggy pussy. I slid two fingers in now, her pussy feeling tight against them.

"Ooooh yeah baby, finger my pussy baby, finger fuck me hard!", Jackie moaned.
I worked my two fingers in and out of her quickly now, working my mouth over
her clit. I alternated between sucking and licking her hard clit as I finger
fucked her so fast. "Oh fuck baby, FUCK YES, like THAT!" Jackie cried out as
I flicked my tongue over her clit and fingered her wet hole. "Ooooh God, OH
FUCK! I'm gonna fucking cum baby, make me fucking cum so HARD!" Jackie

I went as fast as I possibly could on her cunt, my fingers deep inside of her
pussy which was getting wetter and wetter. She pushed herself hard against me
and arched her back, letting out and almighty scream as her orgasm shook her.
Her pussy filled with even more juices and convulsed around my fingers. I
gradually slowed down as Jackie wound down from her orgasm.

Jackie slid away from me and said, "Your turn baby!" She slid off of the
couch and got down on her knees in front of me and started rubbing my rock
solid cock through my pants. She rubbed it up and down, looking up at me and
giggling sexily, "I can't wait to suck your cock baby, I wanna make you cum
so hard all over my face!"

I was so horny my cock was throbbing. Jackie's beautiful face right in front
of my cock, her heaving tits right there as well and her smooth hand working
over my rod. Her sexy brown eyes were locked on mine the whole time as she
leaned in and slowly licked the tip of my cock, making me groan in pleasure.
A small smile came over Jackie as she licked me again, teasing me with her
tongue. Her hand now was holding my cock tightly at the base as she lapped
away at the tip. Her tongue traced the contours of my cockhead, all around
the edges of it until eventually her mouth swallowed the whole thing, making
me pant in shear pleasure now. Her lips were soft and full and her tongue wet
and warm. She worked her mouth just over the top and back again a few times,
her hand slightly jerking me now too. She took her lips off of my cock again
now and went back to licking. She licked up and down the entire length of my
cock on every side. Then she did the same but with her mouth, running her
lips up and down every side of my cock before slipping them back over the
top. She slid her lips midway down my cock now and I could feel her wet, soft
tongue all over my dick as the tip almost reached her throat. She slid up and
down now, giving me a traditional blowjob and following with her hands.

My cock was getting slick with her spit now, letting her hand work me better.
She kept working her soft lips up and down my rigid shaft, up over the head
and down again, slurping and moaning as she did. One of her hands slid under
now and started squeezing and massaging my balls. She cupped and squeezed
them softly, rubbing them together and rolling them around with her palm.
This combined with her lips and mouth over my cock was an amazing feeling.
She sucked up and down getting me deeper and deeper in her mouth and throat
until she was actually deep throating me, gagging slightly on my cock. She
held her mouth there on my cock for what seemed like forever, the soft heat
of her throat on the tip of my cock, her spongy tongue on my shaft. I put my
head back and groaned, quickly looking forward again, not wanting to miss a
second of this beauty sucking my big cock. She pulled back off my cock now,
catching her breath and smiling at me. "Mmm, so big baby...mmm..." she moaned
between deep breaths.

She sucked the head again now, working her mouth up and down on it, also
rotating side to side. Her hand easily worked its way up and down my slick
cock, jerking me off to perfection. Her other hand was still rubbing my
heavy, horny balls. Tickling them and squeezing them, working me up into a
frenzy. She worked my cock into her cheek, pressing the head against the
soft, warm inside of her cheek then sliding it along it until it popped out
of her mouth. Her lips pressed around the tip again and sucked up and down
my whole shaft now, working me quickly with her mouth and hand. She was
sucking hard on it as her amazingly soft, smooth lips and tongue worked up
and down. Her hot breath felt incredible as well and the sight of this
stunning woman pleasuring every inch of my horny cock was almost too much
to take. I was tempted to throw my head back in shear pleasure but the view
was too good to pass up. He beautiful brown eyes gazed up at me as her full,
puting lips engulfed my entire cock, up and down, up and down...Her smooth,
tanned hand followed, capped off with her perfect nails. My cock was
throbbing at the sensation of her on my cock as well as the sight. The
added sensation of her fondling my full balls was just making it almost
too much to take. I was holding off my orgasm, it was right there and could
burst out at any time.

Before I gave this gorgeous woman her reward though, I had to experience
those tits, round and perfect. Without word, I moved to stand up and Jackie
went with it. She leant back as I stood over her, my big cock standing
straight out, throbbing. I squatted slightly and slipped my cock between her
tits. She picked up on it and squeezed her wonderful melons around my cock.
The spit from the wonderful blowjob was enough to act as lube. I thrust back
and forth, back and forth between those tits, slowly savouring the wonderful
feeling. They were firm but her skin was soft and smooth as I slid in there.
She kept them so tightly pressed around my cock, looking up at me with her
gorgeous face, moaning and talking dirty.

"Mmmm yeah baby, fuck these titties, fuck these titties" she moaned, as if I
needed the encouragement. "I just love that big fucking cock between these
fucking big sexy titties!" Even though I didn't need the encouragement, I
still loved it! I pumped away at her huge globes so hard, shaking her body,
making her moan more and more as she tweaked her hard nipples between her
finger. My balls were being squashed and massaged against her chest as I
thrust into her wonderous cleavage.

"Oh FUCK! Jackie, I love your tits!" I cried as I got more and more into it,
fucking her tits so hard.

"Yeah you do baby, you love my fucking titties!" she yelled, still staring up
at me.

My balls and cock were tingling now, my orgasm close. I was humping her
massive tits so hard, my cock sliding perfectly between them. She was sliding
her tongue across the tip of my cock when it got close to her, providing even
more stimulation for me. Her massive, tanned breasts were a sight to behold,
wrapped around my horny cock, this gorgeous woman pleasuring me so much. I
was moaning and groaning now, taking in all of the sensations as my orgasm
grew closer and closer, a massive wad ready to burst for Jackie.

"Come on baby! Cum! Cum for me baby!" Jackie moaned, pulling my cock from
between her tits and stroking it so good. "Yeah baby, look at these titties
baby, look at my fucking tits!" she cried, staring up at me, jerking my solid
cock so hard.

"Oh FUCK!" I groaned as the cum flowed from my tight balls, up my shaft and
erupted out.

Jackie jolted a little as the first massive wad landed right on her bottom
lip and chin. She kept jerking me as another large chunk hit her lips again.
She aimed my cock down at her glorious implants and jerked another three
massive shots out of my throbbing cock, coating her tits in my cum.

"Mmm...Oh God...oh fuck..." I moaned as I collapsed back on the couch,
recovering from the wonderful orgasm.

Jackie crawled over to me and took my cock in her hand, "Did you like that
baby?" she giggled.

I just groaned and brought my head forward, laughing. My hard on had wilted
but Jackie stroked it a little anyway, taking the tip into her mouth which
made me jump. My cockhead was so sensitive from that mindblowing orgasm I
had just had that the pleasure from Jackie's mouth on me was multiplied
tenfold. She was making me squirm, sucking the tip so good, running her lips
up and down it, stopping to giggle occassionally. She leaned back and started
to rub my cum all over her tits, looking at me with a sultry look. I stroked
my limp cock slightly as I watched the show. She rubbed her tits with her
lovely hands, making them glisten with my slick cum. She tweaked her nipples
and squeezed her breasts together, looking stunning every step of the way.
Sliding a couple of fingers in her mouth, she sucked the cum off of them as
if they were my cock.

Speaking of my cock, it was starting to slowly come back to life at the sight
of this. I was full on jerking off now, so turned on by Jackie. She stood up
now, wearing nothing but her strappy, high heeled shoes, and walked over to
the dining table, bending over it and sticking out her lovely ass. Looking
over at me, she said "Well...?"

I dived off of the couch, practically leaping out of my skin and headed over
to her, stroking my cock to make sure it was as hard as possible. I put a
hand on one of her wonderful ass cheeks, my cock in the other hand and slid
it into her pussy, slowly. I threw my head back, groaning at the shear
pleasure as I entered her. Her pussy was slick and smooth, so warm as it
pulsed around my cock. I took a few very short thrusts of her pussy,
savouring it and getting all of my big cock in there. I groaned, looking
down, at my cock buried right to the hilt in Jackie's amazing pussy. I
pulled back and started thrusting in and out of her slit, very slowly, making
her moan, "Mmmm that cock feels so good."

Working in and out of her pussy, I allowed my hands to roam around her
wonderful ass. I gripped both cheeks in my hands, rubbing them and squeezing
them. My cock was sliding back and forth inside her hot pussy, so slick and
velvetty, perfectly consuming my horny dick. Jackie's head was thrown back
and her eyes closed, moaning loudly for me now as I picked up the pace. I was
fucking her at a steadily fast pace now, still exploring her oustanding ass

"Mmm fuck me with that big cock baby," she cooed.

There was a loud slapping noise as my hips slapped against Jackie and the
sound of the table rocking with every thrust. The noises increased as I
worked her pussy faster and harder now, really fucking her good.

"Mmmm that's it, give it to me!" she cried.

Her pussy was getting progressively wetter as I fucked her, my large dick
going in to the hilt. I was breathing heavily and moaning as I fucked her
so hard, Jackie crying out with each thrust.

"Ooooooh fuck yes! FUCK!" she screamed, "AAARRGGGHH FUCK!"

I worked her pussy so hard, sliding in and out of her, working back and forth
so fast.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God....arrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!" Jackie was screaming now.

Knowing that my pulsing cock thrusting in her red hot pussy was making her
feel so good and cum so hard was turning me on even more. Her orgasm shook
her body and caused her to gush around my cock more now than ever.

Jackie stood up, leaning her body tight against mine. I put my arms around
her, holding one of her massive tits in one hand, resting my chin on her
shoulder, cheek to cheek. I was slowly working myself inside of her still,
feeling the smooth skin of her body against mine. Jackie turned her head to
the side a little and we kissed slowly, our tongues meeting again. I slid a
hand down to Jackie's pussy and rubbed her clit in sync with my cock
thrusting in her pussy. My other hand was still cupping and squeezing her
massive tit. Our bodies were both slightly slick from sweat but we were
pressed so tight together, my cock sliding slowly between her wonderful legs
and deep into that hot cunt. I rubbed her clit rhythmicly in perfect time
with my thrusts, making her break the kiss and lean her head back against my
shoulder and moan. My cock was so sensitive in her pussy right now, slowly
working it in and out, feeling every warm, wet inch of that glorious pussy.
"Mmm your pussy feels so good Jackie," I moaned, the shear pleasure on my
cock forcing my face to contort as I gritted my teeth.

"Mmmm..." she moaned, in a low voice, "...I just love your big cock in my
pussy baby, it feels sooo fucking good in there!" She was practically
whispering in my ear as I worked her slowly and steady, it was such a turn
on. "Oooh just feeling that big thing slide in and out of my wet pussy baby,
it's such a turn on. You made me cum so hard stud, with that big fucking
dick of yours."

It was too much for me and I had the unbelievable urge to fuck Jackie so
hard again so I pushed her fowards onto the table again, making her gasp in
surprise, and started ramming my cock in her again. She was screaming out
again right away, loving my solid cock inside of her. "Ooooh yeah that's it
you fucking stud, FUCK ME!" Jackie yelled.

"Aaargh fuck yes! YES!", I replied, fucking her so hard. "Oh God, I'm going
to fucking cum so hard Jackie, fuck yes! FUCK!" I thumped my cock deep in
her again and again, her pussy pulsing around my throbbing cock. My balls
were like concrete as I pounded her, the cum boiling up to the top.
"Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh fuuuuuckkk!!!" I groaned as my massive wad erupted
inside of Jackie's pussy. My body jerked as my cock felt so unbelievably
sensitive, shot after shot exploding inside of her. "Uuuuuggghhh, shit..."
I moaned, leaning over on Jackie and holding her as I humped out my orgasm.
The orgasm was so intense that I couldn't feel my cock even getting soft.

"Mmmm feels like you're still pretty hard down there stud," Jackie said
softly as she got up from the table, my cock sliding out of her. "You think
you can go again?", she said as she pulled a chair out from the table and
softly pushed me down onto it.

I sat back now, my cock covered in traces of my cum and Jackie's sweet pussy
juice. It was still virtually fully hard. Jackie kneeled beside me, pressing
her great tits against my chest, taking my member in her hand and stroking
it so good, using the bodily fluids on it as lube. Her lovely hand worked up
and down the length as she kissed me. First passionately on the lips, then
working down my neck, talking dirty in between kisses.

"You wanna fuck me again baby? I want this big, hard dick fucking me again
baby...come on...come on..." she moaned in a low, sultry voice.

I was still so sensitive from before that my cock had no trouble staying hard
and Jackie writhing around on me, whispering to me and jerking me off was
making sure I didn't fall limp. Her hand slid up and down my slick cock, all
the up the shaft and over the head then back again. She was kissing and
licking my neck, whispering so much sexy, dirty talk into my ear, "I bet
that feels good baby, me jerking and stroking your massive dick huh? I want
this in me again baby, I want to ride your big fucking dick and then I wanna
swallow more of your lovely cum, how about that stud?"

With that, she reached one leg across my lap and angled my hard cock towards
her pussy and slowly slid down onto it.

"Mmmmm yeah..." she moaned.

I reached around and grabbed her smooth ass as her hands rested on my chest.
She slid all the way down on my dick, taking it all deep in her then she
slowly started to bounce up and down on it, up and down. There were still
traces of my cum from early in her pussy, making it all the more warm and
slick as she slid it up and down.

Having already came twice, my cock was extremely sensitive and the feeling
was almost too intense to take. I groped Jackie's amazing ass cheeks as she
fucked me, long hard strokes up and down on my cock. The lips of her pussy
gripped around my thick cock as she slid them up and down on it, swallowing
the entire length of my dick each time. I ran my hands down her smooth, toned
thighs trying to take in as much of her gorgeous tanned legs as possible then
moving back up to her sexy ass.

"Mmmm this cock feels so good big and hard in my fucking pussy! Ugh
yeah!" she moaned. She let her head drop back as she stopped bouncing and
just started to grind back and forth with my dick all the way in her.

Working her hips, girating on my solid cock. I was tempted to close my eyes
and just enjoy the sensations but Jackie's body was too good to miss, I had
to take it all in. Her tits were huge and round, her stomach so tight and
toned, her beautiful face with her full, soft lips...all sunkissed and
drenched in sweat making her glisten all the more. She started to bounce a
little more again, fucking my cock hard.

"Mmmm baby...ooh...ooh yeah, fuck yeah", Jackie moaned, "This fucking cock's
gonna make me cum again baby, I can feel it"

Knowing I was making this stunning Diva so horny and making her orgasm yet
again was such a turn on. I started thrusting my hips up to meet her, our
genitals clattering together with a loud slapping noise.

"OH FUCK YEAH, THAT'S IT!", she cried. Her moans grew louder and louder as we
fucked faster and faster, harder and harder. "OH FUCK! FUCK! YES, FUCK ME!
FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME SO HARD, UGH YEEES!" Jackie screamed, throwing her
head back, her pussy convulsing and pulsing around my cock as we fucked so

"Oh fuck Jackie, I have to cum!"

She quickly got off of me and kneeled in front of me as I stood up. She took
my cock into her hand and started jerking me so good, the cum racing it's way
to the tip of my cock. "Cum for me baby, cum in my mouth, come on Adam,"
Jackie said quickly, sucking the tip for a second then opening wide.

I groaned loudly as it burst from the tip of my cock onto her waiting tongue.
Another big blob flew out onto her tongue and lips then she took the head in
her mouth and sucked me as another couple of shots fired from my cock. I
threw my head back and groaned at the intense pleasure of her lips on my
orgasming cockhead. Jackie sucked all over the tip of my cock so good,
milking every last drop of cum from it. There was a slight ache in my balls
as I'd shot so much cum and I was completely spent. Jackie pulled away from
my cock, smiling. She showed me all of my cum in her mouth and preceeded to
swallow it all.

"Mmm baby, this was so fucking hot!" she said as she got up and wiped the
rest of the cum from her face.

I just slouched in the chair a little while as Jackie went to the bathroom
to freshen up and get dressed. We talked a little before she left and she
said she'd definately have to see me again. She left and I went straight to
bed to recover and dream about which gorgeous Diva would be thrown my way

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