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This is the fourth part of a spin off series to the Sable's Secret Lover
series, picking up a few days after our characters encounter with Jackie

Sable's Secret Lover: Doin' The Divas Part 4
by theadmanufc2004

It was a Friday afternoon and I was just chilling out at home, watching TV.
It had been a few days since Jackie and I had fucked but it had been weeks
since I'd even heard from Sable. She was still on my mind a little bit but
the amount of Divas throwing themselves at me was more than enough to keep
me entertained. Just as I thought that, the phone rang and it was gorgeous
Smackdown Diva Kristal Marshall who I'd fucked just over a week ago. She
told me how the WWE was holding a premiere that night for their new movie,
some trashy John Cena vehicle and she wanted me to go with her. I jumped at
the chance to mingle with a few wrestlers, Divas and maybe even some minor

* * *

The evening came around and I was all ready to go, dressed smart but casually
with a smart shirt and jeans. I heard a quiet peep from outside and I headed
out to Kristal's chauffeur driven car. I got in the back and Kristal greeted
me with a handshake and a kiss on the cheek. She was wearing a figure hugging
black dress with flecks of red through it. It was cut down the middle on the
front, showing off her wonderful cleavage and was tight around her thin waist
and toned stomach. Her caramel legs were crossed and on full display. She
looked fantastic. We headed off to the premiere and chatted on the way,
Kristal interested in my encounter with Jackie.

We arrived at the movie theatre and got out of the car. All around were
photographers and recognisable faces from the WWE and some minor TV shows.
It was a pretty incredible experience, being out like this with a stunning
Diva on my arm. I looked around and seen the likes of John Cena, Batista,
Triple H and other wrestlers as well as stunning Divas like Candice, Layla,
Melina and Lita. We made our way up the red carpet and headed into the
theatre. We walked around a little and mingled with some friends of Kristal
and she introduced me to some wrestlers and Divas. I ran into Trish and we
chatted for a little bit, which was nice.

Eventually it was time for the movie though and everyone piled into the
screening room. Me and Kristal sat about midway down the room. I was in
the aisle seat with Kristal next to me. The lights went down and the movie
started. It was pretty terrible. About half an hour or so in, Kristal
leaned over and whispered, "This sucks, meet me outside in a few minutes."

I waited a couple of minutes and headed out of the room, finding Kristal
outside waiting for me. She nodded towards the ladies room and then headed
in. I looked around and the place was quiet, only one guy sweaping up so I
dived in after Kristal. She giggled as she locked the door behind me and
pushed me up against the wall, kissing me. I was a bit surprised at first
but then got into it, putting my hands on her slender waist and sliding
them down her hips and onto her full, bubble butt. Kristal's sexy hand
gravitated straight down to my crotch, massaging and rubbing my cock through
my jeans, making me instantly hard. She pulled away from our red hot kiss
and smiled at me, sliding down in front of my crotch.

"Remember this baby?" she said with a sly grin as she unzipped my jeans and
slipped them down until my cock was loose. She took it in one of her hands
and immediately slipped it between her glossy, full lips sucking tightly all
the way down the shaft and back up again. "You remember that mouth baby?"
she said.

"Oh fuck yes!" was my flustered reply.

She took the tip in her mouth again and slid her mouth up and down my cock,
working her hand up and down it as well in a corkscrew motion. I stroked her
silky brown hair as she sucked, those sultry eyes staring up at me. The
thrill of being in a move theatre bathroom was such a turn on as well. My
cock was solid now with Kristals sucking and jerking. She was really going
hell for leather, sucking my cock so hard and fast, up and down on me. At
this rate, it wasn't going to be long before I had to cum. She brought her
head up for air and just concentrated on jerking me, her smooth hand running
up and down the length of my slick cock, jerking me off so good. She licked
and sucked up the side of my cock now and then went down to my balls, running
her tongue over them and sucking them one by one. her plush lips felt
incredible against my balls, so soft and wet.

She stood up now, unstrapping the top of her dress, letting the straps fall
down and her gorgeous tits hang free. She kept stroking me off as I delved
into her tits, licking and sucking all down her neck and onto those amazing
breasts, her smooth, soft, chocolaty skin smelling of a sweet perfume. I
worked all over her wonderful orbs, licking her brown nipples, sucking them
and nibbling them gently. Her expert hand kept twisting all around my cock,
driving me crazy. I cupped her big sexy titties as I continued to savour
every inch of them with my mouth. Kristal backed off and led me by the cock
with a sultry smile on her face over to the sink area where she bent over
the counter, sticking out that outstanding ass, still barely wrapped by her
dress. "Come on baby, give me that big dick," she said as she looked back at

I grabbed her sexy ass on each side and ran my hands all over it before
sliding her dress up a bit to expose the smooth, tanned cheeks. She had on
a shear black thong which I eagerly pulled down over her ass, allowing me
access to that amazing pussy. I took my cock in hand and rubbed all around
those big ass cheeks, slapping it off of them and sliding it in between

"Mmmm...ugh yeah baby, gimme it" Kristal moaned.

I slid my cock into her waiting pussy now, already slightly damp. I slid it
all the way deep inside of her, groaning as it entered her amazing slit.

"Oooh yeah baby, that's it, fuck me with that big dick" Kristal moaned.

I didn't need to be told twice and started working that pussy hard right
away. I grabbed hold of her immense ass cheeks and started fucking away so
hard and fast, ramming my cock deep into her pussy.

"Oh fuck, ugh YES!" Kristal cried out, before putting her head down and
trying to keep quiet.

I was so turned on by the thought that someone could hear us or catch us
fucking in the ladies room, not to mention the stunning girl who was bent
over in front of me with her pussy being drilled by my hard cock. I was
grabbing her ass so tight and fucking her intensely. Her pussy was just as
tight and wet and smooth as before, hugging my cock perfectly. It felt so
good thrusting my member in and out of her cunt, fucking her so hard, making
her moan.

"Mmmm fuck yes baby, fuck YES!" she cried, unable to control herself even
though we could get caught.

Our hips made a loud slapping noise as I slammed against her, her pussy also
making the occassional squelch as she was so wet and slick.

"Oh fuck baby, fuck me so hard, make me cum baby, oh FUCK!" Kristal moaned,
taking all of my cock so deep inside of her. She worked her plump ass up and
down as I continually fucked her making her petite body shake. "Mmmm...
yeah...yeah...yeah, yeah, YES!" Kristal cried out as her orgasm hit her,
throwing her head back and grinding her pussy around on my cock as I thrust
into her and held it in there so deep for a minute.

I reached around her and grabbed her tits. She leaned back againt me, her
soft hair against my chest, her amazing ass pressed tight against me. I
leaned my head down next to hers as she put her arm up around my neck with
her hand in my hair. She put her other hand on top of one of mine that were
groping her round tits. I looked forward into the mirrors and watched
Kristal's beautiful face, eyes closed, contorted in pleasure as I humped
away at her pussy. I kissed the smooth skin of her shoulder and neck as I
thrust into her hard, getting so deep inside her warm slit. My balls were
tight now, my orgasm not far away. Kristal's neck was tilted to one side
as I buried my face there, kissing her and tasting her as I fucked. "Oh
Kristal..." I moaned.

"Mmmmmm your dick is so good baby, feels so big in my little pussy" She

I was holding her so tight and thrusting my cock up into her pussy, right on
the brink of an explosive orgasm. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum so hard Kristal" I

"Mmmm yes baby, yes, cum in me, yeaaah!" she moaned, "Shoot inside me baby,
I need your hot cum."

I squeezed her petite frame even tighter against me and rammed my cock in and
out so fast, the cum filling my cock and ready to burst. With one almighty
thrust a huge wave of pleasure shot over my whole package and cum blasted out
into her pussy. "UGH! Ugh shit...fuck..." I moaned as it all fired deep
inside of her wet pussy.

We both virtually collapsed forward onto the counter again, me still holding
her so tight, slowly working my cock inside her still. "Mmm that was so hot,"
I sighed.

"Mmm yeah it was baby...we'd better be getting back to the movie though."
Kristal told me.

I got off of her and took a hand towel to wipe down my dick before I fixed
myself up and went back out. I was reeking of Kristal's perfume and my face
was bright red from fucking her so good but I'm sure no-one would notice in
the dark theatre. Kristal peaked her head out the door first to make sure
no-one was around and then ushered me out. She was going to come behind me
in a few minutes so I headed back to my seat. I sat down and tried to seem
normal, as if there was nothing odd going on. A couple of glances came my
way but I noticed one face staring at me from the isle seat across from me
but a couple of rows down. Even though it was dark, I recognised the pretty
face and the long, long legs of Stacy Keibler. I looked away but she kept
staring with a slight smirk on her face. She turned back to the movie and
so did I, with Kristal coming back a few minutes later.

* * *

The movie finished and everyone left the theatre. The place was closed to
the public and there was like a party in the foyer. Everyone was walking
around, mingling and drinking. Kristal had wandered off somewhere to chat
to someone and I was kind of wandering around aimlessly. I felt a light
tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Stacy Keibler again.

"I see you and Kristal had a nice little...intermission?" she said. I didn't
really know how to respond to that but then she laughed and said "I'm just
kidding. You must be, Adam?" She extended her hand and I took it. "I've heard
a lot about you," she continued.

All I could think of in reply was the ever-cheesy "All good I hope!"

She giggled and said "Oh yes, all very...very good. Got anything planned
tonight with Kristal? I'd hate to step on her territory..." she said.

"Oh no, nothing that I know of. Why?" I asked.

"Well, my hotel room is just down the street, like walking distance...maybe
we could head there for a bit more privacy?" she said.

"Sure, let me go tell Kristal I'm leaving," I told her. I spoke to Kristal
and met back up with Stacy outside as we headed about two or three doors down
to her hotel.

Once we got into her luxury room, I sat on the bed as she poured us a couple
of drinks.

"You're a popular guy these days," she said to me as she handed me my glass.

"I'm just lucky I guess," I replied.

"Oh come on now, you must be doing something right," she smiled, "You don't
have gorgeous women throwing themselves at you just by being lucky."

"That's true," I laughed, "So what about you? Are you throwing yourself at
me?" The drinks I'd had that night must've been kicking in.

"Oh...I'd say so," she said as her hand slid up my thigh and onto my crotch.
A sly smile spread across her gorgeous face. She was sat next to me on the
bed, slowly massaging my crotch as I leaned in and softly kissed her. Her
tongue slid out and met mine as our open mouths met. The kiss was electric,
sending a jolt of arousal through my body and making my cock spring to life
in her hand. I dropped my empty glass and slid my hand up her silky smooth
thigh as she continued to fondle my crotch. My dick was now virtually fully
hard in my pants so Stacy unfastened my belt and undid the buttons on my
trousers as we kept kissing. She broke the kiss and slid down onto her knees
in front of me, sliding down my pants and udnerwear, letting my cock loose.

Stacy giggled a little, "Well hello there, big boy" she said as she grabbed
the base of my shaft and started to stroke it. Her soft, thin hand gently
worked my cock up and down getting it to it's full length before she slowly
lowered her mouth down onto the tip, looking up at me with her beautiful
brown eyes sparkling. I let out a deep sigh as her warm mouth and smooth
lips touched the tip, closing around it and sucking it tightly. She slid her
glorious mouth down a little and then back up getting my cock nice and wet
with her spit. Her tongue pressed all over the underside of my cock as she
slid her mouth up and down on me, taking the tip into the opening of her
throat. Her hand worked its way up and down as well, following her mouth.
My cock glistened with her spit now as she lifted her mouth off for a second
to catch her breath. "How does that feel baby? Good?" she asked.

"Mmm yeah," I replied.

She took me back into her mouth and sucked on just the head as her hand did
the rest of the work, leaving no part of my cock unpleasured. Her other hand
was cupping my balls, slowly massaging them every now and then. Her tongue
licked all over the sensitive head of my cock as it was in her mouth. It felt
so good, especially after having already fucked Kristal earlier that evening.
She worked her lips over the ridge of my cockhead and back again repeatedly,
working the tip hard with her talented mouth. My balls were still heavy
despite being emptied earlier and her hand rubbing them felt so good. She
pressed them up and then let them drop again, rubbing them in her palm and
working her thin fingers all over them. The relentless pleasures of this
blowjob were unbelievable and Stacy looked so gorgeous with my thick cock
between her nice lips and her smooth blonde hair up in a sexy ponytail.

As much as I was enjoying this incredible blowjob I decided I wanted to get
at her oustanding body. I leaned forward and put my hand to Stacy's cheek
and she lifted her mouth from my cock. I leaned down and kissed her again,
getting the slightest taste of my cock from her lips and tongue. She stood
up and we kept kissing, my hands roaming down to her unbelievable ass. I
groped it through her skin tight black dress that barely even covered her
ass. I started to kiss her smooth neck as she arched her head back and closed
her eyes. My hands worked up her back and undid the straps of her dress,
letting them fall as I began to slide the dress down her slender abdomen
revealing her red bra and all the way down the arch of her back discovering
her matching red panties.

I knelt down and pulled the dress all the way down those long, long, long
legs and she stepped out of it. I looked up to see her looking down at me,
her hands softly rubbing her tits through her bra. I had a hand on each
wonderful leg, sliding up her toned calfs and tanned thighs and all the
way back down again. As with I'm sure every man on the planet, I absolutely
loved Stacy Keibler's legs and was getting my chance to savour them now. I
kissed up the side of her calf and up onto her thigh, kissing and licking
and sucking, savouring the smooth, soft flesh of her best assets.

I made my way up to her ass. Her panties were a little bigger than a thong
but still left her ass cheeks virtually uncovered so I kissed all over her
golden brown ass, working the flesh in my hands, stroking her gorgeous body
as she let out a few light moans. I slid one hand up the inside of her thigh
ever so slowly until I came to her pussy. I could feel the heat eminating
from it as my hand covered it through her panties, rubbing along the line of
her pussy. She was very hot and I could feel a slight dampness even through
her panties. I slipped her panties to one side and found her absolutely
perfect pussy. There was not a single hair at all and no sign of tanlines,
just a perfect, smooth, tight looking pussy.

I rubbed up and down the lips with my fingers, feeling her hot, wet cunt. I
slid a finger inside of her and felt how tight and velvetty her pussy was.
It felt incredible. I moved my mouth in and gently licked her clit before
sucking it a little, making Stacy moan. My tongue and lips worked over her
clit, flicking and sucking whilst my finger probed inside of her pussy. I
worked another finger in there now and her pussy fit around them perfectly,
feeling tight and snug. I slid them in and out. She was more than wet enough
to allow me to freely finger-fuck her as much as possible. Her pussy was
making a slight squelching noise as my fingers worked inside her. I kept
fingering her but slowly stood up, kissing up her toned stomach as I went.
Stacy unclasped her bra and slid it off before resting her arms on my
shoulders. Her breasts were small but perfectly formed with small,
light-brown nipples. I was still working her pussy slowly with my hand but
my mouth was now on her l eft nipple, licking and sucking.

After working her petite tits for a while, I stopped fingering her and moved
behind her. I gazed down at her butt and took it in my hands. I pulled her
against my so that my solid cock nestled between the cheeks, resting on the
fabric of her panties. I slowly started dry humping her, savouring the feel
of her ass and preparing myself for the real thing. I moved my cock back and
forth between the crevace of her asscheeks as it slid along her red panties.
My cock was so unbelievably hard now, I had to fuck Stacy.

I moved her panties off to one side again and slowly slid my cock up and down
her wet pussy lips before prodding it into her slowly but surely. I closed my
eyes and gasped as it entered her. Stacy let out a short moan, enjoying my
big dick sliding into her pussy. Her legs were tight together making it a
very snug fit in there and her pussy was velvetty smooth and soaked with her
juices. I wrapped my arms around her, engulfing her thin frame, my cheek next
to hers as our bodies pressed so tightly together. I started fucking her hot
slit with a steady, hard rhythm now. All the action was coming from my hips
as I humped away at her, sliding my thick cock in and out of her amazingly
tight, smooth pussy.

Stacy's face was picture perfect, tilted back slightly with her eyes closed
and a slight frown as she moaned gently. I could feel her ass pressed so
tightly against my body as I humped her, short sharp thrusts, getting deep
in her. I was sliding my hands all over the smooth, flawless skin of her
toned stomach and pert tits and even down to her hips and thighs. "Ugh...mmm good!" Stacy moaned lightly as I kept working my cock
in and out of her gorgeous slit.

She was red hot and tight as hell in there, her pussy grasping at my probing
cock. My face was next to hers and I kissed her lips, then her cheek and
nibbled on her ear lobe gently as I continually thrust in there and it was
driving her wild. "Mmmm yeah Adam...mmm fuck me so good, keep going!" she
moaned, louder now.

I wasn't going particularly fast but I had a steady rhythm going and Stacy's
pussy was really responding too it, drowning my cock in her sweet goo.

After fucking like that for a quite a while, we moved over to the bed and
Stacy lay down on her stomach with her ass sitting there looking so inviting,
still covered in her red panties. I had to get full access to it so I knelt
over Stacy and slid those panties down her long, shapely legs and tossed them
onto the floor. I grabbed Stacy's ass with a hand on each cheek and spread
them apart slightly. I positioned myself so that Stacy was between my legs
with her legs together and I slid my dick into her pussy. It was so tight in
there with her legs virtually closed. I worked my cock in there slowly and
slid it back out again, then slowly back in. My hands the whole time were
clamped on her unbelievable backside, spreading the cheeks, squeezing them
together, rubbing them, everything. I got into a steadily fast rhythm, making
Stacy moan quite loudly.

"Oh fuck yeah baby, that feels so good!" she cried as I fucked away at her

She clamped her legs together further now, squeezing on my cock, making it
feel even tighter. I could feel every contour of her smooth, soaking wet
pussy as I slid my long shaft in there. The red hot walls of her astounding
cunt massaging the tip of my horny dick as it worked in and out, getting
deep into her. It was a great view as well, looking down on Stacy's amazing
ass, all the way up her smooth, slender back and then her beautiful golden
hair and stunning face. I was so turned on. I fucked her harder now, pumping
away at her pussy like no tomorrow.

"OH GOD BABY, FUCK ME!" she screamed as I continued to plow her hard.

I was sweating now as I worked her pussy hard, the matress making a creaking
noise as we bounced on it.

"MMM OH...OH FUCK YEAH...I'm gonna...UGH...fucking CUM!" Stacy moaned loudly.

I held onto her round ass tight and kept pounding away, pumping my thick cock
in there so hard and fast. In and out, in and out, so hard. Stacy's legs
tightened further so it was almost painful on my cock and her back arched as
her orgasm hit her. Her fists clenched onto the sheets of the bed.

"OH FUCK!! UUUGGGHH!" she groaned.

I didn't let up, I kept fucking her. The intense sensations in my cock were
so much that it felt almost numb. I kept going and going at her pussy which
was even wetter now than before. I wanted to make Stacy cum again, I wanted
this gorgeous woman to spill even more juices around my horny cock. "Oh fuck
Stacy, your pussy feels so fucking good!" I yelled, panting hard and sweating
as I fucked Stacy's pussy so good.

"Oh yeah baby, don't stop, don't stop, UGH!" she screamed, another orgasm
surely close.

I kept pounding and thrusting into her as deep as I could get my dick. My
teeth were gritted and I was starting to get really tired but the intense
feeling of fucking this stunning women was more than enough incentive to
keep going.

"I'm going to cum again baby, I'm going to fucking cum!! UGH YEAH, YES!!"
Stacy moaned again, hurriedly. Her body tightened again, including her pussy.
Squeezing my cock tight again, getting hotter and wetter than ever before.
She buried her face into the bed and let out a muffled scream of ecstacy.

I had to slow down now. Fucking her so hard had taken a lot out of me. I was
just working it in and out of her slowly now as I leaned down on top of her,
wrapping my arms around her slender shoulders. I was just humping my hips
back and forth slowly now as she wound down from her orgasm a bit. My cock
was still rock hard in there though.

Eventually we switched around positions with Stacy taking the lead this time.
I lay flat on my back and this gorgeous Godess climbed atop my stiff prick.
She put her hands on my stomach at first to steady herself as she slowly slid
up and down on me. She was so slowly, steadily working my dick, allowing me
to feel every inch of her glorious cunt. I placed my hands on her toned
thighs. Stacy kept just working me so slowly. I was desperate for a quicker
pace because it felt so good but she kept just steadily teasing me. She let
her hair out of it's ponytail now and shook it all out, her long, smooth
blonde locks flowing across her delicate shoulders. "That feel good for you
baby? You want me to go faster?" she asked me.

"Oh yeah, please baby" I replied.

She started to speed up now at my request, started to bounce on me for about
four or five strokes before slowing down again and giggling a little as she
teased me. She started to bounce hard again now, working her flawless body up
and down on my cock, making her beautiful face screw up a little in pleasure.
She would do a few strokes slowly then go fast for a little bit, really
upsetting my rhythm but it felt amazing.

My cock was sticking so straight up in the air and Stacy's incredible pussy
was sliding up and down the entire length of it with her great ass pressing
down on my heavy balls. Her perky tits jiggled slightly as she bounced but
her hands soon covered them, rubbing them and pinching her nipples as she
fucked my hard dick. Her eyes were closed now, her head back a little,
moaning. I wasn't going to do the same, I was too busy eyeing up her
outstanding body. Her stomach and abs were so tight and her golden skin
glistened slightly with sweat. Her hands moved up over her tits and into
her hair as she kept fucking me, her tight body fully stretched out now and
looking unbelievably good. I just looked on in amazement at her gorgeous
body as well as this amazing feeling on my cock. Her pussy was so tight but
slick enough to slide up and down my big dick, working every inch of it,
soaking it in her slippery pussy juice.

"Mmmm baby, that feels so good" Stacy moaned.

"Oh fuck yeah! I replied, starting to lightly thrust upwards, getting my
cock as far in there as I could. I slid my hands down her thighs and before
heading back onto her ass and holding each cheek as she stopped bouncing and
grinded hard back and forth on my cock. It felt so good, I gritted my teeth
and closed my eyes at the intense feeling of being so deep in her and my cock
being worked back and forth and all around. My balls were getting a great
massage here as well, as Stacy's ass was pressed right back against them. She
leaned back now, resting her hands behind her and worked her pussy up and
down my length. I was looking forward now, watching her spread pussy take all
of my cock inside of it, seeing her gorgeous face looking forward at me as
she worked her hips up and down, pleasuring me and herself intensely. I
reached forward and played with her horny clit, rubbing it in circles with my
thumb, making her cry out. She was working me hard and fast now.

"Ugh fuck, fuck yeah, fucking this big hard cock...oh yeah!" Stacy cried out.
"I'm going to cum again baby, mmm fuck! FUCK!" she screamed, her orgasm
building in her. She worked me furiously now. I wasn't in a position to fuck
her so I let her do all the work. She worked her hips up and down, up and
down, so fast with my hand on her clit trying to keep up. "UGH! Fuck!
MMMMMMMM!" she moaned again, her pussy getting even wetter around my dick.
"Oh God baby, mmm" she moaned, slowing down a lot now and just steadily
working my dick until she basically slowed to a stop.

We switched around positions again and got into a traditional doggystyle
position. I rubbed my cock up and down the length of her pussy before sliding
it into her again. She was so slick and wet already and we were both so
turned on there was no room for teasing here, I just started fucking her hard
straight away. I was holding Stacy by her smooth, round ass cheeks and
fucking my big dick so deep inside of her.

"Ugh yeah, keep fucking me so good" she moaned. She moved her hand onto her
ass and started to play with her asshole, rubbing it and sliding her finger
slightly into it.

I knew what was coming and was so turned on I didn't want to wait, I wanted
Stacy's ass as soon as possible. I pulled out of her pussy and got down,
probing my tongue on her puckered asshole. I slid my fingers into her soaking
wet cunt for lube and then slid one gently into her ass. "Mmmm you want me to
fuck your ass?" I asked Stacy.

"Mmm yeah baby, do it!"

I spat on her asshole and fingered her more now, her assholing relaxing andmy finger getting deeper. I tested it out with a second finger and wasn't met
with much resistance. It slid in there quite easily. I worked over her ass
with two fingers until it felt loose enough and then it was time for my cock
to get in there. I took it in my hand and pressed it firmly against her
asshole. It was a tight squeeze but it eventually got in there and I slid it
slowly in until half of my cock was filling her ass. I slid almost all the
way back out again before sliding it back in there. With every thrust, a
little more of my cock was getting into Stacy, deeply penetrating her ass.
She was rubbing at her pussy and clit furiously, moaning in mostly pleasure
but also at the initial pain of my thick cock stretching out her ass.

Once I could get it virtually all in there without much struggle, I got into
a comfortable rhythm. Her asshole was a lot tighter than her pussy with a
more vice like grip and obviously wasn't as wet as her pussy. I worked
steadily in and out, holding onto her smooth as cheeks as I did. It felt so
intense on my hard cock to be gripped so tightly, every inch of my cock
sliding in and out of her ass, being caressed by the inner walls. It sucked
so hard against my cock. Fucking her felt so good, I knew this was the last
action before I would have to erupt. My balls swung freely against Stacy's
wet pussy as I fucked a bit more rigorously now that she'd warmed up.

"Oh yeah, fuck my ass! Yeah, fuck it, mmmm!" she cried out. She was still
rubbing her pussy like crazy. "Oh God, I'm going to cum again baby, keep
fucking my ass, yeah, yeah, FUCK YEAH!" she screamed. She was humping her
ass hard back against me as I plowed into it. "Mmmmm yeah, FUCK!" she
screamed as another orgasm was about to hit her, making her whole body
quiver. "UUUNNNGGGGHHHHHH!" she moaned as she buried her face down onto
the bed again.

I kept sliding in and out, in and out, the pleasure so intense on my thick
member. Her asshole was so tight that it was almost painful, working my cock
so intensely. In and out I fucked her, back and forth, back and forth, so
hard and fast. I knew my orgasm was just around the corner but wanted as much
of this outstanding ass as possible so I fucked her so hard in there, as hard
as I was fucking her pussy before.

"OH FUCK! OH FUCK! FUCK! YEEEES!" Stacy cried out again, humping back against
me so hard, loving my large member fucking her anally.

"Oh fuck Stacy, I have to cum so fucking hard!" I groaned.

"MMM cum on baby, cum for me, cum for me, MMMMMM YES!" Stacy screamed.

I fucked her a little more until I felt my balls go concrete hard and my cum
barrell right up to the tip of my cock. I slid it out of her and barely had
to touch it before and absolutely massive wad of cum flew out all over her
back reaching her shoulder blades. Another giant glob flew out hitting her
lower back before I got more precise with my aim and coated her round ass
cheeks in my thick wads of jizz. I kept jerking my cock furiously, making me
squirm and quiver as the orgasm was so intense.

"OOh yeah baby...mmmmm!" Stacy moaned as she rubbed the cum all over her ass,
making it shine with my man juice.

I knelt over her and just kept jerking my still-hard cock. The hard fucking
session and the intense orgasm had left me drained but still very horny. I
admired my handy work on Stacy's ass and back before she turned around so
face me, laying on her back.

"Mmm that was so hot baby" she giggled, "Looks like you're still pretty hard
there stud." She slyly smiled at me as she playfully lifted her foot up to my
balls and gently pressed on them. She still had her sexy shoes on and her
feet looked sexy on the end of her perfectly sculpted legs. I wasn't normally
a foot fetish type of guy but right now with Stacy Keibler's gorgeous legs
pressing her little feet against my horny cock and balls, I couldn't resist
them. Her pretty face was looking up at me and smiling as her hands lazily
tweaked at her nipples.

I smiled as I took on her feet into my hand and undid the straps on her sexy
shoe and slid it off of her. then the other foot, Stacy looking on with such
a playful glint in her beautiful brown eyes. Her smile spread to a full on
grin as she giggled whilst I caressed her feet. This was the first time a
woman's feet had turned me on. I was so horny at that moment. Stacy moved her
feet down to my cock and clamped it between the arches. I spat down on my
cock to lube it up a little. Stacy started to slide her feet up and down my
cock, the soft soles sliding over my cock head and back down again. She
stared at my cock, concentrating on the footjob. I got a great view of her
whole gorgeous body from this position, looking right down those toned,
sculpted, tanned, gorgeouds legs to her glistening pink pussy which she was
now playing with slightly. "That feel good babe?" she giggled.

"Oh yeah" I smiled.

And it did feel good, surprisingly good. Her feet kept sliding back and forth
on me, sliding over my throbbing cockhead and back down again. My cock was
still so senstive from the intense orgasm I had just had that it made this
feel even better. Her feet were soft and perfect, pedicured and well groomed.
I slid my hands up her toned calfs and carressed those great legs as the
feeling of the foot fuck intensified some more. I bit my bottom lip as the
pleasure was starting to get really intense, a follow up orgasm not far away.
I grabbed Stacy's slender ankles and held them in place now and took the
lead, thrusting my cock between the soles of her feet.

Stacy egged me on. "Oooh you like fucking my feet huh?" she cooed with a sly
smile as I kept thrusting.

The tip of my cock was really bolbous and so sensitive right now and feeling
it slide between Stacy's feet was intense. I was fucking them so fast as if
it was a pussy. I knew I had to cum again. I pulled out of Stacy's feet and
pressed them together with the tops of her feet facing up towards me. Stacy
held them there as I jerked another strong orgasm out, cum flying out onto
her sexy feet and up her tight legs, coating her shins. The orgasm was almost
as intense as the first one, making me squirm and jerk as the cum flew out of
my member.

"Wow, that was fun baby" Stacy said as I lay down next to her. I was totally
done by this point. I just moaned as I started to drift off to sleep right
next to Stacy Keibler. What a night.

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