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This story is a work of fiction and is not based on reality in the slightest.

This is the fifth part of a spin off series to the Sable's Secret Lover
series, picking up a few days after our characters encounter with Kristal
Marshall and Stacy Keibler.

Content Codes: MF, cons, oral

Divas: Melina Perez

Sable's Secret Lover: Doin' The Divas Part 5
by theadmanufc2004

It had been a week or so since I met and fucked Stacy Keibler at the movie
premiere. I hadn't heard from any Diva since then. It was a Saturday night
and I was home alone. I logged into MSN messenger to check out who was online
and I seen a new address had added me: WWEMelina was the screenname. It was
obvious right away who it was and she was online right then and messaged me.
"hi, it's Melina" the message read. "i got your addy from kristal' she

"cool, hi :)" I responded, looking at her display pic which was a nice shot
of her sexy scowl and huge cleavage.

"so kristal tells me ur like some kind of sex god or something...some total
stud or something" she typed.

"lol i do alright i guess" I replied.

"well i wanna see what you've got then" she typed.

I sensed a real attitude in the way she was talking.

"i'm gonna come over to your place tonight, is that alright?" she said.

Of course it was. My parents were going to be gone until the early hours and
it was only about 7:30pm so I just told her to come around.

"ok i'll be there soon, u better be ready for me" she said and then signed
off before I could reply.

* * *

About an hour went by before she arrived. I had a shower and got myself ready
for her like she said. I heard a car pulling up and went to the door. Melina
parked her flashy BMW and stepped out. I seen her toned leg slide out of the
car before the rest of her gorgeous body stepped out. She was wearing black
and white high heels with bright pink stockings underneath and a coat that
came down to her thick thighs. She stepped up to the door, "Hi" I said as I
extended my hand.

She looked around and just walked in the house right past me. She stopped in
the hallway, "Where's the bedroom?" she asked. I started walking up stairs
and Melina followed me. We got into my bedroom and Melina looked around, as
if disgusted by it. "I guess it'll do", she said as she scowled at me, "Now
let's get started."

A sly, sexy smile spread across her face for the first time. There was such a
sexy sparkle in her devlish brown eyes as she undid the belt on her coat and
slowly slid it open, revealing her absolutely stunning lingerie. My jaw
dropped open at the sight of what she was wearing and her gorgeous body. From
bottom to top, she was wearing black and white heels, bright pink stockings
held up by white suspenders attacked to a thick, bright white garter belt and
I noticed she had no panties on as her little pussy was sticking out from
underneath the belt. Her massive tits were encased in a bright pink matching
bra that pushed them up to an impressive cleavage. My cock was absolutely
rock solid in my pants at the sight of her. Her hair was dark brown with a
blonde streak down the middle and was swept back on top by an alice band.

"You like what you see huh? You want to fuck the shit out of this?" Melina
said as she stood there with her hands on her hips.

"Oh fuck yes!" I replied as I moved towards her to kiss her full lips.

She pushed me back onto the bed, scowling at me. "Let's get your fucking
pants off" she said, unbuckling my belt and hawling off my jeans. I just sat
stunned by her aggression and how sexy she was. "Give me this fucking big
dick!" she said as she ripped my boxers from me and my cock sprung free.
She grabbed my hard cock in her hand right away and started stroking it
furiously, running her smooth hand and light pink nails up and down my cock.
Her gorgeous brown eyes staring up at me, as she gritted her teeth and
snarled dirty talk at me. "Look at me jerking your big fucking cock! You
love that don't you? You fucking love it!" She said as she jerked me off

I did love it, it felt incredible her hand moving up the shaft and over the
glans. The way she was talking and the way she was looking at me was so dirty
and sexy and was turning me on so much.

"You want me to suck it, don't you? You want me to suck your big fucking cock
because you're such a horny bastard, right?" she snarled.

"Oh fuck yes, suck my fucking cock!" I growled at her, getting in the spirit.

She smiled an evil smile before clamping those full lips on the tip of my
cock and sucking it so hard. She sucked so hard and then her lips came off
with a loud 'POP'. She was staring into my eyes the whole time with those
twinkling brown eyes just exuding pure sex. Melina sucked my member into her
mouth again, working quickly up and down over the tip of it while her hand
wanked the stiff shaft. Her mouth was sliding down my cock now and it was
going deep into her throat.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned as my cock slipped into Melina's warm, wet throat.

She held it there for a good few seconds without even gagging before sliding
her lips back up my dick. "Oh yeah, you love me deep throating your fucking
horny cock, huh?" she said.

She grabbed my balls in the hand that wasn't jerking me off. She squeezed and
pulled them pretty hard, it was slightly painful. "Oh yeah, these big fucking
balls are so full of cum for me!" she said. She was squeezing and rubbing
them, still sliding her hand up and down my cock. She spat hard on my dick
making it easier for her smooth hand to slide up and down it, over the
pulsing tip and right back down to the base, over and over again. It felt

She licked the tip of my cock now, slurping away at it before sliding it into
her mouth again. My dick slid in there right along her tongue and deep into
her throat. She kepts forcing herself down until my whole cock was inside her
mouth and down her throat. It felt unbelievable. I started humping my hips up
against her, getting my cock further in, making Melina gag on it with her
spit leaking out all over my cock.

After holding it in there for a long time, she slid back up my cock to catch
her breath. My dick was soaked in her saliva now and it dribbled down onto my
balls. Melina jerked me off furiously now as she caught her breath, her hand
sliding up and down my soaked cock. Eventually she sucked the tip of it hard
into her mouth again before sliding it into her cheek and rubbing it around
in there. The inside of her cheek was so soft and wet. She held it in there
tight against her cheek before sliding her mouth off the tip of my cock and
jerking me furiously again. This grogeous babe looked amazing giving me this
rapid fire blowjob and jerking the shit out of me and it felt unbelievable
too. "

That feel good on your fucking dick huh?" she said before effortlessly
slipping my hard cock back all the way down her throat. Her soft lips glided
up and down the length of my horny member, with the tip disappearing into her
throat without even making her gag.

"Uuuuurrrggh" I groaned as Melina delivered the best blowjob I'd ever had.

I wanted to take control and get into the spirit of the rough sex that Melina
seems to really be enjoying so I stood up and grabbed Melina by the hair,
forcing my cock deep into her throat and holding it there. She was scowling
up at me as she sucked my cock so deep into her mouth and throat. I started
thrusting quite hard into her mouth, holding her head in place. Melina just
went with it and kept sucking me as I fucked her mouth and throat, making her
gag occassionally. Her mouth was so warm and wet and inviting, the bottom of
my big cock sliding along her warm tongue. "Mmmm suck that cock you dirty
fucking bitch" I said.

Melina moaned around my cock as I kept pumping it into her mouth. If I'd
kept pumping I would've shot my load far too soon so I pulled out. Breathing
heavily, Melina said "Oh yeah you fucking big dick bastard, I'm such a dirty
whore!" She grabbed my cock so hard and tight and jerked it off so fast.

I bent over and kissed her full, soft lips hard, our tongues flicking over
each other as I got a slight taste of my own cock. I took my cock in hand
again and yanked her head to one side. I started slapping my solid cock
against her smooth cheek. I rapidly slapped it against her face before she
grabbed it from me with a sly, sexy smile and started sucking the hell out
of it again. Up and down she sucked, moving her head from side to side.

I reached down and slid her silk bra cups off of her massive tits. They were
huge and round with quite small, brown nipples. Her nipples were rock hard.
She leaned back and stuck out her tits as I squatted over them and placed my
hard cock between them. Melina pushed them together around it, clamping it in
there so tight. The skin on her tits was so soft and silky smooth and they
were the perfect medium between soft and firm. She was sliding them up and
down my dick now which was slick with her spit.

"You love these big fucking titties huh? My big, sexy fucking tits." she

I started thrusting against Melina's strokes, faster and faster, working her
massive cleavage so good. My thick cock was held in there perfectly and was
sliding back and forth, rattling Melina's body. She was looking up at me the
whole time, scowling sexily, talking dirty.

"Fuck these big sexy titties baby. Mmmm yeah, you horny bastard, fuck my big
fucking tits! Fuck them!"

I banged her tits so hard and fast, it felt incredible. The soft, smooth skin
of her massive, perfect tits around my cock was amazing, gliding in and out.
I thrust back and forth while Melina moved against me getting a real hard
rhythm going. I fucked her huge tits as if they were her pussy, relentlessly
thrusting my big cock between them. "Take my fucking cock!" I yelled as I
pounded those tits.

"Give it to me, give me that fucking big dick between these huge tits!" she

I pounded away so furiously but I could tell I would have to cum soon if I
didn't slow down. I gradually stopped fucking her tits and she let my dick

"Mmmm" Melina moaned, taking my cock in her hand again and slowly stroking
it. With a devilish smile she said "I want this big fucking dick in me..."

She stood up and pushed me back onto the bed again. She unclasped her bra
letting those massive, perfectly round tits hang free. She knelt down on the
bed with her pussy over my cock. She still had her garter belt and stockings
on which looked so hot as she lowered her pussy down onto my throbbing cock.
She slid all the way down, taking it all in there as I closed my eyes and
groaned. She was tight and as wet as hell and so warm. She worked her pussy
up slowly and then back down, then up again and so on, getting a steady feel
for my cock before she fucked the hell out of it. She put her hands on my
chest and squeezed tight, digging her nails in as she started humping my
cock. She rapidly moved her ass up and down, up and down, her gorgeous face
screwing up and scowling as she moaned. Her hands were running over my chest,
rubbing my nipples and gripping me tightly as she roughly fucked me.

I was instinctively bucking my hips up slightly as Melina kept riding me,
getting a really fast rhythm going. Her strong, tight pussy felt unbelievable
on my hard cock, working it so hard and fast. The walls of her pussy massaged
every inch of my throbbing cock as it slid deep in there.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Melina screamed as she kept thumping my hard cock. "It feels
so fucking good in me!"

My hands roamed over her juicy thighs and onto her full ass, getting a good
grip of her smooth cheeks. She was a vision of filthy sex as she fucked me so
hard, her massive round tits bouncing, her smooth brown skin glistening a
little with a thin layer of sweat and her sexy face moaning loudly for my

"MMMMM yeah this fucking cock! This fucking cock feels so good in me! FUCK!"

Her hands cupped her own huge tits and tweaked her nipples as she moaned and
screamed and fucked me so hard. She let her body drop down tight against my
chest and stuck her ass up in the air and just moved her ass and hips up and
down my cock rapidly. Her head was resting on my chest as she moaned, her big
tits pressed tightly against me. I could feel how hard her nipples were. I
placed my hands on her lower back and held her so tight as she rapidly fucked
me so good. Her full, round ass looked amazing as it humped up and down, my
cock buried so deep in her wonderful cunt. I was humping upwards as well now,
both of our sweaty, horny bodies writhing in perfect tandem, both of us
moaning and groaning.

"MMM I'm gonna fucking cum! Fucking cum! MMMMM FUCK!" she moaned into my
chest, a wave of pleasure hitting her perfect body as her pussy pulsed wildly
around my cock, grasping at it so tightly.

I rammed my cock upwards so hard as she worked her ass so quickly before
slamming it down hard on my cock and holding it there as her back arched and
she let out an almighty scream.

good. Mmmm."

I took a little of the control now as I grabbed Melina tight and stood up,
carrying her over to the wall and softly slamming her against it, my cock
still buried deep inside her. She held onto me around my neck and shoulders
as I held tight onto her big ass, her legs wrapped around me. I started
banging her against the wall so hard, a loud thud everytime my rigid cock
slammed deep into her wet pussy.

A slutty smiled crossed Melina's face as she said "Mmmm you horny boy!"

I was so horny and wanted her so badly. I just fucked away at her pussy so
hard, staring at her gorgeous face and she stared right back, moaning and
egging me on.

"Fuck me with that cock you bigdick bastard. Fuck my tight pussy until you
make me cum all over your dick again!" she moaned.

I kept pounding her so hard, making her whole body jolt hard as I clattered
into her. It felt so good plowing so deep into her soaking wet slit, my cock
completely soaked in her juices. I kissed her hard, sliding my tongue roughly
into her mouth and she did the same, moaning as we kissed. "Mmm Melina, you
sexy fucking bitch!" I moaned.

"YEAH! Fuck me!" she snarled back, almost growling as I kept thrusting my
strong, hard cock inside of her. She put one of her feet down on the floor
and balanced herself out.

I held onto her other leg and thrusted slowly, watching my cock go in and out
of her pussy. I saw her pussy stretching as my big cock worked inside of her,
slowly pushing it all the way in and sliding it almost all the way back out
again. I leaned down and sucked one of her hard nipples as she held her
massive breast up to my mouth. I held it between my lips and sucked before
swirling my tongue around it and up and down across it.

"Mmmm watch this..." Melina said as she pulled away from me and headed over
to my bed. She looked back at me with a sly smile before lifting one leg
straight up onto the bed, just like her legendary ring entrance. She ran her
hands down from her white high heels, across her pink stoocking and white
suspenders onto her smooth, bare thigh before pulling herself up and
balancing the other leg on my bed, in a full splits position. She arched her
back and leaned forward now, her ass and pussy sticking out perfectly. "Come
on you horny fucker, you know you've jerked off over me like this before so
what are you waiting for?" she said.

I took my throbbing cock in my head and stood at the edge of the bed, lining
it up with her wonderful pussy before sliding it right in there. Her thick
ass looked amazing spread out like that in front of me, partially covered by
her white and pink garter belt but with most of those smooth cheeks sticking
out. I slapped a hand onto each ass cheek as I thrust my dick inside of her.
I ran my hands all over the smooth flesh, grabbing and rubbing. Melina was
so hot and such a great fuck. I was completely filled with lust for this
gorgeous woman and kept penetrating her so hard while I played with her ass.
My balls were like concrete, so full of hot cum for her and desperate to
burst but I was determined to fuck her for as long as I possibly could. The
tip of my cock had experienced so much pleasure for so long that it was
virtually numb as I rapidly fucked her red hot slit.

"Ugh yeah, FUCK ME!" Melina cried.

Her toned, smooth legs looked amazing in his position. I ran my hands all
over her silky thighs, getting myself even more turned on. My cock was so
hard it was pulsing and throbbing as it slid in and out. There was a loud
slapping as my body hit Melina's with every thrust and it would've drowned
out Melina's moaning and screaming if she wasn't so loud.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!" she screamed, "Oh God yes, keep
fucking me! Keep fucking me with that massive cock baby!"

I gritted my teeth and kept going, sweat forming all over my body. I fucked
her so hard with my rigid cock, drilling it so deep inside her sweet hole. My
orgasm wasn't far away, I knew I had to cum soon. "Mmmm Melina, it feels so
good!" I groaned.

"Oh yeah, my pussy feels so good on your cock huh? Is it making your big dick
wanna cum huh?" she snarled at me in her sexy voice.

"Oh fuck yeah, soon!" I moaned, pounding her as hard as possible.

So much cum built up in my heavy balls ready to unload for Melina. I was as
hard as I could ever be, sliding in and out, and out furiously, desperate to
get as much pleasure out of this fuck before my cum had to erupt. I knew I
couldn't last any longer.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!!" I groaned. I pulled out and Melina slid down off
the bed.

She grabbed my cock tight and jerked me off furiously. "You wanna cum on my
face? You wanna cum all over my face? Huh? Come on, cum all over my face!"
she begged. Her soft hand felt so good against my cock and the cum barrelled
up my shaft as I was hit by a massive wave of pleasure. It erupted all over
Melina's smooth, flawless face. A massive load landed right on her chin,
another covering her cheek, some hitting her full, pouting lips.

"Uuuurrgghhh!" I groaned as Melina kept milking my cock for all it had.

Her hand worked over my sensitive tip, making me jolt and quiver. She sucked
it a little too which was unbearable. She smiled as she seen how sensitive my
cock was, teasing me by licking it and rubbing the tip.

After the best fuck of my life, I wondered what would happen next?

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