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Sable's Secret Lover Part 1
by TheAdmanmufc2004 (

I was 18 when my parents decided to upsticks and move to a nicer
neighbourhood. We had gotten into a better position over the years,
financially, and therefore could afford to go somewhere better. We moved
into this really big house in a nice quiet neighbourhood. The house was
huge, with four bedrooms, a swimming pool and everything. A few days after
we moved in, I decided to test the swimming pool. I got changed and went
out to the lovely pool. The water glistened in the sun, it looked great.
Before I got in, I glanced over the small fence to my new neighbours back
yard. I spotted a gorgeous blonde walking round the pool and sitting down
on a deck chair. I looked her up and down, staring at her long, smooth
tanned legs, shining with the sunlight. Her stomach was toned and her
breasts were very large and round, they had to be fake I thought to myself.
She had beautiful silky blonde hair, just cascading down over her lean
shoulders. She was absolutely breath taking. I couldn't help but stare.

A thought suddenly struck me, this woman looked familiar to me. She was
wearing sunglasses, so I wasn't positive, but she looked a lot like stunning
WWE Diva Sable, real name Rena Mero. I couldn't believe it, my new next door
neighbour was one of the hottest women in wrestling! I just kept staring at
her gorgeous body. The thought crossed my mind to go talk to her, but I have
never been good with women. I felt my cock begin to stiffen in my shorts at
the sight of her. There she was, the girl who I'd had countless orgasms over
and jerked off to her at least once a week, sitting right across from me!

Suddenly she sat up a little and removed her sunglasses, looking at me.
"Excuse me, are you OK?" She asked me, a concerned look on her face. She
must have thought I was a complete freak!

", I'm, I'm fine yeah, I'm OK." I managed to splutter out.

She looked at me with a smirk on her face, she must've seen that I had a hard
on. "You're the new neighbour right?" She asked me.

"Yeah, I'm Adam" I nervously replied.

"Well hi Adam, I'm Rena." She said to me very sweetly.

"I...I...know, I watch wrestling...I've seen you on it a lot. And I...I've
seen your...Playboy shoots as well" I replied, feeling really embarassed
about what I just said.

"Oh that's great" she said as she stared me up and down, nibbling on the end
of her glasses, "What age are you Adam?" She enquired.

"I'm 18."

"18, cool. Did you like what you saw in those Playboys?" She asked as she
stood up and walked over to me, to get a better chat with me.

"I...ummm...y...yeah, yeah, they were great" I stuttered.

"You don't have to be nervous Adam" Rena said as she rubbed my shoulder with
her beautifully manicured hand. "Your parents home Adam?" She asked, looking
deep in thought.

"No, they're working, why?"

"No reason, just wondering. Hey, why don't you come over for some lemonade,
it is a really hot day after all?"

How could I turn her down? I was so nervous, but I had to go with her, she
was so hot! "I'd...I'd love to!"

We walked through the small gate between our two gardens and walked into her
beautifully furnished house. I was hoping she would cover up her bikini, so
that there would be a chance of me getting rid of this hard on, but she
didn't. She got the lemonade for us. She began to ask me some weird
questions. She asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told her no. Then she began
telling me about her husband, Marc Mero. She told me they had fell out and
were going through a rocky patch. She also, strangley, told me that they
hadn't had sex in six months! I thought to myself that he must be crazy.
Then she asked me. She asked me the question I really didn't want to be
asked. "Are you a virgin Adam?" My face grew red and I got really
embarassed. "C'mon, be honest" She said.

"Yes" I hesatantly replied.

"Have you ever had a blowjob? A handjob, anything like that?"

I looked at the floor and shook my head shamefully. Sable looked at me, she
appeared to be thinking about something. She slowly slid closer to me on the
couch. "Ever kissed a girl?" She asked.

I almost died! "!" I quietly said.

She put her hand on my leg and said "Don't worry, someone will come along
someday!" With that, she started to slowly slide her hand up my thigh and
into the leg of my shorts, then she gripped my hard cock tightly in her
hand. I gasped and looked at her in shock. I wondered why she asked me all
those questions, but I never knew they would lead here!

"Have you ever jerked off to me before Adam?"

"Yes, yes," I said, shocked that she was sitting holding my raging hard on.

"Mmmmm, good to here. Well, since you are a virgin and since you obviously
find me attractive and since I'm getting none from Marc...well how would you
feel about losing your virginity to me baby?"

I just sat in amazement, I couldn't believe this was actually happening to
me! I couldn't even speak I was so shocked.

"Well Adam, I've got something that might help you make up your mind." With
that, she slipped her bikini cups off of her breasts, exposing her gorgeous
hard nipples and round globes. "Go on baby, you know you can't resist these!"

She was right, I couldn't. I hesitantly touched one of her huge tits. I felt
it for a bit and then grabbed it with both hands and began to lick the
nipple. Sable moaned approvingly. I couldn't believe I was actually getting
her off! My tongue lightly caressed her hard nipple, causing her to moan out.
I traced my tongue around the nipple in a circular motion. Then I turned to
her other tit. I looked up at her while I started sucking on her other nipple
and licking it in the way I had the other one.

Sable stopped me and she slid down off the couch and smiled at me sexily. I
just stared at her gorgeous tits. She unfastened her bikini top and took it
off properly, then began to slide my shorts off of me. My cock was harder
than it's ever been and it was dribbling pre cum out the top of it. Sable
gripped my hard shaft in one of her gorgeous hands. I had a real thing for
nice hands and Sable's were stunning. Her nails where really beautiful and
manicured to perfection. Sable slowly advanced towards my waiting cock and
opened her mouth slowly. Her tongue came out of her mouth and she slowly
licked right across my cock head. I jumped at the sudden wave of pleasure.
Sable smiled up at me, amused by the way I jumped.

"Mmmmm, did you like that honey?" She cooed.

I replied only with a moan of pleasure. She smiled and went straight back
to work. Her hand slid up and down my cock and then she slipped her tongue
out across my cockhead again. She leaned towards my dick and engulfed my
cock head slowly with her soft, warm mouth. She sucked hard on my cock
head looking up at me with her pretty eyes. The sight of her gorgeous hand
sliding up and down my dick and her soft lips sucking on my cock was driving
me insane. She slurped her lips off of my cock and licked her lips. She spat
right on my cock head and slid it all over my prick with her sexy hands. She
proceeded to give me a great handjob, sliding her hands up and down my raging
hard on. She held her hand at the base and slipped my cock back into her
mouth. She slid her luscious lips up and down my large penis, making my cock
twitch and pulse as pre-cum oozed out. Sable sucked her lips all the way down
to my pubes, taking the head of my dick in the back of her throat. She slid
her mouth all the way back off my cock and jerked me off really quickly for
a few minutes, then slowed it down and began to suck gently on one of my
balls. She sucked it gently for a few minutes before letting it drop, then
she licked up the middle of my sack and then flicked her tongue across both
of my big heavy balls. I couldn't get enough of her beautiful lips licking
and sucking on my balls. I ran my hands through Sables silky blonde hair.
She looked up at me as she licked all the way up the bottom of my cock
slowly, then licking her tongue all over my wet cock head.

"How does that feel, Adam?" she asked in a sexy voice.

"Mmm, great Rena!" I groaned.

"Ooh, well what about this baby?" she said as she knelt up a bit and lifted
her large, round breasts to be level with my cock and she placed them at
either side and squeezed them together on my cock. She smiled at me, seeing
the look of ecstacy on my face. She bounced up and down, my cock slipping
between her gorgeous tits. All I could do was stare at her beautiful face
and tits as my cock slid in between them. Sable scouled at me sexily as her
gorgeous mounds engulfed my cock. She started moaning, almost growling at
me, saying dirty things to try and get me off.

"Oh yeah baby, you like these big tits around your cock huh? You like how my
round tits feel rubbing against your big, stiff cock? Mmmm, well I like it
baby. Having this cock between my tits is getting me so horny. I can't wait
for this to be in my pussy, fucking me hard!" She growled.

She kept her gorgeous hands pressed against her tits, keeping them tightly
on my cock. She started bouncing real fast, her silky blonde hair springing
up and down with each bounce. I noticed her tweeking her nipples between her
fingers as she tit fucked me. It felt so soft between her breasts, but also
strangly firm and tight. They were wrapped around my cock like a vice,
keeping it gripped tightly.

"Mmm Rena" I moaned.

Sable must have known I didn't have all that much left as she said "Tell me
when baby, I wanna feel that cum in my mouth."

She bounced a few more times on my cock, giving me a last feeling of her
tanned globes against my hard cock, then she let it drop out and she grabbed
it quickly. She jerked it off really fast, twisting her hand around it. She
smiled up at me then sucked my cock head into her mouth and bobbed her head
up and down quickly on my cock, sliding her luscious lips up and down my
shaft whilst her hand followed. She twisted her head and turned her mouth on
my cock just as she did with her hand, working over every inch of my shaft,
leaving no part unstimulated. She used her spare hand to rub my heavy balls
which were full of hot cum, ready to explode. Her soft fingers rubbed all
over each ball, as her warm, wet mouth sloppily slid up and down my cock,
leaving her spit dripping off of it. She worked over my genitals like a real
pro, she made sure she stimulated every part of my groin area. All the
stimulation on my cock from her mouth and hand and on my balls was all too
much to take.

I let her stroke it a few more times, then I told her "Rena, I'm there!"

Suddenly, she stopped it all. Right before I was about to blow, Sable stopped

"Wh..what?" I asked, shocked and disappointed.

"Not just yet babe, a couple of more minutes hun, I want all the cum I can
get from you!"

She left my cock for a few seconds, letting the feeling subside completely
before beginning again. Her soft lips kissed and sucked at the very base of
my cock, bribbling saliva down onto my balls. She then kissed her way all
the way up my shaft slowly. Her soft, wet lips leaving a sloppy trail up my
cock. Finally her lips reached my cock head, and she pressed them tightly
on to it, sucking it hard, licking her tongue across my japs eye at the same
time. I looked in an amazement and disbelief that Sable was actually sucking
my cock. She was getting faster and faster, this time trying to make me cum
I hoped. Her head slid up and down my cock rapidly and I felt the tip of my
cock enter her throat a couple of times. I began moaning more and more at
the feeling of her hot mouth sucking on my shaft. I was almost there. I felt
her hand grab onto my nut sack again, almost hurting it. She stroked away at
my balls with her left hand, and followed her mouth with her right.

"Mmm FUCK, mmm, I'm gonna cum Rena, now!"

With that, Rena slurped her mouth off of my cock and used one hand to jerk
it off up and down, round and round, while the other still milked my balls.
I felt my dick starting to really tingle and I felt the cum barreling it's
way up from my balls. Sable was talking real nasty as she jerked me, "Mmm
you gonna cum Adam huh? You gonna shoot all that hot, creamy jizz on my face
baby? Mmm yeah, go for it babe, cover me! Soak me, mmmm!"

She then stuck out her tongue and jerked me even faster. I felt my dick
stiffen, my balls tighten and all the cum rush to the tip of my cock. I
tried my hardest to surpress it a little longer, but I couldn't. It just
went flying out of my cock, coating Sable's tongue with a HUGE wad. Her
hand on my balls had made the orgasm feel even more intense as the thick,
white wad blow out. I shot seven shots all over her tongue and lips and
even some down her throat. She kept stroking off my cock, making sure to
have gotten all the cum out, before she swallowed all my wad, taking it
all with a huge "GULP".

She didn't stop there. After she swallowed my cum, she smiled up at me and
then sucked on my cock head a little. The feeling was incredible because my
cock was still so sensitive from the orgasm. Her pouty lips caressed my cock
head, sucking it and sometimes licking it. She licked it all up until there
was absolutely no cum left, I was drained.

Sable kept my wilting cock in her hand and kept slowly stroking it as she
moved up next to me. "How was that baby?" She asked me.

"Mmm it was incredible!" I sighed, drained from the orgasm.

She giggled a little, still slowly stroking my dick. She kissed me hard on
the mouth, passionately thrusting her tongue into me. I wrestled it with my
own, getting the after-taste of my own cum. Sable pulled me down on top of
her as she lay down on the couch, our lips still tightly together. She pulled
away from the kiss and, breathing heavily, said "Lick me baby, lick my
fucking pussy!"

I kissed her once more, hard on the mouth and then began to kiss down her
body. I kissed all the way down her smooth neck and down to her wonderful
breasts. I sensually kissed down her perfect, round globes until I met her
nipple. I kissed her lightly on her erect nipple, sucking a little on it,
then I licked away at it whilst my hand fondled and gently squeezed her
other tit. I then reversed the process and licked her other tit. Sable
moaned slightly and put her hands on my head, pushing me away from her tits.

I took the message and trailed my tongue lightly down her toned, sexy
stomach. I finally reached Sable's almost bald pussy. Her long, smooth,
tanned legs were spread and I positioned my head between them. I rubbed up
and down the insides of her thighs slowly and gently with my hands, then
softly blew onto her pussy. I looked up at Sable and she was looking down at
me, her hands fondling her own big breasts. I was very nervous about wheather
I would do a good job of this, but I just forgot all about nerves and
concentrated on the job at hand. I placed two fingers onto her pussy lips
and spread them apart, then flicked my tongue gently across her pussy. Her
pussy tasted amazing and it was very wet. I rubbed my four fingers up and
down her pussy gently. Sable moaned softly. I licked up and down each one of
her pussy lips then I lightly flicked my tongue over her hard clit. My
tongue swirled around her clit, causing her to moan louder than before. I
gently probed at her pussy with one finger, then pushed it in. Her pussy
sucked hungrily at my finger. I then placed two fingers deep into her wet
snatch, making Sable gasp with pleasure. I kept licking her clit as I pumped
my fingers in and out of her glorious pussy. Sable had her head back and her
eyes closed, moaning loudly.

"Mmm yes baby, that's it, finger fuck me!" She moaned, encouraging me to keep
up the fucking.

I continued lapping away at her clit with my tongue as my fingers pounded
her. My cock had began to stir again after all this, I felt it stiffening
into a rock solid erection. I pulled my fingers out and pumped them back
into Sable's wet pussy and she kept getting more and more vocal, moaning
and groaning, calling my name. I started sucking on her clit, continuing
the finger fuck.

This must have been all too much for Sable as she started to grind her pussy
against my face and fingers, screaming loudly "Oh Adam, eat my fucking pussy,
DON'T STOP BABY, MMMMM, OOOOHHHH!!!" Sable screamed out as a flood of juices
trickled out of her pussy, soaking my fingers. Sable continued whimpering
away for a few seconds, while I tasted her pussy juices off of my finger.
"Mmm Adam, that was incredible!" She sighed, "Are you ready to fuck me baby?
I want that cock in me so bad!"

"Oh God yes Rena!" I replied, eagerly anticipating my cock entering her horny

Sable kept her legs spread and reached down, grabbing my hard cock. She
stroked it a couple of times with her gorgeous hand, getting it full strength
then she pulled it towards her waiting pussy. I felt the heat from her loins
on my hard cock and then she slid it into her, inside her wet, tight pussy.
I let out a moan as my virgin cock entered her, sliding deep into her wet
tunnel. I stayed kneeling up and placed my hands at the top of Sable's
beautiful hips, holding on tightly as I slowly thrust my cock in her. I had
never felt anything like it. Sable's velvetty pussy encasing my big cock. I
kept thrusting it slowly at first, getting used to the feeling of her soft
pussy walls rubbing against my cock. I looked down at her beautiful face and
tits as she looked up at me, smiling.

"How does that feel honey? As good as you imagined it?" She asked.

"Even better!" I replied, still pumping my hard cock inside her, getting
faster now. I picked up the pace, fucking her harder and faster now. My
balls started slapping off of her ass as I pumped her pussy. I leaned
forward more and placed my hands on Sable's big tits, massaging them,
squeezing them.

"Oooh yeah Adam, fuck me, mmm" Sable moaned.

This compelled me to fuck her cunt harder. I leaned back again and started
thrusting it in and out of her rapidly, making her cry out everytime it
pumped deep inside of her. The couch rocked back and forth and the room
filled with slapping and moaning noises as my balls slapped off of her ass
with my rapid fucking. I reached under Sable and grabbed her ass, pulling
her up, and she wrapped her long, toned legs around my waist. This made it
easier for me to fuck her. My hard rod thrust into her tight cunt at a rapid
pace and her pussy was soaked in pussy juices. Sable's pussy starting to
spasm a little bit and she was screaming and moaning louder and louder.

"Mmm God yes, don't stop, fuck me, FUCK ME!!!"

I gritted my teeth and held her tight against me, slamming my slick cock in
and out of her spasming pussy. Her pussy grew hotter and wetter as her face
contorted in sexual pleasure. I looked down at her beautiful face, her lips
tight together moaning and her eyes closed. Her round tits juggled with each
of my hard thrusts into her. Her orgasm found it's peak as she screamed and
yelled out my name while her pussy spasmed wildly and leaked out her juices.
CUMMING, MMM, AAAARGGGHH ADAM, FUCK!!" She screeched as I kept plowing away
at her pussy.

After her orgasm I kept pumping away. I was getting increasingly closer to
my orgasm when Sable stopped me. "Mmm, slow down baby, we don't want you
cumming too soon!" She said.

I slowed it down and then she pulled me out of her. She sat up, clutching my
cock and began sucking it and jerking it off slowly, tasting her own pussy.
She told me to lay down on the couch, so I lay back. She crawled onto me,
until her pussy was level with my cock, and she slowly lowered herself down
onto my pulsing member. We both moaned gently as it entered her again. She
began to grind herself back and forward on my cock, staring right into my
eyes as she did. I put my hands onto her soft ass cheeks as she kept grinding
herself on my cock. The bottom of her ass massaged my balls as she grinded.
She leaned forward after a few minutes of grinding, and placed her hands on
my chest, then began to slide herself forward off of my cock, and then back

She kept at this, closing her eyes and moaning. I kept my hands gripped
firmly on her beautiful ass, feeling the smooth, warm flesh of it between
my fingers. I ran my hands down her long, smooth, toned legs, feeling every
inch of them, and then back up to her ass. I savoured every part of Sable's
gorgeous body. Her beautiful face, soft lips, her big, round tits, her toned
stomach, her soft, smooth ass and her long, luscious legs, all sun kissed
and glistening with a thin layer of sweat. It was an amazing sight seeing
this gorgeous woman and her amazing body, sliding on and off of my cock and
it was even more amazing feeling my cock go deep inside her pussy, and
knowing that the look of pleasure on her face was because of my stiff rod.

"Mmm baby, you are so beautiful" I moaned in ecstacy.

Sable only replied with a long "Mmmm". She picked up the pace a little bit
and began moaning a little more. I could tell her orgasm was near. The warm
walls of her slick pussy wanked my cock wonderously as she kept sliding up
and down on it rapidly. Again, her pussy clenched around my cock and she
CUMMING AGAIN, ADAM, ADAM, MMMMM!!" She bounced fast and hard on my cock,
her hair flying everywhere, her tits bouncing around on her chest.

After letting out one almighty scream, she crashed down on top of me. I felt
her great tits and hard nipples pressed against my chest as she looked deep
into my eyes and then kissed me hard on the mouth. The kiss was a long one,
lasting almost a minute, before she broke it and said, breathing heavily,
"Fuck me from behind baby, I want it deep in me honey!"

Then we both sat up, kissing again, our tongues caressing each others. She
slurped her mouth away from mine and turned around, bending over and sticking
out her great ass. I kneeled down behind her and grabbed a couple of handfuls
of her hot ass, squeezing the soft flesh between my fingers. I took hold of
my cock and pushed it into Sables seeping pussy again, slowly thrusting
inside her. I closed my eyes and threw my head back as I fucked her wonderous
pussy. I ran my hands all over her ass, feeling every inch of it, savouring
it. I worked my cock deep inside of her, pushing it in as far as it would go.
I looked down at her gorgeous ass and gripped it tight as I picked up the
pace. I pulled her back towards me with each thrust in and pushed her away
everytime I pulled it back. I got a strong momentum going, shaking the couch
as I penetrated her horny hole as deep and hard as I could.

"Mmmm, keep fucking me baby, that's it, real hard!" Sable moaned
breathlessly. I gritted my teeth and went at her like there was no tomorrow.
She screamed out in ecstacy with each of my powerful thrusts. "Yeah, mmmm,
God yes, fuck me! FUCK ME!" Sable growled at me again, her orgasm growing
nearer by the minute,as was mine.

"MMM FUCK! Mmm Rena baby, I'm almost there!" I groaned as my orgasm
approached. I pumped it deep inside her pussy a few more times, her pussy
clamping down around my cock in orgasm as she pushed her face against the
couch, screaming into it.

She lifted her head and said, "My mouth babe, cum in my mouth!"

I thrust inside her a few more times until my balls tightened up, then I
quickly pulled it out. Sable spun round and I moved my cock up over to her
face. She took it from me and gripped it tightly in her gorgeous hand,
placing it in her mouth and jerking it off quickly while sucking on the
head and massaging my tight ball sack with the other. I felt my whole
genitals numbing, my cock stiffen and all the cum rushing to the top, then
I felt the first shot blast out of my cock. Sable winced a little as it hit
the back of her throat. She pulled it from her mouth and kept jerking it
off, sliding her smooth hands up and down my cock, twisting it around as
she did. Stream after stream of my hot cum splattered out into her waiting

"ARRRGGGHHH RENA, MMMM!" I groaned as the remainder of my virginity splashed
out into her mouth and onto her lips.

She licked it in off of her lips and swallowed it all down with a gulp, then
showed me her empty mouth. She kept stroking my wilting cock and then put it
back in her mouth for one last suck. She let it go and I sat down next to

"That was incredible!" I sighed, spent from all the fucking.

"Mmmm you were great Adam", Sable said, rubbing my chest. "I'm sorry baby,
but you'll need to go soon, Marc will be home pretty soon."

We shared a couple of more hot kisses, then I got dressed.

"See you around neighbour," She said as I left, winking at me.

I got in and went for a quick shower. In the shower, all I could think of
was Sable and the amazing fuck we had just had. I couldn't believe it had
actually happened. When I got out the shower, I went downstairs and my mom
had just got home.

"Hi Adam, are you busy tomorrow night?" She said.

"Nope, why?" I replied.

"I ran into one of our new neighbours, Marc, and he said he and his wife
Rena would love to have us over for dinner."

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