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Sable's Secret Lover Part 2
by TheAdmanmufc2004 (

I finished buttoning up my shirt and headed downstairs. My mom and dad were
already ready to go and we headed across to Rena and Marc's house. I couldn't
believe I would be sitting eating dinner with the woman who, just 24 hours
ago, had let me shoot cum on her face twice and took my virginity. I was very
nervous in case we somehow gave ourselves away, I wouldn't want to be found
out, I mean she is a married woman after all. We all headed out the door and
over to their house.

Rena came to the door and invited us in. She gave me a very lustful look as
I entered her house. She told us Marc was in the kitchen, finishing off the
dinner. She explained how he was the cook of the house. I couldn't help but
stare at her fantastic body. She wore a tight black dress, exposing a lot of
cleavage and was very short, showing off her long, toned, bronze legs,
glistening in the light of their house.

She showed us through to the dining room and we all sat down, with a bowl of
soup positioned at each place as a starter. The seat at the head of the table
was left empty for the host, of course, and my mom sat to the right of where
Marc would sit, my dad to the left and I sat next to my dad, with Rena
sitting next to my mom, right across from me.

After a few minutes of small talk, Marc emerged from the kitchen with the
meal. Some chicken dish, I didn't really know exactly what it was. It looked
pretty disgusting to me. He put it in the centre of the table, along with
some veg and other things. He poured us all a glass of wine and and said,
"Bon appetit!"

About half an hour had passed and we were all finishing up our meals.
Throughout dinner, Sable had been shooting these sexy looks towards me and
often winking or smiling at me, I was amazed this had gone undetected by
everyone else at the table. Suddenly, I felt something on my leg. It felt
like a foot. I looked at Sable, surprised at what she was doing and she just
smiled at me. I felt her foot tracing it's way all the way up my leg until
it found my stiffening penis on the inside of my right leg. Her foot starting
sliding up and down the length of my cock, making it stiffen fully. She kept
rubbing it and rubbing it with her foot, making me very, very aroused! I
couldn't believe she was doing this at the dinner table. Before she went too
far, I blurted out "May I be excused? I have to go to the bathroom."

"Sure, it's just up..." Marc began to reply, but Rena cut him off with "I'll
show you."

I stood up and turned away from the table quickly, so that my hard on would
go un-noticed. On the way upstairs, Rena was in front of me and she slid up
her dress, revealing she had no panties on. Her pussy glistened a little, she
was obviously pretty turned on. When we got upstairs I said "What were you
doing at the table?"

She just smiled and pushed me into the bathroom and then locked the door
behind us.

"What are yo..." I began to say, but I was interrupted by Rena thrusting
herself against me and kissing me passionately.

She leaned against the wall and pulled me against her. She reached down her
tempting hand and unzipped my fly, then reached in and took out my semi
erect penis, still kissing me and wrestling with my tongue in her mouth. She
stroked it a few times until it was fully erect, then positioned it at the
opening of her wet pussy. She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, "Fuck

I slowly pushed my cock deep into her pussy and immediately started at full
speed. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I positioned my hands on her
ass, groping and stroking the smooth, tanned skin of her amazing ass. She
pulled the straps of her dress down, then the cups of her bra, reavealing her
perfect, round tits to me. I sucked and licked her right nipple as I drilled
my hard cock deep inside of her. She threw her head back against the wall and
closed her eyes, letting out soft moans, trying not to be too loud. I banged
and banged into her pussy faster and faster, my orgasm growing in my balls.
her soft, warm pussy gripped my cock tightly as it pumped in and out.

"I'm almost there!" I whispered to her.

"Mmm cum in me baby, it's okay", she replied.

I started to fuck her even harder and my balls tightened. I was about to cum.
The whole of my balls and cock started to tingle and I felt the cum barreling
down the shaft and then exploding deep inside Sables glorious pussy. Stream
after stream shot into her warm pussy as I let out a sigh of relief. I pulled
my cock out of her and Sable grabbed a tissue, whiping the remnants of my cum
off of my cock. I put my cock back into my pants and she told me to head
downstairs before her. The fuck had only taken about 7 minutes, so it wasn't
that suspicious. I got downstairs and took my seat again.

"Where's Rena?" Marc asked.

"She needed into the bathroom after me" I replied, making sure to not get too

It was about 9:00pm when we left Sable's house. On the way out, I shook hands
with Sable, the hand that had, just 24 hours ago, had jerked my cock to two
orgasms all over her face. We went home and I immediately went upstairs and
lay on my bed, contemplating what had happened and what may happen. I was
sporting a massive hard on as I thought back top my encounters with Sable
over the past couple of days and wondered what lay in store for me. My
curtains were still open and I noticed a light coming in through the window.

I sat up and looked out, it was the light coming on in Sable's house. I
looked across curiously and I seen Sable. She looked out of her window and
seen me. She smiled at me, then licked her lips. She was still wearing that
amazing dress. The hard on was still bulging in my pants. She then pointed
at me and made a fist with her hand and moved it up and down, as if she were
jerking off a cock. I took the hint and pulled down my pants and boxers,
exposing my hard cock. She smiled and began to dance around a little, rubbing
her hands all over her curvacious body. I started to stroke my massive
erection at the sight of her little show. She turned around and bent over,
lifting up her skirt to show that fantastic ass of hers. She reached between
her legs with one hand and began to rub her naked pussy. Her beautiful,
manicured fingers rubbed up and down the lips, then began probing inside.

I watched on, jerking faster and faster. Her fingers had delved deep into
her wet slit now, fingering herself rapidly. She turned around slightly
and pointed at me, then pulled her fingers out of her pussy, and slowly
maneuvered one into her asshole. I wasn't sure what she meant, but then she
mouthed "You in my asshole tomorrow!" I couldn't believe what she was saying.
I was going to get to do anal with her!

The thought of that tipped me over the edge, and I grabbed my boxers and shot
a massive wad of cum all over them. Sable laughed and turned around. She then
mouthed "Come over tomorrow at two". I nodded and with a smile, she closed
her curtains. I lay down on my bed and slowly drifted off to sleep, awaiting
the fuck that I would be recieving tomorrow.

I woke up at about 9:30. The sun was pouring in through my window. I crawled
out of bed and put on a pair of boxers. I went to my window and opened the
curtains, letting the summer sun in fully. I then headed to the bathroom and
then downstairs. My parents were already off to work. I made myself some
breakfast and watched some TV for a while. When it got to around 1:00pm, I
went for a shower. I spent about 45 minutes in the shower, making myself as
attractive as possible for Sable. I put on my best clothes and headed out
about 1:55pm.

I went through the back way, so's to not get seen. I knocked gently on the
door and a few seconds later, Sable opened it. She was wearing a very short,
black silk robe. Her long, toned legs looked gorgeous, so tanned and smooth.
Her beautiful blonde hair hung straight down onto her shoulders. My cock
stirred in my pants already.

She smiled and said "Come in." I entered and Sable closed the door. "Follow
me", she said as we headed through her kitchen to the stairs. "I figured
today we'd use the bedroom, don't you think?"

"Yeah, sure" I replied, not really caring where we fucked, I'd do it

As soon as we got to her bedroom, she throw herself against me and began to
passionately kiss me. I put my arms around her, rubbing her back and her ass.
Her smooth hand found it's way to my cock, caressing it through my jeans,
making it grow fully erect. We kept kissing as she unbuckled my belt and slid
my jeans down, then my boxers. I struggled to unbutton my shirt but finally
got it off. We held each other tight as we kissed and I began humping my cock
against her leg.

She broke the kiss and pushed me back onto the massive bed in the center of
the room. I lay on my back, my head propped up against a pillow, my erection
standing harder than ever. She stood in front of me and slowly removed her
robe, revealing that gorgeous tight body to me. My stiff prick twitched as I
stared her up and down. Her body looked incredible, every last inch of it.
her golden hair, cascading over her shoulders, her seductive eyes, staring
right into mine, her soft, glistening lips, her rock hard stomach, her long,
toned legs and of course, those large, round breasts sitting perfectly on her
chest. Her entire body bronzed delightfully and toned perfectly. My cock was
fit to burst with lust for this gorgeous woman. She made her way over to me,
smiling at me and she crawled onto the bed, between my legs.

She slowly crawled all the way up towards my cock until she reached it. I lay
there, my mouth wide open awating what she was about to do to me. She looked
up at me and laughed at the expression on my face, then she traced a nail all
the way up my inner thigh, gently tickling me, until she reached my balls
sack. She dragged the nail across my sensitive balls, making me jump with
pleasure. She then took the palm of her hand and placed it gently against my
balls and rubbed them softly. She clasped her delicate fingers around my sack
and gently tugged and squeezed at it. Her gorgeous hand rolled my balls
around, making my cock even harder still. "I bet that feel good, having me
massaging your nuts, huh baby?"

"Mmm yeah" I replied. My cock was pulsing now, so eager for stimulation.

Sable moved her mouth down to my balls and flicked her tongue out across
them, gently tickling them with it. She stopped and looked up at me, then
stared at my bulging cock. She moved her hand to it and grasped it tightly
at the base. She then slowly moved her head down to my cock, smiled at me,
then began to slowly lick all the way up my shaft, stopping to flick her
tongue all over the underside of my cockhead. I gasped in pleasure. She
began to work her tongue all around my cock head, making it glisten with
her saliva. She then kissed my cock head. Her full, soft lips felt
incredible against my cock.

She slowly worked my cockhead into her mouth and then took my cock further
in, inch by inch. Every time she took in an inch of my shaft, she'd slide
her mouth back up to the head, then back down again, until she had my entire
cock engulfed in her mouth and slightly down her throat. She moved her mouth
up and down my cock, her perfect lips sliding up and down. My shaft now
soaked in her spit, she increased her pace and bobbed her head up and down,
up and down. The feeling of my cock head rubbing the back of her tongue then
disappearing down her throat was amazing.

Eventually, she slid her mouth up to the head, and popped her lips right off
it. Trails of spit and pre cum connected my cock head and her lips. My cock
was dripping with her spit. She licked around my cock head, sucking up all
the trails of spit that were hanging. Sable maintained eye contact with me
the whole time, turning me on even more. She took my cock in her beautiful
hand and began stroking up and down on my shaft and over my head. She was
using her own spit as lube to give me this slimy handjob. Her gorgeous, soft
hand slid up and down my hard shaft, but she also twisted it around as she
went. "Mmmm I love feeling this big hard shaft in my hand, mmm, I can't wait
to feel it in my tight little pussy again. Mmm it makes me so wet having this
big, hard cock in my hand." Sable cooed as she began to stroke me off with
both hands.

She moved her beautiful, soft lips down to my cock once again and clasped her
lips around my cock head, sucking it and sliding her mouth all over it as her
hands worked my slimy shaft. She closed her eyes and she looked like she was
enjoying this so much, which was a real treat. Her hands increased the pace,
working up and down my length rapidly. She kept at this for a couple of
minutes, taking me almost to my orgasm, then she slowed down and slid both
hands down to the base, then began to feed my cock back into her mouth and
throat, inch by inch. She worked my meat in and out of her mouth, her lips
tightly wrapped around my thick cock. My cock disappeared down her throat as
I felt her warm, wet tongue against the underside of my bulging cock. She
held my stiff dick in her throat for as long as she can and then slid it out
of her mouth. My member was soaked in Sable's spit. Sable knelt up, staring
me in the eyes, my cock in her hand and said "I can't wait anymore baby, I
need this big cock in me!"

Sable positioned herself above my bulging cock and lowered herself down onto
it, guiding it in with her hand. My cock disappeared up her moist pussy inch
by inch until it was fully up her. I groaned loudly as my stiff cock entered
her, sliding deep into her soft, tight pussy. her pussy was wet already and
my cock was well lubricated with her spit, so there was no problem when
Sable started to slide her glorious cunt up and down on my shaft. She put
her beautiful hands on my chest and rubbed it gently as she slowly bounced
on my cock. I placed my hands on her waist, rubbing her waist and ass as we
fucked. Sable's pussy felt amazing around my cock. It was so tight and warm,
keeping my cock stimulated the whole time as it slid in and out of her. I
stared up at Sable and she stared down at me. I still couldn't believe I was
fucking a girl this beautiful, it was amazing! Our eyes were locked and
Sable was biting her bottom lip as she breathed heavily. "Mmm yeah!" She
moaned. I let out a short moan as well.

Sable stopped bouncing and just grinded on my cock in a figure of eight,
taking all of my length in her. As she was doing this, she threw her head
back, closed her eyes and moaned out loudly. I tightly gripped her round
ass cheeks as she did this, pulling her harder against me. "Mmm yeah baby,
mmm" she groaned as my cock was as far in her as it could possibly get.
She started to just grind back and forth now, really fast and hard, moaning
and grunting as she did. Her gorgeous tits jiggled as she slid backwards and
forwards. I stared up at her stunning face, her lips were tightly clasped
shut, moaning loudly and her eyes were closed in sheer pleasure.

I reached up and fondled one of her wonderful breasts a bit, twiddling her
nipple between my fingers. I slowly slid my hands back down her waist and
back onto her fantastic ass as she began to pick up the pace again, bouncing
on me hard and fast. I started to match her bounces by thrusting my cock up,
our momentum beginning to shake the bed fiercely. "Ooooh Rena! Mmmm!" I
cried out in pleasure.

"Oh God baby, mmm so big! Mmmm, feel so big in my tight pussy baby! Mmm YES!"
Sable yelled, spurring me on to thrust even harder, which in turn made her
bounce even harder. Her pussy was pulsing and spasming wildly now, I could
tell her orgasm was upon her. "Oooohhh fuck YES BABY! YEES! MMMM, mmmm, MMMM
FUCK ME! UGH, UGH BABY YES, yes baby, YES!" Sable screamed at the top of her
voice as our fucking reached it's peak and I felt her pussy get hotter and
hotter, tighter and tighter and wetter and wetter. I gritted my teeth and
kept pounding upwards until Sable's orgasm was over. She let out one almight
scream and collapsed onto my chest, still grinding her pussy on my cock.
"Mmm Adam, your cock feels so good in my pussy, but I really want it in my
ass now baby."

Sable crawled off of me and positioned herself so that she was on all fours,
her ass sticking out. I got behind her and leaned down to her pussy and ass
and started to finger her pussy a bit and I flicked my tongue across her
clit for a while. She moaned out as my tongue caressed her clit and my
fingers delved into her pink pussy. The smell of her made me even more horny
and made me want her even more. I stopped licking her clit and moved up to
her asshole. I started gently licking i and probing at it with my tongue.
"Oooh yeah!" Sable moaned.

I took on of my sticky fingers out of her pussy
and lightly poked at her asshole, opening it out slightly. I gave it another
good lick, then stuck my finger in gently, a little deeper this time. I
probed around her ass with my finger, getting it lubed up and a little
looser. I pulled my finger out and her little asshole pucked a little. I
licked at it a good few times then delved in deeper with my finger, getting
all my finger in, then swirling it around. He ass remained tight around my
finger, almost sucking it in. I pulled it out and then slowly probed at it
with two fingers, getting them most of the way in, then pulling them out.
"Mmmm Adam, do it to me now baby, I want it so bad!" I knelt up behind her
and gave my cock a couple of little strokes, then dipped it into her pussy
for a couple of thrusts, giving it extra lube. I positioned it right in
front of her asshole and slowly pushed it in. My bulbous head disappeared
into her tight ass, then some of my shaft, but it felt a little bit too
tight. I eased my cock out again, then slowly pushed it in again, more of it
this time. I pulled it out again and gazed at her wide open asshole, it
looked amazing. I slowly pushed it in again, almost all of my length
disappeared into her this time. I left it in for a couple of second then
slowly started to thrust. Sable was moaning and groaning, partly in pain,
partly in pleasure. I thrust away slowly, getting my cock deeper into her
each thrust. her ass was far tighter than her pussy. It had a vice like grip
and it felt great. "Mmm, how's that feel baby?" Sable asked me. "Amazing!" I
replied, staring down at her great ass and my cock penetrating her asshole
deeply. Sable reached a hand back and started to rub her pussy and even gave
my balls a light massage while I worked her asshole. I had found a steady
pace now, her ass being a bit looser than before allowed me to speed up a
bit and find my rythm. It felt unbelievable, tightly grasping my cock. I ran
my hands all over her amazing ass cheeks, groping them and rubbing them,
even gently spanking them. "Oooh yeah, that's it baby, fuck my ass!" I was
pretty sure I wouldn't last long after having a blowjob, fucking her pussy
and now fucking her asshole, I felt so turned on, but I was determined to
hold out as long as I could. I began to speed up a little more, pumping into
her ass quite hard now. Sable seemed to enjoy it even more. "Mmm fuck yes
baby, that dick feels so big and hard in my ass!Fuck me harder baby,
harder!" Sable cooed. I began to fuck into her harder and harder, getting
bigger thrusts going. Every thrust, Sable grunted loudly, as did I. There
was a loud slapping noise beginning to fill the room as my balls began to
slap off of her pussy. The tight walls of her anus gripped at my cock and
rubbed up and down every inch of my penis as it slid in and out at a rapid
pace. Sable was rubbing her clit faster now, her breathing increasing, I
could tell she was getting close to her orgasm again. I gripped onto her
asscheeks tightly and fucked in her hard, ramming all of my cock as deep
into her ass as I could. "Ooooh Rena, oooh yes, your as is so good baby! Ugh
yeah!" I moaned as I neared my orgasm after not long in her ass. "Oh baby, I
think I'm going to cum again baby, mmm yeah, mmm FUCK, FUCK YEAH!!" Sable
screamed out as I fucked her harder and harder. "FUCK ME HARDER! FUCK MY
and out as fast as I could, thrusting away at her. She began to hump her ass
back to match my thrusts, making it an even harder fuck. Sable screamed out
again and again and I felt her shudder slightly as her orgasm shook her
body. This made her asshole clench up around my cock. "Oh fuck baby, I'm
going to cum!" I yelled,"Urrrggghh!" "Mmm Adam, do it, on my ass baby, coat
my ass in your salty jizz baby, mmm yeah!" I thrust into her tight ass a
couple of more times then pulled out of her, stroked my cock rapidly and my
hot cum splashed out all over her ass, even dripping down into her asshole
and pussy. Jet after jet splattered all over her. I just stared in amazement
at her gaping asshole, wet pussy and tight asscheeks covered in my massive
wad. Sable was looking round at me smiling. She ran a beautiful hand over
ass, getting as much cum ass possible on her lean, sexy fingers, then she
proceeded to slowly suck it off of each finger. I groaned with relief that I
had unloaded my orgasm on her ass. I lay down next to Sable, as she
continued to lick my cum off of her hands.

"God Rena, that was incredible!" I sighed. "Mmm yeah baby, it was amazing!"
She ran her hand up and down my chest, rubbing it gently, lightly tugging on
my chest hairs. Her hand moved down my stomach and started to massage my
wilting hard on. She placed a finger over the head and rubbed it round and
round on it, then she lighly squeezed the head, making a tiny bit of cum
trickle out. Her hand started to work my shaft up and down slowly. "What you
say we get this big thing hard again and have some more fun, huh baby?"
Sable said. I just smiled at her. "Mmm good, I want to have this big piece
of man meat between my tits baby, how about that?" I wasn't going to object!
"Mmm great baby" I tiredly replied. She slid down to my cock and started to
jerk it faster in her hand, then she put her lips to the head and kissed it
hard, stroking it off faster and faster. I felt it start to stiffen again.
Her other hand rolled my balls around, massaging each one gently. My cock
began to stiffen fully now, getting to full size. Sable kept jerking it
until it was as big as it would get. "There we go baby, nice and hard!" She
said. She moved up next to me and lay on her back, clutching at her tits,
one in each hand. "Come on now baby, get that thing between these big
titties!" I kelt up and crawled over her amazing chest, positioning my stiff
cock in the centre of her chest. She squeezed both of her fantastic breasts
around my solid cock, holding it tightly in place. "Mmmm go on baby, fuck
these big tits of mine!" Sable moaned. I slowly began working my cock
between her tits, sliding it back and forth. Her tits felt amazing around my
cock. It was so soft, yet strangely firm, and very warm. It was an amazing
sight, to look down and see Sable staring into my eyes, her gorgeous hands
holding her amazing round tits against MY hard cock!I put my hands on the
wall in front of me to balance myself and started pumping her tits even
faster. I gritted my teeth and groaned as I fucked away at her great tits,
shaking the bed and rocking us both back and forth. Sable sucked the tip of
my cock into her mouth and held it there, so I was now fucking her great
mouth and amazing tits. Her soft, pouty lips worked over my cockhead and her
massive, round tits worked the length of my shaft as my cock plunged back
and forth. It was an incredible feeling. Sable moved her tits against my
strokes, making even more friction. My heavy balls rubbed against her
abdomen, being massaged by her soft, smooth skin. I groaned out, "Ugh, I'm
gonna cum baby! Mmm fuck yeah!"My thrusts got faster and faster, and Sable
took my head out of her mouth and said "Oh fuck yeah baby, cum all over me!
Fucking cum for me baby, cum over me like the slut that I am!I want all your
hot fucking cum all over my face and tits baby! Give it to me! Give it to
me! Uggghhh yeah baby!" This was all too much for me and I pumped my cock in
between her tits a couple of more times and cried out as the cum shot from
my cock, right across her face, all over her hot lips, her chin and even on
her nose. Stream after stream pumped out onto her face and inbetween her
tits. She let go of her tits and grabbed my cock in one hand and began
stroking it off. She sucked on the greasy head, licking all of my cum. She
sucked my sensitive cock for a few minutes, milking the last of my orgasm.
Once she was done, I lay down next to her and we held each other for a few
minutes, winding down from our amazing fucking. "God Rena, that was
unbelievable!I...I think I...I...I love you!" I blurted out. Sable laughed
and said "Aww no baby, you don't love me. This isn't love, it's sex! Now
you'd better be going soon baby, Marc will be home any minute." I replied,
"When can I see you again?" I started to get dressed. "I'll be in touch
baby, soon though, very soon. Maybe tomorrow." Sable replied. I was pleased
she had said that. We walked downstairs. "Bye baby!" She said as she kissed
me passionately once more. I said goodbye and left.

The next morning, I was awoken by a loud knocking at the back door. I
wondered who the hell it could be at the back door, then realised it could
be Sable. I put a shirt on and ran downstairs to answer it. I opened the
door and was stunned. I couldn't believe who it was...

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