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This story is a work of fiction and is not based on reality in the slightest.

Sable's Secret Lover Part 3a
by TheAdmanmufc2004 (

I stood at the door in amazement.

"Hi", the person said, "can I come in?"

I just stared back, then eventually replied "Y...yeah, come in."

The person walked in and I shut the door. "You must be Adam, I'm Torrie" she
said as she extended her hand and I shook it.

"I know" I said.

Torrie laughed. I looked Torrie up and down, eyeing her whole fantastic body.
She wore a tight pair of jeans and a small white T-shirt that exposed her
toned stomach and clinged tightly to her big, bra-less tits. Her beautiful
blonde hair was straight and shiny, hanging down over her shoulders. My large
cock started to stir in my boxers, it must have been so noticable!

"Rena has some things she needs to do today, so she gave me her house keys
and we've to go to her place and get started without her." Torrie said.

"Started? Started what?" I asked.

"Fucking, silly!" She replied, giggling.

I almost jizzed in my pants, I couldn't believe it! First Sable, now Torrie
AND Sable!?

"So I'll head over, and you can just meet me there when you're ready." She

I nodded and she left. I rushed upstairs and put on some clothes and had a

* * *

I went over to Sable's house, through my back garden, and gave a slight knock
before entering.

"Up here!" Torrie shouted.

I headed upstairs and into Sable's bedroom. I gasped as I saw Torrie. She
was kneeling on the bed, naked. I looked her up and down, taking in all of
her gorgeous tanned body, glistening with what looked like baby oil, her
big, round tits hanging perfectly on her chest, her toned stomach, her clean
shaven pussy and her smooth, tanned legs. My cock immediately sprang to life
in my pants. Torrie motioned for me to come over with her finger. I began
unbuttoning my shirt as I approached her. Torrie crawled over to the edge of
the bed and grabbed my belt buckle, undoing it slowly, looking up at me.

Once she was done with the buckle, her hand began massaging my stiff cock
through my jeans, cupping my balls and rubbing the shaft. She unbuttoned my
jeans, pulling them down. I slid my ankles out of my jeans, and then my
boxers, as Torrie clawed them off of me. She looked lustfully at my stiff
cock, biting her bottom lip gently. Her smooth, bronze hand reached out and
gripped my cock, and slowly began stroking it. Much like Sable, Torrie's
hands were gorgeous and a major turn on for me. My cock became fully erect
as her hand worked the shaft. She gripped it tight and worked it up and down,
up and down.

Torrie leaned down and slowly began to lick the tip of my cock, working
her soft, wet tongue all over my sensitive head. I groaned softly at the
sensation. She then pressed her smooth, soft lips against the tip of my
cock, kissing it gently, her hand still slowly working my length. Torrie's
warm mouth then engulfed my whole cock head, swirling her tongue around it
while it was in her mouth. She worked her lips back and forth, just over
my cock head as her hand continued to work my meaty shaft. She then slipped
her mouth about half way down the shaft, following her hand. She moved her
mouth and hand up and down simultaneously, giving my cock a great treat.
She got more and more of my large member in her mouth each time, eventually
getting all of it down her throat.

She began to massage my heavy nutsack with her free hand, rolling them around
and rubbing them. She released my cock from her mouth and worked her hand
over it quickly. Her smooth palm felt great against my throbbing cock. I
looked down at her gorgeous face staring back up at me, and I ran my hands
through her silky smooth blonde hair. Her hand worked up and down, eventually
stopping and just working over the head, as she moved her lips down to my
sack. She sucked one ball into her mouth at a time, working it with her
tongue, then took both into her mouth, gently sucking and tickling them. She
gently let them drop from her mouth. Her hand continued to massage my heavy
nuts, as her mouth licked all the way back to my cock. She licked, sucked and
kissed all over the shaft, as her soft, sexy hand kept working the head.
Torrie began looking up at me and then she pulled away from my cock, slowly.

She slid up towards the top of the bed, motioning for me to join her. Without
hesitation, I crawled onto the bed and lay gently on top of Torrie's amazing
body. She put her arms around my neck, and I placed one hand on her smooth
hip, the other on one of her awesome globes. We stared into each others eyes
briefly, then began to kiss wildly. Our tongues wrestled fiercly as my hands
roamed all over her amazing body.

I broke the kiss and Torrie tilted her head back slightly as I gently kissed
down her neck and to her stunning tits. I gently massaged her left breast
with one hand, softly squeezing it and flicking the nipple, whilst my other
hand held her right tit to my mouth. I softly kissed her erect nipple, then
tongued it slowly, gently. I swirled my tongue around in small circles on her
nipple, then moved to her left breast, swapping methods. Torrie let out a
soft, sexy moan, clearly enjoying the attention her tits were getting.

I continued to work over her tits for another few minutes, then began going
lower. My tongue trailed down her amazing, firm stomach, down to her pussy.
I looked up and saw Torrie looking back down at me, biting on her bottom lip,
a look of lust in her eyes. I gently ran my fingers over ehr smooth inner
thighs, teasing her. I slowly lowered my face, still looking her in the eyes,
down towards her hot pussy. I felt the heat from it as I neared it. I softly
just blow on her lips, making her sigh gently.

I stopped blowing and took one finger into my mouth, getting it wet just in
case, and I slowly slid it into Torrie hot cunt. Her tight, warn slit gripped
my finger fairly tight, as I maneuvered it in and out of her. Torrie moaned
her approval. I gently began working her clit with my tongue, gently just
flicking at it. I alternated between licking and sucking, all the while still
poking her cunt with my finger. Torrie's hands were on her big tits, playing
with her nipples, her eyes closed in pleasure. I took my finger out of her,
and instead, slotted two into her wet cunt. I increased the pace as well,
pumping them in and out, in and out, my tongue and lips still working on her
clit. Torrie moaned loudly now, and eventually pulled my face out of her
crotch and said, "Fuck me baby, I need that fucking cock in me!"

I didn't have to be asked twice, so I knelt up, as did Torrie, and she
turned away from me, sticking out her great ass. I ran my hand over my shaft
a couple of time, making sure it was fully hard. I rubbed the head over
Torrie's warm pussy lips a couple of times, teasing her, before I slowly
plunged the whole length of my shaft into her tight cunt. I left my hard on
deep inside her, savouring the feeling of her velvet snatch. Torrie's pussy
felt amazing around my cock. It was tighter than Sable's and every bit as
smooth and warm. It sucked around my cock, holding it in snugly.

I started thrusting now, slowly, deeply, penetrating her amazing slit with
my hard cock. Torrie moaned gently. I was slowly getting faster with my
thrusts, pumping my cock in and out, in and out. My hands groped all over
her, rubbing and squeezing her tight, round ass. I held a cheek in each
hand and pumped her hard. The feeling of her amazing pussy around my cock
and her great ass in my hands almost tipped me over the edge. I slowed down
my thrusts to stop myself from cumming so soon. Torrie and I found a perfect
rhythm as each time I thrust it deep inside her cunt, she'd hump her ass
back onto my cock, getting it even deeper, making her moan out loudly,
"Ungh, fuck my pussy Adam, mmm yeah!"

I started to thrust a way at her, quicker and quicker, my long, hard cock
drilling her cunt, sliding in and out.

"Oh fuck Adam, yes, YES!" Torrie cried out, obviously aproaching her orgasm.

I grabbed onto her hips tightly, holding her still and I started fucking her
even faster, my cock becoming a blur.

"Mmm fuck yes baby, make me cum Adam, make me cum!"

I kept pumping into her, sweat dripping from both our bodies, I gritted my
teeth as I pumped. "Argh fuck Torrie, mmm!" I moaned.

Torrie let out a loud scream as her pussy began spasming and contracting
around my cock. It tightened around it and got warmer and wetter than
before. I kept punding away at her, my own orgasm approaching as well.

"Argh fuck Torrie, ungh, I'm gonna fucking cum baby!" I moaned.

"On my face baby, on my face!" Torrie replied.

I thrusted into her a few more times, then pulled out, grasping my cock
head as Torrie turned around quickly and began rubbing my legs and ass as I
stroked off myc cock. Torrie spurred me on, talking like a real slut.

"Come on baby, give me that hot cum, you know you want to shoot it all over
my face baby, go on, do it baby, cum for me, cum Adam, CUM!"

With that, a hot stream of cum spurted from my cock, splattering right
across her nose and forehead. A second stream hit her forehead again, with
some over shooting and missing her face completely. My third and fourth
shots both hit her lips and some in her mouth, which she let dribble down
her chin. I let go of my cock and let Torrie take over, her hand grasping
my dick, slowly stroking it up and down, then sucking the tip, still
sensitive from the orgasm. It was so sensitive in fact, it made my whole
body jerk as she sucked it. I grabbed my dick again and started smearing
the cum all over her face with it, putting it in her mouth and swirling it

Just then, we heard a voice saying "So what have I missed?"

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