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This story is a work of fiction and is not based on reality in the slightest.

Sable's Secret Lover Part 3b
by theadmanmufc2004

I turned around to see Sable standing in the doorway, wearing a very small
pair of cut off jeans, her long, lean legs on show, and a very tight white
shirt, showing a little cleavage.

"Rena, you were right, he is HOT!" Torrie said, "and a great fuck as well!"

Rena kicked off her sandels and approached us. "I see you two have been
enjoying yourselves?" Rena said, referring to my cum all over Torrie's face.

"Mmm yeah, it's been great." Torrie replied.

Rena put her hands on my chest and we kissed, our tongues wrestling each
other. I reached down and began to unbutton her cut offs. Torrie helped me
and started pulling them off of her. Sable broke the kiss and began to take
off her top, revealing her bra-less tits. I reached out and began playing
with her nipples, gently tweaking them and licking them softly. I didn't get
to play with her tits for long, as soon she pulled away, turned to Torrie
and said, "What will we do with him now?"

Torrie replied with "Well I really think you should get a shot of his big

Sable nodded and with that, she pushed me back, so that I was lying on my
back and she climbed on top of me, slowly lowering herself down onto my
hard-again cock. "Mmm yeah!" she moaned with a slutty smile as my big dick
entered her. She took all of my stiff prick deep into her cunt, slowly
grinding herself on it at first, getting a feel for it. I put my hands on
her smooth, tanned hips as Sable put her hands on my chest, and started to
slide up and down my length.

Torrie, meanwhile, was kneeling next to Sable, fondling her own massive
tits as she looked on lustfully. I was just lying back, savouring the awesome
sensation of Sable's wet pussy. She was bouncing up and down at a steady pace
now, moaning a little each time she came down on my cock. Torrie approached
Sable and started to feel her big tits, rubbing her nipples while she fucked
me. Sable then leaned across to Torrie and they kissed, long and deep, Sable
still fucking my hard dick.

I watched in awe as these two gorgeous blondes made out while one of them was
fucking my cock, it turned me on so much. It got me so turned on I gritted my
teeth and started to pump up into Sable, matching her movements, my cock
diving deep into her warm, velvet snatch.

Torrie broke the kiss and moved behind Sable, who was now moaning quite
loudly, and started to massage my nuts. She first just used her hand,
rubbing them, one at a time, milking them. Then she started to lick and
suck, flicking her soft, wet tongue across them as my cock was still
inside Sable's cunt. The feeling of Sable's pussy on my cock and Torrie's
mouth on my balls was just incredible.

"How does that feel Adam? Huh? You like that baby? You like me fucking your
big cock and Torrie sucking your balls, huh? Mmm, I bet you do baby." Sable
moaned, turning me on even more. "Mmmm fuck yeah baby, mmm! This big fucking
dick feels so good in me, ugh yeah!" She continued, as I looked up at her
gorgeous face contorted in pleasure.

She started to fuck my dick even harder, bouncing up and down, up and down.
My cock was going as deep as it could go in her pussy. I was thrusting
upwards everytime Sable was coming down, getting my dick deep inside her
pussy, making her cry out. By this time, Torrie had stopped licking my balls
and was back round next to Sable. She massage her pussy and one of her tits
as she egged Sable on, "Come on Rena, fuck that big, young cock of his! Mmm
yeah Rena, fuck it hard!"

I gritted my teeth in sheer pleasure, trying to hold back my cum through
Sable's orgasm, which was now upon her. Her pussy spasmed and pulsed wildly
as her orgasm rocked her entire body. Her moans had turned to almost screams
as she kept pounding herself down on my cock wildly, her pussy juices seeping
around my cock. Sable grinded out the last of her orgasm slowly on my hard
cock, but I was ready to cum myself.

"Mmm Rena, I need to cum baby!"

She climbed off of my cock and her and Torrie positioned themselves at my
cock. Sable took hold of it and started to quickly stroke it off, sliding her
smooth hand up and down the shaft and over the head, soaked with pre cum and
her own juices. Torrie, meanwhile was massging my heavy nuts, rolling thema
round until they eventually tightened with my approaching orgasm. She tickled
the bottom of my sack as she moaned and gasped, trying to turn me on. Sable
started to talk dirty as she jerked me off, "Cum on these big fucking tits,
come on baby, give me that cum, mmm yeah, give it to me, give it to me!" She
moaned, tipping me over the edge.

I felt the cum barrel it's way to the tip of my cock and eventually blasting
outta huge string of ropy, hot cum onto Sable's tit, then another two huge
strings shot onto her tit, covering her nipple. Then she quickly aimed it at
Torrie's tits, still jerking me off quickly and another two shots flew out
of my cock onto Torries huge tits. I gasped with the amazing pleasure and
relief of my orgasm. Sable kept stroking my dick, milking all the excess cum
out of it, even sucking the cum from the head of it. Eventually, she stopped
stroking me off and her and Torrie turned their attentions to each other.
"You just sit back and watch baby, see if you can get that cock hard again
for us." Torrie said to me.

With that, Sable began to lick and suck all the cum from Torrie's big,
round tits, taking it all into her mouth. Torrie pulled Sable's head up to
hers and they began to kiss, my cum still in Sable's mouth. Torrie's hands
roamed Sable's body, feeling her smooth ass and rubbing her thighs whilst
Sable was still cupping Torrie's tits. Torrie broke the kiss, then turned
to me, opening her mouth wide showing my cum was now in her mouth, and she
preceeded to throw her head back and gulp, swallowing all of cum. I couldn't
believe what I was seeing from these two stunning Divas, my cock was already
stirring, so I gently rubbed the head, still sensitive from my orgasm.

Torrie moved her lips down to Sable's great tits now, about to repeat the
process I thought. I was right as Torrie licked all of the cum from Sable's
tit, swirling her tongue around her hard little nipple, getting every last
drop. Sable closed her eyes and gasped in pleasure. Torrie worked over her
tit well, getting all the cum in her mouth. Sable then put her head back and
opened her mouth wide, as Torrie spat my cum into her mouth. Sable did just
as Torrie had done, and showed me all my cum in her mouth, then swallowed it
all and showed me her empty mouth.

It turned me on so much to be watching two gorgeous women swapping my cum.
My cock was now semi erect as I stroked it a little harder now, but still
slowly. They went back to passionately kissing each other, their hands
roaming each others bodies. Torrie's hands were rubbing all over Sable's
tight backside, pulling the cheeks apart and rubbing a finger between them
and down to her pussy. Sable, meanwhile was groping Torrie's tremendous
tits, massaging the nipples and cupping them. Sable broke the kiss
eventually, and moved down to Torrie's tits, licking and sucking at her
erect nipples. Torrie had began rubbing Sable's snatch, her hand still
behind Sable, grinding her fingers against it rapidly. Sable moaned as she
kept working over Torrie's tits, Torrie's head back and eyes closed with

I gazed on in erotic awe, still stroking myself slowly, a full fledged
erection now. I was dying to get involved and let loose but I knew I would
just have to watch for now. Torrie stopped working on Rena's hot slit and
lay back, letting Rena slink her way down to her to horny pussy. Rena's
head was now nestled between Torrie's legs, her tongue slowly working it's
way up and down Torrie's wet pussy lips. Torrie put both of her hands to
Sable's head, running her fingers through her hair. Sable's tongue lapped
away at Torrie's cunt, causing Torrie to begin to moan softly.

Sable kept licking away at her, pleasuring her clit now, flicking her
tongue over it. She started using her fingers now, slowly gliding them into
Torrie's seeping cunt, making Torrie moan with pleasure. Sable's tongue
rapidly darting across Torrie's stiff little clit, her fingers still pumping
her pussy, making her moan louder and louder, her orgasm surely approaching.
She was writhing her hips up to meet Sable's strokes, her eyes closed, biting
her bottom lip. I lay there, stroking my dick faster now, so turned on by
what was happening in front of me. I was desperate to get involved. Torrie
was screaming out full force now, grinding her cunt into Sable's fingers,
Sable moaning as well now, her teeth gritted as her fingers pumped in and
out, a blur, as she just kept pounding Torrie's wet, horny slit. Torrie
eventually screamed out "I'm fucking cumming!"

"Oooh yeah baby, come on!" Sable moaned as well now, as Torrie gave an
almighty scream and juices flowed from her pussy all over Sable's hand.

Torrie lay there for a minute or two, coming down from her orgasm, Sable
still gently rubbing her pussy. Torrie looked over at me sitting stroking my
dick, and she suddenly sprung into action. "Aaww poor baby having to just
sit here and jerk off while we had all the fun." She said.

She moved over to me and took hold of my already rock solid prick. She
started to run her smooth, gorgeous hand up and down the shaft and over the
head, smearing pre cum all over my dick. I glanced over at Sable, and she
looked kind of annoyed, looking at Torrie, disappointed. She then just
walked out of the room. I wondered what was wrong, but I couldn't leave this
handjob. "How about you fuck these big tits, huh baby?"

I suddenly forgot about Sable and rolled over, allowing Torrie to lie down
and then knelt over her ample bust. Torrie spit a couple of times on my cock
and between her great tits, just to provide some lube for our tit fuck. I
pushed my cock down into the crevace between her huge globes, and Torrie,
with her sexy hands, shoved both tits around my cock. Being as I was so horny
from the lesbian show that the Divas had put on for me, I wasted no time and
really started pumping her awesome tits right away. My long, stiff prick,
slid easily between her lubed breasts, getting stimulation from all angles as
it was engulfed in her massive cleavage. Torrie's beautiful face looked so
sexy staring up at me and moaning, occasionally talking some dirty talk.

This spurred me on to fuck these amazing tits. I just stared down at her
pretty face and massive tits with my cock in between them and pounded away,
shaking the bed with my ferocity. My cock was getting that almost numb
sensation as my orgasm rapidly approached. I kept thrusting my cock between
them, back and forth, harder and harder, Torrie egging me on all the time,
"Oooh yeah baby, you like that huh? You like my big titties around you cock
honey, huh? Mmmm yeah, that's it baby, show me how much you love it!"

I gritted my teeth, really going at her tits now, my cock sliding back until
the head was in the middle of her great tits, and then rapidly pumping back
through them again, stimulating every inch of my hard rod. I felt the cum
rushing to the tip of my cock and I kenw that was it for me, I had to just
cum. "Ugh, ugh, fuck, urrgh, I'm going to...ugh..fucking cum!" I cried out,
still pumping away.

"Do it baby, cum in my slutty mouth! I'm such a fucking whore baby, give me
your cum! I want it so fucking bad, I'm such a slut!" Torrie screeched at
me, opening her mouth wide, but still looking up into my eyes.

I pounded until my cum was right there and I stopped, with my cock right in
front of her mouth, and a massive wad just squirted out, right onto her
waiting tongue. Torrie closed her mouth, letting the jizz dribble down her
chin and quickly opened it again as another three shots all blasted out onto
her chin, lips and in her mouth. I kept humping between her tits until my
incredible orgasm subsided, then I sat down on the bed. "Wow, that was
incredible!" I said, "but where did Rena go?"

Torrie looked at me, still wiping some of my cum off of her, and said,
"Nevermind her, she'll just be having a little strop."

I was pretty puzzled, I didn't get it.

I sat for a few more minutes chatting with Torrie, getting my wits about me
a bit more and then I got dressed, gave Torrie one last kiss and headed
downstairs. I looked around for Rena, so I could say bye, but she didn't
seem to be around. I headed out the back and through to my house. I had a
really bad feeling I wasn't going to see Rena again...

Feel free to email any feedback to, I hope you
all enjoyed it, Part 4 will be on its way soon.

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