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This story is a work of fiction and is not based on reality in the slightest.

Sable's Secret Lover Part 4
by theadmanmufc2004

It had been a couple of days since my encounter with both Torrie and Sable,
and I hadn't seen or heard from Rena since. I had a nagging feeling that what
we had was over for a reason that I couldn't quite fathom. To make matters
worse, today was my graduation. It was noon and I was in my house, alone
because my parents were out of town on buissiness, during my graduation. I
heard a knock at the back door, so I went to answer it and to my delight, it
was Sable. She was wearing a very tight pair of jeans and a tight, low cut
white shirt, showing off her incredible body. She smiled at me and said, "Hi,
can I come in?"

I said hi and motioned for her to come in. We went through to my living
room and began talking. I asked her what had happened the other day when she
stormed off. "I was just annoyed with Torrie, it's nothing you did, hon. I
was annoyed that that bitch hadn't returned the favour after I ate her out."

I was a little taken aback by the way Sable referred to Torrie as a bitch and
seemed really angry at her.

"Anyway baby," she said, "that's not why I'm here." I looked at her puzzled.
"I'm here because today is your graduation, and I have a little graduation
present for you."

With that, she slinked down in front of me, kneeling in front of my crotch.
I knew what the present was and I liked it. My cock immediately sprung into
action. Sable undid my belt buckle and pulled open my fly. I awaited her
touch, desperate for the pleasure I was about to get. She stopped for a
second and said, "Oh yeah, before I forget. I was meaning to ask you, just
out of curiosity, who gives the better blowjob? Me or Torrie?"

I knew there was only one way I could answer if I wanted what was coming to
me, and that was... "You of course. Definately you." I enthusiastically
replied without hesitation.

"Good", she replied. She pulled my jeans down around my ankles and I stood
there in just my boxer shorts, pitching a tent with my solid cock. Sable's
hand grasped it through my boxers, teasing me a little. She traced her
tongue all around it. The heat from her mouth drove me wild, I was desperate
for the pleasure. She finally reached her smooth hand into my boxers and
released my hard on. She wasted little time and stuck it straight into her
wonderous mouth, sucking up and down on the head. I gasped at the immediate
pleasure of it. She looked up at me, her soft lips around my cock, her
beautiful hands gripping it tightly. Her lips and tongue moved over my
cockhead firmly. Her mouth was so wet and warm as it worked over my cock,
her hands getting involved as well, adding extra sensations. She twisted
her hands around my shaft as she jerked me, working every milimetre of my
cock, my sensitive tip still in her mouth.

I stared into her beautiful eyes as she sucked, getting even more aroused.
She slid both of her hands right down to the bottom of my stiff prick and
held it tight. She worked her mouth all the way down my shaft, deepthroating
it. I felt my cockhead rubbing against her throat and mouth, getting covered
in her spit. She moved her lips back up the shaft and to my head, slurping
them off completely with a loud pop. She grabbed my shaft in one hand and
furiously jerked it off, sliding her soft, tanned hand over the head and
shaft rapidly. Her other hand cupped my balls, rolling them around for a few
seconds before they tightened, then she massaged them and tickled them with
her smooth hand, her other hand still stroking me off rapidly. I was on the
brink of cumming, I moaned loudly as my dick was jerked off.

"Cum in my mouth baby, come on", Sable moaned, encouraging me to cum.

Sable opened her mouth wide and pulled my cock off into her mouth, my cum
barrelling up the shaft as her smooth fingers kept working up and down the
shaft and over my sensitive tip. My cum reached the tip of my cock and with
a loud groan, I released all of my hot jizz into Sable's waiting mouth. She
gave my cock a few long, slow strokes, milking the rest of my hot jizz from
my cockhead. She put her lips to my cockhead, my cum still in her mouth,
and ran them all over it, making me twitch from the pleasure in my cock. I
watched in in pleasure as Sable swallowed my creamy load, showing me her
empty mouth afterwards.

"Mmm fuck, definately better than Torrie, definately!" I said, my cock

Sable giggled a little, licking my cock a bit still. She eventually just
stood up, wiping the remaining cum from her mouth. "I have to go baby, but
you're present will be here later, ok?" She said.

"What? That wasn't my present?" I asked, a bit surprised.

She laughed, "No baby, you're present is very special. It'll arrive later
on today."

I didn't ask what it was as I knew she would've told me if she was going to.
I wondered what it was and how it could top the unbelievable blowjob I had
just recieved.

* * *

It was now around about 3:00pm and I heard someone else at the door. I was
still preparing for my graduation speech, and was a bit frustrated. I hoped
it was Rena with my present though. I opened the door, and it was Sable, but
with a friend.

"Hi baby, I can't stay, but this is your present", she said, pointing to her
small, busty, blonde friend who I recognised right away, "This is Terri, you
know who she is."

I certainly did, Terri Runnels. A former Diva who I'd busted my nut over
many a time. She extended her thin hand and I took it, lightly shaking it.
She was wearing a very tight, tan coloured top with very tight navy blue
jeans, accentuating her huge tits and bubble butt respectively. Sable said
her goodbyes and left me and Terri alone. Although my confidence had
improved to no end since my encounters with Rena and later Torrie, I was
still a little nervous about having a new partner. I didn't really know
what to say, but just as I was about to speak, Terri stuck a finger across
my mouth, and shooshed me. Her other hand reached down to my pants and
started to molest my stiffening cock. She motioned with the finger covering
my mouth for me to lean in and then her mouth met me half way, her amazing,
soft lips meeting mine, her tongue immediately in my mouth, wrestling around
with my tongue, massaging each other. She was a great kisser, that was for

I moved my hands straight down her hips and onto her round ass, feeling her
succulent cheeks.Her hand ran up and down my cock, now fully hard, through
my pants. She moved to my zipper, still passionately kissing me, she slid
the zip down and stuck her hand in, wasting no time in getting to my cock.
I felt her warm hand against my cock, gripping it tightly and feeling it
up and down as if she was working out my length. She pulled it out of my
pants and started jacking me off, giving me a backhanded stroke. It felt
incredible, her hand running up and down the smooth flesh of my hard cock.
My hands were still firmly pressed on her cheeks, gripping them, squeezing
them, massaging them.

Terri finally broke the kiss, both of us breathing heavily after our heavy
petting session. She stared into my eyes with her gorgeous green eyes, then
slinked down towards my cock. She stared it at with lust in her eyes, her
hand still working up and down the shaft. I couldn't wait to feel those
unbelievable lips all over my hard cock. She reached her full, pink lips
over towards the pulsing tip of my solid cock, slowly, teasing me. Her hand
still gripped my cock tight, at the base now. I felt her hot breath on the
tip of my dick right before it was engulfed by her amazing lips, so soft
against my stiff member. I groaned as my head was sucked tightly in Terri's
soft, wet lips, still senstive from my earlier orgasm with Sable.

She slurped her lips off my cock with a loud POP, then she giggled and said
"Mmm, it tastes just as good as Rena said it would."

She immediately slurped it back into her mouth, sucking hard on the cockhead,
her lips clasped around the bottom ridge of it. She moved her lips backwards
and forwards over the sensitive ridge, still locked tight around it. Her
soft hand rolled my balls around, massaging them, rubbing them. Terri was
obviously very experienced at this judging by her technique. She stopped just
working the ridge, and slid her lips back up over the glands now and back
down the shaft a bit before pulling them off my cock completely with a loud

She started sliding her hand up my cock now, following it with her other
hand, alternating between the two. She gripped me very tightly, making me
groan as her hands pulled over my cockhead. My cock was hard and pulsing
as she pumped away at it with her hands, moving both of them up and down
it simultaneously now. She twisted them around the shaft and pumped them
up and down, stimulating every inch of my aching cock. "Oooh yeah, you
like that baby?" she moaned, staring into my eyes.

I could only reply with a loud groan of pleasure as watched her wanking my
long shaft, slick and greasy with a mix of pre-cum and Terri's spit. She
now slid both of her hands down to the base of my cock and started flicking
her tongue against the underside of my cockhead, then slid her luscious lips
back down the shaft and moved them up and down now, sucking my cock tightly.
She slid her lips from my cock and asked, "Where can we fuck?"

After realising I'd been getting sucked off in the hallway just inside my
front door, I figured Terri was right and we could do with a better place
to fuck, so we had gone upstairs. I sat back on my bed, naked, while Terri
stripped for me. Staring dead into my eyes the whole time as she peeled off
her skin tight top, revealing her huge, braless tits, her erect nipples
pointing out at me. I slowly jerked my cock at the site of what was happening
and the thought of what would happen next. She undid her tight jeans and
slowly slid them off, struggling to get them off of her bubble butt. She
gripped the straps of her shear pink thong and pulled them away up as far as
they could stretch. I watched on in awe, trying not to get too excited as she
turned around, bent way forward and seductively peeled the thong out of her
amazing, juicy ass and slid it down, revealing her entirely shaven pussy and
gorgeous ass. My cock was fit to burst at the amazing site of that fantastic
ass as Terri slid her thong all the way down her smooth, toned legs.

I was sitting on the edge of my bed, and Terri walked over to me and turned
round again. She arched her back, sticking her round ass out, and slinked
her way down to my cock, which I had let go of by now, anticipating what she
would do next. What she did next turned out to be an immense turn on. She
crushed her ass right against my crotch, allowing my cock to slip between
her two cheeks, almost like a tit fuck. She grinded her ass up and down along
my cock, sandwiching it between her cheeks and my stomach, providing amazing
stimulation. Her juicy round ass felt great rubbing my cock and massaging my
nuts. I reached out an felt her full ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly
together against my cock, rolling the meat around my hands. Terri was moaning
as she slid her ass back and forth, up and down with just the right rhythm
to be getting me off.

My orgasm wasn't too far away and I started to groan. Terri must've known
because she slowed down to a halt. She turned around and pushed me so that
I was lying back on the bed now. My cock was sticking straight up in the
air as Terri seductively crawled onto the bed until she was face to face
with me. We kissed, hard and passionate, as Terri positioned her pussy over
my cock and guided me into her wet cunt. She broke the kiss and leaned back,
taking my solid dick deep into her. The feel of her pussy was amazing. It
wasn't as tight as Sable's, but tight nonetheless and extremely warm.

Moans began escaping from Terri's mouth as she started to work herself slowly
up and down on my hard rod. The velvet walls of her hot pussy massaged every
inch of my cock as she bounced up and down. Slapping noises filled the room,
Terri's meaty ass slapping off my legs as she gave me the ride of a lifetime.
Terri slowed down to a halt with my cock as deep in her as it could be and
she started grinding her pussy back and forward, her head thrown back in
pleasure, her tits jutting proudly out from her tight little body. Back and
forth her pussy went, so warm and tight around my pulsing cock.

I gritted my teeth at the intense sensation of it and reached up to grab
Terri's awesome tits, squeezing them tightly and tweaking the nipples. I slid
them down over Terri's toned body and onto her bubble butt. I slapped it and
then gripped it tightly, spreading the cheeks, squeezing them together,

Terri slowly started to ride me again, working herself up and down on my
shaft. The feeling of her pussy against my sensitive cockhead was intense
and I could feel my orgasm approaching, as well as Terri's. She moaned out
loudly, bouncing faster than ever, "Mmmm, Ooooh fuck Adam, mmm such a big
fucking dick baby, ooh yeah... I'm fucking cumming baby! Mmmm fuck! Ugh!"

I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and gritted my teeth hard and tried to keep
myself from cumming. Terri's pussy convulsed around my cock, gripping it and
sucking it as she rode me. Warmth and wetness surrounded my cock even more
and I struggled to let Terri ride out her orgasm before cumming. "I'm about
to cum baby!" I screamed out.

Terri hurredly got off my cock, still moaning and winding down from her
orgasm, and gripped my cock in one of her sexy hands. She jerked me off
rapidly and begged for my cum, "Mmmm oh yeah cum on baby, give it to!
Gimme it baby, gimme your cum Adam!"

I groaned as the orgasm built and a massive wad of jizz flew up and hit
Terri in her open mouth, right on her tongue. Another wad flew up and hit
her across her chin and lips, then she aimed my cock at her tits and took
a couple of extra shots on them. She let the cum dribble from her mouth
down onto her tits and rubbed it in. She squeezed her great tits around
my cock and give me a mini-tit fuck, milking the remaining cum out of me.
She slid the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked on it hard, making
my body jolt with the intense feeling of it. "Mmmm that was the best gift
ever", I moaned.

Terri giggled, "Glad you liked it baby".

* * *

Terri had just used the shower and got dressed. She was ready to head off
and I had to get ready for my graduation. She was heading out the door and
stopped. "I almost forget, Rena told me to give you the other part of your
gift" and she handed me a backstage pass to Raw on Monday night. With that,
she gave me a kiss and left. I couldn't wait for Raw on Monday...
_ _ _

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all enjoyed it, a new spin off series will be on its way soon.

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