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This story is a work of fiction and is not based on reality in the slightest.

This is the sixth part in the spin off series to Sable's Secret Lover. This
story picks up a week after our characters sex session with Melina.

Sable's Secret Lover Part 5: French Fancy
by theadmanmufc2004

The sound of the garbage truck pulling away woke me up. The sun was blazing
in the window as I stumbled out of bed and threw a T-shirt on. After going to
the toilet and all, I went downstairs to have some breakfast. I fixed some
toast and ate it whilst heading out front to check the mail. One letter, and
it was for me. I got back inside and sat at the kitchen table, opening the
hand written letter. In beautiful hand writing, it said:

"Dear Adam,
I wish to meet with you at my hotel when I am in your area
on June 23rd. I have heard nothing but good things about
your 'services' and wish to experience them for myself.
Come to the Hilton at 10pm on the 23rd and ask for me.
My room is under the name 'Diva'."

I was puzzled by this. Why a hand written letter? Why didn't she give her
name? Who was she? I was of course going to be there on the 23rd to find out
who this was and to offer my 'services' if she took my fancy, which I was
sure she would. The 23rd was this Tuesday and after a brief check on the
internet, I discovered it was only the ECW and Smackdown brands who were in
my area this week. This narrowed it down to either Ashley Massaro, Jillian
Hall, Maryse Ouellet, Ariel, Layla El, Brooke or Kelly Kelly. All the girls
on offer were gorgeous so I knew it would be well worth my while turning up.

* * *

Tuesday night rolled around. I got myself showered, shaved and dressed in a
smart black shirt and trousers. The Hilton was a fancy place, so I wanted to
dress to impress. I headed out to catch the bus into the city. It took about
30 minutes to get there and then about a 10 minute walk to the Hilton. I went
up to the main desk and asked for 'Diva'. I was told to head up to room
number 68. 69 must've been taken already. I got in the elevator and headed up
to the floor and found the room. I gave a slight knock. I heard the lock on
the door click open, but nothing else. I waited before slowly opening the
door and peaking my head in.


The room was almost pitch black except for a small candle on a table and
light coming from the bathroom.

"Hello?" I said again as I slowly walked in.

I heard the clicking of heels on the bathroom tiles as a figure appeared in
the doorway. I could barely make out more than a silhouette from the light in
the bathroom behind her. I could see long, shapely legs that led up to
curvaceous hips and an ample bust. It looked like she was wearing a very
tight, very short dress.

"Bonjour, you must be Adam?" she said with a French accent.

I knew right then that this was the stunning Maryse Ouellet. She reached onto
the wall and brought the lights up a little, to a romantic level. I could see
her better now and she looked absolutely stunning. Her legs were tight,
barely covered by a tiny, skin hugging black dress that clung to her large
breasts, her shiny blonde hair up. I closed the door as she slowly approached
me, extending her hand.

"I am Maryse, as I'm sure you know."

"Indeed," I replied, taking her soft, manicured hand into mine, "It's a

"Well, that's what I hope for." she replied, a sexy twinkle in her brown
eyes. "I have had room service send us up some dinner. I feel it is better
for us to get to know each other first, no?" she said as she took her seat at
the small table set up in the middle of the room. "Please, sit." She motioned
to the chair.

I sat as she slowly poured red wine into my glass. She uncovered my plate to
reveal a small but fancy looking chicken dish. She elegantly raised her glass
and I raised mine to meet hers as she giggled a little.

"Bon apetit!" she said with a perfect, white smile.

We started some small talk as we both picked away at our food. "I must admit,
I was surprised to get your letter. It's very different from the ways the
other Divas have contacted me," I said.

"Well I felt it would be more personal and special." she said, her stunning
face glowing in the soft light. "I get lonely when I'm on the road with the
WWE you see. I'm in need of a little male companionship. I've heard so much
about you from Kristal and other girls that I thought I would arrange to see
you rather than pick up some stranger. I want to have a nice evening with a
nice man instead of some drunk, you know?" she said.

"Well you've certainly made the effort," I replied, sipping the expensive

"It's only just begun Adam," she said, smiling a little as I felt her foot
sliding up and down my leg.

We continued to eat and chat away for around half an hour before things
started to move along a bit more. We had both finished our food and Maryse
stood up. She took my hand and pulled slightly as I stood up. She led me over
to the bed and put her arms over my shoulders as we started to kiss. Her lips
were soft and of course her tongue slid into my mouth, gently licking at my
tongue. My hands had found her hips, roaming around up and down them and onto
her wonderful, tight ass. Maryse was by far the best kisser of all the Divas.
She was so passionate and sensual as her tongue explored my mouth and mine
hers. Our bodies moved so tightly together, my semi erect cock rubbing
against her stomach through our clothes. I held her ass tight, pulling her
against me and dry humped her a little bit. I was getting harder and harder
as our bodies writhed together.

Maryse pulled away now, staring me in the eye as she reached behind herself
and unfastened her dress. The parts covering her wonderful breasts dropped,
allowing me full view of her amazing globes. She peeled the dress down over
her tight stomach and wriggled her ass out of it, letting it drop to the
floor. She stood in front of me looking absolutely perfect. Her skin was
golden brown, her tits were perfectly round with cute little nipples, her
body toned all over, especially her gorgeous legs.

I approached her again and took her in my arms, feeling her warm flesh as we
kissed again. I gently lowered her onto the bed and lay above her, savouring
her amazing kisses as my hands found her massive tits, caressing them, gently
squeezing them, pinching her nipples oh so gently. I moved down and started
kissing her neck, tasting her sweet skin. Maryse tilted her head back and
moaned slightly. My lips worked down her neck, kissing her so softly until I
got to her massive breasts. I squeezed them together, caressing them with my
hands, licking and sucking them with my lips and tongue. I cupped them
gently, my hands roaming all over them, softly tweaking her nipples, rubbing
them between my fingers. My tongue flitted across one of her hard nipples,
darting all over it, making her moan softly. I slid a hand down her rock hard
stomach now, slowly pushing two fingers down to her smooth pussy, rubbing
around her clit, sliding my hand back and forth along her pussy. She gasped
and moaned now. She tilted her head forward again and moved her hands to my
shirt buttons, unbuttoning it as we stared in each others eyes, my hand still
rubbing her pussy, her mouth open slightly before she softly bit her bottom

Maryse stood up from the bed again and slid my shirt off of me and dropped
down to her knees, never breaking eye contact. She undid my belt and whipped
it off of me before grabbing at my fly and pulling my pants down, allowing my
rock hard cock to spring out, albeit still encased in my boxers. Maryse
stared at it before grabbing it in both immaculate hands and gripping it
tightly. "Mmmm tres grande" she whispered as she ran her hands around it.

She pushed it in every direction as a sly, sexy smile slid across her
gorgeous lips. My cock felt amazing, getting as hard as it's ever been at the
feeling of her hands pushing it around, rubbing it, sliding all over it.
Maryse reached up and started to slowly slide my boxers down, the waistband
pulling my cock downwards before she slid them totally off and my solid cock
sprung out. Maryse giggled as it bounced around in front of her and she
grabbed the hard, thick shaft, holding it tightly in her amazing hand. She
stared at it as she now gripped it in two hands, squeezing it and slowly
beginning to rub it. Her hands were soft and smooth as she started to slide
them up and down my shaft a little. "Mmmm so hard..." she said, looking up at
me with a smile. She pulled both hands tightly back against the base now, my
cock sticking straight out and throbbing. Maryse moved her head towards my
cock, looking up at me as she did.

I felt her hot breath on the tip of my cock as she got closer, her tongue
sliding out centimetres away from the throbbing tip of my dick. I groaned in
anticipation, I couldn't wait to feel her mouth on me. Maryse grinned a
little as her wet, spongy tongue touched to the tip of my cock, sliding
around the bottom of it and all round each side. I closed my eyes and moaned
softly at the intense feeling of her tongue exploring my cock head. Maryse
giggled a little, pulling away.

"I can tell you like that baby" she said before going back to licking my hard

Her soft tongue trailed all around the ridge of my cock head before sliding
up the bottom of it and all around the hole. She kept licking all over the
head until eventually her lips followed and she engulfed the tip of my cock
in her mouth, sucking it tightly and sliding her lips back and forward over
it. Slowly, her lips slid all the way down my shaft and back up just over the
ridge and back down again, her gorgeous eyes staring at me the entire time.
Maryse worked her soft lips back and forth over the ridge of my cock while
her hand slid up and down the shaft, matching strokes with her mouth. My cock
was absolutely throbbing at the feeling of her warm mouth all over the tip of
my cock, feeling her soft tongue sliding along the underside of my cockhead.

"Mmm you're getting even harder baby, you like me sucking this hard cock?"
she purred, slipping her mouth off of my rigid cock and stroking it back and
forth in her lovely manicured hand.

"Oh yeah, keep going baby", I groaned as she rubbed the tip of my cock all
over her pouting pink lips before sliding it all the way into her mouth and
working it in and out while her hand cupped my swollen balls.

Up and down the shaft she went, getting the whole length in her mouth,
soaking my entire penis in her saliva, making it easier for her hand to now
follow her mouth up and down the shaft. Maryse picked up the pace, getting
faster and faster on my cock, making me groan in ecstacy at the sensation of
her hot mouth covering every inch of my shaft, up and down, up and down, one
hand following, the other tightly gripping my cum-filled balls.

I could feel my orgasm was rapidly approaching if Maryse continued this level
of extreme oral work, my cock getting harder and the cum boiling in my
heaving balls. At was at this point that Maryse broke her grip on my cock and
leaned back, giggling as my cock throbbed and twitched in front of her face.

"Mmmm someone's getting very excited!" she giggled, taking my cock back in
her perfect hands, slowly rubbing it all over, then gripping the head tightly
in one hand wanking it hard, making me twitch and squirm at the sensation.
Maryse slowly slid her hands up my to my chest now, standing up and locking
her lips against mine, the salty taste of my precum still on her lips and
tongue. She kissed down my neck now, whispering sensually in my ear "Fuck

At that, she softly pushed me back down onto the bed, my legs hanging off the
end as I lay back. Maryse reached one long, tanned leg over me, placing her
foot in the bed, the other foot still planted on the floor. Her glorious
pussy hovered tantalizingly above my aching cock. She carefully lowered
herself on, spreading her perfect pussy lips, her gorgeous face wincing as my
length entered her, inch by inch. I closed my eyes and groaned as I felt the
smooth, wet walls of her pussy engulf every bit of my cock, Maryse lowering
herself until she was tight against me. She held it there briefly before
slowly grinding her hips back and forth on me, sliding my cock back and forth
inside her, my balls being lightly caressed by her firm butt.

She placed one hand on my chest now, starting to slowly bounce up and down on
it, her ass slapping back down on me, one foot still planted on the floor,
the other up on the bed, showing her athletic prowess and flexibility. She
worked up and down, her tits jiggling gently with each thrust. I had a
fantastic view of her body, from those perfect round tits all the way down
her smooth, hard stomach to her gorgeous pussy, watching every inch of myself
disappear in and out as she bounced harder now. Her pussy was tight and warm,
perfectly encasing my hard cock, soaking it in her hot juices.

Her thrusts were getting faster and faster now, the noise of our bodies
clashing beginning to fill the room. I watched Maryse's tits jiggle as she
fucked me and had to get more intimate with them so I sat up, wrapping my
arms around Maryse as she brought her second leg up on the bed and wrapped
them both around my back while I sat on the edge of the bed, my cock buried
deep in her soaking wet pussy, my face buried right in between her glorious
tits. I held her tight and bucked my hips hard against her strokes, bouncing
up and down, up and down, harder and harder while Maryse moaned loudly now.

I worked my mouth frantically all over her amazing tits, licking and sucking
her hard nipples, kissing all over them. Maryse gripped me by the back of my
hair, tilting my head back to kiss me hard, our tongues dancing around each
other while we fucked so hard. I could feel a slight sweat forming on
Maryse's smooth, toned back as we fucked so close and hard.

"Ooooh keep fucking me Adam, keep fucking me! Yes! YES!" she screamed, her
orgasm rapidly approaching.

I picked up the pace, fucking as hard as possible now, our bodies moving
together so close and sweaty, Maryse pressing her tits tight against my chest
now as we held each other so close.

"I'm going to cum baby! Ooooh fuck! FUCK! Ugh, ugh, ugh yeah, please...
ugh.... fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" Maryse moaned right in my ear as her orgasm shook
her body, her pussy getting even hotter and wetter around my cock while I
kept pumping inside her so hard, riding out her hot orgasm.

Our pace slowed now as I lay back on the bed with Maryse on top of my, my
cock still throbbing inside her hot pussy, thrusting up into her slowly and
gently as we kissed passionately.

"Mmmm Adam, that was so good", Maryse purred between kisses, "I want some
more baby." She got off my cock now and bend over on all fours, looking back
over her shoulder at me, grinning. A sly grin spread across my face as I
positioned behind her, throbbing cock in hand and slowly slid it inside her
sticky wet pussy. "Mmmm yeah, give it to me Adam," she moaned as I began
thrusting into her again.

I slid my hands all over her smooth back before resting them on her
phenomenal ass cheeks, gripping one tightly in each hand giving leverage to
fuck her hard. I gradually started fucking her wet little pussy harder and
harder, Maryse moaning loudly again. My hips slammed against hers, my balls
slapping against her while I pulled her back against my strong thrusts.

"Yeah, you like that baby? Yeah? Like me fucking you hard?" I groaned,
sweating as I slammed my cock so deep inside her.

"Oh fuck yeah, keep going Adam! Keep going, make me cum again!" she cried.

Her hand slipped back now and was rubbing her clit furiously while I pounded
her pussy so hard and fast, back and forth, back and forth. I grunted and
groaned at the amazing feeling of her tight little cunt surrounding my cock,
gripping it tightly, squeezing it in it's velvety walls as I worked it in and
out at a blur.

Maryse screamed out another hard orgasm as I kept fucking her as hard as I
could. "Ooohh, ugh yeah, yeah, fuck yes! YES! YES!" Maryse screamed, cumming
hard around my cock again.

This time I didn't stop, wanting to make her cum again and knowing my own
orgasm wasn't far away either. I kept pounding her wet little hole, my cock
absolutely soaked in her juices. I gritted my teeth at the intensity of our
fuck, Maryse still sliding her fingers over her clit rapidly, another orgasm
about to shake her stunning body.

"Fuck that's it baby! OOOOOOOOOOOOOH YES, YES, YES!!!" she screamed, bucking
her hips against me hard. "I'm fucking cumming!! YES!!!" her back arching as
she came again, her pussy tightening and contracting around my cock almost
pushing me over the edge.

Maryse collapsed onto the bed now, laying flat on her stomach but I kept
fucking her pussy, enjoying the wet, tight grip it had on me, even tighter
now with Maryses's legs together, my hands squeezing her ass cheeks tightly

"Oh fuck Maryse, I want to cum so bad," I moaned.

"Mmmm, soak me Adam. Soak me in your cum," she purred, looking over her
shoulder at me.

This spurred me on to fuck her hard again, drilling down into her pussy, my
cock throbbing, my balls aching, so full of cum ready to explode for this
gorgeous blonde babe. The sight of her toned back, so smooth and toned, and
her perfectly shaped, round ass cheeks was making the cum bubble up in my
balls, rocketing it's way into my cock and ready to soak every inch of her.

"Oh fuck, I'm almost there, I'm gonna soak you babe," I yelled.

"My face baby, cover my face!" she screamed pulling away from me and turning
round, squeezing her big tits, together, rubbing her nipples.

I knelt over her stomach, furiously wanking myself off, my cock soaked in her
natural juices. My balls tightened and the whole area tingled with extreme
pleasure as the cum reached the tip of my cock, Maryse begging me for it to
be shot all over her.

"Do it for me babe, give me that hot cum, soak me Adam! Cover me in it!", she

The sight of her perfect face begging for my spunk and her amazing hands
squeezing her round globes together tipped me over the edge and a massive
load exploded out of my cock, landing right across her tits. "Oh fuck!" I
cried out as another massive load landed right on Maryse's lips and chin,
another immediately firing out across her lips and cheek, another thick rope
of jizz across her nose and another couple of smaller shots darting out
across her tits.

Maryse licked her lips, taking some of the cum into her mouth while her hands
rubbed my hot, thick semen all over her big tits. I slipped my sensitive cock
between her massive tits and slid it back and forth between the smooth flesh
of her hot tits, squirming at how sensitive it was. Thrusting between her
tits, riding the wave of pleasure from my hard orgasm. Maryse took it out
from between her tits and wanked it hard, making me twitch and groan, the
sensitivity almost too much to take. She sucked the ridge hard, getting any
leftover cum right out of it.

"Oh my God Maryse, that was unbelievable" I groaned as she kept playing with
my softening cock. I eventually collapsed down beside her as we lay cuddling
and gently caressing each others tired bodies.

"You know baby, I had been chatting about you with a friend and she was
skeptical about how good you would be...", she said.

"Oh yeah...and what are you going to tell her?", I replied.

"I'll tell Layla exactly how good you were...", she said.

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