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Sable's Spell
by Anynom

Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. I got the
idea from watching "Inside Edition" but I have changed the appearance and
name of the hypnotist to protect the innocent. Enjoy.

There were times, not too often, but there were times still, when Rena
Mero honestly missed the ring. The cheers of the fans, the attention, the way
the cameras just ate her up. But that part of her life was done. The wrestler
known as Sable was gone now, long gone, buried under a multi-million dollar
settlement and a flak of publicity. She just plain Rena Mero now, just a
normalwoman. Well, a normal woman who had been in two best-selling
"Playboys," become a TV icon and was drop-dead gorgeous to boot.

Thanks to the settlement, Rena was hardly in the need for money and had
parlayed her fame into some acting jobs on TV and was hoping to move into
movies. And her marriage was still pretty good, even though both she and Marc
had decided that wrestling had pretty much passed them on. So, all in all,
things were going pretty good for Rena, enough that she didn't mind taking
part in a little joke for a television show.

When "Inside Edition" had approached Rena with the idea, she had decided
it would be good for a laugh or two. Basically, they had asked a female
hypnotist to hypnotize a bunch of guys and make them think that Rena was a
completely unattractive woman they would do anything to avoid. While Rena
hadn't been sure about hypnosis, thinking the whole thing was overblown, she
decided to agree to it. Hell, she could at least give the guys a thrill,

They met at her house, her, the guys, the "Inside Edition" crew and the
hypnotist herself. She was an attractive looking woman named Emily, a
licensed therapist in the city. It took a few moments to set everything up
and to Rena's surprise, the hypnosis itself was the quickest part of the
whole thing. All it took was a few soft words from Emily and the guys were
out like a light.

Rena had doubted that Emily had actually done it but once the cameras
started rolling, she proved it was for real. The guys honestly treated Rena
like she was the most unattractive woman they had ever met, a being so ugly
they had to get away from her. Emily had the guys go through some more games
outside by the pool, being tongue-tied when they tried to speak to Rena and
other games like that. What Rena was amazed by was that the guys really
seemed to have no idea of what was going on, even when Emily woke them up
and had them watch the tape of it all.

"That was amazing," Rena said. The guys and the crew had both left but
Rena had asked Emily to stay behind. She simply had to know more about this
woman and how she had done that with the guys. They were an interesting
contrast. There was Rena, tall with a very large chest and long legs, her
long blonde hair falling around her beautiful face, wearing only a black
bikini that did little to hide her assets. Then there was Emily, in her
mid-thirties, attractive with shoulder-length brown hair and a perky face,
wearing slacks and a simple red blouse. "I can't believe they didn't remember
anything when you told them not to."

"It's actually easy to make people forget what they've done under
hypnosis," Emily said. "Sometimes, they actually prefer not to remember,
that way they don't have to take responsibility for their actions."

"Sounds intriguing," Rena said, raising an eyebrow. "And the instant
induction thing was neat too."

"That's also something a lot easier than people think," Emily smiled.
"Some people do need very long and detailed inductions to get them down to
such a level of suggestibility. But a lot of people do tend to go out

"Really? Any way you can tell?"

"Oh, sometimes-----" Emily locked her eyes on Rena, keeping the gaze hard
and straight and Rena suddenly found herself unable to look away as Emily
gripped her wrist. "Breathe in......and out.....In....and out....." Without
even realizing it, Rena did so, her eyes remaining fixed on Emily's as she
spoke in a soft, yet commanding voice. "Just relax, Rena, relax, let go, let
go of everything and close your eyes. Close your eyes and sleep, sleep.

Rena's eyes slammed shut and she slumped on the couch as Emily smiled.
Just as she'd thought, Rena was one of the very suggestible type, just like
the guys she had just sent home. All in all, this was an opportunity that
didn't come to Emily too often and one she wasn't about to pass up just now.

"Rena, listen to me carefully," Emily said in a soft tone. "You are now

"Hypnotized....." Rena repeated in a whisper. Good, she was even better
than Emily had imagined and the hypnotist could imagine herself getting wet
at the thoughts of what was going to happen.

"That's right, Rena, you're hypnotized. Which means you have to do
everything I say."


"You can't resist me....."

"I can't resist....."

"You must obey...."


"You have no will....."


"That's right, Rena, no will at all." Emily stood up and undressed herself
in a flash. Her body wasn't too bad to look at but she felt it paled next to
the one before her. "Rena, lead me outside."

Slowly, the hypnotized woman stood up and led Emily out to the patio area
and towards the pool. She stood motionless at the water's edge as Emily
entered, then faced her. "Rena, remove your suit and step into the pool."
Rena's thin material was soon on the ground and her incredibly beautiful form
was stepping into the pool. Emily took a moment to admire it all, the full
breasts seeming to float on the water, her blank face adding to her

"Listen carefully, Emily," Rena said in a soft voice. "You must do
whatever I tell you to do. And right now, I want you to make love to me as
hard as you possibly can." With that, Emily pushed herself onto Rena, dipping
her tongue into her mouth and kissing her passionately. Rena responded with
equal pleasure, her arms reaching around and pulling Emily in close, their
tongue-twisting continuing as they bodies rubbed against one another, their
pussies moving underneath the water. Emily's hands went to Rena's large
breasts, licking at them carefully, kissing each nipple with pleasure as she
pushed the former wrestler to the side.

Emily moved up onto the steps, above Rena, gripping the bar for support as
she pulled her legs over Rena's head. "Rena, lick me out." With only a brief
hesitation, Rena moved up, grabbing Emily's buttocks for support as she began
to lick away at her. Emily was surprised at how well Rena was doing her job,
her tongue sliding in and out of Emily's tight pussy with speed and skill,
her hands gripping onto Emily's pussy hard as she went at the woman who now
owned her will. Of course, a hypnotized person shouldn't be made to do
something she wouldn't normally do, but Emily knew that Rena's impressions of
hypnosis as making people slaves played into what she could do with Emily. It
certainly seemed to be working as Rena's tongue soon began to catch Emily's
falling juices, the hypnotist as hot as ever over having a beautiful client
at her beck and call. Soon, her juices were falling onto Rena's face, a few
drops hitting the pool as the blonde tried to lick it all away.

Soon, they had rearranged themselves. Rena was sitting on the top step of
the pool, her legs spread to allow Emily access to her pussy. Emily pushed
her face into the blond patch and gripped Rena's huge breasts as she licked
away. Rena moaned, her arousal on full blast thanks to the trance as Emily
licked away, her hands kneading away at the hypnotized wrestler's breasts as
she continued to lick, her ass out of the water as she knelt on the lower
step, lapping away at Rena with great success as the hypnotized blonde
groaned and began to come onto Emily's face.

After a few more successful orgasms, Emily had Rena put back on her bikini
and sit on the edge of the pool. "Rena, when I snap my fingers, I want you to
count to thirty. When you reach thirty, you'll wake up and not remember
anything of what has happened here. You will remember nothing since the guys
left, nothing at all. I left with them, that is all. Should you ever hear my
voice, and only my voice, say the words 'ring around,' you'll fall back into
this hypnotized state and do what I say."

Emily snapped her fingers and began walking out of the patio and towards
her car, hearing Rena softly count before her. Emily grinned at the thought
of how much fun she and Rena could have together. After hearing her called it
so long, Emily couldn't wait to see how Rena looked in sable.

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