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Sable's Thank You For Edge
A WWF erotic fan-fiction/lemon
by DaxG 2001 (

It was August 30th 1998, and the World Wrestling Federation was holding the
eleventh annual SummerSlam Pay-Per-View event in the world-famous Madison
Square Garden in New York City. Backstage in a darkened room, the mysterious
rookie known only as Edge was sitting on the floor with his back against the
wall, still dressed in his ring attire and seemingly staring at nothing down
at the floor. From the look on his face it didn't look like he'd won tonight.
But he had, a big tag team win as he was revealed as Sable's mystery partner
and they defeated Marc Mero and Jacqueline in impressive style.

The enigmatic Superstar's attention snaps back into reality when the door
into the room opens up, followed shortly by the room light being flicked on.
He covers his eyes with his arm, adjusting to the light, focusing on a
sharply female form coming in.

"There you are!" The smiling form of the most popular woman in the WWF Sable
said as she entered the room. She too was still dressed in her ring attire of
her black `Sable Bomb' T-Shirt that's straining over her huge chest and black
booty shorts that fit snugly to her juicy behind, and her blonde hair is
still tied up in a single long ponytail. "I've been looking all over for you

"For me?" Edge questioned, slowly getting up off the floor.

"Yeah you. You took off through the crowd before I chance to thank you." She
said, waving a finger as she walked towards him. "That's a little rude you

"You needed a partner." He replied in a rather monotone voice. "No thanks are

"Oh that's where you're wrong." She steps up close so she's looking up at the
blonde-haired man. "I think it's only fair that I `thank you`." She puts her
hands on his chest, eyeing him up for a long moment before looking back up
with a smirk. "If you catch my drift."

The enigmatic Edge tilts his head slightly, his eyes narrowing slightly.
"Your proposition is... Interesting."

Sable giggles a little, taking his statement as a yes and running her hands
over his chest, slowly moving downward as she rubs his muscles.

"Oh, it's going to be more than just interesting."

Edge watches as the busty blonde starts to lower herself down, her hands
brushing against his skin as they move down with her. She squats down, knees
far apart and her hands on the waistline of his bottoms so she can lower them
down his toned legs, and her gaze instantly goes to his limp manhood that
makes her lustfully lick her lips. Even now she can tell that he's packing a
monster, which makes her former husband look very inadequate in comparison.

"Let's see what we can do about this..." Sable says with a smirk and a
seductively raised eyebrow, resting her hands on his waist. Lowering her head
forward and downward, the sexy blonde lays a soft kiss right onto his cock,
following with another slightly lower down and then another that's slightly
more open mouthed so more of her lips move over his tool.

The mysterious Edge crosses his arms over his muscular chest, showing
strangely little emotion as the woman who minutes earlier was only a tag team
partner was now planting kisses down his dick at a teasingly slow pace. His
shaft is starting to harden from the touch of her full, pouty lips, but it
doesn't stop her from giving it a nice, long lick all the way up its side to
the top.

She lets out a moan, moving a hand to hold his thickening cock so she can
start stroking it slowly to get him hard even faster. She opens her mouth
slightly, flicking her tongue out to pat it against the large head of his
dick. She looks up, smirking a little at his apparently emotionless
expression. She can tell from his hardening manhood that he's enjoying this,
and she plans on making him really show it. For now though she's content with
lashing her tongue around his dick, going all around the head and lower while
jerking the rest of him with her smooth palm.

But Edge remains silent and unmoving, still looking down and watching the
ultra hot sensation known as Sable stroke and lick him to full hardness, and
now for her efforts she has well over a foot of thick cock which once more
makes her lick her desirable, full lips. She was right about this strong,
silent warrior packing something serious in his pants, and she hopes that her
second thought - that he's a damn good fuck - is also true. But now she wants
to warm him up, maybe even crack into the emotion he hides so well, and for
that it'll take more than a mere handjob and swirling her tongue all around
his bell-end.

Gripping the base to hold his shaft steady, she strokes him slightly before
she lets her oral skills take over. Taking the first few inches of his cock
into her warm and waiting mouth, she presses her plump lips firmly down
around it and wastes no time in getting to work. With a little moan around
his dick she begins to mover her head back and forth over his tool, dragging
her lips smoothly across his shaft as she begins to suck him. Her eyes close,
another moan coming from her but is muffled by the huge six inches of cock
that she's sexily easily handling in her hot mouth, while her hand takes care
of the rest of him by slowly stroking up and down, her fingers lightly
brushing against his balls as she does so.

The studly, handsome Superstar hasn't changed position or expression since
this "thank you" began but he lets himself slightly lick his lips. He's
unsure if she means this as a thank you, or is using him as a revenge fuck
against Marc, but he has no intention of stopping the stunning blonde from
doing what she wants and if that means giving him a great blowjob then so be
it. Her eyes open and the two lock eyes, and she starts to smile around his
tool. She brings her head to a stop with the top few inches still in her
pleasantly damp mouth, but only so she can slightly twist her head from side
to side, grinding her lips around his cock at the same time. Then it's right
back to work, bobbing her head effortlessly along his manhood as she stares
up at him.

She moans around him, usually when she has a Superstar in this position, and
now free from Marc she's been taking full advantage of the effect she has on
men, she's in full control and they melt like butter in her hands and other
parts of her. But Edge wasn't week at the knees at all, still as strong and
silent as ever. She was beginning to wonder if she was in charge here or not.
Not that it bothered her, in fact, it was turning her on.

With one hand gripping his massive shaft by the base, she reaches down
between her squatting legs with the other, slipping it inside her shorts.
Without missing a beat she carries on sucking him deeply into her soothing,
wet mouth with long, audible slurps, all the while moaning around his cock.
Her moans get that much louder when her hand starts to rub her pussy for
added stimulation, encouraging herself to blow him as a sexual thank you.
It's working in both ways, as her fingers get traces of her juices as they
tease the entrance to her tight pussy, and her head is going down deeper and
deeper to take even more of his fat, long cock into her oral hole.

Edge is of course enjoying this. One of the most hottest, busty women in the
world, let along wrestling, is in front of him giving him a blowjob that he
won `t forget in n a hurry. He looks down and his attention is instantly
drawn to her massive, T-shirt covered tits and more specifically her nipples
which are clearly rock hard and trying almost to poke through the material.
Not waiting for an invite to do so, he reaches down with his hand and
squeezes her breast which instantly makes her groan loudly, pushing her chest
forward to encourage him to continue. Taking the physical hint he reaches
down with the other hand and takes a firm hold of it as well so now he's
cupping both of Sable's huge boobs and is fondling them through her shirt.

With a gasp she lifts her head off his shaft, a little trail of saliva
hanging from her luscious lips to his cock that is now slightly dripping from
her oral work. The hand between her legs is well at work now, a couple of
fingers slipped right into her damp box and gently pushing in and out of her.
She lets go of his dick completely, using her hand to first playfully swat
his hands of her tits, both actions making him slightly raise a questioning
eyebrow to which she replies with a seductive smirk. It's soon clear why, as
she pulls up her T-shirt right over her head and tossing it across the room
to release her "Sable Bombs" known as her incredibly large and perfectly
rounded tits in their naked, hard nipple glory. Wasting no time, Edge's hands
go right back onto them with big squeezes and gropes that have the sexy
blonde biting her lip in pleasure. Looking up at him she moans again, her
hand taking a hold of him once more to swiftly jerk him off, rubbing her own
spit all over his tool and into her own soft palm.

Her lips are soon wrapped around his large bell-end once more as she resumes
her original task of blowing his mind with long, lusty slurps all the way up
and down his cock. There's no place for her hand to hold onto now so it rests
on his thigh, as Sable is completely handling all of his thick, over twelve
inches dick inside her mouth with such ease pornstars should be taking notes
on how to do it. She doesn't know what's turning her on more, the fact that
she's taming this monstrous piece of meat entirely inside her mouth, or that
he's playing with her tits far better than any man she can recall in a long
time. Indeed, he's playing with her boobs as he likes, occasionally pushing
them against each other as he cups and squeezes, with attention to her erect
nipples by rubbing them between his fingers with a little pull forward that
she seems to like a lot if the muffled moans around his shaft are any

But the biggest indication of all of her enjoyment is her pumping fingers in
and out of her own snatch, working far more faster into her damp tightness
than even her own head is doing moving back and forth across his dick. It's
all becoming too much for the horny and beautiful female. The combination of
sucking off a man she barely knows and only teamed with minutes before who is
groping her tits like he owns them, and the added pleasure of getting herself
off with her fingers send her over the edge already.

The strong, independent former wife groans loudly, eyes rolling into the back
of her head as she explodes, juices flowing out of her pussy and all over her
fingers, and hand, and her ring shorts which quickly have a noticeable damp
patch on them made no better by her squatting position. Edge lets off playing
with her boobs, watching as her face is almost buried into his crotch as she
groans and moans around him, her large chest heaving for breath as she comes
back down to her.

She slowly lifts her head off of his cock with a gasp as she greedily takes
in air to recover from her orgasm. But before she can even wipe the sweat
that's built up on her forehead, Edge is lowering himself down onto his knees
and now they are at eye-level. Still getting some energy back she just
watches him as he reaches forward between her legs, pulling her hand out from
her shorts and them bringing over to him. She moans as he slowly takes each
finger into his mouth, sucking her own juices clean off of them and even
giving her hand a lick clean for good measure.

Sable starts to grin at the young, mysterious Superstar. "Take me big boy."
She says. "Anyway you and that big cock wants me.

Edge doesn't answer vocally, instead taking her by the waist and then turning
her around so her back is to him. She doesn't need a hint to guess what he
wants so she gets into position, leaning forward so she's on her hands and
knees with her nicely rounded ass sticking slightly up in the air. Reaching
forward again he starts to pull her shorts down her smooth, tanned legs and
is helped out by her lifting each one slightly up so he can pull them right
off her. Now both are naked save only for their ring boots.

Spreading her legs slightly apart, Edge gets right behind her so he can line
up his long, saliva-coated cock with her damp pussy. He teases her for a
moment, tapping the head against her entrance, which makes her moan and look
back with a pleased smirk. He gives the look right back and without warning
pushes himself forward and into her wonderfully tight snatch.

"Oh shit!" She sexily moans, pushing her ass right back against him as she
feels him completely enter her. "Give it to me baby." Her eyes roam over his
well defined body, her long blonde ponytail hanging down beside her neck.

Letting his actions speak louder than words he starts to pump himself in and
out of her at a surprising quick pace which she has clearly no complaints
about as she moans and rocks back against him. His hands hold her by the
waist for grip, as she's showing how horny she is by rocking back against him
more forcefully than his thrusts are. This is allowing him to easily work
into her wetness that despite it's tightness is easily handling his entire
length and size. He allows himself to lick his lips, letting out a moan as he
fucks the tanned and curvy blonde bombshell known as Sable.

"Oh fuck yeah Edge!" She moans, closing her eyes as continues to rock back
against him. "Fuck that pussy you hung stud!"

He grunts, not directly answering her as his hands moving onto her ass to
squeeze her cheeks as he pumps into her with steady thrusts. Her body is
rocking back and forth to meet his pumps into her with her ass so that her
cheeks smack into his toned waist and his balls slap into the underside of
her soaking pussy. This is also making her very large tits swing in time with
her body's movements, swaying as they hang right down along with the end of
her ponytail.

Sable can't believe how good it feels as her snatch is completely filled up
with his cock that shows no signs of letting up or slowing down at all. She
hopes so, as she doesn't want this to stop. The feeling of the thick manhood
pounding her with short, sharp thrusts is too good to miss, and the sound of
skin meeting skin when their bodies connect only turns her on even more.
Looking back with slightly closed, lust filled eyes she smirks at the
pleasured look on his face as he finally gives in to the fucking. She groans
as he continues to slam deep into her, hands roaming across her ass and
thighs while she plays with her own tits, one hand off the locker room floor
to cup and squeeze herself.

Reaching forward, Edge wraps his arms around her waist before leaning back
and pulling her with him, his cock firmly buried into her pussy. She moans as
she finds herself sitting on top of him, her round ass resting on his waist
and her back to him. She licks her lips, leaning back and putting her arms
behind her to rest on the floor for support as she bends her knees so her
lower legs rest on the floor as well. She doesn't get any time to move as he
takes over, starting to pump his hips to work his cock in and out quickly of
her soaking wet, tight snatch, creating a loud, smacking sound when skin
meets skin.

She moans loudly, lifting herself up and down with her leg strength to lift
her pussy up when he pulls out, and then dropping down sharply when he slams
up. He's moaning as well, his balls slapping up against her crotch when his
thrusts upward, his hands firmly holding her by the waist to keep her in
place. She closes her eyes, mouth open and a stream of lustful moans pouring
out as she tilts her head back, not even caring if anyone passing by hears
their fucking. She knows she can't last for much long, a sexy layer of sweat
now covering the tanned, curvy body of the attention grabbing blonde.

The fat, over foot long cock hammering into her pussy as if it was trying to
drill for oil is pleasure enough, but when Edge moves his hands up to grab
her breasts it's the final straw for her. She moans deeply, unable to contain
herself anymore as she explodes to the combination of the pounding cock in
her love hole and the hands rubbing and squeezing her massive tits. Her pussy
clamps around it perhaps tighter than it has to any dick or sex toy before in
her life, and a tidal wave-like downpour of juices starts to escape from her.
Edge groans as he feels her explode, completely covering his shaft as it
pours down it and onto his crotch and balls, coating them as well.

He doesn't give any warning, just a deep, low grunt the only signal that he's
reached his peek before he blows his load deep inside her. She gasps and
moans as she feels big shots of jizz blast up into her, his dick not stopping
thrusting for a moment as he releases into her, his hands still groping her
boobs as he does so. She licks her lips as she grinds her snatch against his
tool as he slows down his movements, the last drops spurting out into her as
her pussy loosens its grip and his cock begins to soften. With a more than
satisfied sigh Sable looks down as sees his cock fall limp from her dripping
snatch, covered in both her juices and his own cum. Catching her breath she
leans right back to lay on top of Edge, moaning softly as he cups her tits
gently as they both come down from their sexual peaks.

"I was supposed to be thanking you..." Sable is able to get out between

A large, toothy grin forms on his face. "You're welcome, and you're
welcome to thank me again sometime..."

* * *

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