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Saved By A SuperHero
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a WWE Raw/Heat taping in the summer of 2005, the green-haired resident
SuperHero of the WWE, The Hurricane is walking with Christy Hemme to the
back after saving her from a vicious assault from the psycho-diva Victoria.
Hurricane, wearing his black mask and bright green tights helps Christy walk
to the trainers room, "Citizen Christy, you must be more careful, Victoria
is a very dangerous villain..." Hurricane says in his usual dramatic-pause
speaking style.

Christy is breathing heavily as the red-haired vixen was just assaulted and
man-handled by the dangerous Victoria. Christy, who's dressed in a short
white dress that's connected to a white strapped top, smiles "Oh Hurricane!
Thank you so much!" Christy says as The Hurricane helps her down the hallway.

"It is my pleasure to assist you Citizen Christy..." Hurricane replies with
a smile, "As they say, a SuperHero's work is never done..."

Christy smiles a bit as she gets a sly smirk on her face "So...what do you
SuperHero's do in your spare time, then?"

Hurricane smiles, "We look over crime reports... read comic books... try and
stay ahead of evil doers everywhere..." Hurricane says as they reach the
trainer's room. Hurricane pushes the door open and helps the sexy redheaded
diva into the room.

Christy smiles again as she enters the trainer's room to find it completely
vacant "So...ummm Hurricane..." Christy says as he helps her up to sit on the
medical table.

"Yes Citizen Christy?" Hurricane asks as he walks into the trainer's room and
lets the door close behind him, "Do you have more question about the life of
a SuperHero?"

"Mmm...oh yes I do" Christy replies with an energetic smile as she places her
hands on her waist as she sits on top of the medical table.

"Then ask your questions...normally I save interviews... for Ace Reporter
Gregory Helms...." Hurricane says as he refers to his alter ego and secret
identity. "Just... let me secure the room..." Hurricane adds as he locks
the door, which is the only way in and out of the trainer's room.

Christy licks her lips as she locks her eyes on his nice, muscular chest
" does the damsel in distress thank the SuperHero, properly?"

Hurricane thinks for a long moment before answering, "That is... quite an
unexpected question... normally a damsel in distress thanks the SuperHero
by saying thank you..."

Christy smiles as she shakes her fiery red hair from side to side "But that's
no fun..." Christy says as she cutely and playfully pouts.

"Maybe it's not fun.... but normally I am rushing off to save the day..."
Hurricane says as he smiles at the attractive redhead.

Christy shrugs her shoulders "Well you're not saving the day now..." Christy
says as she eases herself off of the medical table and stands in front of
RAW's resident SuperHero, The Hurricane. Christy casually presses her body
up against his body "Hurricane...I really want to thank you for saving me."

Hurricane raises an eyebrow behind his mask and puts his hands on his hips,
"Citizen Christy... I believe you just did thank me..." Hurricane replies as
he seems a bit confused as Christy presses her body against his.

Christy shakes her head with a soft smile "No...I REALLY...want to thank
you..." Christy says as she gently presses the palm of her left hand against
The Hurricane's crotch.

Hurricane gets a smile on his face as he feels Christy's hand, "Oh... I
see... normally... Iwould not... have... time to accept... this kind of
gratitude... but... my sidekick Rosey can handle things.... for a while..."

Christy smiles "Excellent!" The fiery red head says energetically as she
steps back a bit, before lowering herself down onto her knees in front of
the resident SuperHero .

Hurricane looks down at the hot redheaded diva and licks his lips, "I see...
you... are looking forward.... to thanking me..."

Christy nods her head as she looks up at The Hurricane "Mmmm...oh yes, I want
to thank you so much!" Christy says excitedly as she places her hands up on
The Hurricane's waist and begins to lower his black and green wrestling

As Christy lowers his black and green wrestling tights, the green-haired
SuperHero's Hurri-terrific ten-inch cock springs free when she gets his
tights down far enough. "I am... looking forward to you thanking me Citizen
Christy..." Hurricane says as Christy gets his tights down to his feet, and
he steps out of them.

Christy licks her lips as she locks her eyes on his nicely sized SuperHero
cock "Mmm.... ohhh me too... me too" Christy as the red-haired vixen reaches
forward and takes The Hurricane's cock into her soft, smooth hands and begins
to stroke his Hurri-cock.

The masked SuperHero puts his right hand on top of the trainer's table while
he looks down to watch Christy's hands move back and forth as she pumps his
cock with her hands. "Ohhh... wowsers..." Hurricane moans as Christy steadily
strokes his shaft. Christy smiles as she looks up at The Hurricane, while
stroking his cock at a smooth and continual pace. Christy tightens her hands
around his shaft as her soft palms rub against the skin of his cock. The
green-haired former Cruiserweight Champion grits his teeth together as
Christy squeezes his thick Hurri-cock with her hands. "Mmmmm Citizen
Christy... I appreciate the way you are thanking me..."

Christy laughs a little "If you like that...then you'll love this..." Christy
says before she opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head down on The
Hurricane's cock. Christy takes The Hurricane's cock into her warm mouth and
wraps her soft lips around his cock. The energetic redhead begins to bob her
head slowly on The Hurricane's cock as she starts to gently lap her tongue
around his cock.

Hurricane licks his lips as the attractive foxy diva sucks and slurps on his
ten-inch pole, " you... are quite correct...." Hurricane moans
as he tilts his head back and closes his eyes. Christy locks her soft,
seducing eyes with The Hurricane as she bobs her head happily on his cock as
she starts twirls and twists her tongue against his cock as she begins to bob
her head quicker, taking his cock deeper into her wet mouth. RAW's resident
SuperHero puts his left hand on top of Christy's head and flips her bright
head hair back, "Ahhh... whew.... I should... rescue... you... more often..."
Hurricane moans as he begins breathing heavier. Christy tightens her lips as
she takes The Hurricane's cock deeper into her warm mouth as she slaps his
cock with her tongue and her warm, wet saliva. The fiery redhead moans softly
against his cock as she sucks his Hurri-cock swiftly. The Hurricane takes his
right hand off of the trainer's table and lifts his mask up a bit before
resetting it back in place to hide his secret identity. "Whew... geeze...
you're... really... know... how... to... thank... a SuperHero..." Hurricane
moans as he thrusts his dick forward by moving his hips.

Christy slowly lifts her head up with a excited smile as her warm saliva
drips down his hard, rigid shaft "Oh Hurricane! I so ready for good, hard...

Hurricane licks his lips, "So am I Citizen Christy... but first... lets
remove your garments before... they become ruined..." Hurricane says as he
helps Christy get up to her feet. The green-haired SuperHero pushes the
straps of Christy's white dress off of her shoulders and begins lifting her
dress up over her head. Christy smiles as she raises her arms up and The
Hurricane lifts the short white dress off of her now completely nude, tanned
and stunning body. "Holy Jumping Beans..." Hurricane exclaims as he looks at
Christy's perfectly tanned body. He drops her short white dress down onto
the floor as he looks at her solid tits and her shiny smooth pussy. "Wow...
you are Hurri-Tastic...."

Christy licks her lips as flips her fiery red hair back "Mmmm Hurricane...I
want to thank you...real bad!" Christy says energetically as she bounces

Hurricane smiles as he lifts Christy up and sits her on the trainer's table,
"I think that I will be thanking you soon Citizen Christy..." The SuperHero
says as he spreads Christy's legs apart and stands between them. Hurricane
grips his cock and slides the head of his cock against Christy's smooth wet
pussy before pushing it in.

Christy grits her teeth as she tilts her head back "Mmmmm ohhh Hurricane!"
The Hurricane lays his strong hands on Christy's legs as he thrusts his cock
back and forth as he drills Christy's hot tight pussy. The talented high
flyer times all of his thrusts so that each one is short, swift and hard and
makes Christy want more. Christy wraps her smooth legs tightly around his
waist and starts to grind her pussy against his thrusting Hurri-cock "Ohhhh
ohhhhh Hurricane!" Christy moans.

The Hurricane grits his teeth, "Ahhhh... Citizen... Christy... you... are
so... Hurri-Tight..." Hurricane grunts as he slams his cock deeper and harder
into her pussy. As sweat starts to roll down his forehead and over his mask,
The Hurricane suddenly takes his mask off and flings it across the room.

Christy wraps her arms around The Hurricane's neck as she slightly pushes
herself off of the medical table. The fiery redhead then begins to bounce
smoothly on The Hurricane's cock as he stands "Ohhhh ahhhh yesss Hurricane!"

"Ahhh... awww...." Hurricane wraps his arms tightly around Christy's body so
that her tits are pressing right against his chest. As Christy bounces on his
dick, her tits move up and down against the front of his body.

Christy grits her teeth as she starts to slam down harder on The Hurricane's
hard, rigid cock "Ohhhhh mmmm....ohhhh...awww yesss!" Christy moans in
ecstasy as she begins to sweat.

The Hurricane turns around so his back is against the trainer's table.
"Ohhh my... goodness... Citizen... Christy... you... are... very... uhhhh...
grateful...." Hurricane groans as he leans back onto the table so that he's
laying on it with his legs hanging off the edge.

Christy grits her teeth back as she grinds her pussy sharply down on his
cock as sweat flies off of her tan, stunning body "Mmmm ohhhh Hurricane"
Christy moans as she tilts her head back and begins to gently cum against
The Hurricane's hard Hurri-cock.

The Hurricane bites his tongue as he feels Christy's pussy clamp down on his
cock as her warm cum flows all over his dick as she slows down her momentum.
"Ohhh... damn... Citizen... Christy... can... you... thank me... a little bit
more... with your... mouth..." The sweat covered SuperHero asks with a moan.

"Mmmmm...anything for you my hero!" Christy moans happily as she locks her
soft, seducing eyes with the resident SuperHero.

"Ohhh thank you...' Hurricane says as he looks into Christy's eyes and
smiles. He puts his hands on Christy's waist and lifts her off of his
throbbing ten-inch cock. Christy licks her lips as she flips her fiery
red hair back and kneels down once again in front of the SuperHero. The
Hurricane sits up on the trainers table before scooting off of it. He
puts his hands behind him and on the smooth trainer's table, as his
throbbing stiff dick points straight at Christy, waiting for her touch.
Christy closes her eyes as she opens her warm mouth and leans her head
into his throbbing cock. Christy wraps her soft lips around his cock
and starts to gently bob her head against his cock as she sucks on his
hard Hurri-cock.

The Hurricane rolls his head back before looking up at the ceiling, "Awww...
oh my... goodness.... ahhhh Citizen... Christy...." Hurricane moans as he
begins to cum inside of the hot redheaded diva's warm moist mouth, giving her
a mouthful of his warm spunk. Christy softly moans against The Hurricane's
cock as she rubs the underbelly of his cock with her wet tongue, while his
warm Hurri-cum sprays into her wet, warm mouth.

The Hurricane's eyes roll back a bit as he finishes cumming inside of
Christy's mouth. He slowly eases his cock out past her lips, and his
shaft is covered in a mix of her saliva and his warm cum. "Mmmm...
whew... wowsers...." Hurricane says with a smile on his face.

Christy licks her lips as she tilts her head back "Mmmm...Ohhh Hurricane,
you're my hero!"

Hurricane smiles, "Citizen Christy.... I, the Hurricane... am going to
make... it a priority... to... save you... more often..."


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