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Scared Of Stephanie?
by EroticaWriter (

Stephanie McMahon was ready to toss the glass against the wall. The papers
were having a field day with the previous night's Raw and it was starting to
tick her off.

She was just about to toss the glass when there was a knock on the door.

The man who walked into Stephanie's office was someone she never expected to
see in there.

"Well never expected to see you."

"Cut the act Scarlett" he replied sitting down infront of her desk.

"You are really taking a chance talking to me like that," she said.

He held up his hand to show her it wasn't even shaking. "Do I look afraid?"
he asked.

Standing up she moved behind him leaning down to whisper in his ear. "You
should be scared."

Slowly he stood up starting to walk towards her.

"What are you doing?" she asked starting to back up.

He simply smiled continuing to move toward until she was backed up against
the wall.

"I'm going to show you that punk Triple H dosen't know the first thing about
pleasing a sexy seductive woman like you," he said sliding a finger down
between her breasts.

Closing her eyes she moaned softly. "Please..."

He began to unbutton her blouse. "Please what Stephanie?" he asked moving to
lean down and kiss her neck.

Stephanie's arms moved around his neck,and he slid one hand down spreading
her legs apart.

The gasp when his finger found her spot was like music to his ears.

"You like to be touched there don't you?" he asked slipping another finger
inside of her.

She looked into his eyes. "I want you inside of me" she said moving to remove
her bra and step out of her skirt and lacy panties.

Standing there he stared at her for a moment as if he couldn't beleive what
she just said, but hey he wasn't about to turn the billion dollar princess

Quickly shedding his clothes he moved to lay down next to her sliding a
finger around her breast.

She watched as he once again moved the finger down between her breasts and
over her stomach.

"Ever wonderd what it would be like to cum so hard you scream?" he asked
sliding the finger up and down her slit slowly.

Stephanie licked her lips looking into his eyes. "Dammit quit teasing!"

"Ohhh a hot and bothered billion dollar princess...I can take care of
that"he said moving between her legs.

The moment he slid inside of her she arched up off the floor crying out as
he fully filled her.

"Yes...oh your so big"she said as he began to move inside of her sliding his
hands under her.

"Your so wet sweetheart"he said moving to rub her breast.

Moving onto her elbows he watched her as he pounded away at her sweet pussy.

Suddenly she felt her orgasam come over her and she cried out. "Yes...that's
it..." she said as he kept pushing against the sweet spot.

The scream was torn from her when he moved to suck on her nipple while
claiming erotic control of her body.

He felt his own release fill her and once they both were fibnished he moved
to kiss her softly.

"How was it?" she asked smilling.

Moving to kiss her again he thought for a moment before replying "Damn!"

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