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School's In Session
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the set of Mr. Striker's Classroom 'Teacher' segments for, Raw's
top interviewer Maria is having some fun, drawing cute little animals and
various other pictures on the chalkboard. She has been at it for a while and
has every inch of the chalkboard with some sort of picture on it. As she's
in her own little world, Matt Striker, or rather Mr. Striker, steps on to
the set, dressed in khaki slacks, a sweater vest and light blue button shirt.
He doesn't notice Maria at first, but when he does, he raises an eyebrow.

"What do you think you're doing?" He asks in a slightly booming voice that'll
shock anyone who isn't paying attention to what's going on around them.

Maria jumps at the sound of Matt Striker's voice as she drops the piece of
chalk onto the floor. Maria turns around with a weak smile "Hi Matt!" Maria
says in an up-beat tone, dressed in a short light pink skirt and a matching
light pink tank top.

"That's MISTER Striker..." Striker looks at the chalkboard and then at Maria,
"Why are you desecrating school property?" He asks with what can be described
as an annoyed look on his face.

Maria scrunches her nose up "It''s...just part of set.." Maria says
with a squeak in her voice "I...was only trying to make it look pretty..."
Maria says with a nod and a cute smile.

"This... is on loan... by the Board of Education..." Striker's face turns a
bit red as he waves his finger at her, "You... You... got detention...
starting right now."

Maria looks a bit confused "A...detention?"

Striker nods his head, "That's right... you're going to learn a lesson..."
He then picks up two chalkboard erasers and hands them to her, "And you can
start by erasing the chalkboard right now."

"But...all my pictures..." Maria says with a slight smile.

Striker folds his arms as he looks at her sternly for a moment, but his
demeanor does soften a bit when he sees her smile, "Erase them... or else...
I'll have to punish you a different way."

"" Maria asks.

Striker actually ponders it for a moment, then he smirks, "You can...
Hmmmm...." Striker thinks about it for a few more moments, "You can... You
can make your Teacher happy."

Maria smiles a bit " do I do that?"

Striker slightly licks his lips, "Well..." He pauses to clear his throat,
"You can... get down on your knees."

Maria looks at Striker giving him his full attention "Ok...and what else?"
Maria asks as she gets down onto her knees.

"Now... let's see... take off that... adorable little tank top... I don't
want it to get ruin," Striker says as he leans back against a teacher's desk
that's behind him.

Maria smiles "Ok..." She then slowly lifts her top off of her body, exposing
her perfectly round and perky tits. Maria looks up with a smile "How's...that
Mr. Striker?"

"Very good Maria..." Striker smirks as he unbuckles his belt. "Now... I want
you to..." Striker pauses as he undoes the button on his slacks. He pushes
them down slightly. Striker smiles at her, "I want you to pull my pants and
briefs down."

Maria eyes widen "Are you sure!?"

"I'm positive... this is part of your punishment... unless you want to be in
detention," Striker pulls his sweater-vest up over his head to take it off,
but he leaves his button shirt on.

Maria sighs as she slowly pulls down Striker's khaki pants and his briefs as
in semi-hard cock pops out into Maria's face "Ohh...boy!"

"I'm impressed follow instructions very well..." Striker smiles
to show his approval as he reaches forward pat her on the head, "And I see
you like what was hiding underneath."

Maria licks her lips slightly as she smiles "I....I..I do Mr. Striker."

Striker smirks a bit, "Good... now... why don't you make your teacher...
very happy." Maria nods her head as she grips Striker's cock into her cold
hands and begins to move her right hand up and down against his shaft as she
strokes his cock, while holding his cock steady with her left hand.

"Mmmmm..." Striker closes his eyes, "That's it... mmmm... your hands get an
A+" He moans as he moves a hand through her soft brown hair. Maria smiles up
at Striker, before she opens her mouth and takes his cock into her warm,
moist mouth. She gently wraps her lips around the head of Striker's cock and
begins to slowly bob her head on his cock as she cups his ballsack with her
left hand and begins to massage his ballsack, while she sucks.

"Ohhhh golly gee..." Striker moans as he feels Maria's soft tongue slide
against the bottom of his cock. 'That's it Maria... that's perfect..."
Striker opens his eyes to look down at her as if he's grading her
performance. Maria twirls Striker's cock around in her mouth as she moves
her left hand from his ballsack and up to his shaft. Maria loosens the
grip of her luscious lips and begins to take more of Striker's decent
sized cock into her warm mouth. Maria starts bobbing her head quickly on
his stiff cock.

"Ahhh yes..." Striker licks his lips as he moves his hips back and forth to
get a bit more of his cock past Maria's soft lips. He places his hands on
Maria's head and lightly pulls his cock out of her mouth. "That... was very
impressive... Maria..." Striker is breathing a bit heavy as he bends down a
bit to help Maria up to her feet.

Maria laughs cutely "You really think so, Mr. Striker?"

"Of course... I'm giving you an A on your... oral presentation," Striker
smiles at her as he steps away from the desk, "Now Maria... are you ready
for the next part of your punishment?"

Maria looks down, scrunching her nose up "Mr. Striker...I'm really...sorry
about...drawing on your chalk board."

"Of course you are..." Striker steps behind her and he lowers her pink skirt
slowly while he gently pushes her forward so she's bending over the desk.

Maria looks over her shoulder, confused "Mister…Striker...what are you

"Making sure you learn your lesson..." Striker replies as he lightly spanks
her ass once with his right hand while he reaches between her legs to rub her
pussy with his left hand.

Maria's body tingles "Ohhhhh..." Maria moans as she feels Striker's hand
brush against her smoothly shaven pussy.

"Are you sorry for what you did Maria?" Striker asks as he slowly moves his
hand back and forth against her pussy before he teases her by sliding one
finger against her pussy lips.

Maria looks back and nods her head "Yeah...Mr. Striker...I am.."

"I'm not so sure..." Striker smirks as he moves his hand away from her pussy
and he grips his cock. He presses his cock against her pussy and then he
pushes his cock into her slowly. Striker places his hands on both sides of
her hips as he slowly thrusts in and out of her.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhh...mmmm...Mr. Striker.." Maria moans.

"Ohhhh yea.... I beat you're... really sorry now..." Striker groans as his
steadily quickens his thrusts. He pulls her back against him to get some
extra leverage to drill her pussy with extra force.

Maria closes her eyes as she lays her front half down against the desk
"Mmmmm...Mr. Striker...I have been bad..." Maria says with a laugh as she
starts to slowly push back against Striker's cock, ravaging her warm pussy.

Striker grunts as he slams his cock harder into her warm pussy, "Yes, you
have been a very bad girl..." Striker pulls out of her pussy and pushes her
up onto the desk. When he sees Maria look at him with a confused look,
Striker climbs up on the desk behind her, "Get on all fours Maria..."

Maria smiles "Ok..." She says in an up-beat town as she bends down onto her
hands, while sitting on her knees.

"My, my, you're so well behaved..." Striker smiles as he guides his cock
into her asshole gently. Once he's halfway inside her, Striker pulls back out
slightly and rams his dick all the way into her asshole.

"Ohhh my...gosh!" Maria yells as her body jolts forward on the desk.

"Sweet Mary and Joseph..." Striker grunts as he fucks her with every thing
he's got. He leans forward and wraps his arms around her body. Maria gently
pushes her cute little ass back against Striker's cock as sweat drips off of
her tanned, smooth skinned body.

"Mmmm yes... that's it Maria..." Striker moans before he rolls over with her
so that now she's on top of him, facing up. He places her hands on her hips
and pushes her up and down on his cock as well as thrusting up into ass every
few moments. Maria grits her teeth as she bounces on Striker's cock, taking
more of his cock into her sweet ass each time she comes down on his cock.

"Ohhh yes..." Striker closes his eyes and moves his hands way from Maria's
body so she can bounce on him under her own power. "That's it... make your
teacher happy..." Striker bites down on his own tongue as he feels himself
approaching his peak.

Maria begins bouncing quicker on Striker's cock inside of her asshole
"Mmmmm...ohhh...Mr.…make me…so hot.."

"You're... a good... student..." Striker moans as he starts to cum inside of
Maria's asshole. Striker's own cum acts a bit of a lubricant, making it even
easier for Maria to bounce on his dick.

Maria's eyes roll over in lust "Mmmm...Mr. Striker..." She says as she lays
back against his sweaty chest, after slowing down and eventually coming to a
stop on his cock.

Striker wraps his arms around her sweaty body, holding her on top of him, he
moves his head to the right so he can whisper into her right ear, "I hope you
learned your lesson."

Maria smiles "I...think I have..." Maria laughs cutely "If you...want an
A...sleep with the teacher."


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