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Scoop Of The Year
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After his first interview on Smackdown, the new Cruiserweight Champion of
the World, Gregory Helms is walking around the backstage area with an
arrogant smirk on his face. Dressed in a pink button down shirt and slacks,
Helms drapes his title belt over his shoulder as he looks around seeing the
backstage workers going about their business. "Pathetic... Raw does this so
much better..." He says to himself as he turns and walks back to the
interview area so he can backtrack his steps to his new private locker room.
Helms takes off his sunglasses and looks around, "All right... where the
hell is locker room area..." Helms says to himself, this time in frustration
of the backstage layout for the Smackdown brand.

Helms places his hands on his hips and sighs as he turns around to look back
down the hallway he came; however, when he turns he comes face to face with
SmackDown Correspondent, Kristal Marshall, with a microphone in her left
hand as she dressed in a black pair of pants and long sleeved, tan colored,
buttoned up blouse. Kristal smiles and raises her left hand up with her
microphone as she puts her black rimmed glass on "Excuse me...Gregory..."
Kristal says as she place her right hand on her hip.

"What do you want?" Helms asks with a bit of an attitude as he takes his
cruiserweight title off of his shoulder and cradles it with his right arm.

Kristal bites down on her bottom lip and takes a deep breath "Well Gregory,
if you didn't mind...I would like to continue that interview...since Nunzio
interrupted us before."

Helms smirks a bit, "You're looking for a big scoop to impress the peanut
head in charge around here."

Kristal nods her head a bit. "Well...yes I am," Kristal says as she raise the
microphone up higher "So...If you don't mind...why did you come to SmackDown,

"To show off my ability... to prove to the world that I'm not a joke..."
Helms answers as he look down the hall. "And right now, I'd like to find my
damn locker room so I can get the hell out of this crap town."

Kristal looks away for a moment and then clears her throat "I still have one
more question for you Gregory..." Kristal replies boldly.

Helms exaggerates when he exhales and looks back at Kristal, "This better be
good... what is it and make it quick."

"I have to ask...why the new attitude?"

Helms raises an eyebrow, "What type of question is that? I was the nice guy
for four long years... and what did it get me? Nothing! Enough was enough and
it was time for a change."

Kristal nods her head and slowly turns away "I understand..."

"Good..." Helms says as he turns to walk away but then stops. "Hey..." He
turns and looks back at her, "If you know where my locker room is... you can
get more of an exclusive."

Kristal stops and turns around slightly, she smiles "I believe it's down to
the left."

"Thank you..." Helms smiles a bit and starts to walk down the hall. He stops
when he realizes Kristal isn't behind him. He looks over his shoulder at her,
"Aren't you coming?"

Kristal raises her eyebrow "You want me to come with you?"

"You want a big interview don't you?" Helms asks as he replies with a
question that he already knows the answer too.

Kristal begins to slowly follow Helms in the direction of his locker room
until she finally catches up with him. Kristal smiles "Ohh...I would love a
big interview..."

Helms gets a smirk on his face as he pushes the door to his locker room
open when he reaches it, "I bet you would..." Helms holds the door open for
Kristal and he closes it behind her once she's in his locker room. Helms
grins as he sees the look on her face as she sees the luxury accommodations
he has in his locker room. "So what's your first question?" He asks as he
lays his Cruiserweight title on top of a table next to a large bowl of fruit.

Kristal looks a bit confused as for the first time in her interviewing career
that she's actually thrown off "Well...ummm...I...don't know."

"You don't know?" Helms takes off his sunglasses and sets them on top of
his title belt. He then starts to unbutton his shirt, "Aren't you the head
interviewer here on Smackdown?"

Kristal raises her eyebrow as she looks at Helms unbuttoning his shirt.
Kristal points at him with her left hand "Umm...excuse me, what are you

"What a good question..." Helms laughs a bit as he untucks his shirt from
his pants, "I'm taking off my shirt..." Helms slides his shirt off after
unbuttoning the last button, revealing his decently developed upper body.

Kristal bites down on her bottom lip as she takes a few quick glances at
Helms "May I ask why?"

"So I can change into other clothes that are more comfortable to travel in,"
Helms answers as he starts to unbuckle his expensive looking belt. He looks
over at Kristal and catches her glancing at him and smirks, "Keep those
questions coming."

Kristal looks away from Helms and takes a deep breath "Ok...Kristal stay
professional..." She says to herself, mildly aloud before turning back to
Helms "Ok...Gregory, do you...feel there is any threat to you in the
Cruiserweight Division?" Kristal asks as she tries to keep her eyes off of

"Are you kidding me?" Helms laughs as he pulls his belt through the loops
to remove it from his pants. "None of these punks has what it takes to be
a threat to me. They all wrestle the same way and none of them has half my
talent." Helms unbuttons his trousers and unzips them as he kicks off his
shoes. Kristal's eyes slowly move down to the crotch of Helms's pants, she
licks her lips as she anticipates his next move. "I mean come on... Kid
Kash? He has a total nonstop attitude problem... Jamie Noble is trailer
park trash... Funaki? He doesn't even speak English let alone wrestle
anywhere as good as I can..." Helms says, continuing to answer Kristal's
question as he starts to lower his trousers, revealing his dark green

Kristal's breathing gradually becomes heavy as her eyes lock on Helms's
boxers. Kristal licks her lips again as she takes a deep breath "Ok...I
have another question for you..." Kristal takes another breath "May I suck
your cock..." Kristal opens her mouth in shock after she says it, since
she didn't really want to say that out loud.

Helms looks at Kristal and smirks as she covers her face in embarrassment.
He licks his lips and places his hands on his hips as he considers how to
take advantage of what Kristal just said. In a moment a thought pops into
his head, "Hmmmm.... looks like you want a real exclusive story..." Helms
says, "But to answer your question... yes you can."

Kristal laughs a little as her face turns bright red in embarrassment "I
didn't mean that..."

"Sure you didn't..." Helms smirks, "I saw you looking at me... you want
something big... and I got it."

Kristal looks down and nods her head slightly " caught me."

Helms licks his lips, "Let me show you what you'll be working with...." He
laughs a bit as he starts to lower his green boxer-briefs, freeing his fat
nine-inch long cock.

Kristal eyes widen and licks her lips at the sight of Helms's cock "Oh...
wow..." Kristal laughs a little "'re packing a mighty tool

"Thank you..." Helms smirks as he wraps his right hand around his fat shaft.
He begins stroke to his cock slowly as he look at her and motions for her to
come to him with his left hand, "Why don't you come a little closer... and
take off that blouse." Kristal nods her head slowly as she begins to step
towards Helms while she starts to button her tan colored blouse, starting at
the top button. Helms smirks at her and he sits down on the leather couch.
He spreads his legs apart so Kristal has room. He licks his lips again as he
sees Kristal's skin become more exposed as she slowly unbuttons her blouse.
"And take your pants off too... I want to see all of you... before you get
the big scoop."

Kristal smiles and nods her head as she opens up her blouse revealing her
nicely round, braless tits. Kristal slides her blouse off of her silky dark
skinned body and begins to push down her black pants. Once her pants are
down her legs she steps out of her pants and leaves her high heels on. She
then gets down on her knees in front of Helms and grips his cock with her
right hand. She instantly lowers her head and begins to glide her tongue
against the head of Helms's cock. Helms leans back on the couch and places
his hands behind his head as he cock throbs in Kristal's hand. "Mmmmm....
nice tongue action..." Greg moans as he watches her.

Kristal begins to gently pats her tongue against the head of Helms's cock as
she circles her tongue around the tip. Kristal soon moves her wet and warm,
saliva drenched tongue down the left side of Helms's shaft. "Ohhhh yeah....
that's how you do it..." Helm's moans a bit louder as he feels Kristal's warm
saliva drip down the underside of his cock and down onto his large balls.
Kristal slowly maneuvers her tongue back up Helms's long and stiff shaft as
she reaches the tip of his cock, she opens her warm mouth and devours his
cock into her moist mouth. Kristal wraps her soft lips tightly around his
cock and starts to slowly bob her head up and down as she begins to suck his
cock. Helms moves a hand from behind his head and slides it through Kristal's
hair. "Mmmmm... you... got a hot mouth Kristal..." He closes his eyes and
leans his head back as he starts to breath a bit heavy.

Kristal opens her mouth wider as she takes more of Helms's cock into her warm
mouth, starting to bob her head quicker up and down on his cock. She begins
to twist and twirl her tongue against his cock as it's inside of her mouth.
"Ahhhhh.... shit..." Helms continues to verbalize his pleasure as he brings
his other hand from behind his head and lightly takes a handful of Kristal's
hair as he begins to lightly thrust his hips to push his cock deeper into her
mouth. Kristal slowly lifts her head up from Helms's cock, causing some of
her saliva to drip out of her mouth and onto the head of his cock. Kristal
smiles up at Helms as she gets up from her knees and gets onto the couch with

Helms smirks at her as he turns a bit on the couch. He places his hands on
Kristal's hips and he turns her slightly before he pushes her to lay down on
her back. "This is going to be your biggest scoop yet..." Helms licks his
lips as he spreads her legs so he can slide his shaft into her tight wet

Kristal grits her teeth as she lifts her head up, watching Helms slowly guide
his shaft into her tight pussy "Ohhhh...mmmmm..." Kristal moans as Helms's
cock enters her pussy. Keeping his left hand on Kristal's left leg, Helms
lays his right hand on top of Kristal's right breast as he be starts to pump
his shaft in and out of her pussy at a slowly teasing pace, making Kristal
feel every inch of his fat cock move in and out of her pussy. Kristal licks
her lips as she lays her head back on the couch "Ohhhh...Greg..." Kristal
moans with a slight laugh as she gently wraps her smoothly shaven legs around
his waist.

Helms laughs slightly as he slowly starts to pick up the pace, thrusting his
cock into her a bit faster. "You like the... way I fuck you," Helms grunts as
he slides his right hand over Kristal's tit before moving his hand up to her
face to slide his fingers against her lips. Kristal gently flicks her tongue
against Helms's fingers as she lets out a moan of pleasure. Kristal begins to
gently push back against Helms's cock, while at the same time she starts to
sharply grind her pussy against his cock as well. Helms grits his teeth as he
starts to fuck Kristal as hard as he can. Leaning forward, Helms presses his
body down onto Kristal's as he pumps his hips up and down to drive his cock
sharply into her cunt. Helms looks down at Kristal's face and locks eyes with
her before he flicks his tongue down against her lips.

Kristal closes her eyes as she slightly arches her back "Ohhhhhh awww...
fuck!" Kristal moans as he slams his cock deeper into her tight cunt.

"I.... want you on top... for a bit..." Helms tells her before he suddenly
leans backward. He pulls Kristal up with him and turns slightly so he's
sitting on the couch normally with the conservative interview correspondent
on top of his cock. Placing his rather large hands on Kristal's perfect hips,
the reigning Cruiserweight Champion of the World begins bouncing Kristal up
and down on his dick. Kristal tilts her head back as she wraps her arms
around Helms's neck, pressing her chest right into his face. Kristal groans
as she slams down on his throbbing cock. Helms rams his cock upward into
Kristal's tight cunt as he buries his own face between Kristal's tits. He
slides his tongue left and right across her lovely chest as best he can as
he bounces Kristal faster on his cock. Soon, he looks up at Kristal's face
as sweat drips down his own and asks, "Inquiring... minds... want to know...
do you love... getting fucked in the ass?"

Kristal slides her hand through her dark hair as she bounces quickly on
Helms's cock. Kristal grits her teeth with a groan "Ohhhh...I love it!"

Helms licks his teeth as he moves a hand and squeezes one of Kristal's ass
cheeks firmly, "Do you... love it... doggy style too?"

" bet I do.." Kristal says with another groan as she comes
down on Helms's cock.

"Then... get ready.... Kristal..." Helms groans as he pushes Kristal off his
cock and down to the floor. "And shake that ass..." He adds as he takes a
moment to catch his breath.

Kristal smiles as she glances over her shoulder, shaking her nice, round ass
for the eagerly awaiting Gregory Helms. Helms slides off of the couch and
kneels behind Kristal. He places a hand on Kristal's hip as he grips his
shaft and slaps it against her ass cheeks.

"Mmmm... you got a hot looking ass...." Helms says before he pushes his fat
cock into Kristal tight asshole. Kristal licks her lips as she continues to
look back at Helms, watching him thrust his hips, making his cock enter and
exit her tight asshole continually.

Helms places both of his hands on her hips and pulls Kristal back against him
so that his cock enters her asshole more sharply. "Oh yeah... this what I'm
talking about..." Helms grunts as rams his cock as hard as possible into her.

Kristal's delicate body jolts forward after each thrust from Helms "Ohhhhh
fuck!" Kristal moans as she reaches between her legs and gently places her
hand over her moist pussy.

As if reading Kristal's mind, Helms moves his own hand underneath Kristal and
places it over Kristal's hand. He smirks a bit before he grabs Kristal's hand
and makes her rub her wet cunt at quick pace. Continuing to pump his cock
into her asshole, Helms reaches forward and lays a sweaty hand onto Kristal
shoulder, "Ahhhhh... this... is an... awesome... interview...."

Kristal tilts her head back as she begins to cum on her own and Helms's hands
" big...interview!"

"And... it's not... over... yet...." Helms grunts as he pulls his throbbing
cock out of her asshole. He wraps a hand around his fat pulsating cock and
begins to stroke it, not realizing that the gorgeous interviewer is turning
around. Kristal turns completely around and comes face to face with Helms's
cock. Kristal licks her lips before she opens her mouth and surprises Helms
by wrapping her soft lips around the head of his cock. "Ohhhh shit..."
Helms groans loudly as he starts to cum inside of Kristal's warm mouth. He
continues to roughly pump his shaft, making sure Kristal gets every drop of
his hot cum. Kristal laps her tongue around Helms's cock as she swallows
down every last drop of his warm cum.

Helms looks down at Kristal as sweat drips down his face, "I think... you
just... got yourself... a big scoop..."


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