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Scott's Life Long Dream
by Diablo

The alarm clock went off, Scott slammed his fist down on it and the sound
died slowly. It was Sunday, and that night was WWE Summerslam! Scott had
brought the tickets a few months back and was very excited. He had a long way
to go to get there so he had to be up very early. He jumped out of bed and
found the clothes he was going to where on his computer desk, where he had
put them ready the previous night. When he was fully clothed he headed for
the door and downstairs, where he quickly ate his breakfast before setting
off in his car. The drive seemed forever, but eventually Scott got there. He
turned in his ticket and quickly made his way in to the ringside area, where
he found his seat and sat back. He was particularly looking forward to two

The Rock Vs Undertaker Vs Stone Cold


Stacy Keibler vs Torrie Wilson in another bra and panties match!

He was looking forward to these two matches because A) Rock was his
favourite wrestler and B) Stacy Keibler was the hottest bitch on the planet
in Scott's eyes! The other matches weren't too good, all the wrestlers
looked as though they didn't wanna be there and were making some mistakes
which really made the matches poor!

Finally the bra and panties match had come and from the speakers played
Torrie's music, the crowd gave a little cheer as they usually do for the
women and out she came looking very sexy indeed. Stacy's music hit next and
I was in a dream as she stepped through the curtain. I almost blew my load
there, she was wearing a ridiculously short skirt, but hey Scott wasn't
complaining, you could see her extremely long legs and just the bottom off
her nice tanned ass cheeks. Scott had a tent in his trousers and fearing
others might see it he put his coat over himself.

There match was pretty hot all the way through, and right at the end
Torrie had Stacy in her bra, and all of a sudden she ripped Stacy's skirt
off revealing......... Just as it happened everyone in front jumped up and
Scott couldn't see a thing! He tried jumping but to no avail. When all the
fans had finally settled Stacy had gone! Scott sat back down in his seat
very mad and very disappointed. He could hardly watch any more of the show,
not even the Rock's, that Undertaker won in the end.

This might have been Scott's only chance to see Stacy in all her glory,
seeing as Scott was quiet underpaid at work he knew he wouldn't be coming
to another WWE special in awhile. The show was over and fans started getting
up and leaving. Scott had his head in his hands, and when he looked up half
the ringside area was empty! Scott snapped out of it and started to walk
along the isle to where he thought the exit was, he ended up getting lost
backstage wondering around trying to find anyone! But there was no one
around... Just a faint smell of bacteria killer and a few dudley tables with
plastic cups on that had been used in the hardcore match earlier. Scott got
quiet scared now, thinking if Mr. McMahon saw him he would throw him out by
his ears! So Scott started to run down the corridors, trying to find any
sign of the outside world.

At last he found a fire exit and was walking straight to it when he
turned to look at a door he was passing. It had a big Gold star on it and
read "Stacy Keibler" Scott stared at it and smiled then looked at the exit.
He didn't want to be caught, but as he didn't see anything in the bra and
panties, the least he deserved was an autograph. He pressed his ear to the
door and footsteps before Scott knew what was going on the door swung open
and there was the lovely Stacy Keibler, wearing a different extremely short
skirt and a tiny crop top! She jumped back at the sight of Scott bent over
with his ear to the side. She giggled for a minute and then asked,

[Stacy] "Who are you? What are you doing?"

Scott stuttered,

[Scott] "Erm s-s-orry! I'm Scott, I got lost and I found your dressing room
and was... Erm.."

Stacy frowned and then giggled again.

[Stacy] "You got lost then eh? Well that happens, come inside for a minute."

She turned round and started walking off. Scott stared at her ass, the way
it wiggled when she walked drove him crazy. He stepped in nervously and sat
down on the leather couch. He then looked up at Stacy and smiled timidly.

[Stacy] "Right, just hang on there a minute and I will take you out."

I smiled again. I looked round the room, It smelled off a very nice
perfumed and had a nice feel to it. Then suddenly right then and there I
plucked up the courage.

[Scott] "Stacy.... Could I please erm.. Have your autograph?"

Stacy without saying anything turned round and picked up a pen and paper,
she then signed it and gave it to Scott. Stacy then looked at her watch.

[Stacy] "Hey just relax a little more okay? .... Hmm so who is your favourite
wrestler?" Stacy said trying to make conversation.

[Scott] "Well the Rock, but your by far my favourite Diva!"

Stacy blushed a little and asked,

[Stacy] "And whys that?"

[Scott] "Because your so pretty, and your very good in the ring too!"

[Stacy] "Now I know your lying! Lita, Trish, Molly they are all much better
wrestlers than me.

Scott just smiled, he wanted this moment to last forever, just looking
at her was enough for Scott. Stacy went over to her dressing table and
accidentally knocked something off, she bent down to pick it up giving Scott
a full view of her ass! Scott couldn't help but say under his breath,

[Scott] "God that ass is fine..."

Stacy immediately turned round. Scott knew she had heard him and all of
a sudden felt hot, he wished the earth would just open and swallow him up.
Stacy started walking towards Scott, but not in a way as if to say "Get your
ass out now"... But in a calm seductive way.

[Stacy] "I knew you were lying when you said I was great in the ring.. I knew
there was something else. So you like my ass?"

[Scott] "Y-y-yes! I love it!

Stacy laughed and picked Scott up on to his feet. Slowly she leaned in and
kissed Scott on the lips. Scott grabbed her round the waist and soon Stacy's
tongue was deep inside Scott's mouth. Stacy let out a low soft moan, as Scott
moved his hands around and started massaging her ass. They carried on like
this for a couple of minutes when suddenly Stacy broke the kiss. Without
warning she got down on her knees and unzipped Scott's trousers, then quickly
pulled down his boxer shorts. Scotts cock sprung free, it was only a couple
of inches from Stacy's face. Stacy licked her lips.

[Stacy] "So how big is it?"

[Scott] "At least 8 inches"

Stacy wrapped her hand round it and started pumping it, slow at first, and
then faster, slowing down and going faster still. Scott let out a moan of
pleasure as Stacy licked the tip. Then she licked it all the way down to base
and then back to the top. Stacy then put the end in her mouth and started
sucking hard. Scott was in heaven, he had had quiet a few Blowjobs in his
life but all of them put together didn't compare to this! Stacy started
bobbing her head up on down, going abut half way and bring her head all the
way to the tip again. Scott ran his hands through her hair and then grabbed
on to the back off her head. He started face fucking her hard, Stacy realised
his member and let Scott do all the work. Scott was fucking her face like
mad, she was taking it all the way down to the base and not even gagging.
Soon Scott felt his balls tighten.

[Scott] "Shall I stop, I'm going to cummm!!

But Stacy with all eight inches in her mouth could hardly reply so she
just shuck her head gently.

Scott knew she wanted his load in her mouth so he started to face fuck her
hard and fast, until a big wad of cum shot in to the back of Stacys throat.
Stacy took control again and took the cock out of her mouth and licked
everything that was left on the end of Scotts cock. Scott had a lot more
confidence now and picked Stacy up and lied her down on the dressing table.
Stacy wrapped her legs round Scott, as he pulled off her crop top revealing
her juicy breasts. Scott needed no invitation and wasted no time in burying
his face in them. He felt the left one while sucking the nipple on the right,
he tongue darted out on her nipple like a snake, he then swapped over all
the time Stacy was moaning!

[Stacy] "Oh god yes! Oh fuck! Scott stop, fuck me!

Scott didn't hesitate for a second, he pulled her skirt down and then her
thong. He threw the two items of clothing behind him and admired the view.
Stacy had a clean shaven pussy, and looked so tight! Scott held his rod in
his hands, and then guided it to her pussy. At first he teased her, rubbing
the end up and down her slit, but Stacy couldn't wait any longer so she
wrapped her long sexy legs round Scott's midsection and forced him to
penetrate her! They both let out a huge moan! Stacy put her little finger
in to her mouth and bit down as Scott started to fuck her slowly at first,
but soon Stacy's juices made it easier and Scott was fucking her with great
speed. Stacy was shouting with every thrust.


Scott obliged and started fucking her harder, Stacy grabbed Scott's back
and dug her nails in. Soon Scott had that feeling again and Stacy knew it so
she told him to stop and then led him over to the couch. She then got on her
hands and knees and put her hands on the back of the couch for support. She
turned her head and said..

[Stacy] "So you like my ass eh? How would you like to fuck it? Come on big
boy, come fuck my juicy ass to your hearts content.

[Scott] "Oh god I have dreamed of this for sooooo long!"

Scott got up behind her. He put his hands round her waist and used some of
her pussy juices on the end of his cock and slowly he guided his cock in to
her ass. Stacy let out a little yelp of pain but reassured Scott it was okay.
Scott give Stacys big ass cheeks a few smacks before gripping on to them and
pumping fast! With every pounding her ass cheeks rippled, Scott loved it! The
feeling of her warm ass cheeks against his stomach was too much! But Scott
held out for as long as possible.


Scott ran his hands through her long blonde hair, and then started pulling
it. Stacy's head tipped back with the force allowing Scott to slip his tongue
in to her mouth. It suddenly came to Scott. Here he was, banging Stacy's ass
without a doubt the nicest ass in the business, while kissing her tender
lips! Scott couldn't take it any longer he busted off her in ass. Cum shot in
to Stacy's ass as a loud moan drifted from Stacy. Scott started to slow down.
Until he was wasn't pumping at all. He left his cock in her ass until it was
soft. And then he took it out. Stacy got up and turned round and gave Scott a
sexy smile. They both gave each other a long firm hug.

[Scott] "I better go. I wanna thank you. This has been my life long dream and
you have made it all come true!"

[Stacy] "Thanks. I do anything for BIG fans. Now go, Vince will be here any

Stacy kissed Scott and then walked off to the shower. Scott turned round
and gave out a small "YESS!" He was just about to step out the door when he
stepped on something soft. He looked down and saw it was Stacy's white thong.
Scott smiled and picked it up, threw it in the air caught it and put it in
his pocket. He then chuckled and left the dressing room. Stacy had forgot
that she had to show Scott out, but Scott remembered the fire exit and left.
And just in time too, as Vince came round the corner!

The End

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