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Sealing The Deal
by Josh (

We set the scene after WWF Smackdown, Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon had
announced their business partnership in the ring before being run off by
Triple H. Jericho and Stephanie had run backstage and locked themselves in
Stephanie's private dressing room...

"Damn, Triple H really kicked my ass out there tonight," Chris started.

"Don't worry about, Chris. Hunter won't know what hit him at WrestleMania,
there's no way you'll lose that Undisputed Championship," said

"You know, Stephanie, I'm really happy that we could come to this business

"It's great but we haven't sealed the deal yet."

"What'd you mean?"

"I think this is a deal that needs to be sealed ... with a kiss!"

Chris brushed Stephanie's hair aside with his hand then leaned in and the
two shared a kiss. Stephanie stepped back, licking her lips, still locking
eyes with Chris.

"Your lips are so soft, and they taste so good," Chris said softly.

"Thank you, you're not a bad kisser yourself. Well, I guess the deal is
sealed then," Stephanie replied and started to leave but Chris stopped her.

"Stephanie, wait ... I just wanted to tell you that the only reason I made
fun of you was because I wanted you so badly," he said.

"I have a confession to make, too. I only hated you because I was married
and I couldn't have you."

"Well, you're not with him anymore."

"I don't see why we can't both have what we want..."

Stephanie and Chris embraced, kissing deeply. They tongue kissed and began
rubbing their hands all over each other's bodies. Stephanie moved her hands
to Chris' belt buckle, loosening it then unzipping his fly. She rubbed her
hands up his chest and removed his shirt. Stephanie was still in her beige
leather pants and low cut black leather top.

She sat Chris down on the couch and slid off his pants leaving him naked.
Steph crawled onto the couch next to him and placed a hand around his dick.
She leaned in and kissed him a bit while stroking him, getting him nice and
hard. Stephanie moved down and wrapped her soft lips around his cock,
starting to suck the head. Chris moved his hand down Steph's back and began
rubbing her ass through her leather pants. Stephanie continued to suck and
stroke him off. She rubbed it all around and tickled the top with her
tongue, teasing him.

Chris moved his hand underneath Steph and began rubbing her cleavage, which
was bursting through her top. Stephanie took the hint and sat up, pulling her
top up over her head then taking off her bra letting her big breasts free.
Chris held them in his hands, rubbing the big mounds of breasts. He moved his
mouth around her right nipple sucking on then softly biting it, making it
nice and hard.

Stephanie continued to stroke him with her hand while he sucked on her
breasts. Chris moved back and sat on the edge of the couch, Stephanie crawled
over with a grin on her face then wrapped her lips back around his cock. She
lifted up his cock, giving the underside a few licks then moved her tongue
down to his balls. She took one in her mouth and sucked on it then let it
out. She cupped them with her hand while she moved her mouth back onto his
dick. Stephanie then knelt up and pressed Chris' cock between her big
breasts. She held her tits together and began rubbing them up and down with
his dick sandwiched between them. She licked and sucked on the head leaving
some precum on her lips.

"Ohh god, Steph, ohhh that feels good," Chris moaned.

"Mmmmh yeah you like that hard cock between my breasts?" Stephanie moaned.

"Yeah I do ... ohhh .. ohhh ... ohhh fuck!" Chris let out as he began
oozing out cum all over Stephanie's breasts.

"Ahh yeah that's it cum for me, let me feel that hot cum on my tits,"
Stephanie said continuing with the titty fuck. With Chris last spurt of cum
out, Steph licked and sucked his dick clean. She moved her head down and
pushed her tits up, licking the fresh cum off them and swallowing it. "Mmmhh
I like that," Steph moaned.

Chris stood up, pulling Steph in close. He kissed her neck then moved down
her body until he got to her pants. He undid her pants then turned Stephanie
around. Chris slowly pulled down Steph's beige leather pants revealing some
little black lace thong panties. He sat Stephanie down on the couch and
removed her panties. He moved his head down and lapped up Stephanie's shaven
pussy with his tongue a few times. He then began using his tongue to
timulate her tasty clit. Stephanie moaned softly and lightly rubbed her tits.
Chris slowly worked his index finger inside of Stephanie. "Ohh Chris ohhh ...
ohhh yeeah," Stephanie moaned softly. Chris continued working over
Stephanie's pussy until he got it nice and wet.

"Oh Chris, I'm so wet for you. I want you deep inside me. I wanna ride that
cock, baby," said Stephanie. Stephanie got up and Chris sat down on the
couch. Stephanie straddled him and grabbed ahold of his dick, placing the
head in her pussy. Steph sat down, wiggling around to make sure his cock was
firmly inside of her.

"Mmmmhhh Steph, oh god, let me grab onto that nice big juicy ass of yours,"
Chris said moving his hands around and grabbing Stephanie's butt.

Stephanie began moving up and down, riding him slowly at first. "Phhhhhh
ohhhh yeeah ... Ohhh your cock is so hard, unhhh yeeah," Stephanie moaned.

"You like this Steph? Ohh yeeah I like this billion dollar pussy, yeeah,"
Chris moaned.

Stephanie began to pick up the tempo a bit, riding him a little faster.
Chris felt the flesh of her big butt jiggle in his hands with each bounce.
Her tits flopped around and bounced each bounce, too. Steph took Chris'
hands from her butt and moved them onto her breasts. Stephanie moved her
own hands back onto her ass, spreading her cheeks apart. "Unnnhhh ohh
Chris! Ahhh fuuck!" Stephanie moaned.Steph leaned in close and Chris
put his arms around her, holding her tight. Stephanie began 'humping' his
cock, moving her butt up and down really fast.

"Ohhh! Hunnhhh fuck Stephanie! Ohh yeeah Steph, ohh fuuck yeah! Ride that
cock, ohh you look so good!" Chris moaned. Chris let go of Steph and moved
his hands back to her butt, wanting to feel it jiggle.

"UNNNHHH! Ohh shiit! You like holding my butt while I fuck you? Huh?
Ahhh fuuuck!" Stephanie moaned.

"Yeeah it feels good in my hands, Steph! I like feeling those big juicy
buns move all around!" he moaned.

Stephanie kept griding away on top of him, that cock deep inside of her.

"I wanna pound that wet pussy, Stephanie!" Chris said, picking up Stephanie
and laying her down on her back. He began thrusting fast and hard into her.

Ahhhh yess!" Stephanie moaned loudly.

"Ohh yeeah, take it Steph, take it hard in that sweet pussy," Chris moaned.

Each thrust into her made Stephanie's big tits shake and jiggle. She was
rubbing them with one hand and biting her fingers with another. Chris
continued to pound Stephanie McMahon's pussy at a really fast tempo. He
started getting winded so he stopped and pulled.

"Oh god, oh god, oh Stephanie, you're so hot," he panted.

"Come on Chris ... GIVE IT TO ME! Give it to me hard! I want it, I need your
cock inside me! Fuck me like you've never fucked anyone before in your life!"
Stephanie moaned.

Chris took a few deep breaths then stuffed his dick back into Stephanie
and fucked her hard.

"Yeah that's it! Unnnhhh fuuck yeeeah! Unnnhh god! Ohhh that's how I
like it!" Stephanie moaned.

"Ohh Steph, I'm fuckin' the best pussy! Oh shit I can't hold out much
longer!" Chris moaned.

"Come on, fuck me till you cum, oohhh yes!" Steph moaned.

Chris thrusted in her as fast as he could until he couldn't hold out any
longer. At the last second he pulled out and sprayed his cum all over
her pussy, "Ohh ahhh ahh ohhh fuuuuck!" he moaned.

"YES! YES! Cum all over my pussy! YEAH! It feels so nice!" Stephanie

Chris squeezed out the last drop then used his cock to rub the cum all over
Stephanie's wet pussy, mixing it in with her love juice. Chris sat back,
breathing heavily and trying to catch his breath. Stephanie just laid there
smiling and using his cum to play with herself some more.

After a couple minutes, Stephanie saw that Chris had caught his breath and
looked ready for more. She turned over onto her knees, resting her head on
the arm of the couch and sticking her big butt out. She spread the cheeks
apart and leaned back looking at Chris.

"You want me in there? Are you sure?" Chris asked.

"Oh I'm sure, I want you deep inside my ass, I want you to fuck my asshole
good," Stephanie said.

"Then your wish is my command, Princess," he said. Chris moved forward and
slowly slid his cock deep into her asshole, plugging it.

"Unnh ... unnhhhh ... oooohhhh that's it ... yeeah, mmmhhh," Stephanie moaned
softly as Chris stuffed her asshole pull of cock. Slowly she relaxed and
Chris loosened her asshole. He began picking up the pace a bit as her asshole
allowed. "Oooh yeeah, ooohh .. OHHH FUUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT! FUCK IT! YEEAH!
FUUUUUCCK IT! Unnnhhh god!" Stephanie moaned, digging her nails into the side
of the couch.

"Ahhh shiiit ... your asshole is so tight, yeeah, it feel so good," Chris
moaned. He kinda moved up, now squatting over her butt and fucking it. He
grabbed her big tits and held onto them while he pounded her asshole. "You
ready to take it harder?" He whispered into her ear.

"Yeeah, give it to me harder, baby," she responded.

Chris held onto Steph and sat back, still inside her asshole. She was now
sitting on top of him and Chris began pumping up hard into her asshole. Steph
held onto the sides of the couch for support. This position also gave Chris a
great view of Steph's round jiggly buns. "Ohh yeeah Steph fucking .. unnhh ..
take it .. ohhh shit ... hard in your ... AHH YEEAH ... fucking asshole!"
Chris moaned loudly as he pumped up real hard into her asshole.

HARDER! Unnnnhhh ahhh oooohhh shit!" Steph moaned. She also began bouncing
up and down while Chris thrusted up into her.

"Ohh shit ... ohh fuck Steph, I'm gonna cum!" He let out close to orgasm.

Stephanie got off him and bent forward sticking her butt out. "Shoot it
on my butt, yeeah cum all over it!" Steph exclaimed. Chris shot a big load
all over her big butt, leaving it dripping with cum.

Chris laid down on the couch in exhaustion. Stephanie laid down on top of
him and cuddled, rubbing the cum all over her butt with one hand. "I think
that more then seals the deal," she said.

"I think so too," Chris responded.

That's when the door busted open and Triple H was standing there. Jericho
had a cocky grin on his face as he laid there with a nude Stephanie on top of
him. Steph looked over her shoulder and laughed.

"How's it goin' Trips?" Jericho laughed.

"You make me sick!" Hunter shouted.

"Oh, before you go, I just thought you might like to know that I let Chris
go the one place where you always wanted but I never let you!" Stephanie said
with a cackle.

Triple H pounded his fist against the door and stormed out while Stephanie
and Jericho laid there laughing...

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