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Sean's Wrestling Career Part 1: I Cant Get No Stratusfaction
by JMoneyLP (

Sean Taylor was a newly signed member of the WWE. Throughout the past weeks
he has been rising through the ranks including a few appearances on Raw.
Even though Sean loved the thrill of taking on the worlds best wrestlers,
he enjoyed watching the divas strut there stuff backstage even more.

One of Sean's favorite Divas was Trish Stratus. Sean would sneak glances at
those perfect puppies as they passed back stage. Sean dreamt every night of
giving it to the busty blonde bombshell.

One night after a well fought match Sean retired to the dressing room. After
getting changed he exited into the always of the backstage area. As he was
walking towards the parking lot he noticed Trish standing at the coffee and
refreshments table and thought that now would be a perfect time to make his
move. Trish was wearing a tight black mini skirt with her ass practictly
hanging out and a tigt black top with her tits almost popping out. As Sean
got closer he nearly came in his pants.

Sean approached Trish gradually and stood next to her pouring his coffee.
"Hi, I'm Sean," he said holding out his hand.

"I'm Trish, you're that new guy aren't you?" she said as she shook his hand.

"Yeah, thats me," he said.

"I watches your matches, I'm kind of a fan," she said.

Sean looked shocked that Trish even knew who he was. "I'm a fan of yours,
too. You've got the best rack in the WWE," he said daringly.

Trish laughed looking him up and down. Sean grew harder from her compliment.
Trish noticed the bulge and grabed onto it rubbing his crotch. Sean's eyes
rolled to the back off his head in extacy.

Trish noticed a door to an abandend janitor's closet and opened it and began
to guide Sean in tugging on his bulge. Trish closed the door behind them and
locked it.

"Trish I've been waiting for this forever," Sean said.

Trish remained silent as she got down on her knees in front of Sean. She
unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to his waist. Sean unbuttoned his
shirt and took it off. Trish pulled down his boxers and his cock sprang up
nearly hitting Trish in the face. "Oh, someones excited!" Trish said

Trish took Sean's cock in her hand and began to jerk him off. She pointed
his cock upward and took his balls into her mouth. She continued to jerk as
she slobberd on his sack. Sean grunted quitely hiding his pleasure. Trish
took Sean's cock and slaped it on her cleavage as if it was a club. She then
began to take it in her mouth working her way down an inch at a time. She
managed to take the whole cock without gaging. Trish then bobed up and down
on his dick flicking her tongue in rhythm. Sean was in absolute bliss.

Trish was sucking his cock like a pro. Sean's cock grew wetter from Trish's
saliva and was moving quickly through her lips. Trish was getting wetter and
was fingering herself from under her skirt while she sucked his cock. She
took his cock out of her mouth and continued jerking him. She looked up at
him and smiled, Trish loved the thought of fucking her fans. "I want your
cock in side me," Trish said.

Trish then stood up and took of her top, she had on a black lace bra. Sean
reached over and grabbed her tits rubbing them together. Trish reached behind
her and unclipped her bra, it popped off and Sean threw it to the side. Sean
began to suck on Trish's perfect tits. Trish removed her shorts and red thong
as Sean licked her tits.

Trish jumped up onto Sean wraping her arms and legs around him. Sean held her
up by her hips and slowly stuck his cock inside her. Sean put her up against
the wall her tits pressing against his chest. Trish began to work her hips up
and down. She slid up and down on seans cock as she workered her hips. "Ahh
yeah, Trish," Sean moaned.

Trish worked her hips faster bouncing on his cock. Sean moved his hands under
her ass supporting her as she rode his cock. Trish's tits bounced as she
worked on his big cock. "Mmmm, yeah," Trish moaned.

Sean began to suck on Trish's bouncing titties as she fucked him. Trish began
to slow down on his dick and Sean could tell she was tired. Sean lifted her
off his cock trish realized Sean was ready for a position change and she put
her hands on the wall and stuck her ass out. Sean stuck his cock in her from
behind and began to hump. Sean pounded in and out of her.

"OOOOHHHHH FUCK!!!" Trish yelled as Sean began to please her snatch.

Sean punded away at that pink pussy, Trish's tits began to sway. Sean reached
up and grabed a lock of Trish's hair. Sean tugged back on her hair causing
Trish's back to arch sendnig her into and instant orgasm. Sean felt her cum
all over his dick.

"OHHHHH FUCK SEAN YOUR DICK IS GREAT!" Trish yelled in pleasure.

Sean continued humping and reached around and grabbed on to her tit. Sean
felt her nipples in his hand and began to feel a tingle it his balls. Sean
was close to cumming.

"Sean, I want your cum all over my tits, baby," Trish said as she pulled
his dick out of her. She knelt before him squeezing her tits together. Sean
jerked his dick for a few seconds until he exploded his load all over Trish's
rack. Trish smiled as she felt his hot load on her chest. Sean began to wipe
the tip of his dick off on Trish's smiling face as she rubbed his man juice
all over her tits covering them in glossy jizz.

Trish laughed as she said, "Wait until the girls hear about you."

To be continued...

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