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Secrets Part 1
by punisher924

Melina didn't know what she was doing there and she sure as hell didn't know
why that when Maryse invited her up to her hotel room she slurred the word

The fabric on her skin felt as heavy as lead, tugging at the neckline of her
t-shirt she tried to remember when it got so damn hot. Due to the fact that
she was standing in the lonely hallway there wasn't a mirror for the Los
Angeles native to look in to check but she assumed her cheeks were flushed
pink, all the blood rushing to her face in the drunken heat.

For some unknown reason her hand made contact with the door, she was knocking
when the feeling in the pit of her stomach was telling her to turn and run.
Something had to be drawing her there, there had to be a logical reason as to
why she couldn't bring herself to leave.

Maryse slowly opened the door and Melina was stunned to see her standing
there in nothing but a bra and underwear. She obviously noticed that she was
shocked as her face drew upward in a grin. "I knew you'd come." She said, and
moved aside as a signal for the former MNM manager to enter.

Her feet felt like they were glued to the floor, she was unable to bring
herself to following her, yet longing to do so. "Well are you coming?" Maryse
asked peeking her head back out the door; forcing the other diva's legs to
move as the French Canadian led her inside.

Shedding her coat, Melina couldn't help but think about how she dragged out
the last word, hanging on it with utmost importance. "Can I get you something
to drink?" The former Diva's Champion asked, resulting in Melina shaking her
head no. She had yet to speak a word to the French Canadian since she got
there, she didn't know what to say, the whole scene felt awkward and she
didn't know why.

Taking the other woman's hand Maryse guided Melina to take a seat on the bed,
but even when she did the Montreal, Quebec native refused to let go. Using
her free hand she reached up to brush Melina's hair from her eyes, "Such a
pretty girl." She breathed, her lips dangerously close to the girl's ear.

The LA girl swallowed hard, regretting her decision to stay here, and
silently wishing she was back at the bar drinking herself into even a deeper
stupor. Suddenly she felt Maryse's hot mouth on her jaw line, she jerked away
and shoved the woman off her, "What are you doing?" She asked, wiping the
small amount of saliva off her face.

Maryse's eyebrows lowered, "Um.kissing you? What did you think I asked you up
here for, to play scrabble?"

She quickly scrambled to her feet, distancing herself from the moment, "I
don't know what I came here for." Melina blurted, shielding herself by
momentarily folding her arms over her chest, "But I should go."

The French Canadian stopped her from moving by grabbing her wrist, "Stay,"
She pleaded, using her warm brown eyes against Melina's glossy blue ones,
For reasons unknown to either diva she sat back down on the bed, "That's
better." Maryse told her, this time skipping over her jaw to place her mouth
on Melina's.

The Los Angeles native could feel Maryse's tongue gently circling her own and
it oddly felt.kind of nice? Melina didn't know what she was feeling, and the
heat radiating from between her thighs was even more confusing. It was then
that she felt Maryse's hand move to the warmth, gently rubbing her most
intimate area through the fabric of underwear. She had been so involved in
the sensation of Maryse's mouth on her own she didn't even notice her hand
move under her skirt. It took all her power to stifle the moan rising in
throat; it just felt so fucking good. The pleasure made her want to let go of
all her inhibitions, rip off her thong and find out what Maryse's fingers on
her bare flesh would feel like.

Instead she slapped the champions hand away, "Stop," She commanded, "I'm
straight." Melina told her, but at the moment she wasn't sure who she was
trying to convince.Maryse or herself.

"Melina, your drunk but your not that drunk." Maryse began, "If you're so
straight then why were you kissing me?"

She nervously bit her bottom lip, "I don't know."

"Confusion is the first sign," The Quebec native explained, "Just relax
Melina, and let me make you feel good. There's nothing wrong going on here."
She said, pushing Melina back onto the bed, which the LA native didn't fight.
Nudging the woman's legs apart and quickly shedding her underwear she lowered
her mouth to Melina's center resulting in a sharp hiss from the woman.
"Really good." Maryse finished, throwing away her words to let her tongue do
the talking.

* * *

Melina was awaken by something smacking her square in the face, startled her
eyes flew open and when she looked down she found her jean skirt in her lap.
"Get dressed." Maryse said to her, flicking her shirt and underwear in the
same direction.

Rubbing her eyes Melina sat up, and flashes of the night before flooded her
mind. She had been pretty drunk, but like Maryse had said she wasn't that
drunk. Her mind had clear memory of their actions but the LA woman still
couldn't wrap her head around why she allowed it all to happen.

"I can't believe I let such a mistake happen." She groaned, running her hand
back through her wavy hair as she watched the other woman throw her
belongings into a suitcase, obviously preparing for the flight to the next

Maryse stopped what she was doing and laughed, "A mistake?" The blonde said,
"If that's how you want to look at it then try several mistakes."

Her hands fell into her hands, "Oh god." She said, the words stifled by her

The French Canadian laughed again, "Relax, god it's not like you killed
someone. We just had sex.and lots of it."

"How did this happen.." Melina trailed off, sliding her t-shirt over her

Placing a manicured finger to her lip Maryse looked upward in thought, "Well,
after the first couple of times you were very persistent that we keep it up
until you had mastered the art of sleeping with a woman."

Melina's face flushed pink; this was too much, she just had to get out of
there and away from Maryse. As quickly as she could she emerged from the
cotton sheet to clothe her lower half. Not that Maryse hadn't already seen
all the merchandise and gotten a test run but she still felt uncomfortable
naked around the other woman. "I should go." She blurted, grabbing her coat,
her shoes and her bag before darting out of the room.

Maryse smiled as the other girl slammed the door leaving her alone in the
hotel room. She had gotten quite the wild night out of the shy little thing
and judging by the way she writhed and moaned beneath her she didn't think
she had seen the last of her.

The LA native let out the heavy breath that she had been holding in when she
was finally away from the French Canadian woman. What was getting into her?
How had she managed to spend the whole night in bed with Maryse? The worst
part of the whole thing was that she could remember every touch and every
kiss, and how utterly amazing it was being with a woman.

But that wasn't her only problem; she now had a lot of explaining to do.

* * *

Her shaking hand tried to grip the door but she was so nervous that she
couldn't seem to grasp the knob. Every time Melina tried her trembling and
sweaty hand would slide right back off the handle. "Get a hold of yourself."
She said to no one, the blonde knew she had to get her shit together before
she entered the room other wise she would have to find a way to explain her
uneasy actions.

Taking a deep breath she finally made her way inside, praying to find the
room empty but instantly hearing the sound of water running in the
background.she was too late. Melina sighed and flopped back onto the unmade
bed to wait, she knew it wouldn't be long but the passing time was putting
her on edge.

"Oh hey baby," A voice said softly. Looking up she could see the body
attached to those words and surprisingly her boyfriend John Morrison was
smiling. "I was expecting you back last night, what happened?"

Biting her bottom lip, her head fell, "I was with Maryse." She was so
ashamed, she had never been a cheater in her life and now here she was
arriving back from a heated night.with a woman no less.

"Cool." He said, watching her as he toweled dried his hair, "What you two
girls get up to?"

Did he just say, "cool"? Melina eye balled him, searching for any sign of
sarcasm in his eyes. What if he already knew? She thought it was best to just
feel him out for a while, "Umm we just hung out in her room." The Los Angeles
native replied, swallowing the huge lump in her throat.

He took a seat beside her and planted a soft kiss on her cheek, "You girls
have fun?"

A blush crept up her face; they had fun all right, too much fun. And if he
knew how much or what kind of fun that they had she didn't think he'd be
quite so chipper. "Yeah we had a good time."

"Well I'm glad," He said, propping himself back to his feet using her knee
for leverage, "I just wished you would have called."

Following suit she also stood up, and it was then her turn to kiss his cheek,
"I'm sorry Johnny, I didn't mean to worry you."

Another breath taking smile crept across his face, causing his dimples to
come out of hiding. Some how he couldn't stay mad at her, "I forgive you,
besides you were with Maryse not someone like The Miz right? So what do I
have to worry about?" Reaching out she pulled him in for a hug to hide the
tears in her eyes, if only he knew.

And there was her problem in a nutshell, not only was she fighting with the
fact that she had shared one of the most pleasurable and desirable nights of
her life with Maryse, it was also breaking her heart that she did that to
him, the most loving and caring man she had every known. The guilt was eating
her up inside; Melina didn't understand how she could sleep with Maryse or
any one else for that matter when she had a wonderful man like John Morrison

"I'm going to grab a quick shower then we can grab something to eat
downstairs." Melina explained to him before retreating to the bathroom. She
felt so dirty, and not just because she was still wearing last night's
clothes. No, she had to try and wash some of the guilt off of her, along with
the lingering scent of Maryse.

Morrison had no idea, and there was no reason for him to suspect anything. So
Melina decided then and there, as she stepped into the hot shower, that this
would be a secret that would go to her grave. She hated keeping things from
John, a relationship built on lies was usually one to crumble.but it was all
a huge mistake, now all she had to do was keep away from Maryse and it would
never come out. It was just that simple.

"Baby you feeling alright?"

Melina jumped when he spoke to her, she was so deep in thought when his voice
interrupted. She couldn't help but look back down at her plate as she pushed
the fork around it, she didn't want to look into those gorgeous eyes. "Yeah,
I'm fine."

His hand reached across the table to rest on top of hers, "You sure, I mean
you've barley touched your food?"

"I'm fine Johnny, really." She responded. Melina just didn't feel like
eating, while she may have worked up quiet the appetite last night it was for
Maryse not food and the thought of the whole ordeal turned her stomach
leaving her far from hungry.

It was just so fucked up, all she wanted to do was forget it ever happened
but she couldn't seem to stop thinking about it for a second. All she had to
do was close her eyes and visions of Maryse licking her lips and running a
smooth hand up her thigh clouded her thoughts.

Yet she was resilient, Melina was sure that staying away from the French
Canadian would be enough to erase the memories. But that was easier said then
done as she watched Maryse saunter across the room and take a seat across
from her next to Morrison.

"Hey guys, what's up?" She said cheerily, picking the crust from Melina's
toast off of her plate and popping it in her mouth.

John smiled at the woman beside him, "Well good morning Maryse, you look to
be in rather good spirits today."

She smiled back with her full mouth closed, and chewed the bread before she
responded, "You could say that." Without hesitation she looked across the
booth to wink at a mortified Melina.

The former ECW Champion continued to pick at the hash browns on his plate,
"Melina says you girls had fun last night."

"Does she now?" Maryse said, arching her brow at the other woman, who
proceeded to kick her under the table. "We had lots of fun."

If Melina was going to utilize the covering of the table for games then
Maryse decided she would also take advantage of the situation. Kicking off
her flip-flop and pushing her foot between the brunette's legs under the
table she began manoeuvring her foot around to tease Melina. "So much fun."
Maryse continued, trying her hardest to pleasure the diva with her boyfriend
right there.

Melina squirmed around trying to get Maryse to stop what she was doing. Just
because she didn't want it, didn't stop it from feeling good. As much as she
hated to admit it to herself the danger of it all was turning her on, and the
circular motion was driving her crazy. Gluing her eyes shut she tried to
remind herself that she hated Maryse and she loved Morrison, "Maryse can I
talk to you for a second?" She asked, gritting her teeth as she tried not to

"Of course," The French Canadian replied, a devilish grin appearing on her
face as she got up from the table to follow Maryse to the corner of the

Grabbing the woman's arm Melina tried her hardest not to yell, "What do you
think your doing starting a game of footsie under the table?" Maryse opened
her mouth to answer but was cut off, "Better yet what did you even come over
to the table for? To torcher me in front of my boyfriend?"

Trying not to look too suspicious Maryse leaned closer to Melina to whisper
in her ear, "Actually I came over to tell you how sexy your ass looks in
those pants."

She jerked away from her, "Stop your messed up games Maryse you're not
getting to me. I was sitting down at the table, you couldn't even see my

Wetting her lips she spoke, "But all I have to do is close my eyes and I
remember how fucking hot you looked wearing no pants at all." Maryse said,
her voice almost a moan. Then satisfied that she had indeed gotten to her she
walked off, leaving Melina speechless.

* * *

Melina's game of stay away from Maryse wasn't exactly working out like she
hoped it would, their little run in this morning was proof of that, but the
diva was glad about one thing.and that was that she hadn't laid eyes on her
since. It wasn't much to be thankful for really but it was something, because
every moment around Maryse was an uncomfortable one, especially when Melina
knew that the French Canadian wanted to "lay" a whole lot more then eyes on

She didn't know how much longer she could deal with the whole situation, "How
could I be so stupid." Melina said allowed, turning each dial and stepped
inside the tiled shower.

The California girl closed her eyes and enjoyed the steady stream of water
flowing over her every curve. At least Maryse couldn't bother her in the
shower, that was her time to relax and she definitely needed it. She had just
gone through a match and she was most certainly feeling the repercussions on
her body. Melina may not have been the greatest worker in the company, online
columnists were quick to jump all over that fact, but it didn't change that
when you took a bump; you took a bump, no mater how bad it looked it still

Sighing she grabbed the lufa that she had previously hung over the shower
head, she just needed to stop thinking about Maryse and she would be fine.

"Well you look absolutely to die for soaking wet."

Startled Melina swung around and when she spotted the woman peaking at her
she threw her arms around her body to shield her nakedness. "Maryse what the
hell are you doing!" The former Women's Champion shrieked, disgusted that she
was no longer alone.

"Same thing you are, looking to enjoy a little post match shower." Maryse
replied, a smirk emerging on her face. "Mind if I join you?" She asked,
pulling her shirt up over her head and tossing it on the floor leaving her
upper half completely unclothed.

Clawing at the shower curtain Melina pulled it close to her, "No you can't
join me, are you out of your freaking mind?" She yelled, outraged that Maryse
thought she could just walk in on her and she'd be up for her company.

The smirk on Maryse's face grew into a wide smile, "Melina I think you should
calm down, I mean if you keep screaming like that someone is bound to come
see what all the commotion is about." The blonde stopped for a moment to wink
at her, "Not that I don't enjoy the sound of your screaming, because I do.I
just don't think you would like anyone seeing us together like this."

Melina didn't know what to do, Maryse did have a point her yelling would make
a scene.a scene she didn't want witnessed, but she wasn't just going to lie
back and let Maryse get whatever she wanted using idle threats. She thought
about threatening her back, but she didn't have anything to use as leverage
in the battle, her only option was to beg. "Maryse please." Melina began,
using her eyes to plead with the woman before her, "Can you just please get
your shower and stay out of my way?"

"Sure thing."

She almost wanted to pinch herself; did Maryse just say what she thought she
said? It couldn't be that easy, "Thank you Maryse."

"No problem." The French Canadian responded, sliding off the rest of her
clothes quickly, then grabbing the curtain and pushing it back to climb into
the stall with Melina.

"What are you doing?" She yelled, once again raising her voice at the Quebec

Maryse leaned into the hot water, "I'm getting my shower," She answered,
grabbing a bar of soap and sliding it across her chest. "I really need one,
I'm just so dirty Melina.filthy even."

"I meant get your own shower."

The former Diva's Champion giggled, "No you said stay out of your way. And I
will, scouts honor," She told her, placing a hand over her heart, "Unless of
course you change your mind."

Melina was about to shove her back through the curtain and onto the bathroom
floor when the locker room door came open. She heard footsteps then a locker
open and close, and while she was praying they would leave again she didn't
hear them move anymore.

"It appears we have company." Maryse whispered, pressing a finger to Melina's
lips, "We better keep quiet."

The LA native swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat, great now I'm
stuck here, she thought. Alone with Maryse was the last place she wanted to
be.especially naked. It only made her think even more about the night they
shared together, a night that she couldn't get out of her head. Seeing Maryse
like this was killing her, and the worst part was that she just wanted to
reach out and touch her.

It was only a perfect situation for Maryse, and she was sure as hell going to
take advantage of the fact that Melina couldn't be hasty in avoiding her
efforts to seduce her. "You look so fucking sexy right now." Maryse said to
her, continuing to hush her voice.

Leaning closer she purposely made it so that if Melina said a word her lips
would graze her own, "I know I said I'd stay out of your way but I can't help
wanting to be close to you. I can't seem to forget how good your skin felt on
mine last night and it makes me curious as to how amazing it would feel right

Maryse smiled again and brushed her fingertips down Melina's jaw line. The
Los Angeles native shivered at the simple touch and bit her bottom lip
nervously, why did it have to be so hard to resist her? It should be easy,
all she should have to do is think of Morrison to make Maryse history.but she
couldn't, right now the only person she could think about was the French

She continued to squeeze her eyes shut; she didn't want to see Maryse
standing there in front of her. It wasn't much help to her though, because
she knew she was there and she knew that she was very close to her, evident
by her hot breath hitting her face.

Shaking she could feel Maryse's mouth gently touching hers and she couldn't
fight it anymore. The next thing she knew she was kissing her and she had
wrapped her arms around the woman.

Pushing her back against the wall Melina couldn't seem to help herself, she
wanted Maryse and her body wouldn't let her not give in to that fact. "Mmmm."
Maryse moaned, sliding her hand down Melina's slick body trying desperately
to pleasure her without making too much noise in the locker room.

Arching her head back Melina tried not to moan as Maryse continued to tease
her, she had to remember to stay quiet if she didn't want to get caught.

"Hey Maryse you in there?"

She knew that voice, "Shit." Melina cursed, pulling away from Maryse.

Maryse looked at her apologetically before reaching out for a towel and
wrapping around herself. "Yeah Alicia its me." Maryse replied, stepping out
of the shower to meet the Florida girl, leaving Melina all alone.

What had she gotten herself into?

* * *

Alicia Fox couldn't take it anymore, she just couldn't keep quiet, it was
driving her nuts and she had to know what was happening with Maryse back at
the arena. "So are you going to tell me what was going on back there or am I
going to have to beat it out of you?" She asked suddenly, breaking the
silence that had been filling the car since they got into it.

The voice pulled Maryse from her thoughts and she turned to look at the woman
beside her, the woman that had been her road companion for months. "I don't
know what you're talking about." The blonde sputtered, trying to shrug off
what she knew was coming.

"Oh come off it Maryse, you've been pissed off since I called out to you in
the locker room. And I know this isn't about me ruining your shower. So spill
it blondie."

She rolled her eyes at the red head, "Yes it is!"

A smirk curled up on the lips of Ms. Fox, "Your full of it, I know you
weren't alone."

Maryse swallowed the lump in her throat; she was hoping that for once Alicia
wouldn't hit the nail on the head. But she wasn't in luck; of course she had
to know what was going on. "Seriously, it was I was just taking a shower."

Laughing Alicia spoke again, "Yeah, with who though? Don't play dumb with me
Maryse, we're friends remember? I see right through your little act. Besides
I heard another voice in there, so come on, out with it."

"It was Melina." Maryse muttered, not daring to look at the satisfied look on
the diva's face.

Alicia's foot hit the break, "No way!" She shouted, completely shocked at
Maryse's admittance.

Maryse let out a heavy sigh; this is why she didn't want to tell her. She
wouldn't let this go; she never let this kind of thing go. "Way." She said in
response, just waiting for Alicia to have her fun and for it to be all over.

"Holy shit." Alicia retorted, still unable to wrap her head around what she
had just heard. "I saw you talking to her the other day at the hotel but I
never thought you could trick Melina into bed like you have other divas in
the past. Holy shit." She repeated.

"Ok so now you know, can you drop it now?"

The former Diva's Champion stared at her blankly, "Can I drop it now? Do you
realize the bombshell you just dropped on me? You were having sex with Melina
in the diva's locker room."

"Do me a favor and shut up already." Maryse said opening the car door and
stepping out into the parking lot.

It didn't take Alicia long to follow, slamming the car door behind her, "Wait
a second here, you like her don't you?"

Blonde hair flung around, "That's ridiculous." She lashed out, her jaw almost
hitting the pavement at the ludicrous statement that had just come out of her
friend's mouth. "Like seriously are you on drugs? She's just another
conquest, I know I don't usually stick around after I've had them once.."
Maryse stopped and covered her mouth realizing that she had unintentionally
given Alicia more fuel for the fire.

"That wasn't the first time you slept with here?" Alicia gasped, even more
surprised then she had been before, "That's it then, you're totally into

"Alicia seriously shut up, or I just might have to put this six inch heal up
your ass."

Alicia just smiled at her, "Cool it toots."

"I'm not fucking around here, She really is just another conquest. The first
time she was drunk, I just need to prove that she wants me without anything
swaying her. And I was close to until you walked in."

"I didn't know you weren't alone. Besides you asked me to let you know when I
was ready to go." She explained.

"I know I did, but now maybe she's changed her mind. It's not easy finding
time alone with her, that dumb oaf Morrison is always around."

Chuckling Alicia grabbed her suitcase, "Oh that's right she's dating him
isn't she. This just might be your biggest conquest yet."

"My thoughts exactly."

* * *

Maryse's eyes instantly sparkled when she spotted her out of the corner of
her eye. Melina was just arriving, wheeling her luggage behind her. So that's
why she hadn't run into her last night, she wasn't even in the hotel.

"Bonjour Melina." Maryse said cheerily, rocking on her heals as she greeted
the California native.

Smiling at her sarcastically Melina quickly said hello before turning her
attention back to balancing her bags and fiddling with her key card.

"Oh come on Melina don't give me the cold shoulder, we're just having a
friendly chat here." The French Canadian told her, breaking the silence.

"Nothing about you is friendly."

Maryse held a hand to her chest in mock pain, pretending to be offended,
"Ouch, that hurts."

Melina couldn't help but smile, "Yeah well it's true." She said with a laugh,
still fumbling to open the door.

"Here let me help you." Maryse said suddenly, reaching out and taking the
card from the brunette to swipe it and open the door for her.

"Thanks." Melina responded, although her voice sounded anything but thankful.

A wide smile spread across the former Diva's Champion's face, "See I'm a nice

"What do you want Maryse?" She spat out of nowhere, growing tired of the
woman's games. She knew that there was no way Maryse was just being a kind
soul, she wanted something and Melina had an idea of what that something was.

She amused Maryse; it was cute that she saw through her crap, "Nothing
Melina, does a friend have to want something to talk to another friend."

"When its you yes," She said without thinking, "...and your not my friend."
Melina added quickly, not wanting to give her any opening what so ever.

Maryse smirked at her, "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. I'm just
being curious here; I mean your showing up pretty late aren't you? Everyone
else arrived last night. Where were you?"

Melina decided it was best to just answer her question, maybe then if she was
lucky Maryse would just go away. "If you must know," She began, dropping her
suitcase to fold her arms over her chest, "I stayed with a friend last

The French Canadian gasped, "Stayed with a friend?" She repeated, "Are you
cheating on me Melina?"

All Melina did in response was roll her eyes.Maryse could not be serious.

"Oh that's right," Maryse said suddenly, laying a finger to her chin, "I'm
not the one you cheat on, I'm the one you cheat with."

Melina grabbed her arm roughly, "Will you keep your voice down! Anyone could
hear you!"

A laugh escaped the French Canadian's lips, "What's the matter baby, afraid
someone will find out how good I am in bed and steal me away from you. Don't
worry Melina I'm not going anywhere."

"Of course your not, because that would be too good to be true."

"Harsh, Mel."

A groan escaped Melina's lips, "Just shut up ok, I'm so sick of you." She
explained, trying to escape to the inside of her room.

Maryse reached out to stop her, "You weren't sick of me last night."

All Melina wanted to do was slap the taste out the woman's mouth and storm
into the room, slamming the door in Maryse's face but there were two things
stopping her. One it was a crowded hallway, she didn't need any questions
about it later and two something inside her didn't want to hurt her. "That
was a mistake."

"You keep saying that Melina, but it keeps happening doesn't it." Maryse
responded, looking rather smug. It was a look that the LA native had groan
tired of rather quickly.

Melina didn't respond, she didn't dare. Her eyes caught glimpse of Eve Torres
walking down the hallway and she didn't want to risk her hearing anything.
"End of conversation." She snapped, shaking free of Maryse's grasp and
heading inside, being stopped by Maryse's foot.

"Actually it's far from over, and unless you'd like the lovely Eve to hear
the rest of this endearing conversation, I suggest you let me inside."

Resisting the urge to shriek at the top of her lungs Melina stepped aside.
She didn't want to be alone with the bombshell but she sure as hell didn't
want her late night escapades broadcast to any of the roster that just
happened to be in the area.

This had trouble written all over it.

Maryse couldn't contain the huge grin on her face as she strolled into the
hotel room with the California native following behind her, it wasn't exactly
the situation she wanted to be in with Melina and a hotel involved.but it
would just have to do for now.

"I have to admit," Maryse began, looking around the room and laying her purse
on the nearest end table, "I'm rather surprised that you didn't put up much
of a fight about letting me in here, and were even alone."

The other diva tapped her foot anxiously, "What do you mean? It's not like I
had much of a choice with you threatening to blab about our extra curricular
activities to anyone on the roster with a ear near by."

Smirking Maryse took a seat on the leather sofa and crossed her legs, it was
cute that Melina decided to label their between the sheets, or sometimes
bathroom time as extra curricular activities. "You always have a choice
Melina, let's not forget that." She shot back, staring at the bombshell
before her.

Melina's arms once again folded over her chest in deliberation, obviously
questioning in her own mind what Maryse really wanted. But before the buxom
woman had a chance to ask for herself the former Diva's Champion had cut her

"Speaking of having a choice." She trailed off, standing to remove her light
jacket, "It seems your loving boyfriend has made the choice not to join you
this evening. That's not very good of him now is it?"

Once again Melina tried to speak up but was silenced by Maryse's finger
hitting her lips, "We're better off with out the big dumb oaf around anyway."

The LA girl slapped Maryse's hands away, "Knock it off Maryse."

Her resistance only made the vixen smile, "I love how fast you are to defend
him," She said sarcastically, instantly picking up on the fact that Melina
didn't pick up for Morrison. She simply wanted the contact broken, which was
only a sign that the small touch was driving her crazy.

Melina's eyebrows lowered, and she began to once again tap her foot.only this
time in anger.

"Calm down Meina, I didn't come here to attack your doting man. In fact I
didn't even come here to watch you sweat like you were out in the hallway at
the thought of someone knowing your secret." She stopped momentarily and
rubbed her jaw in thought. "Although I do have to admit I love the way you
look when you glisten like that.yeah I do enjoy making you all sticky."

"Cut to the chase Maryse." She spat, sick and tired of the dumb witty banter
Maryse was feeding her.

Maryse adored her fiery spirit, "Well if you'd let me finish beautiful." She
commented, tucking loose hair away from the brunette's face.

"Fine continue." Melina told her, not budging a single inch. She just wanted
to get it over with.

Maryse walked around the woman until she was strategically standing behind
her, her hands finding Maryse's shoulders. "I came here to apologize."

Melina looked absolutely bewildered, was Maryse actually being sincere and
actually saying sorry for her behavior? "You did?" She asked softly.

"That I did," She responded, kissing Melina's shoulder as she rolled off her
coat. The woman didn't move at the lip to skin contact, which could be good
or bad for the French Canadian. "I really wanted to say sorry about Alicia
interrupting us."

Maryse's statement was genuine, although it didn't have the kindest
intentions behind it. She was upset that their "moment" was ruined but she
also didn't want Melina thinking that anything other then friendship was
going on between her and the "foxy" vixen.

And while she wasn't a monogamous woman, and even if she didn't owe Melina
any form of explanation she felt like telling her she was sorry. Because it
always bugged her when people jumped to the conclusion that Alicia was
anything more then her friend.

They had been friends for over a year in fact, two peas in a pod really.they
were close in the kind of way that made people wonder if something else
really was going on between them. But there honestly wasn't, and there never
had been anything going on. For that matter there never would or could be.

Alicia was completely on the straight and narrow, she was the one girl she
couldn't have and it was surprising not an allure for once. Because even if
someone claimed to be "straight" (Sort of like young Melina) it rarely
stopped Maryse from luring them into her bed like a gorgeous butterfly
trapped in a spiders web.

This way though, Alicia having no sexual connotations attached her made a
friend who she could really be true with. She finally had someone who she
could confide in and trust with nothing else holding her back.

"That's it?" Melina questioned, "Your not apologizing for the way you've been

Maryse laughed, "Of course not.why on earth would I do that?"

"Cause your sorry?"

She smiled back at the woman, "Well I'm not sorry. I'm glad I've been this
way with's really paid off great."

Another familiar sound escaped Melina's lips, a blood curling shriek.

"No need to scream for no reason sweetness, there is a bed over there.I'd be
more then happy to make your screams pleasant ones."

"Stop!" Melina commanded angrily.

Mayse couldn't resist the urge to wink, "I can't help but think you don't
want me to."

The French Canadian made Melina more frustrated then she had ever been her
life, "Of course I do Maryse." She retorted, her face hot with anger.

"Really Melina? Because I think you like it. You can stop pretending you
know? I'm not going to tell Morrison about us. And face it, I know you like was very apparent in the shower, you cant go back on giving in without
the influence of alcohol. So come on Melina I'll leave right now if you just
admit to me that you like what I do to you, in fact you need to admit that
you like me." She commanded, dying to hear it from the would give her
satisfaction beyond any orgasm she had ever had.

After all this was just a game, playing with Melina's mind, ruining things
between her and Morrison it was all just for fun. Mind you the mattress
wrestling was definitely an added bonus.

"Then you'll leave?" Melina pressed, eager to get rid of the woman before

She was really going to do it. The French Canadian thought, this was it.the
real beginning. Maryse nodded at her.

"Fine," Melina began, "I admit it, I like you."

A massive smile engorged Maryse's face, "That's all I needed to hear." She
told her, heading for the door, "See you real soon sexy."

She couldn't be more thrilled with herself, after all.She was winning.

* * *

She rolled over again, this time to face the wall as she pulled the blankets
up to her ears, Melina just couldn't seem to fall asleep. The brunette had
been tossing and turning for hours, unable to drift out of consciousness. She
told herself that it wasn't because of Maryse, but there was only so long
that she could lie to herself. Melina just had to admit it; the French
Canadian had taken over her mind.

It didn't really make sense to her, how had she given in to Maryse's request?
She shouldn't have said it. Maryse would have had to leave sometime right?
Who was she kidding, if she didn't get rid of the blonde when she did
something else might have happened that she would soon regret. Not that, that
made her feel any better. Maybe she didn't fall into one the blondes traps of
sexual seduction tonight but what did happen was worse...she told Maryse she
liked her, which meant that she probably wouldn't be able to get rid of her
very easily now.

She could tell Maryse it was all a lie, although she more then likely
wouldn't buy that. But what was worse, much worse, is that she was struggling
with the reality that her admittance wasn't a lie. Deep down inside she meant
it, as much as it broke her heart...Melina was finding herself having
feelings for the temptress.

The glow of the table side clock read four am; Melina let out a heavy sigh
and flopped over again. "If I could just get comfortable," She said allowed,
staring up at the ceiling. "God, why am I letting her get to me?" The diva
paused for a moment then put her hands to her face, " I'm so
worked up I'm talking to if I wasn't crazy enough."

She glued her eyes shut in a futile attempt to turn off her brain, and just
sleep in peace like she wanted to. Why did she have to keep thinking about
the blonde? Even now when she was looking at the inside of her eyelids, the
only image that would surface from her memory was Maryse standing before her,
naked as the day god made her, biting her bottom lip in seduction. "ARGHHH."
Melina screamed, pounding her fists down on the mattress.

The sound bounced of the walls and back at her again before everything went
silent , "Just go to sleep Melina, you can do do it every
night...just relax." She coached herself, why should tonight be any
different; after all she had managed to fall asleep after cheating? Shouldn't
every night after that be a cake walk in comparison?

But really the underlying problem was right in front of her face, she
couldn't say it wasn't her fault anymore because that wouldn't be true. Now
that feelings were brought into the equation, genuine feelings, everything
was different.

Finally after what felt like an eternity her eyes grew heavy, and then
eventually, as the minutes ticked by they fell shut and Melina glided into

Then out of nowhere she heard the faint sound of the lock on the hotel door
being opened. Her first instinct was to scream out in fear, but her intuition
told her not to be afraid. Melina closed her eyes again, and peaked out of
one of them to see John Morrison making his way into the room, latching the
door behind him.

Guilt swam up from her stomach, she had to control herself. Whatever feelings
she was having for Maryse were nothing like what she shared with him, he was
her one true love and she had to remind herself of that. It was silly to find
herself emotionally distraught when whatever happened between her and Maryse
didn't matter anyway. Everyone has feelings of doubt sometimes; with Morrison
around her everything would be better. She just missed him that's all.

For some reason she didn't bother to sit up, or look at him. Instead she just
kept pretending to be asleep as he slipped off his jersey and his jeans to
crawl in beside her. The former Intercontinental Champion cuddled into her,
wrapping his arms around her tightly. She smiled and laid a hand on his
forearm pulling it closer to her body and drifted back into the darkness.

Everything would be just fine.

* * *

Melina gripped Morrison's hand tighter as they walked through the hallways of
the arena, it had been over a week and she hadn't even seen Maryse, let alone
talk to her, since their little altercation at the hotel. The LA girl had
conflicting emotions, she should be happy right? After all she didn't want
Maryse around; it was her soul purpose as of late to rid herself of the
woman. But not seeing her only put her more on edge, and in fact she sort of
missed her.

What had happened? Was the French Canadian avoiding her for some reason? Or
was she finished torching her since she got Melina to admit her feelings?
Whatever the reason was Melina couldn't stop herself from thinking about it,
and wondering exactly where the bombshell was in the arena.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but it just might kill the diva...because
she was tired of wondering what was going on, she had to find out. So Melina
had decided on the car ride to the arena that she had to find Maryse, and
figure out exactly what she was up to.

"Baby I'm going to go look for the girls ok?" Melina asked smiling, leaning
up to kiss John sweetly on the lips. She hated all the lies, but she just
couldn't let this go, something inside was drawing her to Maryse and she
couldn't deny it. On the other hand Maryse was a girl, so it wasn't
completely a lie...more an omission of facts then a lie really.

He smiled when she pulled her lips from his, "Ok, I'll just be hanging around

Smiling back at him, she let go of his hand and walked down the empty
corridor. "Now if I was Maryse, where would I be?" Melina asked herself,
realizing that it wouldn't be that simple to find was a big arena
and Maryse didn't really have a pre show ritual that she knew of. She could
be anywhere.

Her only option really was to just start opening doors in the catacomb of a
hallway; process of elimination was her method of choice...a rather
ineffective method but a method none the less. So Melina just started
knocking and then opening doors, usually to reveal empty room after empty

"How many more locker rooms can there possibly be?" Melina groaned, her
patience growing thin in her search. Soon she came to the end of the hallway,
and there were only two doors left. "If there's a god then don't let this one
be empty." She prayed, looking up at the ceiling in gesture to the big man
before turning the handle to the door on the left.

Melina screamed when she found the room not empty, but instead filled with
the enormous ego of The Miz. He was standing there naked as the day god made
him, little Miz seemingly having a mind of his own and he made no attempt to
cover himself. "Oh my god" She gasped, quickly covering her eyes, "I'm so

The Miz laughed, and she could hear him towel drying his hair, "You act like
you've never seen a dick before Melina."

"God, do you have to be so crude?"

Another laughed escaped the Money In The Bank winner's lips, "No, but I enjoy

Melina's hand never moved from her eyes as she tried to back out of the room.
"Ok well Sorry again."

"Why the rush cutie," Miz responded, "You can come in and take a closer look
if you want? I know you like what you see, hell I'll ever let you touch if
you like."

His smarmy voice made her stomach turn, "Eww no you perve." She shot back,
slamming the door and turning back into the hallway.

"So maybe I should have clarified what I meant..." Melina said with a sigh,
looking back up at the rafters.

Trying her best to rid herself of the mental image the California native
walked towards the last door, she knocked softly before opening it carefully,
afraid she was about to find another naked superstar on the other side. Then
again it was pre show, no one should have been showering yet anyway, what The
Miz was doing she didn't know, and she didn't want to know either.

But there wasn't a naked man on the other side of the door, or a woman for
that matter...just Alicia Fox.

"Oh hey Melina..." The fiery woman said, stopping lacing up her boots to send
a smile to Melina.

She walked into the doorway a little, thinking it would be rude to just storm
out when she didn't find Maryse there, "Hey Alicia." Besides, she didn't want
Alicia to know she was looking for the French Canadian. She didn't wan anyone
becoming suspicious of her intentions, even a little bit. Melina sort of felt
like she was on the run from something, constantly looking over her shoulder
and strategically planning her next move.

The red head stood up and grabbed her bag from the locker above her, "You
looking for Maryse?" She questioned, suddenly laughing at the shocked look on
the other diva's face.

"Umm...what makes you ask that?" She retorted, fearing the worst. What if
Maryse had told her, what if she knew all about them? Just play it cool Mel,
your fine...she doesn't know, how would she know?

Alicia laughed, "Come on Melina, no need to beat around the bush...since I
hear Maryse has been beating around yours."

The LA native looked away...she knew.

"Hey don't feel bad, Maryse didn't want to tell me. But after I walked in on
your little shower scene and I knew she was in there with someone, I made her
tell me who."

"Oh," Melina responded, unsure of what else to say.

Alicia moved towards her and laid a hand on her shoulder, "It's none of my
business Melina, so you don't need to worry; I'm not going running to John.
Your secrets safe with me."

An uneasy feeling rose from the base of Melina's stomach, she believed the
red head but something just didn't sit right with her knowing that someone
knew what she had been up to. It made the whole ordeal more real and now she
really needed to see Maryse. This was all so damn confusing to her.

She needed to find Maryse.

* * *

Her frantic search had drained her, and Melina just didn't know where else to
look. She had been desperately searching for Maryse for what felt like hours
without any sign of the blonde. Melina had checked every locker room, she'd
checked every bathroom upstairs and down...she thought for sure when she
wasn't in any of those places that she would be warming up in the ring but
she wasn't there either.

"I give up." The Los Angeles native huffed, turning around to go back the way
she came. She didn't want to wait to find Maryse, but it looked like she
didn't have a choice. Taking her time Melina made her way back to catering to
find Morrison, Maryse would have to show up eventually.

She turned the corner and was shocked to see Maryse standing there talking to
him, she had been in catering the damn whole time.

"Baby," John said smiling, "We were just talking about you."

Melina gritted her teeth, what was Maryse up to? She shouldn't be hanging
around Morrison, especially by herself. Because if Melina wasn't there to
stop her, she could be telling him anything.

Her expression changed as she glued on a big smile, "Oh, only good things I
hope?" She questioned, wrapping her arms around his waist as Morrison bent
down to softly kiss her hair.

"Of course." Maryse responded, smiling brightly at the former Women's

"Umm can I talk to you for a second?" Melina asked, directing her words at
the blonde. Morrison sent her a questioned look, "Girl stuff."

"Of course," Maryse replied, quickly following the woman out of the room.

Melina roughly grabbed the French Canadian's arm, dragging her into the
nearest locker room. When she was sure they were alone she tore into the
blonde. "What the hell were you trying to do in there Maryse? Completely blow
our cover?"

Her face spread into a wide grin, "Come on Melina, last time I checked I was
just having a friendly conversation with a co-worker."

The LA native grabbed Maryse by the shoulders, abruptly shaking her, "My god
Maryse, take this seriously, one slip of the tongue and he could have figured
everything out."

"I think you're giving him too much credit Mel," Maryse replied, unable to
stifle the laugh from spilling over her lips. "What's his IQ, 1.5? I was
talking for him for about five minutes and it only took me that long to
realize that the most going on with that guy is in his pants. And we both
know I could care less about what he's got going down there."

She tapped her foot anxiously, "Not funny."

Maryse jerked away from her hold smiling, "You know what I think babe." She
began, stroking the side of Melina's face tenderly, causing the other woman
to close her eyes in content.

Melina suddenly realized what was happening and pulled her hand away, "Stop

"I think," Maryse said, ignoring Melina's words and tucking a loose strand of
the brunette's hair behind her ear, "I think that this has nothing to do with
Morrison finding out, you know our secrets safe with me...I think that you're
just jealous that I was paying attention to him and not you."

"That's absolutely ridiculous."

She smirked in response, "Is it? Cause I think it's dead on, you've been
missing me haven't you Melina?" Maryse asked, moving towards her, causing the
California girl to back up.

"I- I - I ..." Melina stuttered, fumbling with her words, then her feet as
she fell back, landing on the soft leather sofa.

Maryse licked her lips in anticipation, crawling on top of Melina to straddle
her, "I missed you too sexy."

The other woman tried to resist but it was no match for Maryse's hot breath
in her face, and her trembling lips barely touching hers, she had no choice
but to give in...Reaching up and tangling her hands in the French Canadian's
blonde locks.

Their tongues entwined, the moment quickly becoming heated as Maryse's hands
slid down between her legs, feverishly rubbing Melina through the material.

"God I want you." Melina panted, throwing precaution to the wind as she began
to tear at the other woman's clothes, rolling the light jacket she was
wearing down over her shoulders to the floor.

"Qui?" Maryse questioned, raising a seductive brow as her lips moved from her
mouth trailing downward to bite at her collar bone.

"Qui," Melina moaned her voice heavy as she arched her back, the pleasure
from Maryse's fingers being too much to stand.

The French Canadian made a path down her body, placing kisses from chest
downward, stopping when she reached her destination to place a gentle kiss on
Melina's fly.

"I need you." Melina groaned rolling her hips as Maryse unbuttoned her jeans,
sliding her hand inside them.

Maryse smiled, finally Melina wasn't holding back, she was loving every
minute of it and so was she. Her hand quickly located the woman's most
intimate area, causing Melina to moan loudly again, throwing her head back in
ecstasy, "Fuck ...Maryse," She cursed, opening her eyes for a second to watch
as the French Canadian retrieved her hands to push her pants down and inch
her face towards where her fingers head just been.

"Mmmm", Melina moaned, tugging the handful of hair in her hands, "Right
there." She instructed, bliss washing over her when she felt Maryse's tongue
run over her center, finding the sensitive bud of nerves. Her body began to
shake and her breath became ragged, unable to withstand the pleasure of the
prefect figure eights Maryse was making with her tongue.

Melina screamed out in pleasure...Just as the locker room door flew open.

Both women looked up in shock, fearing the worst...but not finding the eyes
of John Morrison, instead they were looking into the face of a stunned
Dashing Cody Rhodes.

"Well don't stop on my account." He said suddenly, eyeing both of them

"Don't you knock?" Maryse asked, seemingly not worried about him witnessing
there encounter.

He smirked, "Well this is my locker room."

Melina shot him a disgusted look, pulling her jeans back up over her hips.

"Come on Mel," Maryse demanded, taking the woman's hand and pulling her up
off the couch, "Let's go."

She didn't know what to do, she was absolutely confused, she couldn't just
leave...what if Rhodes decided to broadcast this all over the place, and she
couldn't risk this getting back to Morrison. "Wait what if...what if?"

Maryse gripped her hand tighter, knowing exactly what she was thinking.
"Don't worry Melina, Cody isn't telling anyone about this."

Cody placed his hands on his hips, sending her a look that read; are you out
of your fucking mind? "What are you talking about Maryse? This is not
something you see everyday, I mean I got enough material here tonight to play
the skin flute for a week, I'm telling anyone and everyone about this."

The former Diva's Champion shuttered, "Firstly that's disgusting, I do NOT
want to hear about you and how your, your...your own best friend." She told
him, looking him up and down in repulsion."Secondly you won't be telling
ANYONE," She said, poking a finger to his chest... "You got that?"

He crossed his arms in an attempt to show his dominance, "And give me one
good reason why not? Unless I win a personal peep show," He stopped to laugh,
"Christian would like that one...anyway; unless I'm invited to one of you're
little sleep overs, what's in it for me?"

Maryse gritted her teeth, "What's in it for you is... I won't tell if you

"What are you babbling about Maryse?"

She smiled with power, "Maybe it's time I gave you're girlfriend a
do remember her don't you? You know...Jess. I've been meaning to ask her why
I've been seeing little Miss Eve Torres coming out of your locker room all
flushed and satisfied each and every week, her messy hair matted to her
sweaty forehead."

Cody looked down in defeat, "Fine your secrets safe with me, but if you ever
need someone to hold the me."

"Eww." Melina said repugnantly, walking out of the locker following quickly
behind Maryse.

To Be Continued ....

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